UNITEDSTATES Statement of Ownership, Management, and Circulation by mmy18338

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									           UNITEDSTATES                                 Statement of Ownership, Management, and Circulation
          POSTAL SERVICEr                                                                                                         (Required by 39 U.S.C. 3685)
1-PublicationrTe The Journal of the American                                                         2. Pucaton No.                 3. Fiing Date
    Dental Association JADA                                                        101           ol 012 -1 8 1               7 7j         October 1,         1995
4. Issue Frequency
                                               __ .
                                                                                    S. No.        Issues Published
                                                                                             of                                     I6AnnuSbP ipon rice 25 00
   Monthly                                                                            Annually        12
                                                                                                                                     Non-embers $ 8 5 .00
                                                                    I_______                           _______          _______
                                                                                                                                         Foreign         $   1 05   00
7. Complete Mailing Address of Known Office of Publication (Street, City, County, State, and Z1P+4) (Nt Printer)

    211 East Chicago Avenue; Chicago, IL                                            60611-2678

8. Complete Mailing Address of Headquarters or General Business Office of Publisher (Not Pnnter)

    211 East Chicago Avenue; Chicago, IL                                            60611-2678

9. Full Names and Complete Mailing Addresses of Publisher, Editor, and Managing Editor (Do Nlot Leave Blank)
Publsher (Nlame and Complete Mairing Address)
    Laura A. Kosden, President and Publisher
    211 East Chicago Avenue; Chicago, IL  60611-2678
Editor (Name and Complete Miling Address)
   James Berry, Associate Publisher, Editorial
   211 East Chicago Avenue; Chicago, IL   60611-2678

Managing Editor (Name and Complete Mailing Address)

   This title does not exist.

10. Owner (if owned by a corporation, its name and address must be stated and also imnmidiately thereafter the names and addresses of stockholders owning
    or holding 1 percent or rore of the total amount of stock. If not owned by a corporaton, the names and addresses of the individual owners must be given. If
    owned by a partnership or other unincorporated firm, its name and address as wel as that of each individual must be given. If the publication is published
    by a nonprofit organization, its name and address must be stated.) (Do Not Leave Blank.)
                                   Full Name                                                                     Complete Mailing Address
    ADA Publishing Co., Inc.                                                              211 East Chicago Avenue

                                                                                          Chicago, IL                  60611-2678

11. Known Bondholders, Mortgagees, and Other Security Holders Owning or Holding              1
                                                                                                 Percent or More of Total Amount of Bonds, Mortgages, or Other
    Securitfes. If none, check here. IM None
                                   Full Name                                                                         Complete Mailing Address

 12. For completion by nonprofit organizations authorized to mail at special rates. The purpose, function, and nonprofit status of this organization and the exempt
     status for federal income tax purposes: (Check one)       (G   Has Not Changed During Preceding 12 Months
                                                                0 Has Changed During Preceding 12 Months
                                                                    (If changed, publisher must submit explanation of change with this statement)
 PS Form 3526, October 1994
                        PS Form 3526, October 1994
                                                                   (See Instructions on Reverse)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
                                                                    (See   Instructions

13.PubiicationName The Journal of the                                             14.ISSueDateforCrciabtonDataBelow
    American Dental Association JADA                                                 September 1995
1S.                Extent and Nature of Circulation                                 Average No. Copies Each issue Actual No. Copies of Single Issue
                                                                                       During Preceding 12 Months           Published Nearest to Filing Date
a. Total No. Copies (NetPt     Run)                                                      140,750                                135,500
b. Paid and/or Requested Cirulation
   (1) Sales Though Dealers and Carriers, Street Vendors, and Counter Sales              None                                   None
       (Not MAiled)
  (2) Paid or Requested Mai Subscriptions
      (Inlude Advefisers' Proof Cis/Exchange Coes)                                       136,114                                 132,371
c. Total Paid and/or Requested Circulaton
    (Sum of 15b(1) and 15b(2))                                                           136,114                                 132,371
d. Free Distibuton by Ma,6
  (&aples, Cwnp*menw&         and Othw Free)                                             1, 719                                  1,646

e. Free Distributo Outside th Mail (Carriers or Other M"ean)                              54                                     None

f. Total Free Distribution (Swn of 15d and 159e
                                                                                         1.773                                   1646

g. Total Distributo (Sum of 15c and 150                                                   137,887                                134,017

h. Copies Not Distributed
   (1) Office Use, Leftovers, Spoiled                                                     2,863                                  1, 4 8 3

   (2) Retum from News Agents                                                             None                                   None

i. Total (Sm of 15g, 15h(1), and 15h(2))                                                  140,750                                135,500

Percent Paid and/or Requested Circulaion                                                  98 . 7 %                               98 . 7 %
(15c / l59 x lOOJ
16. This Statement of Ownership will be printed in the   November '95 issue of this publication.             0 Check box if not required to publish.
17. Signature and Tite of Editor, Publisher, Business Manager, or Owner                                                         Date

      9v;_9M . fgiLad
    ,.=    L                                                                  s4                 X,                    b
                                                                                                                  fktdASQ 96
I certify that all information fumished on this form is true and complete. I understand that anyone who fumishes false or misleadit(g infornation on this form or
who omits materal or information requested on the form may be subject to criminal sanctions (inluding fines and imprsonment) and/or civil sanctons
(Indcung mlipe dAma           adcp W").

