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									Information Technology Fee
          (IT Fee)
      Philosophy, History and
        Distribution Model
IT Fee Discussion Points

  Philosophy
  History
  Distribution Model
        Central Services
        Location-Specific Services
    Distribution Schedule
        Fall Initial Distribution
        Spring Final Distribution
    Questions
IT Fee Philosophy

  Supplemental funding for the IT-related
   services and infrastructure necessary to
   support Penn State’s academic mission.
  PSU Presidential mandate:
      IT Fees collected at a campus are returned
       to that campus through central services and
       location-specific services.
      IT Fee increases support central services.
IT Fee History
    1990/1991:
        “Student Computer Fee” at $35/semester
        Supported electronic mail and Internet services for students in
         courses using computing services
    1996/1997:
        Renamed “Information Technology Fee”
    1998/1999:
        Expanded use to include additional PSU units that supported
         computing and infrastructure services for all students
        Returned a portion of UP resources to academic colleges
        Soon after, Provost decided to allocate fee increases to
         support central services
IT Fee History (continued)

    2006/2007:
      Full-time student fee is $202/semester
      Based on previous decision by campus
       Chancellors, part-time students pay reduced
       fee of $149 or $69/semester, depending on
       number of credits taken
IT Fee Distribution Model
    Formula:
        IT Fee Income – Central Services charge = Fee
         Income distributed to campuses to support
         Location-Specific Services
  Central Services support all students across
   all campus locations
  Central Services provided by:
        University Libraries
        Telecom and Networking Services and Security
         Operations Services units of ITS
        Other ITS units providing academic computing
IT Fee Distribution Model (cont.)
  Campus leadership determines location-
   specific services offered with distributed IT
   Fee resources.
  Location-specific services include:
        Student computer labs and attendants
        Classroom computing equipment
    Academic colleges collectively receive
     $850,000 from the IT Fees returned to
     University Park campus for location-specific
IT Fee Distribution Schedule

    Fall Initial Distribution:
      Projects total IT Fee collection for current
       fiscal year using actual income from
       previous year, adjusted for fee increase.
      Uses previous year’s average fall and
       spring enrollments to determine central
       services charge per campus.
      Distributes 90% of projected total IT Fee
       distribution to campuses for location-specific
IT Fee Distribution Schedule (cont.)

    0607 Fall Initial Distribution Formulas:
        IT Fee Increase Ratio =
             (0607 full-time IT Fee per student / 0506 full-time IT Fee
              per student)
        0607 Projected IT Fee Income =
             0506 Actual IT Fee Income (includes waivers) X IT Fee
              Increase Ratio
        0607 Fall Initial Distribution per location =
             90% X {0607 Projected IT Fee Income - (Central Services
              Charge X Average Headcount percentage)}
IT Fee Distribution Schedule (cont.)

    Spring Final Distribution:
      Uses actual IT Fee collection for current
       fiscal year as reported by Budget Office.
      Subtracts central services charges based
       on current year actual enrollment data.
      Calculates total IT Fee to be distributed to
       campuses for location-specific services.
      Distributes difference between calculated IT
       Fee distribution and Fall Initial Distribution.
IT Fee Distribution Schedule (cont.)

    0607 Spring Final Distribution Formula:
        0607 Actual IT Fee Income =
             Reported by the University Budget Office
        0607 Spring Actual Distribution per location =
             0607 Actual IT Fee Income (includes waivers) –
              (Central Services Charge X 0607 Average Headcount
              percentage) - Fall Initial Distribution per location
IT Fee Resources

  IT Fee Distribution Model
  IT Fee Overview by Fiscal Year (Central
IT Fee Questions?

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