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Alumni NOTES 1950s 1960s 1970s


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									Alumni N O T E S

1950s                                         1963 JIM HAYES , Iowa City, was elected
                                                to the Iowa Academy of Trial Lawyers’
1956 JAMES P. WHITE , Indianapolis,
                                                Board of Governors.                         1971 PATRICK W. BROOKS ,
   Indiana, has a lecture series named on                                                     Marshalltown, has retired from the
                                              1965 MIKE ELLWEIN , Portola Valley,
   his behalf. In 2005-06, the James P.                                                       practice of law. In November 2006, he
   White lecture was given by Lord Woolf        California, has joined Three Arch             was elected to a four-year term on the
   of Barnes who is the Lord Chief Justice      Partners as a venture partner. He has         Marshall County Board of Supervisors
   of England and Wales. The 2006-07            extensive experience in the medical           and took office in January 2007.
   lecture was given by Justice Ruth Bader      technology industry, including 17
   Ginsberg.                                    years at Medtronic, the world’s largest     1971 JONATHAN WILSON ,
                                                developer and manufacturer of medical         Des Moines, was featured in the
                                                devices. At Medtronic, he served in a         January 1, 2007 article, “A life under
                                                variety of roles from 1990 to 2007,           the microscope” in the Des Moines
1960s                                           most recently he was Vice President
                                                and Chief Development Officer.
                                                                                              Register. He is an attorney at Davis,
                                                                                              Brown, Koehn, Shors & Roberts in
1960 WILLIAM T. KIRTLEY , Sarasota,
                                                He has also served as a director for          Des Moines.
   Florida, has been appointed by Florida       a number of public and private
   Governor Jeb Bush as one of the five         companies.                                  1972 PATRICK
   members of the Florida Higher                                                               CAVANAUGH ,
                                              1965 KARL H. SEESSER , Hudson,
   Education Facilities Financing                                                             Stockton,
   Authority. The Authority is a Florida        Wisconsin, retired in April 2007 from         California,
   statutory body that acts as a conduit        Wells Fargo where he was a Vice               received Univer-
   issuer for debt financings, the proceeds     President/Senior Trust Administrator.         sity of Pacific
   of which are utilized to construct or        During his career, he spent seven years       School of
   improve the physical facilities of           in private practice and thirty-five years     Dentistry’s 2007
   Florida institutions of higher learning      in the banking and trust industry.            Medallion of
   that do not receive Florida state                                                          Distinction. The prestigious medallion
                                              1965 J. PATRICK WHITE , Iowa City,
   government support. In addition to his                                                     is the Alumni Association’s highest
   work on the Financing Authority, he          retired from his position as Johnson          honor and is awarded to individuals
   conducts a business and securities-          County Attorney in December 2006.             who have made outstanding contribu-
   based transactional and litigation                                                         tions to the School of Dentistry,
                                              1966 CHUCK LARSON, SR. , Cedar
   practice in Sarasota, Florida.                                                             research, dental education or the
                                                Rapids, recently retired from his role as     community. He has been the Univer-
1961 ROGER LANDE , Muscatine, was
                                                US Attorney for the Northern District         sity Vice President for Business and
   appointed Honorary Consul for                of Iowa.                                      Finance on the Stockton campus since
   Canada. In his position, he will                                                           1997. He is the chief business officer
                                              1969 GARY M. LANE , Eldridge, was
   promote the relationship between Iowa                                                      for Pacific and is responsible for most
   and Canada. He is chair of Stanley,          elected to the Iowa Legal Aid Hall of         administrative and financial affairs of
   Lande & Hunter, a professional               Fame. He is a Davenport attorney who          the University. He directs accounting
   corporation.                                 has served with distinction on the            and purchasing, physical plant and
                                                Board of Directors of both HELP               support services, human resources and
1963 BILL BURGER , Iowa City, recently
                                                Legal Assistance and the statewide legal      payroll, budget, facility finance and
   retired from US Bank. During his             services program now known as Iowa            construction, internal audit and
   retirement, he will continue his work        Legal Aid. In addition to his board           investments.
   with the Community Foundation of             service, he has been an attorney in
   Johnson County and the United Way            service to low-income residents of          1972 LARRY MCKIBBEN ,
   of Johnson County.                           Scott County.                                 Marshalltown, is serving his third term
                                                                                              in the Iowa Senate.