                                                            Instructions to Publishers
1. Complete and file one copy of this form with your postmaster on or before October 1, annually. Keep a copy of the completed form for
   your records.
2. Include in items 10 and 1 1, in cases where the stockholder or security holder is a trustee, the name of the person or corporation for whom
   the trustee is acting. Also include the names and addresses of individuals who are stockholders who own or hold 1 percent or more of the
   total amount of bonds, mortgages, or other securities of the publishing corporation. In item 11. if none, check box. Use blank sheets if
   more space is required.
3. Be sure to fumish all information called for in item 15, regarding circulation. Free circulation must be shown in items 1 5d, e, and f.
4. If the publication had second-class authorization as a general or requester publication, this Statement of Ownership, Management, and
   Circulation must be published; it must be printed in any issue in October or the first printed issue after October, if the publication is not
   published during October.
5. In item 16, indicate date of the issue in which this Statement of Ownership will be printed.
6. Item 17 must be signed.
Failure to file or publish a statement of ownership may lead to suspension of second-class authorization.

PS Form 3526, October 1994 (Reverse)
 ii '

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ties for dentists and auxiliaries, professional services, practice and                  MARYLAND, D.C., NORTHERN VIR-
equipment sales and offices for rent. Advertising that appears to dis-                  GINIA-Practice sales, partnerships. Ten
criminate on the basis of race, religion or gender will be rejected. No                 years of local, efficient service. No buyer's fee,
                                                                                        no up-front seller's fees. Contact: Polcari As-
display advertising is accepted in this section. All orders must be                     sociates, LTD. (410) 997-9413 (800) 544-1297.
typed and submitted by mail. No orders will be accepted by phone. The                   MARYLAND, NO. VIRGINIA, AND WASH-
advertiser must also notify the publisher in writing about each re-                     INGTON, D.C-Selling, Buying, Associating?
newed advertisement. Acknowledgments will not be sent by the pub-                       We coordinate everything. Appraisals, Con-
lisher. The publisher reserves the right to decline, withdraw or edit                   tracts, Negotiations, Financing. Confidentiali-
copy at its discretion.                                                                 ty. Contact: DentalMatch, Inc., 9227
                                                                                        Colesville Rd., Silver Spring, 20910; (301)
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30 words or less.................... $80.00      Replies to box number ads must be      management and partnership arrangements.
Each additional word ..............$ 4.00        in writing and addressed as follows:   Contact: Philip Cooper, D.M.D., M.B.A.,
                                                                                        American Practice Consultants, (609) 234-
Fee for blind box number .......$40.00           Box Number                             3536; (215) 625-0663.
                                                 Classified Advertising Department      APPRAISALS-Professional Practice Consul-
Each box number counts as five ad-               ADA Publishing Co., Inc.               tants, Ltd., specializes in valuations of dental
ditional words.                                                                         practices. We Visit Every Practice We Ap-
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                                                                                        0151 in the Southwest.
                                                                                        at our Equity Development Plan. More prof-
                                                                                        itable and less risky than associateships,
All cancellations must be received 30 days before issue date.                           partnerships and buy-ins. Full Service Agree-

           *__~~M-           .rA LVI 1   0
                                                                                        ments or Do-It-Yourself Kits. Call today for a
                                                                                        free informative brochure -Contact: Profes-
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Classified advertisements must be paid in advance, including fees for box               sey, or (520) 544-0151 in the Southwest.
numbers. Send typewritten copy and instructions with payment to the ad-                 ASSOCIATESHIPS-PARTNERSHIPS. Sell-
dress listed below. Make checks payable to ADA Publishing Co., Inc. (in U.S.            ing, Buying, Associating. Expert contract con-
funds only).                                                                            sulting available. We can help you with any
                                                                                        type of contract negotiations you have. Con-
                                                                                        tact: Michael A. Rossetti, (804) 747-0090,
Ms. Shirley Hawkins                                                                     M.F.C. Consulting.
Classified Advertising Department
ADA Publishing Co., Inc.                                                                EASY MONEY-Accounts Receivable, Credit
                                                                                        Lines, Equipment - New/Used, Practice Ac-
211 E. Chicago Ave.                                                                     quisitions, SBA, Signature Loans, Working
Chicago, Ill. 60611                                                                     Capital. Quick Approvals. Credit No Problem.
312-440-2742                                                                            Phone-in Application. Contact: ProMed Fi-
                                                                                        nancial (800) 317-6648.

