The Court Lodge Pheasant Shoot

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					                                 March 3

The Court Lodge
Pheasant Shoot
Court Lodge is a small farm offering a beautiful mixture of
woodland and agricultural land with deep valleys that can     Membership
produce some of the best pheasant shooting in the county.     Terms
                           The Court Lodge Pheasant Shoot

Agreement between the Shoot and its Members


(1)    Name

The syndicate shall be called The Court Lodge Pheasant Shoot, hereinafter “the Shoot”.

(2)    Objective

The objectives of the Shoot shall be:

       (a)     To promote the interests of shooting.
       (b)     To maintain and uphold the best interests of sportsmanship in shooting.
       (c)     To maintain proper conservation of all game and the management of habitat
               under the shoots jurisdiction.
       (d)     To provide social and other amenities for its Members.

(3)    Membership

       (a)     The annual membership of the Shoot shall not exceed 16 full Members (referred
               to as “the Members” or “Member” hereafter, to include Members’ guests where
       (b)     All Members shall become, and remain during their membership, members of
               the British Association for Shooting and Conservation Ltd (BASC) in the
               appropriate category.
       (c)     Harry Bott and David Austin-White shall perform the duties of the Executive

(4)    Subscriptions

       (a)     Entrance fees and subscriptions are due on 30th March 2009 and must be
               received no later than 25th March 2009. Cheques to be made out to The Court
               Lodge Pheasant Shoot.

                          The Court Lodge Pheasant Shoot

(5)    Resignation

       (a)    A Member shall cease to be a Member if he gives written notice to the Secretary
              of his resignation.
       (b)    Failure to renew subscription by the due date will be taken as the Member’s
              wish to resign.

(6)    Discipline

       Every Member must comply with the Rules of the Shoot and any infringement may
       result in expulsion. In the event of expulsion no funds will be refunded. The Executive of
       the Shoot may, at its absolute discretion, expel any Member whose conduct (whether by
       act or omission) it considers to be contrary to the best interests of the Shoot, or
       detrimental to the good name of the sport of shooting.

(7)   General Rules

       (a)    No person shall be allowed to participate in any shooting or other activities
              unless he is a fully paid up Member or a guest of a Member.
       (b)    Outside of the formal shooting days, every Member shall carry a current
              membership card that is not transferable and must be produced on demand by
              any Shoot officer, police officer, owner or lessor of shooting rights held by the
              Shoot or their agent or any other authorised person.
       (c)    Every Member shall hold such licences and certificates as may be required by
              the law for the kind of shooting or Shoot activity that they are engaged in.
              Photocopies of these must be provided as part of paying the subscription.
       (d)    All shooting shall be conducted in accordance with legislation in force and any
              agreement, lease or licence validly entered into and agreed by the Executive
       (e)    Members shall undertake to keep their dogs under strict control at all times and
              shall not allow them to cause a nuisance to the public, trespass or chase livestock
              or interfere with other Members’ shooting.
       (f)    No Member shall pass beyond the limits over which the Shoot has permission to
              shoot except to recover quarry shot on or over the Shoot’s land and then only
              with the permission of the adjoining occupier, and in any case the Member’s gun
              shall be left securely within the boundaries of the land over which the Shoot is
              permitted to authorise shooting.
       (g)    No Member shall sell or be engaged in the sale of shot migratory wildfowl or
              cause others to sell such shot wildfowl on his behalf.
       (h)    It is a condition of membership that every Member shall make himself available
              for such wardening duties and other work parties and Shoot activities as the
              Executive shall reasonably decide.

                              The Court Lodge Pheasant Shoot

           (i)    Any guests that come onto the Shoot with weapons must be agreed in advance
                  with the Executive. When on the Shoot guests should:
                   Be accompanied by a Member
                   Have the appropriate certificates to allow them to carry and/or shoot
                   Be a member of the British Association for Shooting and Conservation Ltd
                       (BASC) or equivalent that gives them Public Liability Insurance.
           (j)    All Members and their guests must have read and comply with the Health and
                  Safety Requirements enclosed.
           (k)    It is a condition of membership that Members shall report any contravention of
                  these rules or any bye-laws to the Executive.

(8)        Shooting Rights
           The shooting rights over Court Lodge are provided to the Shoot on a rolling annual basis
           by Harry and Alice Bott (“the Owners”). Should they for whatever reason remove these
           rights then the Shoot will cease. These rights will not be removed before the end of each
           shooting season, unless under exceptional circumstances.

     Neither the Owners nor the Executive can be held liable for any personal injury incurred or
     damage to personal property while Members and/or their guests are on the Shoot or on Court
     Lodge land.


1.     Weapons MUST be unloaded and carried in a secure gun slip between drives.

2.     Weapons should be loaded ONLY when in a drive - at all other times weapons MUST be

3.     End Guns should familiarise themselves with the position of the flankers, particularly when
       shooting in that general direction - IF IN DOUBT DO NOT SHOOT. Flankers will have
       indicated their positions to the end Guns who, in turn, should have acknowledged that

4.     DO NOT swing through the line. When following a bird through the line, YOU MUST
       dismount your weapon and raise the barrels. NEVER point your weapon at any person AT
       ANY TIME.

5.     DO NOT shoot forward if you do not know where the beaters are. If it is safe to do so you
       may shoot behind. Further, DO NOT shoot forward if you believe a shot may be dangerous.

                           The Court Lodge Pheasant Shoot

6.   A long blast on a whistle indicates the end of the drive. A whistle is sometimes blown to
     indicate that birds are coming. DO NOT shoot after the end of the drive.

7.   All guns, loaders and flankers are advised to wear approved safety glasses and must wear
     unloaded and secured in their slips, when not shooting.

8.   During the drive there may be pickers-up, and they may have been positioned out of shot,
     behind you. At the end of the drive they will endeavour to recover your shot birds. Please
     give the pickers-up clear directions to your shot birds. Your help in picking up is

9.   In principle, only Pheasants may be shot. Shooting ground game is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN.
     Shooting of other legal bird species will be advised on each shooting day.

10. When waiting for birds to come, make sure your gun is pointing forwards either directly at
    the ground (not towards your gun-dog) or straight up in the air. Never cradle your gun in
    the crook of your arm pointing directly at your neighbour.

11. Given the hilly topography in parts of The Court Lodge Shoot, beaters and pickers-up will
    very often be above the gun line and extreme care should be taken not to shoot below the
    skyline; there should always be 'sky around the bird' before a shot is taken.

12. Etiquette dictates that you should only shoot at birds which are 'yours', ie in your direct
     shooting zone, and particular care should be taken when having a second shot at a wounded
     bird which may be losing height quickly. Do not follow the birds down and leave the second
     shot too late as this can result in a dangerous shot.


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