48 I O W A Advocate Fall 2007
1973 ROGER W. ANDERSEN , Port                     partner of Belin, Lamson,                 1978 KEITH KREIMAN , Centerville, is
  Townsend, Washington, Professor                 McCormick, Zumbach, Flynn.                  serving his first term in the Iowa
  Emeritus of Law at the University of                                                        Senate after serving five terms in the
  Toledo, has published the 3d edition of       1976 MICHAEL J. SCHILLING ,                   Iowa House.
  his casebook, Fundamentals of Trusts &          Burlington, was appointed District
  Estates, co-authored with Ira Mark              Court Judge for the Eighth Judicial       1978 MARY LACY,    Boulder, Colorado,
  Bloom.                                          District on October 3, 2006.                spoke on March 1, 2007 at the College
                                                                                              of Law on “Prosecuting in the
1973 THOMAS HEARITY , Yorktown                  1977 BOB BAKER , San Diego, Califor-          Limelight.” She is the Boulder County
  Heights, New York, was appointed                nia, has been admitted to the Univer-       Attorney.
  Vice President of Administration,               sity of Alabama, Huntsville where he
  General Counsel and Corporate                   will work toward a second bachelor’s      1979 MATTHEW F. BERRY , Clear Lake,
  Secretary of Lynch Interactive                  degree in Applied and Theoretical           has resumed a solo practice under the
  Corporation in Rye, New York.                   Physics after retiring from the San         name of Matthew F. Berry, Attorney at
                                                  Diego County Assessor’s Office in           Law in Clear Lake. Prior to opening
1973 ROB ONNEN , Port Angeles,                    December 2007.                              his own office, he was associated with
  Washington, opened his own office in                                                        Berry & Casperson, PLC.
  Port Angeles, Washington specializing         1977 MARSHA BERGAN , Iowa City, has
  in tax-deferred exchanges of real estate        been appointed to the District Court
  anywhere in the United States. His              bench in District 6 of Iowa. Formerly     1980s
  practice is especially adept in structuring     an attorney with Bergan & Weyer LLP
  farm and ranch sales. He serves on              in Iowa City, she was the District 6      1980 JILL HANSEN , West Des Moines,
  boards of directors for the Port Angeles,       representative on the Iowa State Bar        was featured in Des Moines Business
  Washington Chamber of Commerce,                 Association Board of Governors              Record in January 2007. She recently
  Habitat for Humanity, and North                 through June 2006.                          became executive director of the West
  Olympic Land Trust 2006-08.                                                                 Bancorporation Foundation.
                                                1978 PAUL
1975 LEON SPIES , Iowa City, was                   BEZILLA ,                                1980 RODNEY L. JANSSEN ,
  elected to the Iowa Academy of Trial            Rogers,                                     Des Moines, has joined the law firm of
  Lawyers Board of Governors.                     Minnesota,                                  Beving, Swanson & Forest PC. He has
                                                  has joined                                  a general practice including, but not
1975 DENNIS LE CLERE , Las Palmas                 Lommen                                      limited to, business law, corporate law,
  Ranch, California, was appointed to a           Abdo to                                     real estate, wills, trusts, estate planning
  four-year term as county counsel for            work in                                     and probate law.
  San Benito County, California. Prior            entertain-
  to that he was in the Monterey County           ment and                                  1981 THEODORE KARPUK , Sioux City,
  Counsel’s Office as County Attorney.            intellectual                                has opened a law office in downtown
                                                  property law. Prior to joining Lommen       Sioux City. He will continue his
1975 KURT SWAIM , Bloomfield, is                  Abdo, he was legal counsel for              general practice of law, which includes
  serving his second term in the Iowa             American Express in its technology          personal injury, workers’ compensation
  House.                                          and intellectual property group.            and bankruptcy.
                                                  Additionally, he was spotlighted in the
1975 STEVE ZUMBACH , West                         December 24, 2006 Star Tribune.           1981 BYRON
  Des Moines, was featured in the                                                             MASON ,
  January 14, 2007 article, “Central            1978 KIRK H. DOAN , Lee’s Summit,             Indianapolis,
  Iowa Business Leaders of 2006: Steve            Missouri, is president-elect of the         Indiana, co-chairs
  Zumbach,” in the Des Moines Business            Lawyers Association of Kansas City.         ABA Mass Torts
  Record. He recently was named to the            He is a partner in Stinson Morrison         Committee. He is
  board of directors of Kum & Go, the             Hecker LLP specializing in health care      a partner at Baker
  West Des Moines-based convenience               and real estate law.                        & Daniels LLP  .
  store chain. He is the managing

