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The US Navy JapaneseOriental Language School Archival Project The US Navy


									                                The US Navy Japanese/Oriental Language School Archival Project
                                                        The Interpreter
                                    Archives, University of Colorado at Boulder Libraries
 Number 82                      Remember September 11, 2001                                           December 1, 2004

          Our Mission                 one of the occupants, Kuwahata            I didn‟t like much of what I       but when they cut out all
                                      decided that it was alright to go     saw of your state of Utah. The         smoking as bad for cardiac
  In the Spring of 2000, the          down into the cave. When he           Lake was all right, but it took us     „ Twas the final regulation
  Archives continued the origi-                                                                                    That broke the camel‟s back ….
                                      failed to return at the appointed     far too long to go across it, and
  nal efforts of Captain Roger        time, we feared for the “new          after that it was much like           chorus: Buffalo, Buffalo, etc.
  Pineau and William Hudson,          arm” of the Corps. We shouted         Nevada. The next morning I
  and the Archives first at-          into the cave to no avail, and we     woke up to see the farms of            [One verse omitted by ed., DMH]
  tempts in 1992, to gather the       sat down to wait and hope. Even       California and figured that the
  papers, letters, photographs,       Marines who a week ago had            reason people raved about            That‟s all Dick White could
  and records of graduates of         vowed “to kill every bastard Jap      California was the contrast to       remember on the train.
  the US Navy Japanese/               on the rock” were pulling for the     God-forsaken Nevada, a drearier         No doubt you‟ll be settled by
  Oriental Language School,           little corporal.                      spectacle I never before beheld.     the time you get this. We have a
  University of Colorado at                There passed half an hour of        Here, by the way, are the         pretty good room here – Stan,
  Boulder, 1942-1946. We              agonizing helplessness in which       words, in part, to a song we         Jim, and I.
  assemble these papers in            we refused several offers of          wanted to learn [Ed. Note: See          Give     my      regards   to
  recognition of the contribu-        Marines who volunteered to go         Ned Coffin‟s version in #64.]:       everybody & I‟ll write later.
  tions made by JLS/OLS               down after Kuwahata. Then we
  instructors and graduates to                                                                                                          Dave [Stocking]
                                      heard a shot. Our hopes, which        On The Range of the Buffalo
  the War effort in the Pacific       had sunk with that sound, soared                                           [Ed. Note: Another great note
  and the Cold War, to the                                                   “T‟was in the town of New Haven     submitted by Edward L. Hart.
                                      the next moment as Kuwahata
  creation of East Asian                                                      in the spring of ‟42,              Stocking, Hart, Sosin, and Ryder had
                                      came squirming out of the hole.         A man by the name of Hindmarsh
  language programs across            When his glibness of tongue had                                            all came from the University of
                                                                              came walking up to you.            Michigan and were in the same class
  the country, and to the             failed him, his agility came into       Said “How do you do young fellow
  development of Japanese-                                                                                       in Boulder, see # 72A, February 15,
                                      play. He was faster than a bullet       And how‟d you like to go           2004. Writes Hart, This letter was
  American      cultural   rec-       that day.                               And spend one summer pleasantly    “written from San Francisco while
  onciliation programs after               Any stray passer-by would          on the range of the buffalo.       he was on his way to an assignment
  World War II.                       have thought that the feeling we       chorus: Buffalo, Buffalo, etc.      at Pearl Harbor after our graduation
                                      all displayed could have only                                              and assignments in various parts of
 Our Japanese “Ally”                  been for one of our own. We            With kanji cards + Tokuhons         the world… By that time I was
             Part III                 would have explained, “This is         Our troubles they began             already in Washington, DC, working
                                                                             With muttered curse and             on Japanese navy codes. We had
[After prevailing upon a POW to       not just a Jap POW, this is             Swearword                          three intercept stations on the West
accept the hopelessness of his        Kuwahata!”                             Our fevers high they ran.           Coast, with direct lines to
situation and save himself and        (End of Part III, to be continued)     Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays       Washington, so we were reading the
his comrades for the future of                                               It doesn‟t pay to know              messages almost as soon as they
                                                Lieutenants John J. Craig
                                                                              -Its what you learn of Fridays,    were sent. At least once, as I
Japan     by convincing his                       & Lawrence C. Vincent
                                                                             on the Plains of the Buffalo        remember, we had read a message
comrades to surrender, Jack                   USMCR, JLS 1944 and 1943
                                                     Guam, August 1945,                                          while the intended recipient was
Craig and Larry Vincent                                                       chorus: Buffalo, Buffalo, etc.