1574 JADA, Vol. 126, November 1995
                                                                                                                  CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING-
JIM KASPER & ASSOCIATES, NCCD CON-                  priced to sell! Sonoita #5080 Rural growing         CONNECTICUT-New Haven County,
SULTANTS - ME, NH, VT, MASS, CT, RI,                area; beautiful countryside SE AZ; start with       Gross: $200,000, great potential; Shoreline,
and NY STATE-Appraisals and Practice                a boost; asking $35K Contact: PPC-South-            Gross: $185,000, good starter practice. Con-
Sales, P.O. Box 369, 47 Main Street, Keene,         west 520-544-0151.                                  tact: Peter A. Almonte and Associates; (401)
NH 03431. (603) 355-2260. Member - NLS(R).          ARIZONA-The market for buying a practice            351-4430.
MILLION DOLLAR PRACTICES, For acqui-                has never been better! Quality offices avail-       CONNECTICUT-Suburban south-central
sition, buy in, refinance, come to the expert in    able! Tucson - Phoenix - Sun City - Scottsdale -    region; family practice, prosthetics oriented;
loan packaging, Mr. Scott, 1-800-261-5709.          Sedona. Three to ten operatories. $90,000 to        three operatories; established staff; no man-
NATIONWIDE PRACTICE SALES AND AP-                   $600,000. Complete appraisals. FINANCING!           aged care; computerized; 26 Hr. work week;
PRAISALS-Since 1976. Experienced and                Contact: Pepper Enterprises (800) 596-2901.         six weeks vacation; gross $265,000; financing
successful at providing everything, start to        ARKANSAS-Fort Smith. Solid small prac-              available; contact Richard Carabetta (203)
finish, for a successful sale (Appraisal/Mar-       tice with excellent staff. Two operatories in a     238-9500.
keting/Contracts, etc.). Contact: DMS Dental        double building, other side rented. Good loca-      CONNECTICUT-$300,000 gross, Ideal mod-
Management Services; (901) 385-7713.                tion. Open three and one half days, 50 per-         ern computerized practice, excellent location,
NATIONWIDE ASSOCIATE, PARTNER-                      cent OH, approximately 110k gross and grow-         desirable community. Shoreline $450,000
SHIP STRUCTURING-Since 1976. Experi-                ing. Call: (501) 782-7230 or 648-0985.              gross, 90's decor computerized. Country set-
enced and successful at recruiting dentists         CALIFORNIA-San Diego Multi-specialty                ting $285,000 gross, modern equipment, ex-
and designing transaction and contracts to re-      practice five op plus three chair ortho plus        cellent recall. Financing available. Contact:
duce risk and protect your assets. Contact:         two exam rooms. Located in a large La               Jim Kasper (603) 355-2260.
DMS Dental Management Services; (901)               Jolla/Golden Triangle center, minutes from          FLORIDA-Boca Raton. Dental office facility
385-7713.                                           the village, UCSD, and Scripps Hosp. Very           for sale. Owner relocating practice. Five oper-
ORTHODONTISTS-We are currently ex-                  high quality, long established practice for ex-     atories: Attractive decor; Excellent location.
panding our services in the greater Chicago         cellent G.P. Grossing one Mil/yr. Send to           Assume lease with options; Reasonable rent.
and southern Illinois areas. We invite you to       12467 Rancho Bernardo Road., P.O. Box 134,          Dr. Klein: 8221-4 W. Glades Rd. (33434);
explore the opportunity to associate with us        San Diego, CA 92128.                                (407) 487-1413.
in either a full or part-time position. Call:       COLORADO-Boulder. Productive general                FLORIDA-Brandon #6016 (Grossing $600K
Heather (800) 949-5449.                             practice. Retiring after 32 years, same loca-       plus). Merritt Island #4674 (Grossing $250K).
PRACTICE VALUATIONS-New Jersey,                     tion for 26 years. Gross $229,000 with three-       Plantation #6018 (Grossing $225K). Tallahas-
Pennsylvania, Connecticut, New York and na-         day work-week. Potential for growth. Three          see #5993 (Grosing $350K). Jacksonville
tionwide - Hi-tech, color graphics report, five     operatories, share reception with two other         #5240 (Grossing $450K). Venice #5551
day turn-around, hundreds done. Excellent for       dentists. Will finance with down. Contact:          (Grossing $200K). Contact: Dr. Douglas John-
primary and secondary opinion, estate plan-         Lori Goodman, (303) 661-9191.                       son at Professional Practice Consultants,
ning, bank financing, insurance updating, as        COLORADO-Front Range. Country practice              Ltd., (800) 321-4540.
well as practice transitions. Only $995.00 for      with city convenience. Less than thirty min-        FLORIDA-EAST COAST: Daytona Beach,
completed 30 plus page report. Contact: Dr. S.      utes to metro - Denver area. Large, modern          Ft. Pierce, Jacksonville. High quality, fee-for-
Randy Sarantos, President, PRO-TECH IN-             office, six operatories - four equipped, comput-    service practice available for purchase and/or
FORMATION SYSTEMS, INC. at 1-800-223-               er. '94 collection $326,000, net income             merger. Reasonable terms, including Seller fi-
0164 for free information kit.                      $160,000 31 hours per week average. Call:           nancing. Contact: The Transition Group, Dr.
                                                    (303) 857-9456.                                     David Griggs, (813) 596-8036.
                                                    COLORADO-Glenwood Springs. Dental Of-               FLORIDA-Ft. Lauderdale/Tamarac. High
                                                    fice, furnished for lease. Excellent opportuity     quality, high gross, fee-for-service restorative
MASSACHUSETTS-Pedo-Ortho. Buy into                  to build practice or part-time practice in rapid-   practice available for Associateship Buy-In.
busy practice - no welfare, just off highway,       ly growing mountain community. Call: 1-970-         Contact: The Transition Group, Dr. David
one mile to hosp, 50 min to Boston. Part of         945-2858 or 1-970-876-2182 for further details.     Griggs (813) 596-8036.
Dent-Med complex - independent practice.
Call: Bob Frigoletto, Eve (508) 537-2422.           COLORADO-Practices: COLORADO GEN-                   FLORIDA-Ft. Myers. High quality, high
                                                    ERAL PRACTICES For Sale: in Littleton,              gross, fee-for-service restorative practice
    J XyTvJel Ure
                                                    Boulder, CO Springs, Aurora, Denver, Arva-          available for Associateship to Buy-in. Large
               V"      =toliujU
                              I   AI   0 Mm e]
                                                    da, Pueblo, Gunnison, Montrose. Contact:            spacious office in excellent location. Contact:
                                                    Precise Consultants, Peter Mirabito, DDS,           The Transition Group, Dr. David Griggs (813)
                                                    (303) 759-8425 1-800-30 SALES.                      596-8036.
ALABAMA-Birmingham or Tuscaloosa. As-               COLORADO-Several practice listings from             FLORIDA-Middle Florida Keys. Beautiful
sociate with Option to Buy, or straight associ-     Fort Collins, Metro Denver, to Colorado
ateship. Commission with all overhead and                                                               water paradise-sailing, fishing, diving. Thriv-
expenses paid. Quality person, dentally             Springs. For information, call: PROFES-             ing, quality restorative practice. Fee-for-ser-
skilled. Contact: DMS Dental Management             SIONAL MARKETING AND APPRAISAL;                     vice, no capitation. Gross 500K on a four day
Services; (901) 385-7713.                           (303) 526-0448 or 1-800-632-7155.                   week. Four operatories, new equipment, lab.
                                                    CONNECTICUT-Central. General practice.              Owner leaving to specialize. Priced to sell.
ALABAMA-Dothan Area #4775 (Grossing                 Partnership, buy-out in one year. Grossing          Address ADA Box no. D644.
$125). Contact: Dr. Earl Douglas at Profes-         $165,000, four and one half days. Relocating        FLORIDA-Orlando. High gross Prosthodon-
sional Practice Consultants, Ltd., (800) 321-       to Florida. C.V. and letter, P.O. Box 984
4540.                                                                                                   tic practice available in excellent location.
                                                    Rocky Hill, 06067.                                  Seller will stay during transition and assist in
ARIZONA-Practice for Sale-Phoenix (East             CONNECTICUT-Fairfield. 1.2 Million                  financing. Contact: The Transition Group, Dr.
Valley). Exceptional opportunity for experi-        Gross. Eight operatories, 2,500 square feet.        David Griggs (813) 596-8036.
enced dentist desiring high quality, higher fee     Associate with Option to Buy. 30 year old, es-
practice. Modern, superior equipment in a                                                               FLORIDA-Orlando Area. High quality, high
four operatory setting. 1300 square foot office     tablished, quality practice, beautiful Con-         gross, fee-for-service restorative practice
in busy power center. 100 percent fee-for ser-      necticut shoreline area. Contact: DMS Dental        available for Associateship to Buy-in. Con-
vice, no PPO's or capitation, etc., Owner re-       Management Services; (901) 385-7713.                tact: The Transition Group, Dr. David Griggs
tiring, but will stay for transition. Collections   CONNECTICUT-Hartford suburb, $200,000               (813) 596-8036.
for last two years over 575K per year. New          gross, disability, must sell; New Haven sub-        FLORIDA-Pensacola. High quality, fee-for-
owner should earn 100K first year. 100 per-         urb $340,000 gross, three operatories; Hart-        service practice available for sale. Contact:
cent financing available. If I can do it, you       ford vicinity $425,000 gross $250,000 profit.       The Transition Group, Dr. David Griggs (813)
can. Send short resume and best time to call                                                            596-8036.
to: Address ADA Box no. D622.                       SELLING YOUR PRACTICE? Call for free
                                                    appraisal. Contact: Countrywide, Inc., (800)        FLORIDA-Tampa Bay Area. High quality,
ARIZONA-Phoenix (Central) #5050 (Gross-             222-7848.                                           high gross, fee-for-service restorative prac-
ing $240K, three and one half days/week)                                                                tices available for Associateship to Buy-In or

