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					                                      BANNER COORDINATION COMMITTEE MINUTES
Meeting Date:               May 14, 2007      2:00-4:00            Agenda Prepared by:        Liz Kefauver
Participants Invited:       Stacie Gomm, BrandE Faupell, Doug Garrett, Doug Kingsford, Duane Black, Evertt Byington, Jill Ballard, Jodi
Excused (Bold)              Morgan, John Mays, Kyle Hyde, Laurie Littledike, Liz Kefauver, Mitchell Rogers, Shane Livingston, Sharyn
                            Bradfield, Suzette Baker, and Tamara Allen
Meeting Leader(s):          Doug Garrett
Location:                   University Inn 511
Meeting Objective(s):       Review Action Items; Updates; New Agenda Items
Next Meeting:               June 11 at 2:00 in University Inn 511

Introductions            Welcome and Introductions (Stacie) Stacie was not able to attend the meeting so
                     Doug Garret led the discussion.
Minutes                  Review previous meeting minutes (Stacie) Kyle identified corrections to be made.
Ongoing Item             Duplicate PIDMS (Doug) There were nine duplicate PIDMS on the report; Doug will
                     send the report to the committee and members will follow up on items as applicable.
Ongoing Item             Banner Users Conference (Liz) The conference is a week away, registration must be
                     completed this week so food can be ordered.
                                                          OLD BUSINESS
Description                                                                Owner                             Status                Date Due
Address Correction Software: more info due from QAS                        Stacie                            In progress           05/14/07
There is an RFP out. A committee has been identified to work on this after the RFP is complete.
Banner into RAC                                                            Doug                              Delayed               TBD
This is will be addressed when the Central Storage is available for use.
Banner Security Policy                                                     Doug                              In progress           TBD
This item is in progress.
Independent Assessment for University Imaging                              Shane                             In Progress           Ongoing
An independent consultant will be asked to recommend an enterprise solution for document imaging
at USU. Early July is the target date for the consultant’s visit to USU for information gathering.
Financial Aid is using Xtender at this time but Student has found that it does not fit their needs. HR is
in need of a solution now; they will work with FA to see how they are using Xtender.
Workflow: We may proceed if Matt’s schedule permits                        Duane                             In Progress           06/11/07
Matt got the Workflow documentation from Duane, he will be asked to attend the June 11 meeting.
A-Numbers for Sub Depts: document text may be used                         Sharyn/Deb Megill                 Closed                05/14/07
Sharyn and Deb have worked together to write a report using document text; it looks like this will be
a workable solution outside of Banner.
Birth Date Clean up: Jodi will test and approve                            Doug                              In Progress           06/11/07
Jodi will test and report her findings on June 11.
Activity Code table built in Oracle                                        Doug                              Closed                05/14/07
This item is complete and in production.

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                                     NEW BUSINESS
Description                                                                                         Owner
New Coordination Committee Members                                                                  Liz
     Doug Kingsford (HR), Suzette Baker (Student) And John Mays (Finance, Financial Aid) have been
asked to join the Banner Coordination Committee to represent the module teams from the view of
the Enterprise Data Operations (EDO) Group in IT. Laurie asked if it would be appropriate to identify
a committee member to represent SSB; Doug said that the EDO group roles were being redefined and
it would not be possible to identify a new team member at this time. This may be possible at a later
    Jodi made a motion to accept the new members to the committee; Evertt seconded the motion. All
were in favor.

                                         TEAM REPORTS
Finance (Sharyn)           They are testing housing charges in PPRD and asked that Duane not close
                        until they finished. They will finish soon.
Student (Shane)            We will rapidly progress with requiring students to have direct deposit.
                           Shane will resurrect Student BUG on June 1. will
                        redirect to This is a tool that will be introduced at Student
                        BUG. It provides a private and secure area where communications, problem
                        solving etc. can occur.
                           Vista is integrated to Banner; if you hear about problems please go through
                        the IT Help Desk or FootPrints.
                            Vista has pros and cons for cross listed courses. They have programmed
                        ways to make it work so they are not exporting or importing directly until Kevin
                        decides he want to automate them. There is a little bit of a problem with sync.
                        They are pulling events at about every 20 seconds, so passwords are syncing at
                        2 minutes.
Admissions (Mitch)      No report
FA (Steve/Tamara)       No report
HR (BrandE/Jodi)             There has been a change in the way HR processes EPAFs with no SSN. They
                        had tried using the A-number but Workforce Services cannot process a number
                        beginning with three zeroes. From now on the field will be left blank.
                           EPAFS will not be processed and employees will not be able to work or be
                        paid until an SSN is available. They will ask Glenn Ford to approve this policy.
                        Persons can be hired, but they cannot begin work until the SSN is in Banner.
                           We will be eligible for big fines if we continue to allow people to work and
                        receive pay without having an SSN for them. The only exceptions to this rule
                        will be No Pay employees.
                            HR will do clean up as needed.
                            HR will run the first semi monthly payroll on Monday.
                           There has been a suggestion that all modules be offered training on SSB and
                        what is available. Jodi said there is some verbiage that needs to be modified
                        before training is offered on SSB. This topic may be addressed in the next
Data Standards (Kyle)      Email update has been added to the Data Standards document and it is on
                        the web.
Technical (Doug)        No report

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DBA (Duane)                Duane is reluctant to look at any patches related to Banner Finance 7.3
                       related because they are full of issues. He is finding that the General patches
                       are quite broad. The Patches for Financial Aid will be a few weeks off; Duane
                       can put them in PPRD so the team can start looking at them.
                          Duane will be gone last week of May and 1st week of June; he asked if he
                       should hold off to putting the patches in PPRD until he returned to work. The
                       group agreed that Duane should hold off until the 2nd week of June.
                           Preferred name in Banner is wacky.
                           The full legal name field in PPAIDEN is problematic; if you type the legal
                       name in the boxes and then roll back it puts the middle name in as an initial
                       with a period which is against data standards. Duane will research and Doug K.
                       will follow up with him
Int. Audits (Evertt)      Evertt has recently returned from a seminar about payment cards and
                       security. There are stiff penalties for noncompliance. He asked where is card
                       data is stored in Banner. Duane said the data is stored in Touchnet and it is PCI
                       compliant. USU, on the other hand, is not compliant, according to Duane.
                           Evertt said you cannot store the card number and the three digit security
                       code and expiration date. Duane said the table holding this data is very
                       restricted; only Sharyn and the auditors have access.
                           Evertt said there is a concern about people accessing the information in
                       Banner and then using it fraudulently. Fines begin at $10K per day and go up to
                       half a million dollars. Our process may change when the new USU ID card
                       comes in Over the next year we will see some changes. Evertt said we need to
                       ensure Rod’s system does not hold too much information.
                          We may start to monitor all computers with direct access to Banner; those
                       users need to update their computers according to the information Gudrun sent
USURF (Laurie)         Laurie asked if recent events have caused our Data Standards to be revised;
                       Kyle said that a current iteration of the standards is on the web.

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