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									                   “HEARING MATES”
                                                                                                 “Hearing Mates”
      Secretary, Barbara Pink, 18 Wessex Park, Sutton Scotney,
                                                                                      Autumn 2009                                           Issue Fifteen
                    Winchester, Hants, SO21 3LB
        Telephone: 01962 760395 - Email: pink-m@sky.com
                                                                                                                Hearing Dogs
 South Hants Branch website: www.hearing-dogs-southhants.org.uk                                                         for
                                                                                                                 Deaf People
The South Hampshire Branch of Hearing Dogs for Deaf People is
always looking for volunteers to help raise funds, become Puppy
                                                                                                   Greetings to Everyone from the Chair.
Socialisers, fundraisers or sponsors for any of the dog training needs
                                                                                      Summer sun may have been in rather short supply this year but it has
listed on the charity website.
                                                                                      not reduced our fund raising activities. Barbara and Chris each
                                                                                      hosted very successful coffee mornings, and Angela had a fantastic
If you feel able to help in any way connected with support for                        Open Garden. Everyone helped to make the Botley coffee morning a
Hearing Dogs do please contact Secretary, Barbara Pink. Your help,                    great success and I am grateful to all the people who cleared the
however small is always greatly appreciated by the Deaf or hard of                    garden of paraphernalia, it was great not to spend the afternoon
hearing recipients of the dogs who are trained to help them.                          taking leftovers to the charity shops!

 Next Hearing Mates - Spring 2010 - please send your items no later than                                      Our Gentle Giants Steve and Yogi are due in
                           Monday 12 April 2010                                                               London in October for "Rescue Dog of the
                               Send to the editor
                                                                                                              Year" awards. We know that they will be in
   Ann Perrett, Auburn Lodge, Crampmoor Lane, Romsey, Hampshire SO51 9AJ                                      the first three so Good Luck to Steve and Yogi
                  TXD: 18002 01794 511812 - Fax: 07092089182                                                  we will all be keeping our fingers crossed for a
                        Email: ann@circularsound.co.uk                                                        good result!
              Disclaimer - ’Hearing Mates’ has been produced by the
 South Hants Fundraising Branch of Hearing Dogs, and the views expressed herein                                Gill is now relieved of the chore of taking all
               do not necessarily represent the views of the Charity.                                          the used postage stamps to the Grange as
                                                                                      Barbara can now send them direct to the buyer. The first sack netted
Hearing Dogs for Deaf People is a charity that trains dogs to alert deaf              £147 so do encourage your friends and families to save all their
people to sounds such as the alarm clock, doorbell and smoke alarm. The               stamps for us. (Details page 15)
dogs alert by touching with a paw – then leading their owner back to the              We haven't yet filled a cubic metre box with plastic milk bottle caps,
sound. For sounds like the smoke alarm the dogs alert then lie down to                it seemed to take forever to cover the base, but now each time I go to
indicate danger. As well as practical help, hearing dogs give increased               Moorland Farm the quantity has increased. If you don't know the
confidence, security and independence. They are free of charge to the                 whereabouts of Moorland Farm give your tops to a committee
deaf applicant. Whenever possible, the dogs are selected from rescue
                                                                                      member who will pass them on.
centres. They are also donated by breeders and members of the public,
with the remainder coming from the Charity’s own breeding scheme.                     N.B. Traces of milk must be washed from the tops and they must
                                                                                      have a triangle with a ‘2’ inside.
                                        The Grange . Wycombe Road . Saunderton,       Please also note: caps from other products are not
      Hearing Dogs                   Princes Risborough . Buckinghamshire HP27 9NS.   acceptable.
                                           Telephone: 01844 348100 - voice/text
      for Deaf People                                Fax: 01844 348101                Our daughter branch in West Sussex is up and running - they are
                                                 Email: info@hearingdogs.org.uk
       Registered Charity Number 293358           http://www.hearingdogs.org.uk       planning several Christmas events.