                                                                                                         JADA, Vol. 126, November 1995            1575

     Purchase. Contact: The Transition Group, Dr.        ILLINOIS-(Near Mt. Vernon on I-64). Beau-          MARYLAND-Nearly finishing another
     David Griggs (813) 596-8036                         tiful three operatory office with modern           record year for practice sales in Maryland.
     FLORIDA-High net ($250,000-$300,000)                equipment and Panarex. Grossing $232,000           Still some listings available. Also, same NE
     managed care practice between Tampa and             with hygienist. Dentist must relocate. Priced      board as D.C. Seeking PERIODONTIST for
     Orlando with short work week and eight              to sell! Contact: The Dental Marketplace;          buy in of D.C. practice. Contact: Polcari Asso-
     weeks vacation per year. Seller will assist in      (800) 221-6927.                                    ciates Ltd. (800) 544-1297.
     financing. Contact: The Transition Group, Dr.       ILLINOIS-General practice, family oriented,        MASSACHUSETTS-Boston - North & West
     David Griggs (813) 596-8036.                        for sale. Owner retiring for health reasons.       $385,000 gross Hi Net, $165,000 gross, South-
     FLORIDA-Over 50 practice opportunities,             Three operatories. Forth plumbed. 25 new pa-       eastern, MA, $200,000 gross, Berkshires
     large and small, throughout Florida. Pre-           tients a month, 80 percent insurance, 100          $150,000 gross, $275,000 gross. Specialty
     Sales (seller stays on for long or short transi-    percent fee-for-service. 350K plus gross. Com-     Practices - Periodontology, Hi-Net. Contact:
     tion period), Deferred Sales (associateship         puterized. Will stay to introduce. Send inquir-    Jim Kasper; (603) 355-2260.
     precedes purchase), Walk-Aways, Mergers,            ers to Address ADA Box no. D639.                   MASSACHUSETTS-Greater Boston, North
     Buy-Ins. 100 percent financing available.           ILLINOIS-For Rent: Dental suite in Skokie          and South Shores, Suburban and Cape. Qual-
     Dual representaton has made us Florida's            medical building across from Rush North-           ity practices (buy in/buy out) available. Perio
     most successful transition company. Contact:        shore Hospital. Plumbed for three operatories      Oral Surgery Buy-outs. Attractive invest-
     Aftco Associates for more information: South-       with large reception room and lab. Equipment       ment, income and purchase terms. Contact:
     east (Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Monroe)            available, flexible terms. Call: (708) 441-5544.   Aftco Associates; (617) 938-1119.
     (800)-AFTCO-99. All other areas of Florida          IOWA-Northwest, Near Beautiful Lake                MASSACHUSETTS-Norfolk County, Gross:
     (800)-393-1979.                                     Okoboji, one solo general practice, sharing        $300,000 plus; established practice. Middle-
     FLORIDA-Periodontal Practice: East Coast-           space with one solo GP, well established qual-     sex County; Gross: $245,000, Net: $130,000.
     Opportunity to Associate and Buy-In to a            ity practice, three operatories, computerized.     Hampden County, Gross: $400,000, Net:
     quality Practice. Contact: The Transition           Call: (712) 332-2480 evenings.                     $200,000. Norfolk County, (Pedo.) Gross:
     Group, Dr. David Griggs (813) 596-8036.             IOWA-Family oriented preventive fee-for-           $300,000, Net: $150,000. Cape Cod, Gross:
     FLORIDA-Well established general prac-              service dental practice. Established over 30       $290,000; net: $175,000. Southeastern Home
     tices for Sale, Buy-In, Merger; Clearwater,         years with five modern dental operatories in       Office, Gross: $450,000; Net: $330,000.
     Daytona, Delray Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, Ft.          newly constructed medical/hospital complex,        Worcester County, Gross: $280,000, three
     Pierce, Hollywood, Jacksonville, Lakeland,          rated among the top 100 in U.S., served by 50      Ops. Contact: Peter A. Almonte & Associates;
     Naples, Ocaloa, Orlando, Pensacola, St. Pe-         plus physicians. Grossing over $300,000/year       (401) 351-4430.
     tersburg, Tallahassee,Tampa, West Palm              with 47 percent net. Practice very expandable.     MONTANA-Rural eastern. $220,000 gross
     Beach. Contact: The Transition Group, Dr.           Located in peaceful, progressive town square       on a 26 hour, four day week. Four chair clinic,
     David Griggs, (813) 596-8036.                       community with excellent schools, new recre-       $54,000 total price or equipment only,
     FLORIDA-I-4 Corridor #5867 (Grossing                ation center. Financing available. Owner will      $27,000. Call evenings only (406) 487-2402.
     $400K). Tampa #5912 (Grossing $300K) and            stay to refer. Call: 1-(800) 682-6332.             MONTANA-$66,000. Southwestern. Won-
     #5916 (Grossing $250K) and #5602 (Grossing          IOWA-30 miles from Des Moines. Three op-           derful scenery, great schools, magnificent
     $175K). Gainesville #5729 (Grossing $375K).         eratories. Full-time hygienist. 2,000 patients     hunting, fishing, golf, skiing! 24.5 hour week,