                                                                                               The University of Iowa College of Law   49
Alumni N O T E S

1983 MICHAEL A.                               1987 J. CRAIG WILLIAMS , Newport
  CHIVELL , St.                                 Beach, California, was named as one of
   Louis, Missouri, has                         the “Top 100 Super Lawyers in
   become managing                              Southern California” for 2007 by Law
   partner of                                   & Politics and Los Angeles Magazine.       1984 classmates: Bill Boyd, Michael Brody, Jack
   Armstrong Teasdale                                                                      Wertzberger and Jim Larew
   LLP in St. Louis.                          1988 CALLIE LYNN BAIRD , Chicago,
   He is a transactional                        Illinois, was elected Associate Judge of
   lawyer who concentrates his practice         the Circuit Court of Cook County           1989 JANET LYNESS , Iowa City,
   in corporate and real estate services.       (Chicago). She joins her husband,             became Johnson County’s first female
                                                Judge Nicholas R. Ford (’88) on the           county attorney. She was featured in
1983 PATRICK PATELIN        (LLM),              bench in Chicago.                             the January 8, 2007 article, “Breaking
   Buenos Aires, Argentina, was recently                                                      down Barriers,” in the Iowa City Press
   appointed of counsel to the City of        1988 LUZ MARIA FRIAS , St. Paul,                Citizen.
   Buenos Aires. He is the managing             Minnesota, has joined the board of
   partner of CMS Bureau Francis                directors for The Blue Cross and Blue      1989 STANLEY B. STEINES , Morrison,
   Lefebvre.                                    Shield of Minnesota Foundation. She           Illinois, has been elected Whiteside
                                                currently serves as External Affairs          County Circuit Judge for the Four-
1984 JAMES LAREW , Des Moines, was              Director for Saint Paul Mayor Chris           teenth Judicial Circuit in the state of
   selected to serve a Governor Culver’s        Coleman.                                      Illinois.
   chief legal counsel.
                                              1988 ED MARKS , Bowling Green, Ohio,
  STAUDENMAIER , Phoenix, Arizona,
                                                received the 2006 Public Service
                                                Award from the Ohio State Bar
   was selected as one of the top ten great     Foundation. He is the Litigation           1990 MARI CULVER,          Des Moines,
   women of gaming for 2006 at The              Director for Legal Aid of Western             was featured in the January 16, 2007
   Inaugural Great Women of Gaming              Ohio, Inc.                                    article, “Mari Culver is advocate,
   Conference. She is a partner at Snell &                                                    lawyer, but above all, mom” in the
   Wilmer in Phoenix.                         1988 KENNETH R. MUNRO ,                         Des Moines Register. She is Iowa’s new
                                                Des Moines, has opened Munro Law              first lady as well as continuing her
1986 THOMAS G. FISHER , Des                     Office, PC in Des Moines. The                 practice at Duncan , Green, Brown &
   Moines, has joined Parrish Kruidenier        practice will focus on general trial          Langeness where she is a partner.
   Dunn Boles Gribble Cook Parrish              work, personal injury and mediation.
   Gentry & Fisher LLP as a partner.                                                       1990 KERRY A. FINLEY , Iowa City,
   Prior to joining the firm he was           1988 SAMUEL THUMMA , Phoenix,                   has joined Simmons Perrine PLC as
   executive director and general counsel       Arizona, was appointed judge to the           an associate. Before joining Simmons
   for Rural Iowa Independent Telephone         Maricopa County Superior Court by             Perrine PLC, she was a partner with
   Association.                                 Governor Janet Napolitano. Prior to           Finley, Alt, Smith, Scharnberg, Craig,
                                                that he was a partner at Perkins Coie         Hilmes & Gaffney PC in Des Moines.
1986 DAVE JACOBSON , São Paulo,                 Brown & Bain.
   Brazil, has relocated to Brazil for his                                                 1990 FAE HOOVER-GRINDE , Cedar
   position with FCStone.                     1989 THOMAS J. HOUSER , Urbandale,              Rapids, was appointed a district court
                                                was named one of the top 200                  judge for Iowa’s Sixth Judicial District
1987 CARTER STEVENS , Denver, was               attorneys in the nation for the second        in February 2007. She has served as a
   featured in the February 2007 Iowa           year in a row by Worth Magazine in its        associate judge for the sixth judicial
   Lawyer article, “Lawyer by day, runner       December 2006 issue. He practices at          district since 2003. Before that she
   by night – Carter Stevens uses his           Davis, Brown, Koehn, Shors &                  served as a public defender in Cedar
   passion for running to keep his mind         Roberts, PC where he focuses on estate        Rapids and as a Legal Service Corp.
   sharper for clients.” He is a partner in     planning.                                     staff attorney.
   the eastside Waterloo firm of Roberts,
   Stevens & Prendergast, PLC.