                                             Lawrence Vincent Collection                                         asking for retransmission due to
continued       the     „Mop-Up‟                 _______________              On campus I was lassoed            poor reception.... [This] letter is of
campaign on Iwo Jima] In the                                                  By a Colorado gal                  interest because Dave produced the
next two weeks we found that we
                                         David Stocking                       She slapped me on the back         words to a song that was current
had more than just the oddity of                                              With a hearty “hya pal”            among JLS students. I think it must
a Japanese who could speak                USMC, JLS 1943                      Into my frail, white body          have been performed somewhere or
English and understand Western                                                She tried to sink her hooks        other or I wouldn‟t have remembered
                                      The St. Francis                         But I shot her full of kanji       it. Maybe Gene Sosin knows
ideas. Besides helping us gather
                                      Union Square                            and returned to the goddam books   something about it. No doubt the
one hundred prisoners (at that                                                                                   song, and the tune this was sung to
time in the War, a surprising         San Francisco       July 22, 1943       chorus: Buffalo, Buffalo, etc.     are familiar to you….” Ed. Note: The
number for one regiment to            Dear Ed:                                                                   song was a, how shall we say,
                                                                              Twas in the town of Boulder
amass in so recently secured and      Just a note to let you know we‟re       In the spring of „43               „corruption‟ of Woody Guthrie‟s
so bitterly contested a sector), he   straightened out and the next           A man by the name of Conover       1930‟s song of the same title, see
gave us ample evidence of the                                                 Came from across the sea           issue #64. We are glad to get the rest
                                      address will be:
resourcefulness and bravery of                                                Said, “My ship is made of          of the song, even if the last verse was
                                      Ens. DWS USNR                           Concrete,                          a bit much for this publication.
the Japanese soldier, which the
                                      Intell. Center Pac Ocean Area           My [***] I think the same          Frankly, I was surprised that it took
Marines had come to know and                                                                                     a group of 21 year-old men that long
grudgingly respect.                   % Fleet Post Office                     The way they keep their
                                                                              potholes‟ indeed a bloody          in a song before the verses, er, „got
    We were at a hole close to        San Francisco, Cal.                                                        out of hand‟. ]
Kuwahata‟s old cave in which he       I like this town very much, better

reported at least twelve or                                                   chorus: Buffalo, Buffalo, etc.