     Fernandina Beach #5632 (Grossing $375K).            grossing $200,000 on four-day work week.           expandable, nets $83K; newly computerized,
     Contact: Dr. Douglas Johnson at Professional        Dentist semi-retiring to Northwest; will pro-      new panograph. Write: DDS; 1808 KnollTop
     Practice Consultants, Ltd., (800) 321-4540.         vide transition period. Great community.           Court; Knoxville, TN 37932.
     GEORGIA-Metro Atlanta Area - Practice op-           Tremendous opportunity. Respond: P.O. Box          MONTANA-Fishing, hunting, 45 minutes to
     portunities for Sale, Buy-In, Merger. Contact:      23296. Des Moines, 50325.                          Montana's Largest City, Established practice,
     The Transition Group, Dr. Bill Adams, (404)         KANSAS-Kansas City. Traditional private            three operatories. Consider selling or full-
     590-0576.                                           practice located in suburban area. Grossing        time associate. Call: (406) 652-5474.
     GEORGIA-_Metro Atlanta Area. High quali-            over $215,000 on three-day week. Three oper-       NEVADA-Las Vegas. Solo, general practice,
     ty, high gross, fee-for-service restorative prac-   atories. Contact: Bill Henn, Jr. at BUSINESS       $726 gross, 48 percent overhead, 30
     tice in excellent location available for Associ-    OPPORTUNITIES UNLIMITED, INC., (913)               hour/week. Modern, hi-tech, five ops., pano.,
     ateship/Buy-in. Contact: The Transition             432-4000.                                          computers, interoral cameras, etc. No PPOs,
     Group, Dr. David Grigs (813) 596-8036.              LOUISIANA-Shreveport #5727 (Grossing               no pedo. Contact: Caris Crow, D.D.S.,
     GEORGIA-Southwest Rural #4630 (Gross-               $235K). Lafayette Area #5016 Ideal for Mer-        evenings; (702) 256-7286.
     ing $270K plus). Atlanta #5050 (Grossing            fer or Satellite (Grossing $98K). Ville Platte     NEW HAMPSHIRE-Lakes Region. Ideal
     $660K). Savannah #5472 (Grossing $450K              #5352 (Grossing $196K). Ferriday Area #5422        family practice, $300,000 gross. Central ultra
     plus). Smyrna (Periodontic practice - Ideal for     (Grossing $190K). Denham Springs #5698             modern practice four tx rooms, accucam, com-
     merger) #5386 (Grossing $52K). Contact: Dr.         (Grossing $680K). Contact: Dr. Earl Douglas        puterized, recent Adec equipment, $300,000
     Earl Douglas at Professional Practice Consul-       at Professional Practice Consultants, Ltd.,        gross. Concord area upscale restorative prac-
     tants, Ltd., (770) 664-1982 or (800) 321-4540.      (800) 321-4540.                                    tice $500,000 gross. Specialty practices avail-
     GEORGIA-ROME #5697 (Equity position                 MAINE-Greater Portland, southern and               able Oral Surgery, Perio. Contact: Jim
     available for busy periodontic practice).           central coast and near-coast locations. Livable    Kasper; (603) 355-2260.
     Warner Robins #5813 (Grossing $312K).               communities, near cultural and recreational        NEW JERSEY, EASTERN PENNSYLVA-
     Peachtree City Area #5931 (Grossing $200K           centers. Attractive investment, income and         NIA-Consulting services for effective man-
     plus). Contact: Dr. Earl Douglas at Profes-         purchase terms. Contact: Aftco Associates;         agement of professional overhead costs, finan-
     sional Practice Consultants, Ltd., (770) 664-       (617) 938-1119.                                    cial planning and human resource functions.
     1982 or (800) 3214540.                              MAINE-Southern & Seacoast Region -                 Practice sales and asset valuations. Listings
     ILLINOIS-Carthage, Illinois/Missouri/Iowa           $300,000 gross, Ultra modern asking                needed for anxious buyers! Please contact
     border location. $200,000 Gross, established        $135,000. Others - $245,000 gross, $300,000        WISER MANAGEMENT, Gary Wiser, DMD,
     22 year old practice, three operatories, 1700       gross, Nets 47 percent, $312,000 gross up-         MS, MBA, (609) 259-8850.
     square feet. High quality family living. Con-       scale community. Northern $600,000 gross.          NEW JERSEY-Kearny Vicinity, $210,000
     tact: DMS Dental Management Services;               Others. Free List. Contact: Jim Kasper (603)       gross, three modern operatories, private and
     (901) 385-7713.                                     355-2260.                                          union booked solid two weeks in advance,
     ILLINOIS (Near Terre Haute, Indiana in              MARYLAND-General Practice, 25 years,               solid blue collar area; SELLING YOUR
     prosperous Illinois community). Practice            P.G. County, minutes from D.C., Growth po-         PRACTICE? Call for free appraisal. Contact:
     grossing $290,000 in three operatories with a       tential, four day, four operatory, gross           Countrywide, Inc., (800) 222-7848.
     full-time hygienist. Dentist relocating. Priced     $200,OOOK. Wonderful opportunity to pur-           NEW JERSEY-PRACTICE SALES: N./Cen-
     to sell! Contact: The Dental Marketplace.           chase building and practice. Call: (301) -949-     tral NJ, home/office., $155K NET, best area,
     (800) 221-6927.                                     8970/FAX (301) 949-8930.                           booked four months, modern; Other listings