Report from the Chair (continued)                                                        REGULAR FUNDRAISING ACTIVITIES
Do hope lots of you will be able to support our new Christmas event - the                        Keep collecting used stamps
Winchester Fair in December around the ice skating rink. Dianne will                     For used postage stamps ONLY send or take to:
need lots of volunteers to fill the rota.                                               Barbara Pink, Branch Secretary address back page,
Chris Seward has been co-opted on to the committee. She has some                                  or to any committee member.
interesting fund raising ideas and is bursting with enthusiasm. If you                        Mark the envelope - USED STAMPS
have an idea for fund raising we would love to hear about it.                               Put foreign stamps in a separate envelope
                                                                                    Please do NOT include other correspondence / monies etc.
Meanwhile enjoy St Luke’s little summer - long may it last.
Best Wishes                                                                 PRINTER AND LASER TONER CARTRIDGES - but NOT EPSON
Jeanette Collett                                                            Instead of throwing your used cartridges away in the general
                                                                            rubbish please keep them in their original boxes and either:
Puppy Walks                                                                    Give to a member of the committee who will see they are taken to
The second Tuesday in October will be the last                                 Headquarters or..
walk for this year in the Upper Hamble Country                                 Contact Hearing Dogs on: 01844 348100 (voice and Minicom) or..
Park -10 00 am on the green in front of the Farm                               Contact: Reclaim-It - Telephone: 01635 876900 who will
Entrance. Socialisers are welcome to take their pups                           provide free containers and collection.
in to the farm to get closer to the animals from
9 a.m. By 10 November summer will officially be                                                   CHARITY FLOWERS DIRECT
over and we'll meet at the later time of 10 30am in                                                        Ring: 0990 300 600
the Victoria Country Park, Netley for a walk that                                    15% of the retail price of every order goes to the participating
can, if necessary be mainly on hard surface paths. We start from the car            charity. To support Hearing Dogs quote HDD when ordering.
park nearest to the tea room.                                                          Order online at: http://www.charityflowers.co.uk
Visits to the animals are still possible on the 4th Tuesday of the month
                                                                            MILK BOTTLE TOPS - any colour but must have a ‘2’ inside a recycle
but please be out by 10a.m. when the school children arrive.
                                                                                   triangle. Take to Moorland Farm or give your tops to a committee
Supporters are welcome to join the walks and it doesn't matter if you                 member who will pass them on.
haven't got a dog it is a good opportunity to get to know each other.           2
                                                                                      N.B. Traces of milk must be washed from the tops.
                                                                                      Please also note: caps from other products are not acceptable.
Paws for coffee in June at Sutton Scotney
Firstly a huge thank you to everyone who helped at the coffee morning                                     LOTTERY
and to those who contributed their wonderful cakes, most of which I had                               Raise funds by playing the
to try of course! Without all your help and contributions it would not         Lottery Game or the Great Weather Lottery Game; simply complete the
                                                                                      leaflet and send to the enclosed address or visit to play at:
have been the success that I think it was. It was a lovely sunny day and               www.hearingdogs.org.uk or www.theweatherlottery.com
we had quite a good turnout, admittedly lots of socialisers (with pups -
thank you!) but also local villagers and friends.                                                                  Search the Internet with
Including sales from the stock, money from the soft toy game and the                                                     HearingDogs
coffee morning itself, we raised £279.23p in the 2 hours. All down to
                                                                                      And every time you search you will be raising money for
   your generosity and kindness, so many thanks once again!                         Hearing Dogs for Deaf People. Average use of CLICK NOW
2 Barbara                                                                                   generates around £50 per person per year.                 15
"Baxter - The Tale of a Talking Dog"                                                    Hidden Treasure
I gather that you would like my permission to promote                                   Hearing Dogs for Deaf People was launched way back in 1982. We all
Baxter's book in your next South Hants Branch Newsletter.                               know about Favour and Lady, but it must have been 1984 when the
The answer is of course "Yes".
