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Owner's Guide

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					                                                         www.   HOLIDAYEAST              
                                                         Perfect Coast & Country Holidays

                                     Owner’s Guide
                                     All you need to know to help us successfully market your holiday property

Helping you maximise your
holiday home to its full potential

Who are we?                                                                                          Please keep in mind:
Coast & Country Holidays is an independent                                                           Points to be aware of are steep stairs, these
agency specialising in Norfolk and Suffolk                                                           can restrict suitability to very young children
self-catering holidays and short breaks.                                                             or the elderly, also twin beds are preferable to
                                                                                                     bunk beds and sofa beds and bed settees are
We are a small, experienced team, delivering a                                                       not conducive to more than one night stays.
very personal and efficient service. When you                                                         The more exclusions you impose i.e: No pets,
contact us, you will be dealing with either:                                                         no small children etc, the greater risk of lower
                                                                                                     occupancy levels.
Martin Carruthers Proprietor
Jenny DeBuc Marketing Executive
                                                                                                     Try to make it the sort of home you yourself
Anne Willett Accounts Manager
                                                                                                     would like to stay in, add the ‘homely’ touches
                                                                                                     i.e. pictures, books and games for the children.
Our wealth of knowledge about our local
                                                                                                     We require properties that meet high
area and all of our properties, gives us a real
                                                                                                     standards of quality, as the holidaymakers do
advantage when helping our Customers to
                                                                                                     expect high standards and not ‘Aunties cast
select their perfect holiday property.
                                                  Join Coast & Country Holidays and your             offs’, thus ensuring satisfaction and a high level
                                                  property could be on our website within 48 hrs.    of repeat bookings.
We personally inspect all of the properties
                                                  People increasingly like to book their breaks at
that we represent annually, to ensure standards
                                                  the last minute and are willing to book when       If you possibly can, welcome your guests
remain high. This enables us to give the true
                                                  they are able to find the information that they     personally. If you cannot meet them, please
picture to potential holidaymakers, therefore
                                                  need quickly. Keeping information up-to-date       make sure your caretaker/keyholder meets
providing the right match.
                                                  takes time and ensuring that all the major         them in a sociable manner. If you have a
                                                  search engines like Google, know about your        caretaker/cleaner please make sure you make
If you are an existing owner of a holiday
                                                  website and its content is incredibly difficult.    regular checks yourself, to ensure the property
property, or someone who is about to start
                                                  With nearly 360,000 different people finding        is being maintained and cleaned to a high
this new venture, we always provide a friendly,
                                                  and using our website in 2008 - this is one        standard throughout the season.
professional service, which will help you to
                                                  area where we can add real value to your
ensure that your business runs smoothly.
                                                  holiday property business. This success is down    Do have a professionally painted house name,
                                                  to our continued investment in our website         clearly visible. Provide a detailed information
Why should I use Coast & Country Holidays?
                                                  optimisation and search engine marketing           pack to your guests to ensure the smooth
There are many advantages to using us to
                                                  campaigns. These campaigns are carefully           running of the property i.e. how to use the
help you promote your property, but the
                                                  targeted and managed to reach visitors who         wood burner, washing machine, microwave,
main reasons are that we extensively market
                                                  are most likely to require holiday cottages in     central heating, the day of the week for refuse
your property on our popular website and via
                                                  Norfolk and Suffolk.                               collection and recycling. Also provide advice on
internet advertising programmes, as well as
                                                                                                     the nearest, newsagents, garage, shops, post
in our yearly colour brochure and verbally by
                                                  What do holidaymakers look for?                    office, bank, doctors, dentist, chemist, police
                                                  Norfolk and Suffolk has an abundance of            and the vets.
                                                  prime holiday locations i.e:
We provide a ‘Secure Booking’ facility, which
                                                  The North Norfolk coastline, Sandringham,          Do have a selection of paperbacks, leaflets
also ensures that all bank transfer payments
                                                  Walsingham, Suffolk Heritage coastline and         with local information of places of interest,
made to our Owners are accurate and
                                                  the Norfolk Broads. We are happy to advise         restaurants, theatres, cinemas, pubs etc. and
regular and that our owners do not lose
                                                  on suitable locations, but if your own personal    perhaps a few board games, just in case
out if a booking is ever cancelled. We will
                                                  choice is somewhere more remote and                there are any wet days. Please keep all this
also ensure that you get regular updates on
                                                  inaccessible, we can also help by advising how     information updated on a regular basis and
any new regulations relating to self-catering
                                                  to maximise its potential, maybe by adding         include a fire escape plan and use of fire
                                                  extra facilities i.e: swimming pool, sauna etc.    equipment.