     1576 JADA, Vol. 126, November 1995
                                                                                                               CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING

available. SELLERS, sell your practice quick-      NORTH CAROLINA-Whiteville #5098                    Specialty practices - Oral Surgery, Perio.
ly! Contact: EPSTEIN PRACTICE BROKER-              (Grossing $250K). Hickory #5753 (Grossing          Contact: Jim Kasper (603) 355-2260.
AGE; (201) 568-4933.                               $254K). Nags Head #5653 (Equity position           VIRGINIA-Northem. Practices for sale in-
NEW MEXICO-Albuquerque. Well-estab-                available for busy general practice). N.           cluding PROSTHODONTIC specialty practice
lished six operatory practice; room to grow.       Wilkesboro #6115 (Grossing $135K).                 grossing over 500K Also ORTHODONTIC
Over 500K revenue with high "net" four day         Asheville #4911 (Grossing $360K). Contact:         specialty practices. Contact: Polcari Associ-
week. Seller assists in transition. Will consid-   Dr. Earl Douglas at Professional Practice          ates, Ltd. (800) 544-1297.
er 50 percent buy-in now; balance in 2-3           Consultants, Ltd., (800) 321-4540.
years. $275,000. Contact: DuBois Bus. Con-         NORTH CAROLINA-Durham #6007 (Equity                WASHINGTON DC-Periodontal specialty
                                                                                                      practice established many years. Modem
sultants; (602) 404-4514.                          position available for busy general practice).     downtown facility, respected practice with
NEW MEXICO-Albuquerque. General prac-              Charlotte #5957 (Equity position available for     buy-in, buy-out over time. Contact: Polcari
tice grossing over $800,000/year. Great terms      busy general practice. LUMBERTON #5262             Associates, Ltd., (800) 544-1297.
                                                   (Grossing $210K). Cary -40 minutes South
and price. Address ADA Box no. D616.               #5178 (Grossing $298K). Contact: Dr. Earl          WASHINGTON-Well-established practice
NEW MEXICO--Gallup. Enjoy year-round,              Douglas at Professional Practice Consultants,      equipment office building for sale. Eastem
premium outdoor recreation near National           Ltd., (800) 321-4540.                              Washington population 20,000 excellent
Forest/Parks/vast open spaces and enjoy fi-        OKLAHOMA-Cinton. Quality dental prac-              growth potential for details contact: Dr. Earl
nancial success. Thriving 10 year practice,        tice with net income or profit exceding            Thorp, 966 Juniper, Moses Lake, Washington
seeks partners to share growth, hours, profit.     $200,000 a year. This is an ultra modemn           98837; (509) 765-9128.
Small cultural city/great quality of life. Con-    practice with wonderful equipment and sup-         We have dentists interested in selling their
tact: L. Rainaldi, DDS, (505) 863-9363.
                                                   plies. Intra-oral camera in all operatories. 100   practices in several cities and towns in Okla-
NEW MEXICO--General practices for sale.            percent financing available. Seller is recently    homa, including Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Semi-
Albuquerque; five ops, $700,000 plus gross, 43     disabled and highly motivated to help with         nole, Del City, and Grove. Financing is avail-
percent net. Albuquerque; five ops, $80,000        buyers success. Price of the practice is below     able. Please call (918) 245-1333 8 to 5 or (918)
gross on two days/wk, much growth potential.       the appraised value. Call: CRJ Dental Con-         446-1220 evenings. Over eighteen dental
Grants: four ops, $192,000 gross, 45 percent       sultants, President Charles R. Johnson,            practices have been sold by our firm in the
net. Santa Fe: $550,000 plus gross, 48 percent     D.M.D. at (405) 753-4737 or write to 4429          last two years.
net. Contact: Bill Avery, D.D.S., Broker, (505)    Tamarisk Dr., Oklahoma City, OK 73120.
821-0015.                                          OKLAHOMA-Near Tulsa. Growing commu-
N'EW MEXICO-Specialty practices for sale           nity. Computer, Panx, nitrous, intra-oral
in Albuquerque. Orthodontic with satellite:        camera. Hygienist. $300,000 gross-28 hour          ALABAMA-Central. Associate needed for a
$240,000 plus gross, 66 percent net. Pros-         week. No HMO, PPO, Financing available.            very busy General Practice. Potential for buy
thodontic: four ops, $455,000 gross, 36 per-       Reply: Dental Practice, P.O. Box 52264,            out: 30 year old practice with five operatories.
cent net. Pedodontic: three ops, $180,000 plus     Tulsa, 74152.                                      All phases of dentistry. $350,000 gross, excel-
gross, 30 percent net. Periodontic: four ops,      PENNSYLVANIA-Practices for sale in                 lent office facilities. Good hunting and fishing
$168,000 gross on 2.5. days/wk, 57 percent         Philadelphia area and Eastem, PA. Call             area. Send resume to Address ADA Box no.
net. Implant practice: four ops, $365,000 plus                                                        D626.
gross, 40 percent net. Contact: Bill Avery,        Philip Cooper, D.M.D., M.B.A., American
D.D.S., Broker, (505) 821-0015.                    Practice Consultants, (215) 625-0663.              ALASKA-Anchorage Full-time associate