50 I O W A Advocate Fall 2007
1990 CASEY JONES , Cedar Rapids,             1993 JOHN GRIER , Western Spring,              Legal Studies Departments in Fall
  was appointed a new associate judge          Illinois, has joined Neal, Gerber, &         2007. Her classes include Federal
  for the sixth judicial district of Iowa.     Eisenberg LLP as a partner in the Real       Indian Law and Legal Research and
  He has spent more than 15 years as a         Estate and Finance practice groups.          Writing.
  public defender in both the federal          He concentrates his practice in
  system and with the Linn County              commercial real estate transactions,       1996 AARON
  Advocate, a private corporation funded       including acquisitions, financing,           FULTZ , Ames,
  by the state of Iowa. Before that, he        leasing, and sales.                          has become a
  was in private general law practice at                                                    member of
  Blackstock Law Offices in Cedar            1993 KARIN NELSEN , Minneapolis,               Feilmeyer,
  Rapids.                                      Minnesota, was recently appointed as         Feilmeyer,
                                               Deputy European General Counsel for          Keenan, Forbes
1990 CYNTHIA NANCE , Fayetteville,             Cargill, Inc. She will be headquartered      & Fultz, PLC.
  Arkansas, presented a series of public       in Geneva, Switzerland.                      He previously
  lectures on women’s rights in January                                                     worked for The Harford and GMAC
  2007 as part of a program to com-          1993 BIRGIT SCHMITT AM BUSCH                   Mortgage and served as law clerk for
  memorate the Northern Mariana                (LLM), Munich, Germany, just                 the Second Judicial District of Iowa.
  Islands first official observance of         received her Habilitation in Germany.
  Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.                                                            1996 DOUG O’BRIEN , Des Moines,
                                             1993 MICHELLE THOMPSON , New                   spoke to Professor Bauer’s Agricultural
1991 CHRIS BROWN , Austin, Texas, has          York, New York, is currently a doctoral      Law Class during the January
  become General Counsel to NetSpend,          candidate in History at New York             Intercession.
  the nation’s leading processor and           University. She is studying Jamaican
  marketer of prepaid credit cards. Prior      Maroons (slaves who ran from               1997 DAVID ASKEW , Chicago, Illinois,
  to joining NetSpend, he was a partner        plantations and built their own              has joined Wildman Harrold as
  and head of the Austin office of Baker       communities) between 1842 and                Director of Pro Bono and Community
  Botts LLP where he represented a wide        1905 and their struggles to keep their       Service. He joins their office from the
  array of public and private companies        community lands and communities              Illinois Attorney General’s office where
  as well as investment funds in mergers       intact.                                      he served as Deputy Chief of the Civil
  and acquisitions, private equity, public                                                  Rights Bureau. Prior to joining the
  offerings, technology transactions,        1994 JUDITH ABBOTT , Quincy,                   Attorney General’s office, he was an
  privacy and data security.                   Illinois, was honored by the YWCA of         associate at Wildman Harrold from
                                               Quincy at its Women of Achievement           2000-03.
1992 COLLEEN A. BISSETT ,                      dinner. She is an assistant state’s
  Winneconne, Wisconsin, has joined            attorney for Adams County.                 1997 ELLEN LUEPKE LAYTON ,
  three other women to form Basiliere,                                                      Chicago, Illinois, has been elected
  Thompson, Bissett, Castonia, LLP, a        1995 JEFFREY HARTY , Urbandale,                partner in Barnes & Thornburg LLP’s
  full-service, all-women law firm.            was recently elected to the position of      Chicago office. She is a member of the
  Additionally, she has been a member          managing partner of McKee, Voorhees          firm’s Healthcare Department,
  of the school board since 2004.              & Sease, PLC in Des Moines. In               focusing her practice in health care law,
                                               addition to his practice as an intellec-     concentrating on regulatory and
1992 MARK STEFFENSEN , New                     tual property attorney, he is an adjunct     transactional issues affecting physi-
  Rochelle, New York, has been named           professor with Drake University Law          cians, allied health professionals and
  a Managing Director and Deputy               School.                                      other healthcare entities. Additionally,
  General Counsel of HSBC Securities                                                        she is a member of the board of
  (USA) Inc., a New York Investment          1996 KATHLEEN A. BROWN-PÉREZ ,                 directors of Ballet Chicago, a non-
  bank. He also serves on the Financial        Greenfield, Massachusetts, has joined        profit ballet school and pre-profes-
  Markets Lawyers Group, which is              the faculty at the University of             sional ballet company.
  sponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank        Massachusetts Amherst. She began
  of New York.                                 teaching in the Honors College and