                                                                                        10th Hearing Dog Benjy was trained and placed with a young deaf lady,
Not that "my" permission is needed as I was not the author -                            Jane Moss, right here in South Hampshire. Benjy really helped to
Baxter wrote the book and I merely typed it for him. If you                             improve Jane’s confidence and independence. Jane’s Mother Anne was
haven't read the book yet, you will find that Baxter was                                so impressed by the work that Benjy did that she enthused about it to all
socialised by Margaret and George Conrad in Chandlers                                   her friends and was soon in demand as an official speaker to all sorts of
Ford and his early life in south Hants features quite heavily in the early chapters.    groups. In addition to the funds raised by giving talks Anne hosted
Baxter would therefore be extremely upset if I didn't give permission to your
                                                                                        coffee mornings, collected bric-a-brac, made jam and sold everything at
branch. Margaret did put an article in 'Hearing Mates' about a year ago about it
saying she had seen a draft, so this is a follow up to that.
                                                                                        the annual Stubbington Fair. All in addition to being regularly called on
Just to note: There is an error in the press release shown online - Baxter has          by HQ to act as an official representative. Jane’s brother Nigel
actually attended over 220 talks and not 60 as stated. We do about 60 talks a           obtained sponsorship and support from the company that employed
year, not including PR and training events!                                             him, while his wife Linda and family friends Shirley Corner and Janet
                                                                                        Clarke helped wherever necessary. For the past quarter of a century
As I paid for the initial production run and donated the book and its copyright to
                                                                                        Anne and her team have worked tirelessly and are now close to
Hearing Dogs, every penny from the sales (not just profit or royalties) goes
straight to the charity funds. We have already raised over £2,000 since the book
                                                                                        accomplishing raising money for their 12th Hearing Dog. A fantastic
was launched at the beginning of June, so I hope you do well with your sales as         achievement by a remarkable lady! Thank you Anne for all that you
well.                                                                                   have done for Hearing Dogs. You certainly deserve your retirement
                                                                                        and we all wish you well and hope that you enjoy it.
So what is it about South Hants that spawns all these authors? I believe Michael        We in South Hampshire will continue the fund raising for this most
Forester was also in your area when he started his book, and I understand that he
                                                                                        worthwhile of charities.
is donating the royalties from his sales to the charity, so Hearing Dogs is doing
well from South Hants "old boys".
                                                                                        Jeanette Collett

Adam Wilson and Baxter (South Hants Former Pupil)                                      Ann and Perry would like to add a personal               Perry
Baxter’s book can be bought from http://www.hearingdogs.org.uk £9.99 +p&p              appreciation and thanks to Anne and her late              is a
                                                                                       daughter, Jane for their sponsorship of Perry. Ann       super
                                   “If It Wasn’t for That dog!                         had 2 letters from Jane and we were going to meet     little dog
                                        By Michael Forester                                                                                      and
                                                                                       but sadly that was not to be. So a big thank you to     worth
                     This is the magical story of Hearing dog, Matt’s first year       Anne, your family and friends for raising all the       every
                       with Michael; the challenges and accomplishments of
                                                                                       monies for Hearing Dogs. Ann and Perry Perrett         penny!
                      climbing the Hearing Dog learning curve; the profound
                        changes Matt stimulated and the inestimable joy he
                          confers magically on everyone who meets him.                                              Dianne and Lyndon Hatfield thank
                      But most of all it is the strange power of meaty treats to
                                 work miracles in doggie behaviour!
                                                                                                                     everyone for their expressions of
Michael’s book can be bought at Hearing Dogs website for £8.99 +p&p also                           Dogs UK
                                                                                                                           support and sympathy.
from bookshops or online at Amazon.                                                                               Just another example of the great circle
                                                                                                                     of friendship we have found with
    Note: Both books can be bought from Dianne so that the branch would be                                                     Hearing Dogs.
14 credited with the monies. 01329 281862 or email: Diandlyndon@aol.com                                                                                        3
                                                                                  Help us try emergencySMS!
                                    This is a photo of my son Tommy,              If you have a hearing loss or have
                                                                                  difficulty talking, you might not be able
                                    which I took while sorting the                to use a mobile phone to contact the
                                    latest milk bottle tops. I hope it will       emergency services directly.