                                                   PENNSYLVANIA--General Dental practices             dentist. Engage in all aspects of professional
N-EW YORK-Oceanside, L.I.: Up to 1600 sq.          for sale in, EASTERN PA: Cheltenham,               dentistry, including examining, diagnosing,
ft. in professional building that has general      Elkins Park, Featerville, Bristol, Philadel-       and treating diseases of the teeth and of other
dentist and orthodontist. Prime location, ex-      phia. WESTERN PA: Erie and Indiana. Con-           parts of the mouth. Must possess or be eligi-
cellent community. Reasonable rent. Call:          tact: Practice Impact Inc., (610) 645-5599 or      ble for Alaska license as general dentist. An-
(516) 897-7650; evenings best.                     (412) 656-8812.                                    nual salary: greater of $49,750 or 25% of
NEW YORK-Huntington, Long Island,                                                                     gross production. Hours from 1:00 p.m. to
$150,000 gross, doctor leaving dentistry.          RHODE ISLAND-Newport County, Gross:                8:00 p.m. Tuesday-Thursday, 8:00 a.m. to 2:
Three operatories; Queens $170,000 gross           $400,000 plus, net: $190,000, choice location.     p.m. Friday. Approximately 28 to 30 hours
                                                   Providence County, Gross: $580,000; five ops.,     per week. On-call 24 hours a day, including
union; Nassau County, oral Surgery $250,000        Seller Financing. Contact: Peter A. Almonte        weekends. Applicant's professional record
gross. SELLING YOUR PRACTICE? Call for             & Associates; (401) 351-4430.                      must be free of malpractice and malfeasance
free appraisal. Contact: Countrywide, Inc.,                                                           complaints. Able to supervise two dental as-
(800) 222-7848.                                    TENNESSEE-Close to Knoxville, Nashville,           sistants. Requires long-term commitment (5-
NEW YORK STATE-Capital District. Mod-              Chattanooga. Large, growing mountain re-           year employment contract). Send resume to:
em practice $175,000 gross, Fingerlakes area,
                                                   tirement community nearby. $245,000 plus           Alaska Department of Labor, Field Technical
ideal well equipped 90's solo practice, comput-    gross, four day week. Computerized, modem,         Unit, P.O. Box 25509, Juneau, Alaska 99802-
erized, gross $500,000 net 50 percent plus,        profitable. Serious inquiries only: 1247 Eagle     5509, Attention: Job Order #321.
1000 Islands area $500,000 gross, high net.        Nest Lane, Knoxville, TN 37922.
Syracuse modem family practice. Contact:           TENNESSEE-Chattanooga #6068 (Grossing              ALASKA-Flourishing medical and dental
Jim Kasper (603) 355-2260.                         $300K plus). West Knoxville Area #5290 (Eq-        clinic needs new dentists - specialists and
                                                   uity position available for busy endo practice)    general practice. Contact: Cheryl A. Ginn, Di-
NEW YORK STATE-Comning/Elmira area:                and #5920 (Grossing $152K). South Knoxville        rector/Family Medical and Dental Cen-
Long established, extremely active general         #4595 (Equity position available for busy gen-     ter/4361 Boniface Parkway/Anchorage, 99504
practice and professional building for sale.       eral practice). Contact: Dr. Earl Douglas at       (907) 333-1211.
Owner retiring. Will stay to transfer and in-      Professional Practice Consultants,
troduce. Financing available. Please call:                                              Ltd., (800)   ARIZONA-Bullhead City. Practice Where
                                                   321-4540.                                          Others Vacation. Across Colorado River From
(607) 739-3166.                                                                                       Laughlin Nevada. Established high quality
NEW YORK-Priced to sell: Two offices, 1100         TENNESSEE-North Central Tennessee                  practice. Goal: Associate, Partner Buy In-
                                                   #4717 (Grossing $400K). Goodlettsville #5577
square feet and 2500 square feet, in profes-       (Grossing $200K). Chattanooga #5419                Transition-Buy Out. Opportunity For Great
sional building limited to physicians and den-     (Grossing $228K). Tri-Cities Area #5831 (Eq-       Income Providing Comprehensive Treatment.
tists, between Lexington and Park Avenues at       uity position available for busy general prac-     Call: (602) 763-8111.
61 Street in Manhattan. Call: (914) 738-3641.      tice). Contact: Dr. Earl Douglas at Profes-        ARIZONA-N.W. Phoenix Area. Leaving the
NEW YORK-PRACTICES: Nassau,                        sional Practice Consultants, Ltd., (800)           State. Established Practice. Beautiful office in
Home/office., $200K Gr., Rockland, $175K           321-4540.                                          growing area. Three fully equipped operato-
Gr.; NYC, Tribecca, $150K Gr.; PERIO, Or-          VERMONT-Southem family practice                    ries with two additional plumbed. All private
ange Co. 1 hour, NYC, $375K Gr.; ORTHO.,           $250,000 gross, $350,000 gross. Southemn           pay. Grossing 370K asking 250K. Call: (602)
Nassau Co., $150K Gr.:Contact: Epstein Bro-        $150,000 gross, $290,000 gross. No. Conway         843-3556.
kerage (212) 233-7300.                             area - quality office, asking only $35,000.