                                                                                             The University of Iowa College of Law   51
Alumni N O T E S

1997 ERIC PARRISH , West Des
   Moines, has been named a partner at
                                             1999 THERESA E.
                                               CORONA ,
   Parrish Kruidenier Dunn Boles               Minneapolis,                                2000 MARC BELTRAME , Des Moines,
   Gribble Cook Parrish Gentry &               Minnesota, has                                 was named one of the “40 under
   Fisher LLP.                                 been named a                                   40”by the Des Moines Business Record.
                                               shareholder of                                 He is presently the Iowa Campaign
1997 TODD STEGGERDA , Ashburn,                 Leonard, Street                                Director for U.S. Senator Christopher
   Virginia, recently left the partnership     and Deinard. Her practice focuses              Dodd’s presidential campaign.
   at WilmerHale in Washington, DC to          on compensation and employee
   become the Deputy General Counsel           benefits law.                               2000 MATTHEW CRONIN ,
   for John McCain 2008, based in                                                             Des Moines, has formed Cronin Smith
   Arlington, Virginia.                      1999 MORGAN J. HANSON ,                          PLC in Des Moines with LeGrande
                                               Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, was elected          Smith (’00).
1998 MATTHEW S. CARSTENS , Cedar               a director at the law firm of Cohen &
   Rapids, has joined Bradley & Riley,         Grigsby, PC in its litigation               2000 NICHOLAS KLINEFELDT ,
   PC. He was formerly with Dickinson          department.                                    Des Moines, has joined Ahlers &
   Wright PLLC in Detroit, Michigan                                                           Cooney PC as an associate. Prior to
   and practices in the areas of general     1999 STEPHEN D. MARSO ,                          joining the firm, he served as a law
   and business litigation and antitrust       Des Moines, has become a member of             clerk for the Honorable Robert W.
   counseling.                                 Whitfield & Eddy, PLC. He joined the           Pratt, United States District Court for
                                               firm as an associate after completing a        the Southern District of Iowa, and also
1998 MIRYAM ANTUNEZ DE                         two-year clerkship with U.S. District          practiced in Boston. He practices
  MAYOLO , Cedar Falls, was featured           Court Judge Harold Vietor.                     primarily in the area of litigation.
   in the Waterloo/Cedar Falls Courier
   article entitled, “An immigrant’s         1999 GRETCHEN SIERRA , Elkridge,              2000 PAT MILLER , Westminster,
   journey” on February 17. She practices      Maryland, has become an adjunct                Colorado, was elected to membership
   immigration law in Waterloo.                faculty member in the Georgetown               in Sherman & Howard. He practices
                                               University Law Center’s LL.M.                  in its Labor & Employment Depart-
1998 TIARR                                     program in Taxation.                           ment.
   Muscatine, has                            1999 MARK WETJEN , Washington,                2000 LEGRANDE SMITH , Des Moines,
   joined Stanley,                             DC, was promoted to Counsel and                has formed Cronin Smith PLC in Des
   Lande, & Hunter,                            Policy Advisor to U.S. Senate Majority         Moines with Matthew Cronin (’00).
   PC as an associate.                         Leader Harry Reid (D-NV). In this              Prior to practicing in Des Moines, he
   Her practice                                capacity he serves on the Senator’s            was an associate at Quarles & Brady
   includes but is not                         Leadership staff and handles financial         Streich Lang, LLP in Arizona until
   limited to estate                           services, communications and                   2003.
   planning, taxation, probate and real        technology policy.
                                             1999 COLIN WITT , Des Moines, is a
1998 ALISON WERNER SMITH , North               district associate judge for Iowa’s fifth
   Liberty, was recognized for donating        judicial district. He was featured in an
   104 hours in 2006 to the 2006               article entitled, “Young judge goes to
   Campaign for Equal Justice. Since           court,” in the Des Moines Register on
   1999, she has contributed 300 hours         March 11, 2007.
   of volunteer time to the Volunteer
   Lawyers Project.