                                    inspire others to collect!!                   A pilot scheme that allows you to send a
                                    I am in the process of dishing out the        text to the 999 UK emergency services has begun this month. We want as
                                    posters to local schools, doctors etc, to     many people to register as possible – but only people who cannot
                                                                                  manage voice calls. If the trial is successful it will be launched in 2010.
                                    spread the word around.                       Once registered, you will be able to use the service in emergencies during
                                                                                  this pilot. Register from 14 September so you can use the service when
I have now been on the waiting list for a hearing dog for 16 months. A            needed. It will be an alternative to making a voice call to 999.
trained dog will really help me with the household sounds and letting             1. REGISTER
others know I am deaf. I got a glare from the queue in the Building               Just text the word ‘Register’ to 999. Then follow the instructions you receive.
society the other day, as a mother and child in a buggy had obviously             Or register online at www.emergencysms.org.uk
asked to me move, which I hadn't heard, and in exchange I got 'looks to           2. SEND SMS TO 999 IN AN EMERGENCY
                                                                                  Please do not make mock calls – only use emergencySMS for REAL
kill' from a number of people. Not nice, when all I did was failed to             emergencies (see also “IMPORTANT” below).
hear!                                               Sue Churchyard.               State:
                                                                                  Who? Police, Fire and Rescue, Ambulance, or Coastguard?
                                                                                  What? Briefly, what is the problem?
     Kennel club good                                                             Where? Exactly where is the problem? Give name of road & town if able.
                                                                                  Plus more information such as a house number or landmarks.
   citizen bronze award                                                           3. WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?
          winners                                                                 The emergency service will either ask for more information or tell you that
    Congratulations to:                                                           help is on the way. Don’t assume that your message has been received
                                                                                  until the emergency service sends a message back. A ‘delivery report’ does
  Chris Voller & Nickel                                                           not mean your message has been received.
                                                                                  It will take about 2 minutes before the first reply. No reply within 3 minutes?
  Janey Devine & Erin                                                             Please find other ways of getting help.
  Chris Seward & Tara
  Sandra Lee & Owen                                                               Please do not make mock calls – only use emergencySMS for REAL
                                                                                  emergencies. For example, if:
  Photo                                                                              a person’s life is at risk
                                                                                     a crime is happening now
  Chris Voller & Nickel                                                              someone is injured or threatened
  receiving their award                                                              the person who is committing a crime is near
                                                                                     there is a fire or people are trapped
                                                                                     you need an ambulance urgently
STAMPS COLLECTIONS: Many apologies to Harry Decker, who brought                      someone is in trouble on the shoreline or missing at sea.
the most stamps to the Botley coffee morning but was overlooked in the rush to    Remember, you will only be able to use it if you have registered with
sort out prizes. We are very grateful to him for his regular large donations.     emergencySMS first. This is a UK-wide service but cannot be used from
Also many thanks to Sarah and everyone at Zurich International for their stamp    abroad. The pilot started on 14 September 2009 and runs until the end of
collections which bring in one or two boxfuls at regular monthly intervals; and   November.
     to everyone, including those at Davis World Travel, who save stamps for us   You can only use the service with the phone you have registered.
 4 however many; they all add up.                                                 For more information and to register, visit the website                  13
FLYING PUPPY!                                                                    ‘Paws for Coffee’ on the Beach at Hill Head - 30th July 2009

My sister, Jo is in Devon on holiday, following on from our 2 weeks              Thanks to the great generosity of local businesses, including Lee Book
down there. She took her own puppy Poppy. (Not a Hearing dog                     Shop, Canine Plus, Solent Pet Supplies, Maximillian Wines, Leonard’s
puppy) The cottage we stayed in has 3 floors, the top floor having a             and Jane Hug Jewellers - together with friends, neighbours and Hearing
wonderful view of the Dartmouth golf and country club with the sea               Dog supporters from across Hampshire - the amazing amount of £711
beyond on a good day. When Jo arrived, Poppy bounded in straight                 was raised in two hours!