thirteen Japanese. They were a
                                      than any its size I‟ve seen. May                                           The Chinese Program
                                      not be here long, however, since       The crew forsook their kanji        Dear Mr. Hays:
tough Navy crowd under the            apparently we fly …. (conf.)           For the dustpan and the mop
command of a stubborn chief                                                                                      Very much appreciated receiving
                                      [confidential].                        The Captain soon decided
petty officer. Upon contacting                                               all padding he would stop
                                                                                                                 your   information    regarding
Language School Students/                Womack, LaVerne D., SC 3/c                (BA 1948) and Princeton                   Mr. Spiers lives in South
Graduates, very interesting to            (T), V-6, USNR                           University‟s Woodrow Wilson            Londonderry, Vermont. He is a
say the least and, it brought back       Lockard, Edwin A,. SC 3/c (B),            School of Public and International     Trustee of Public Funds, writes
many fond memories of some                V-6, USNR                                Affairs (MPA, 1950), and was a         and lectures in foreign affairs and
very talented people.                    Landgraf, John L., SC 3/c (B),            foreign affairs specialist with the    is a consultant to the Department
   Commander            Hindmarsh         V-6, USNR                                United States Atomic Energy            of State. He was American co-
created only one class in the            Cvecka, Andrew S., SCp (A)                Commission from 1950 to 1954.          chairman of a joint US-Chinese
Chinese language and from your            (T), V-6, USNR                           He was an Ensign in the US Navy        working group on the future of
roster of language students I was        Kosena, Albert, SCp (A) (T), V-           during World War II, serving in        the United Nations in 1995-96, a
able to cull the following who            6, USNR                                  the Pacific Theater and as             member of a similar working
were students of that class:             Haines, Jack D., Sp(A)1c, (T) V-          Commanding Officer of an               group with Russia in 1993-94 and
                                          6, USNR                                  amphibious landing craft. He           a Visiting Senior Fellow at
Austin Bell
                                         Czerniak, Edward M., Bkr 2/c              attended the US Navy Oriental          Dartmouth. He is a member of the
Francis Carpenter
                                          (T), V-6, USNR                           Language School in Boulder,            Council on Foreign Relations, the
Jim Ferrigan
                                                                                   Colorado        and      Stillwater,   American         Academy          of
Hank Knoche                              Naval Units, University of                Oklahoma.                              Diplomacy,        the       National
Charley Lemert                           Colorado University                           During the course of his State     Academy            of        Public
Bernie Miller
                                         Van Bergen, Nicholas B. CPT,              Department career he served at         Administration        and        the
Harrison Parker
                                          USN, Professor of Naval                  the US Mission to the United           International      Institute     for
John Potter
                                          Science and Tactics,                     Nations, as negotiator for the         Strategic Studies. He and his
George Skinner
                                          Commanding Officer V-12                  Statute of the International           wife, Patience, have four children
Dick Reed
                                          Unit, NTSch (Oriental                    Atomic Energy Agency, and as a         and eight grandchildren.
    During the time we resided in         Languages)                               US representative in a succession
                                                                                                                                 from Who‟s Who in America®
Boulder after WW II, we                  Moore, Vincent J., CDR, USN               of arms control negotiations with            [Marquis™]. 54th Edition, 2000.
enjoyed visits from Jim Ferrigan          (Ret), Exec. Officer NROTC,              the USSR, including the nuclear                       New Providence, NJ:
and Charley Lemert, the latter a          Assoc. Professor NS and T                test    ban,      non-proliferation,             Marquis Who‟s Who, 1999.
Federal Judge in Ohio. Sadly, I          Heimbury, W.C., LCD, USN,                 Strategic Arms Limitation and                                  [WhoAm 54]
have not remained in touch with           Asst. Professor NS and T                 ABM treaties. He was director of
the others and thus am unaware           Buck, George R. CDR, MC                   NATO Affairs (1964-1966),              [Ed. Note: No doubt Ambassador
                                                                                   Assistant Secretary of State for       Spiers ran across fellow diplomats J.
of their individual status.               USNR, Sr. Medical Officer
                                                                                                                          Owen Zurhellen, Jr., Halsey Wilbur,
Interestingly, Hank Knoche, in           Hughes, Delmar V., LCR, MC,               Political-Military Affairs (1969-
                                                                                                                          Richard Finn, Charles Cross, Phillip
addition to being a scholar, was a        USNR                                     1973), Assistant Secretary of          Manhard, Leonard Weiss and many
first string member of the CU            Neuman, Harold A., LCD, DC,               State for Intelligence and             other Foreign Service JLS/OLS
Basketball Team.                          USNR                                     Research and State Department          graduates and attendees during his
    George Skinner was married           Crowell, John C., LCD USNR (S)            member of the US Intelligence          time in the Foreign Service. Some
to his lovely wife in Boulder             Officer in Charge NTSch                  Board (1980-81, and Under-             graduates only served brief stints, like
while enrolled in our Mandarin            (Oriental Languages)                     Secretary      of     State      for   Edward Seidensticker, before entering
                                                                                   Management (1983-1989). He             other occupations.]