                                                                                           Class of 2000 classmates: Matthew Cronin and
                                                                                           LeGrande Smith

52 I O W A Advocate Fall 2007
2001 BRANDY                                2001 ANNA SHIMANEK , Minneapolis,            2003 JACOB R. KOLLER , North
  DULCEAK ,                                  Minnesota, has joined Target Corpora-        Liberty, has joined Simmons Perrine,
  Muscatine, Iowa,                           tion as Corporate Counsel. Her               PLC as an associate. Before joining
  has become a                               practice focuses on health and               Simmons Perrine PLC, he was a
  shareholder,                               corporate law.                               member of Johnston & Nathanson,
  director, and vice                                                                      PLC in Cedar Rapids.
  president in the                         2001 TIM SLATTERY , Washington,
  law firm of                                DC, has been named Chief Counsel           2003 AMY R.
  Stanley, Lande &                           for the US House of Representatives          MILLER ,
  Hunter in                                  Committee on Small Business. He is           Des Moines, has
  Muscatine. She presently serves as         employed by the majority staff during        joined Faegre &
  President of Business and Professional     this 110th Congress. He formerly             Benson as an
  Women (Muscatine Chapter),                 served as Professional Staff handling        associate in its
  President of the Muscatine County          health care and tax issues for the           Des Moines
  Bar Association, Vice Chair/Secretary      minority staff of the Small Business         office. She
  of the Muscatine Young Professionals       Committee during the 108th and               concentrates her
  Network, and as a Commissioner             109th Congresses.                            practice in labor and employment law.
  on the Muscatine Civil Service                                                          She advises employers of all sizes on
  Commission.                              2002 BRANDON BROWN , Des Moines,               policies and procedures related to a
                                             has joined Parrish Kruidenier Dunn           wide range of workplace issues, and she
2001 CHRISTOPHER MCDONALD ,                  Boles Gribble Cook Parrish Gentry &          has extensive experience defending
  Des Moines, was named one of the           Fisher LLP as an associate.                  employers against claims and charges
  “40 under 40” by the Des Moines                                                         of discrimination on the basis of sex,
  Business Record. He is an attorney at    2002 MICHAEL R.                                race, disability, age and retaliation
  Belin Lamson McCormick Zumbach             ROBINSON ,                                   before the U.S. Equal Employment
  Flynn in Des Moines. He has been           Wilmington,                                  Opportunity Commission and other
  involved in the Iowa Asian Alliance        Delaware, has                                federal, state and local governmental
  and led the creative design committee      joined Saul Ewing                            agencies.
  for the 2007 Asian Heritage Festival.      LLP as an associate
                                             in the litigation                          2003 TYLER OLSON , Cedar Rapids,
2001 AMY REASNER , Cedar Rapids,             department. He                               is serving his first term in the Iowa
  has become a shareholder in Lynch          concentrates his practice in corporate       Senate. He currently practices with
  Dallas PC.                                 litigation with an emphasis on               Bradley & Riley in Cedar Rapids and
                                             complex business and transactional           Iowa City. He focuses his practice in
2001 MARTY L.                                litigation. Prior to joining Saul Ewing,     corporate, business and real estate.
  ROWLET ,                                   he was an associate at Richards, Layton
  Cedar Rapids,                              & Finger where he represented              2003 KRAIG PAULSEN , Hiawatha, is
  has become a                               Delaware corporations, their directors       in his second term in the Iowa House.
  member of                                  and other entities in shareholder class      He is the corporate counsel for CRST
  Shuttleworth &                             actions, mergers and acquisitions,           International, Inc.
  Ingersoll, PLC.                            corporate governance matters and
                                             fiduciary duty litigation.                 2003 KYLE WILCOX , Cedar Rapids,
2001 NICOLAS                                                                              has joined Simmons Perrine PLC as
  SCOTT , Cedar Rapids, has joined         2002 KIM R. SNITKER , Mason City,              an associate. Before joining Simmons
  Bradley & Riley as an associate.           has been admitted as a member of             Perrine PLC, he was an associate with
  He was formerly a prosecutor at the        Brown, Kinsey, Funkhouser & Lander           Hellmuth & Johnson, PLLC in
  Jackson County Attorney’s Office and       P.L.C. of Mason City.                        Minneapolis, Minnesota.
  has a general practice including,
  but not limited to, litigation and
  criminal law.