up to the top of the cottage, where my Dad had left the window open,
so the fresh air could come in and Poppy went straight over to the               The weather was kind to us
window.                                                                          and about 150 people,
This was a lesson to learn for us. You assume all is ok on entering a            including many deaf
house etc, but its worth checking with the dog on the lead for safety            recipients and their working
for potential hazards such as open windows and doors.                            dogs - together with Hearing
It is down to the dog handler to double check to avoid what could                Dog puppies currently in
have been a terrible accident.                                                   socialisation came along for
                                                                                 coffee and cakes at the
I couldn't stop thinking about what could of happened but Poppy is               Rotary Wheel House, Hill
now having a WONDERFUL holiday digging sandcastles!                              Head - and made it a fantastic
Sue Churchyard
                                                                                 Dianne Duffield, who has recently appeared on the BBC 1 ‘One Show’
                                                                                 with her Hearing Dog Joey, came along with her family and told us
NOTICES                                                                          about how Joey has made a difference to her life, which inspired us all
1. The PDSA is advising pet owners to be on their guard against Lyme             to raise even more funds for Hearing Dogs.
Disease. There has been a marked increase in the number of suspected                                                 Our local Hill Head Beat Officer,
cases of this painful and disabling condition, which can affect humans and                                           PC Jim Heath came along and was
animals. It is carried by a tick and the symptoms include a rash, fever,
                                                                                                                     a ‘big’ hit with everyone,
lameness and fatigue. The advice is for people to cover up in woods and
long grass and to see the Vet if your pet shows any unusual symptoms.
                                                                                                                     especially Barb, who asked him if
                                                                                                                     he was the ‘strip o gram’. I
2. The Disability Rights Commission has changed its name to the                                                      suggested to his boss that he could
Equalities and Rights Commission.                                                                                    do this next year and make
                                                                                                                     Hearing Dogs lots of cash, which
3. A new booklet called the "Accessible Guide to Britain", a guide to
tourist places which have facilities for disabled people (including those
                                                                                                                     she thought was hilarious and is
that are Assistance Dog friendly), has recently been published. It is free to                                        going to mention it in his appraisal!
Blue Badge holders for a limited time (quote M0254), otherwise it costs
                                                                                 Many, many thanks to you all and we look forward to seeing you at
£6.99 including p&p. The guide can be ordered on
www.accessibleguide.co.uk or by calling 0800 953 7070
                                                                                 ‘Paws On the Beach’ in 2010.                 Chris and Tim Seward

     Thanks to the Hertfordshire branch newsletter “Dog Eared” for drawing our                    South Hampshire Branch Website
12   attention to these items                                                                    www.hearing-dogs-southhants.org.uk                     5
TREASURER’S REPORT                                                                    Some Puppies….
Over the past six months we have been able to contribute                    £
£17,500 to Head Office funds and it looks as though there                             Some puppies are keen and eager to please,
will be a further £6,000 by the time you read this newsletter.                        Clever right from the start.
With a final push towards Christmas, there is good reason to                          You know someone special is waiting for them
suggest that we shall do even better this year than last, when                        And that helps when the time comes to part.
we raised £28,000. So how is this achieved?                                           Some puppies are harder to live with,
                                                                                      They bark or they chew and won’t rest,
There are many of us who donate funds to the Branch and these add up to a             There’s a little relief when they bounce on their way,
sizeable sum. Several retailers, vets and pubs allow us to leave tins on their        But you know that you gave them your best.
counters and their customers fill them with their small change. Organisations
and companies run events that attract good returns for Hearing Dogs and a core        Then once in a while there comes along one
of our members devote time and energy to giving talks towards which donations         Who steals more than your socks or your shoe,
are made. We have relied upon these established ways of fund raising for a            She makes off with your heart, wraps it up tight,
number of years and it is only by the efforts of a relatively small group that they   And won’t give it back to you.
continue and new ones are set up.
                                                                                      Still you guide her through all her adventures,
                                                                                      Try to teach her all she should know,
                                          This year there have been some              Just love her, enjoy her, but its so very hard
                                          innovations, with parties and coffee        To come to that last “Off you go”.
