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									                          Newsletter of the Cape Chorale
                          Volume 15, Issue 3
                                Cape Chorder
                                                      June 1, 2009

                          The Cape Chorale 239 275-0996

                                                            FROM THE LIVEWIRE
      On Tuesday, May 19, we braved a
heavy rain to sing to the Knights of               Our Society publishes a weekly online
Columbus and their ladies at St. Andrews           newsletter called LIVEWIRE. All of us should
church parish hall. When we arrived, we            read it as often as we can. Recent issues
took shelter and warmed up our voices              have described a new site where
                                                   barbershoppers can post and read BLOGS
under a roofed entryway, but we had to
                                                   which are messages kept available for all to
go about 100 yards through a hard rain             read and respond. To begin blogging, go to
to get to the parish hall. Nevertheless,         
our twenty-one singers sang very well
      When we were introduced a big              GET THOSE OLD SONGS
hand was given to Gene Magnetti who is
                                                    The JACK BAIRD LIBRARY is now online. More
a member of the Knights, And when we             than 900 songs from the early 1900s can be heard
finished, the Knights gave us a standing         (in MP3 format) at this website:
ovation (and a check)!                       

 A Snowbird gets the Cape
Chorder Using the Internet                                 NEW BOOK PUBLISHED
                                                  Anyone going to the library or
     This newsletter editor received              bookstore should look for a new book
an e-mail from Jerry Nelson who is                written by Gary McKechnie and
spending the summer at his                        published by National Geographic.
northern home in Cedar Rapids,                    The title is USA 101. The barbershop
Iowa. Jerry says that the Chorder is              quartet is presented as an American
“a ray of sunshine.” Enabling him to              icon.
“enjoy the whole thing right here at
my desk!” He says that if eight                   Do you watch AMERICA’S GOT
years ago he and Becky knew what                  TALENT? If so, root for the
they know now, they might well be                 Alexandria Harmonizers. They
spending their summers in Florida!                are competing!
                               Cape Chorder June 1, 2009     page 2

                                                                2. We’re making rapid
                                Brief Notes:         1.         progress on OLD CAPE COD..
        The                     We’re off the sheets on         What a pretty song it is!
                                CUDDLE UP A LITTLE              3. Follow the Society’s
                                CLOSER and PLEASE,              activities on TWITTER. Just
                                MR. COLUMBUS.. We’re            visit the website below:
                                now learning the stage
     The Cape Chorale                                 
     416 SW 32nd Court          presence moves.                 4. Renewed this month:
                                “Columbus” is going to          Irv Doliner, John Didyoung &
   Cape Coral, Florida 33991
             USA                be really funny!                Dave Svensen.
        239 283-7497
                                   ANSWERS TO MAY QUESTIONS
   Editor: George Mason
                                     1. Works in Customs for Homeland Security.
                                     2. Teaches pottery making.
          E-Mail:                    3. Regularly volunteers at Cape Coral Hospital.
                                     4. Was for years an elementary school principal.
                                     5. Were at one time school teachers (5 or more).
                                     6. Have been barbershoppers 50 years or more.
      Contact us:                    7. Once was a security guard at SW FL Regional Airport.
     239 878-5886                    8. Defends prisoners wrongly incarcerated.
                                     9. Drove tourists around Ding Darling on golf cart trains.
                                     10. .Works as a starter at a golf course.
                                    1. John Wickes      2. Irv Doliner     3. John Feldmann
     We’re on the Web!              4 Buzz Larson     5. Buzz Larson, Blair Law, George Mason
          See us at:                Dick Sturgeon, and Don Van Der Kolk 6. Andy Sares and               Dick Sturgeon 7. Charley Witty 8. Charley Murray
                                     9. Andy Sares 10. Jim Tobin
                                 Tell the editor something you have done and we’ll see if the
                                 other members can identify you as the doer.
 John Louw (15th),              DAVE SVENSEN WRITES FROM DUBAI
 Gene Magnetti, 18th),                 Dave writes hello from the site of 47 skyscrapers
  and Jim Tobin (15th)          going up and a view of the tallest skyscraper in the world,
                                the Burj Dubai in the capital city, Abi Daubi. He has
                                visited the sheik’s palace and says that the weather gets
  CHORALE’S NEXT                to be a humid 112 degrees. There are many car accidents
PERFORMANCE IS                  because many drivers have just changed from camels to
 JULY 10 FROM                   cars. Gas is $1.29 per gallon, cash only. Women wear
                                cover-up black clothing and the men wear white. Most US
2:00 TO 2:40 AT
                                stores have branches there and the people are friendly to
THE KENNEDY                     Americans. Next week Dave is off to France, the French
CENTER ON SANTA                 Riviera and a canal trip. He’ll write again from there.

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