                                                                                           The University of Iowa College of Law   53
Alumni N O T E S

2004 TIMOTHY W.                             2004 MICHAEL O.                              2005 JENNIFER SLOCUM , Burlington,
  BOARINI ,                                   WEEMS ,                                      has joined Aspelmeier, Fisch, Power,
   Chicago, Illinois,                         Indianapolis,                                Engberg & Helling PLC as an
   has joined                                 Indiana, was                                 associate.
   McDermott, Will                            elected to the
   & Emery as an                              Marion County                              2006 SARAH ALDEN , Davenport, has
   associate in the                           Bar Association                              joined McDonald, Woodward & Ivers
   Corporate                                  Board of                                     PC as an associate. Prior to joining the
   Department. Prior to joining               Directors. He is an attorney with            firm, she worked as a law clerk for the
   McDermott, he worked in the                Bingham McHale LLP and concen-               Seventh Judicial District of Iowa.
   Corporate and Securities Practice          trates his practice in business services
   Group at Bell, Boyd & Lloyd LLP.           and banking & commercial lending           2006 PETER BRATNEY,         Des Moines,
                                              matters.                                     has joined Brick, Gentry, Bowers,
                                                                                           Swartz, Stoltze & Levis PC in West
                                            2005 ALISON E.                                 Des Moines as an associate. He
                                              HELLAND ,                                    practices primarily in the areas of
                                              Cleveland, Ohio,                             corporate law, bankruptcy law, and
                                              has been named                               defense litigation.
                                              to the Board of
                                              Trustees of the                            2006 KAMI L. HOLMES , Chelsea, has
                                              Institute for                                joined Swisher & Cohrt, PLC in
                                              Creative Leader-                             Waterloo as an associate.
                                              ship, an organization which promotes
                                              experiential learning and assists others   2006 SOON CHUL HUH          (LLM), Seoul,
2004 M. DUJON JOHNSON , Detroit,              in their understanding, practice and         South Korea, just finished clerking for
   Michigan, recently had Race and            development of leadership and team           the Supreme Court of Korea and now
   Racism in the Chinas: Chinese Racial       principles. She practices at Walter &        is starting his teaching career at
   Attitudes toward Africans and African-     Haverfield, LLP where she has a              Kyungnam University College of Law
   Americans published.                       general tax practice, working with           & Politics. Additionally, the article
                                              individuals and businesses on tax issues     that he published based on his LLM
2004 MARY RICHARD , Iowa City, has            such as succession planning, income          paper has just been published in the
   been appointed to the Learning             tax planning and non-qualified               last year, “Invasion of Privacy v.
   Disabilities Association of Iowa as a      employee benefits plans. Her tax             Commercial Speech: Regulation of
   member of its board of directors.          practice also includes work with family      Spam with a Comparative Constitu-
                                              foundations, community organizations         tional Point of View,” 70 Albany L.
2004 ERIC M. UPDEGRAFF , Des                  and other philanthropic entities to          Rev. 181-207 (2006).