                                          mornings arranged, from which
                                          significant income has been generated.      The squirrels creep back to the garden,
                                          Sponsorship for various causes has been     You fill up the holes that she’s dug
                                          fruitful, especially when combined with     And, hiding the corner that’s just a bit frayed,
                                          Gift Aid which has brought us almost an     Put back the favourite rug.
                                          extra £1,000. Waitrose have introduced      But what’s this – a message from Sarah,
                                          a community scheme and we have been         Another young dog you might take?
    Tara receiving (or eating?) a large   fortunate in persuading them to include     So its back to the Grange as quick as you can
    cheque from Tom, the Manager of       us at a number of their stores.             Who said that you wanted a break?!
          Waitrose in Southsea
                                                                                      You pick up the next precious bundle,
Collections at Supermarkets and other large retailers and our almost weekly           Waggy tail and a small anxious face.
attendance at shows over the summer months have yielded much interest and             Get ready to love all over again -
attention from the general public and we have benefited greatly from their            The best way to start filling that space.
generosity. Details of these activities are elsewhere in this newsletter, but
clearly their fulfilment places a heavy burden upon many of us. None of it            Maureen Heasman
could be achieved without such dedication and the more of us who contribute,
                                                                                                            Dinner Dance - Saturday 24th October
however small and in whatever way, the better it is for our favourite charity, its
                                                                                                            Frimley Hall Hotel Camberley, Surrey
dogs and those in need who benefit from it.                         Roy Stainton                            Tickets £45 or table of 10 for £420
                                                                                                            Charity auction and Raffle plus special guest
                                                                                                            Contact Fiona Chapman on 07770 986463 or
      Thanks to all donors for their generosity and                                                         fi.chapmanhd@tiscali.co.uk
                                                                                                            All proceeds to
              to all the hard working volunteers                                                                                                       11
6                                                                                                           Hearing Dogs for Deaf People
Puppy Socialising Visit to
                                                                                 LIZZIE   Labrador                Mandy Wright                  With recipient
Clamp Kiln Farm Livery at
Newtown, Fareham                                                                 GRACE    Shih Tzu                Julie Ward           (1st ) With recipient
                                                                                 HARVEY   Poodle                  Maggie Rumble                 With recipient
Around Easter, Lucy O’Brien’s
puppy class visited Clamp Kiln                                                   KATIE    Cockerpoo/Llasa Apso    Chris & Tim Seward            In training
Farm at Newtown, not very far                                                    MUMBO    Goldendoodle            Nicola Laws                   In training
from our Training Hall at                                                        ROLY     Flat-coat Retriever X   Michelle Shewring    (1st ) In training
Shedfield Reading Room.
Mick and Laura Meech run a                                                       DOODLE   Standard Poodle X       Samantha Hopwood              withdrawn

Livery Stables and they very                                                     GIGGSY   Cavalier King Charles   Maureen Heasman               With recipient
kindly agreed to let us visit to introduce some of the puppies to the            OWEN     Cockerpoo               Sandra Lee                    In socialisation
horses. As it was a beautiful spring morning, most of the horses were out        NICKEL   Working Cocker Spaniel Mandy Wright                   In socialisation
in the fields but some were wearing their raincoats and looked a bit
                                                                                 NUDGE    Working Cocker Spaniel Nicky Page            (1st)    In socialisation
strange - especially from a dog’s perspective. The horses were quite
curious and are used to dogs around the farm on a daily basis, so                MILO     Cockerpoo               Selina Foster        (1st)    In socialisation
                    obligingly came to the gate to meet us. Some of the          MARCO    Cockerpoo               Louise Davies        (1st)    withdrawn
                    pups however weren’t quite so keen to meet them,             QUARTZ   Cockerpoo               Nicola Waters                 In socialisation
                    but with Lucy’s help most of them made it to the gate
                                                                                 QUILLA   Cockerpoo               Lucy Orr                      withdrawn
                    Many thanks to Mick and Laura and we hope to visit           OLLIE    Cockerpoo               M & G Conrad                  In socialisation
                    again soon.                                                  ERIN     Sprocker                Janey Devine         (1st)    In socialisation
                                                           Chris Seward          RONNIE   Cockerpoo               Barbara Lidbury      (1st)    In socialisation
                      Tara, Chris and Tim’s puppy
                                                                                 SOLO     Lab/Golden Retriever    Mary Jane McKechie            In socialisation
                      Thanks to Maureen Heasman for the photo of Tara.