                                                  Our experience shows the holidaymaker’s
                                                  preference is for detached or semidetached
                                                  houses, cottages, bungalows and terraced
                                                  cottages. It is rare that flats or apartments
                                                  are requested. Our information also shows
                                                  that the following facilities are very beneficial
                                                  requirements to obtain the maximum number
                                                  of holiday weeks booked.
                                                  > Enclosed private garden
                                                  > Off-road parking
                                                  > Full central heating + open fire
                                                  > Washing machine
                                                  > If sleeping 4 or more provide linen
                                                  > Accept pets
                                      More information at:

The holidaymaker will always appreciate a
helpful, caring, considerate owner, so please
ensure that our sign is completed with your
(or the caretaker/cleaner) telephone number,
  or     caretaker/cleaner
this will enable them to contact you promptly
if something goes wrong.

Have a visitors book to hand. It is always
helpful to receive the complimentary remarks,
and if adverse remarks are made, then it
enables you to put things right, ensuring the
holidaymaker’s needs are met at all times.

                                                    The following is a useful inventory checklist     q Carving knife & fork
                                                    of which ALL properties must have:                q Knife sharpener
                                                    ALL ITEMS MUST MATCH, BE CLEAN                    q Meat plate
                                                    AND IN SAFE WORKING ORDER:                        q Covered vegetable dishes
                                                                                                      q Sauce boat
                                                    q Knife                                           q Serving spoons/table spoon (4)
                                                    q Forks (table & dessert)                         q Cork screw & bottle opener
                                                    q Spoons (tea, soup & dessert)                    q Fish slice
A welcoming tray on arrival with tea, coffee,
                                                    q Plates (large, medium & small)                  q Kitchen scissors
sugar, milk and maybe a few biscuits is always
                                                    q Teacup & saucer + a mug                         q Ladle
appreciated, as shown on the questionaire
                                                    q Cereal/soup/dessert bowl                        q Potato peeler
follow-ups that we receive. It is also nice to
                                                    q Tumbler                                         q Potato masher
have a few flowers in the main room. Do not
                                                    q Wine glass                                      q Cheese grater
forget to have a toilet roll, enough at least to
                                                    q Egg cup                                         q Rolling pin
last over the weekend.
                                                    At least ONE of each per person.                  q Tin opener
                                                                                                      q Whisk
                                                    Per Bed:                                          q Wooden spoon
If you are experienced in letting your property
                                                    q One duvet of suitable tog + cover               q Spatula
as a holiday home, then the list opposite will
                                                    q Extra blankets for colder periods               q Baking tins (assorted sizes)
just act as a guide and a checklist, to make sure
                                                    q Two pillows & pillowcases per person +          q Casserole dish & lid
your guests have a pleasant, trouble free stay
                                                    protectors & a mattress protector (not plastic)   q Colander
at your property.
                                                                                                      q Sieve
                                                    Plus ONE of the following per property:           q Frying pan
If this is your first experience, this inventory
                                                    q Bread bin                                       q Stainless steel saucepans: large, medium &
guide will be of great help and help overcome
                                                    q Bread/chopping board                            small (additional saucepan if more than 6 people)
any possible shortcomings in your property
                                                    q Biscuit/cake tin                                q Oven roasting tin
                                                    q Butter dish                                     q Pie dish
                                                    q Kettle                                          q Peddle bin & liners
Please read it carefully and check the
                                                    q Oven glove/mitt                                 q Vacuum cleaner
inventory to make sure all the items are in
                                                    q Table cloth and one place mat per person        q Iron & ironing board
place and are in a good state of repair, safe
                                                    q Tray                                            q Broom
and of VITAL IMPORTANCE, are clean!
                                                    q Washing up bowl with brush or sponge            q Bucket
                                                    q Cake tin and plate                              q Cleaning agents
                                                    q Condiment set (salt & pepper)
                                                                       salt pepper                    q Clothes line & at least 12 pegs
                                                    q Salad bowl & server                             q Doormat
                                                    q Mixing bowl                                     q Dusters
                                                    q Milk jug                                        q Dustpan & brush
                                                    q One-pint measuring jug                          q Floor cloth
                                                    q Sugar basin                                     q Spare light bulbs
                                                    q Teapot (large enough for number in party)
                                                               large                     party        q Ashtrays
                                                    q Tea strainer & cosy                             q Waste paper basket
                                                    q Toast rack                                      q Dustbin & liners
                                                    q Water jug                                       q Fireguard & fire tools
                                                    q Cutlery box or divider draw                     q Torch, candles and matches
                                                    q Sharp vegetable knife                           q Stair gate
                                                    q Bread knife                                     q Highchair
                                                            SAFETY FIRST - Understand the Fire Safety Regulations:

                                                            It is vital that you understand exactly what your responsibilities are in this
                                                            important area. We will provide you with a brochure (if available) which
                                                            addresses the specific difficulties that owners of self-catering properties
                                                            have faced in understanding the new rules. It is designed to encourage
                                                            compliance, by giving you practical advice on reducing fire risks in your
                                                            property. It explains the risk assessment process, sets out sources of further advice
                                                            and guidance and offers some practical information for you on what may represent
   ALL properties must also have the following              appropriate and proportionate fire safety measures in your premises.
   Minimum Requirement Safety Equipment:
   q 2 smoke alarms (one upstairs & one downstairs)         You may also find it useful to look at the following websites:
   q 1 fire extinguisher                           
   q 1 fire blanket                                
   q 1 first aid kit.

Indoors:                                              Outdoors:                                              Always remember:
Make the property as comfortable as possible          Please keep the paintwork clean & fresh,               Contented holidaymakers mean that they
and colour co-ordinated rooms are far                 NO cracked and peeling paint-work. Ensure              may use your property in future years, or at
more attractive. New furniture will make the          the garden and furniture and barbecue are              least recommend it to their friends. On the
property look clean and bright and in keeping         well maintained & functional throughout the            other hand, discontented holidaymakers cause
with the type of property. The kitchen is very        season. A house name clearly positioned is             all concerned a great deal of trouble, hassle,
important, make sure it is spotlessly clean, the      essential for the holidaymaker to find the              and unhappiness, but with just a little thought
pots, pans, cooker, fridge & work surface. It         property.                                              and effort, there should be no reason to
should be well lit, with plenty of work surface                                                              experience this.
                                                      Note: All upholstered furniture MUST comply
and storage. The bedrooms should be ‘cosy’
                                                      with the D.T.I’s strict fire safety regulations, also   A very good idea is to spend a week, or at
with matching bedside tables and lamps,
                                                      gas & electrical appliances MUST have annual           the very least a weekend in your property,
well sprung beds, clean colour co-ordinated
                                                      inspections.                                           even if it is next door to your own home.
bedding and curtains, no lumpy or stained
                                                                                                             Be as critical as you can and check for any
pillows and provide ample hanging space.
                                                                                                             shortcomings, cook a meal - is the carving
The bathroom MUST be clean, no stained
                                                                                                             knife sharp? Are there enough spoons? Is the
bath or toilet and remove the first signs of
                                                                                                             teapot large enough for you all to have at
mould around bath/shower cubicle, do provide
                                                                                                             least one cup each? Where is the tea strainer?
a mirror. We suggest two shower curtains, one
                                                                                                             Where do we hang our wet clothes?
in use, whilst one is being washed.
                                                                                                             We’re sure you will think of many other points
                                                                                                             - the hope is that you find them out before
                                                                                                             the holidaymaker does.
                                                                                                             Do make use of an open fire if it is available.
                                                                                                             Do make sure spare items are available to
                                                                                                             cover breakages.
                                                                                                             Think carefully before excluding pets and
                                                                                                             children. This can mean turning away a large
                                                                                                             percentage of your prospective bookings.
                                                                                                             Our price banding is per property not per
                                                                                                             Do adhere strictly to the text in the write-up
                                                                                                             for your property i.e: if heating and linen are
                                                                                                             included in the price, this cannot be changed
                                                                                                             until the end of the season. All charges for
                                                                                                             electricity and heating are paid directly to you
Contact Details:                                                                                             on the holidaymaker’s arrival or we can collect
Coast & Country Holidays                                                                                     payment on receipt of balance and forward to
46 Back Lane                                                                                                 you with your monthly statement.
Norfolk                                                                                                      In the event of a complaint:
NR18 0LB                                                                                                     Please deal with it as diplomatically as possible.
                                                                                                             If the problem cannot be resolved between
Telephone: Wymondham 01953 604480                                                                            yourself and the holidaymaker, please do not
Fax: 01953 604685                                                                                            hesitate to telephone us and we will come out
Email:                                                and adjudicate.