   Moines, has joined Brick, Gentry,          assist them in obtaining tax-exempt
   Bowers, Swartz, Stoltze & Levis, PC        status. Her corporate practice is          2006 RASHAWN LOGAN , Mason City,
   of West Des Moines as an associate.        focused on closely-held corporations         has joined the staff of Iowa Legal Aid
   He practices primarily in the areas        and consulting for partnerships and          in the North Central Iowa Regional
   of employment law and civil rights,        limited liability companies.                 Office.
   personal injury and family law.
                                            2005 EREK P.                                 2006 JUSTIN REYNOLDS , Shanghai,
                                              SITTIG , North                               China, has joined the US State
                                              Liberty, has                                 Department working at the US
                                              joined the firm of                           Consulate in Shanghai as a Foreign
                                              Nidey Peterson                               Service Officer.
                                              Erdahl & Tindal,
                                              PLC, as an
                                              associate at its
                                              Cedar Rapids office.

54 I O W A Advocate Fall 2007
                                              At the March 2007 Back to Iowa event are Craig Jeffrey (’00). Tiffany Ferguson
   Captain Mike Thieme (’05) of the 72d
                                              (’96), and Farah Muscadin (’02).
   ABW legal office (Tinker AFB) receives
   the Air Force Achievement Medal from
   Lt Col Richard Desmond, 72 ABW Staff
   Judge Advocate. Capt Thieme was
   decorated for rushing to the aid of a
   choking colleague who was unable to
   breathe and for performing the Heimlich
   Manuever, freeing her airway.                                                                                   Students enjoy a night of
                                                                                                                   bowling with Career Services
                                                                                                                   (an EJF Auction item).
                                                                                                                   Pictured from left to right:
                                                                                                                   Craig Spitzer, Bob Bowman
                                                                                                                   (’08), Zach Olson (’08), Tai
                                                                                                                   Duncan, Sehee Foss (’07),
                                                                                                                   and Karen Klouda.
2006 TODD SCHMIDT , Dubuque,
  recently began working as a staff
  attorney for in the Northeast Iowa
  Regional Office of Iowa Legal Aid.

2006 CURTIS TARVER , Chicago,
  Illinois, has joined Querrey & Harrow
  as an associate in the firm’s Chicago
  office, where he will concentrate his
  practice in civil rights, commercial
  litigation, and insurance coverage.

2006 TIMOTHY J. VAN PELT , North
  Liberty, has joined Simmons Perrine
  LCO as an associate.

  Des Moines, was named one of the
  “40 under 40” by the Des Moines
  Business Record. He is an attorney with
  Davis, Brown, Koehn, Shors &                Mark Zito (’98), David Zylstra (’98), Jared
                                              Hanlin (’98), and Nate Odem (’03) enjoy a
  Roberts where he works in the               night out.
  litigation division in the areas of real
  estate, commercial and construction
  law. He works with the Midwest
  Speakers Bureau, leading educational
  workshops, motivational seminars and
  legal seminars for a variety of organiza-
  tions. He’s presently training to swim
  the English Channel.

                                                                                                       The University of Iowa College of Law      55

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