                                                                                 TOMMY    Cockerpoo               Cathy Plumb                   In socialisation
                                                                                 TERRY    Cockerpoo               Maggie Rumble                 In socialisation
Charlie, our 3-year-old Hearing Dog
                                                                                 TARA     Cockerpoo               Chris & Tim Seward            In socialisation
stud, fathered two litters in August, one
with a Cockerpoo called Hope. The                                                TRUDY    Cockerpoo               Sara Yaxby           (1st )   In socialisation
four puppies are named Yasmin,                                                   ROCKY    Cavalier King Charles   M & G Conrad                  In socialisation
Yarrow, Yala and the only male, Yogi.                                            CARA     Golden Retriever        Pauline Dalton       (1st ) In socialisation

His first puppies, Phoenix and Phoebe,                                           DAISY    Spaniel X               Julie Ward                    In socialisation
                                         Thanks to Fiona Daniels for the photo
are still doing well in Socialising and                                          HOLLY    Labrador                Lucy Orr                      In socialisation
are now 10 months old, so we hope to hear soon whether they make it              WINNIE   Cockerpoo               Sandra Lee                    In socialisation
    into training.                                             Gill Hunt
 8                                                                                                                                                                 9
                                                                                    Donations received since Spring 2009 Hearing Mates

Giggsy (Gizzy)                                                                     Waitrose Andover                  Warsash Pensioners
We had a lovely visit to The Grange to see Gizzy at                                Waitrose Gosport                 Redbarn Primary School
the end of August. He was very pleased to see us,                                  Waitrose Leckford                     Ms Ingamells
looking really well and very happy with Suzanne his                                Waitrose Southsea                 Hambledon Rainbows
                                                                               In Memory of Ruth Collyer           ENT, South Hants Hospital
trainer. He showed off his sound work and we took                                                                   Friday Club Portsmouth
                                                                               St Matthews Tuesday Club
him off for a short walk round the fields. Suzanne has                                 D. Leggett                   Chandlers Ford Widows
been taking him home with her throughout his                                           M. Leggett                          Mr Bache
training, so she will miss him a lot too!                                            Mrs Donaldson                            Bee
Gizzy will be his recipient's second Hearing Dog, her                                Lymington Fair                     Jeanette Collett
first is in poor health now, so Gizzy will be doing all                               Simplyhealth                         Chris Hunt
the running about and outings. His donor has been in                                     Dibden                          Barbara Pink
to see him too and was very proud and a bit tearful.                                Surrey Dog Club                       Ann Perrett
She had him as a pet but was working and not able to give him enough time,              Mr Pear                         Angela Barnes
so its a really nice outcome for such a lively little dog.                         Latham Opticians                       Roy Stainton
                                                                                       Wallops WI                        Jo Baverstock
It was great to see Gizzy so happy and enthusiastic, so I managed to sniffle
                                                                                      Beryl Bourton
only a little bit, after we had left them!                  Maureen Heasman

                 Remaining Fundraising,
                  events & collections
                       for 2009                                                 B
      Thursday 01 October            Saturday 21 November:                      T
      Deaf World Exhibition,         Charities Fair                             L
      Southampton Rose Bowl          Westhill Park School, Titchfield           E
      Sat / Sun 10/11 October:       Thurs 3 / Fri 4 / Sat 5 December
      Collection The Range           Christmas Tree Festival,                   C
      Gosport                        Fareham Methodist Church                   O
      Saturday 21 November:          Sat/Sun 06/07 December                     F
      Romsey Charities Fair          Winchester Christmas Market                F
      Crosfield Hall, Romsey                                                    E

Amy                    Hearing Dog                                             O
                            Amy                                                R
                     is sponsored by                                           N
                         the South                                             I
                        Hampshire                                              N
                           Branch                                              G

10                                                                                                                                             7

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