class. My wife Shirley and I             Mills, Ernest P., LT, USN                                                                     _______________
were greatly honored to serve as          (ret). OIC V-12 Unit                     served abroad in Geneva, as
matron of honor and best man.            Darlington, Jane R., LT, SC(W)            Political Counselor (1966-1969)
                                                                                   and later as American Minister in
                                                                                                                             A Navy Wife, I
    Hope this helps.                      USNR, Supply and Disbursing
                         Henry Bittner    Officer 1                                London (1974-77), as the first         I didn‟t realize until you
                            OLS 1945                                               American Ambassador to the             expressed interest in hearing from
                                         [Ed.Note: This is the last cadre of the   Commonwealth of the Bahamas            JLS wives how much of that
[Ed. Note: Actually, the number is a     school in Boulder. We do not have         (1973-74), as Ambassador to            period of my life I had stored up.
bit larger than this. I have provided    immediate access to the cadre roster
Mr. Bittner a graduation list of the
                                                                                   Turkey (1977-1980) and to              I can‟t wait to write you all about
                                         for the OLS at Oklahoma A&M. Mr.          Pakistan (1981-1983). Recipient        those years!
Chinese Program: Mandarin, Amoy,         McCubbin had requested their names
Cantonese, and Foochow. I will look                                                of two Presidential Distinguished          Unfortunately,     I     cannot
                                         and information on their careers.]
up these names for addresses.]                                                     Executive Service Awards, he           guarantee that this will be written
            _______________                                                        was accorded the personal rank of      in a systematic fashion and with
                                          Directory of the Students, Faculty       Career Ambassador, the four star
      Staff of the                       and Employees of the University of
                                                                                                                          some semblance of organization. I
                                                                                   rank of the Foreign Service, by        am leading a pretty busy life
     Naval Training                      Colorado,    1945-1946,    Boulder,       President Ronald Reagan and the        trying to find time to write my
    School (Oriental                     Colorado (Boulder, CO: University
                                                                                   US Senate in 1984.                     column and my in-progress book,
                                         of Colorado, December 1945), 87-
      Languages)                         88.                                           In 1989 Ambassador Spiers          tuck in my part-time work for my
       1945-1946                                      _______________              was nominated by President             physician daughter, and now
                                                                                   George H. Bush and appointed by        giving myself and my children the
Crowell, John C., LCD, USNR                Ronald I. Spiers                        UN Secretary General Perez de          gift of the reminiscences about
 (S) , Officer in Charge NTSch
 (Oriental Languages)                         Diplomat                             Cuellar as Under Secretary
                                                                                   General of the United Nations for
                                                                                                                          our early days in the forties.
                                                                                                                          Please bear with this stream of
Sobol, Harriett., Y1c, (T) V-10,         Ronald I. Spiers, born in July            Political Affairs. In this capacity    consciousness. (End of Part I)
 USNR                                                                              he was the senior American in the
                                         1925 in Orange, New Jersey,                                                                           Mrs. Addie Busch
Giesler, John C., SC 3/c (T), V-                                                   United     Nations      Secretariat,
                                         joined the US Foreign Service in                                                                 150 Walnut Hill Road
 6, USNR                                                                           responsible for General Assembly
                                         1954 and served in a wide variety                                                        Chestnut Hill, MA 02467-3157
Pankoff, Arthur A., Yeoman 2c,           of     assignments   until    his         affairs and for coordinating
 V-3 USNR                                                                          implementation of UN resolutions       [Ed. Note: Mea culpa, an old letter,
                                         retirement in 1992. He is a                                                      when we didn‟t print long letters.
Van Ginkle, John M., SC 3/c (T),                                                   after the Gulf War. He retired
                                         graduate of Dartmouth College                                                    Happy to include it now]
 V-6, USNR                                                                         from the United Nations in 1992.                    _______________

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