                                                                                                       JADA, Vol. 126, November 1995 1577

     ARIZONA-Phoenix/Tucson. Need associates,           gingival curettage. Must have valid Dental        COLORADO-Busy oral and maxillofacial
     specialists and equity partners. General/Spe-      Lic. 40 hour/week. 10am-7pm Tues-Saturday.        surgery practice in Central Denver is seeking
     cialty practices available for purchase. Fi-       $270.80/day. Jobsite/intv: Covina. Send ad        Board eligible/certified OMS. Position avail-
     nancing available. NO Fee. Contact: Dental         and resume to Job #50509002RE, P.O. Box           able immediately. Call: (303) 744-1369.
     Management 12629 N. Tatum Blvd, 422                269065, Sacramento, 95826.                        COLORADO-Dental Associate, full time
     Phoenix, 85032. Call: 1-(602) 483-2744.            CALIFORNIA-General Dentist/Prosthodon-            Breckenridge, Colorado. Live and play in ski
     ARIZONA-Phoenix. Seeking partner in                tist - Association leading to ownership in        country. For information call (907) 468-5995
     beautiful, progressive downtown general            high quality fee-for-service multi-specialty      or write P.O. Box 1827, Dillion, Colorado
     practice, high growth in new high-rise near        practice located in La Jolla/Golden Triangle.     80435.
     arena, stadium, banks, Capital. Professional       Excellent opportunity for experienced dentist     COLORADO-General Dentist Practice. Es-
     adult patients. Gross $450K Partnership            who enjoys a busy practice. Send resumne to       tablished 30 years. Enjoy the great outdoors!
     $200K Five years experience. Call: (602) 252-      12467 Rancho Bernardo Road, P.O. Box 134,         3500 square feet; 8 operatories. Looking for
     2800.                                              San Diego 92128.                                  associate to lead to partnership. Send resume,
     ARIZONA-Tucson-Associate/Partner. Excel-           CAPITAL DISTRICT-Growing group prac-              including practice experience to: Thomas Tad-
     lent opportunity in fee-for-service multi-         tice seeks general dentist to join our team of    vick, DDS 2352 N. 7th Street, Grand Junc-
     faceted general practice. High gross/low vol-      generalists, an oral surgeon, orthodontist and    tion, CO 81501.
     ume, progressive office. Great location and        periodontist. If you have 1 year experience       CONNECTICUT-Hartford County. Modern
     facility. Base salary plus collection percent-     and excellent communication skills, your pro-     established three dentist practice seeking an
     age. Flexible buy-in arrangements. Experi-         fessional & financial potential is unlimited      additional general dentist for immediate part-
     ence necessary in private practice setting.        with our "future focused" team. Buy-in poten-     nership in 1996. At least one year experience
     Call: (520) 299-1819.                              tial. Please send your resume with goals to:      or GPR. Send resume to Dr. Sydney Epstein,
     ARIZONA-Tucson. Periodonist to join quali-         Robert O. Santoro, DMD, c/o Rose Dental As-       836 Farmington Avenue, West Hartford,
     ty periodontal/implant practice. Association       sociates, 16 Russell Rd., Albany, NY 12206.       06119.
     leading to partnership. Please fax your CV to      COLORADO SPRINGS-COLORADO. Afflu-                 CONNECTICUT-Meriden. Opening for den-
     (520) 881-0209.                                    ent Rockrimmon location, successful family        tist to examine, diagnose and treat patients,
     ARIZONA-Beautiful Ahwatukee (Phoenix)              practice looking for one or more quality ori-     clean, fill, extract, replace teeth, perform
     dental practice opportunity. Six completely        ented dentists to share facilities and/or buy-    perio flap surgery, pedo-orthodontic minor
     equipped operatories with pass through x-ray       in. Excellent opportunity to start practice       tooth movement, molar endo. Extraction in-
     units and Gendex panorex. Turn-key opera-          without large start-up costs. Present dentist     cludes third molar, also impacted wisdom
     tion - $165,000. Please call Dr. Kelly Noble;      needs to slow down. Contact: Mt. West MB          teeth extraction and prosthodontics proce-
     (602) 829-8200 or (602) 945-1812.                  Mgt., 2862 S. Circle Drive., Ste., 218, Col-      dures associated with implant systems, TMJ
                                                        orado Springs, 80906.                             treatment and full mouth reconstruction and
     ARIZONA-Established group practice is ac-          COLORADO-Denver. Chair Department of              oral/facial pain examination and diagnosis
     tively recruiting providers for Tucson and         Restorative Dentistry. The University of Col-     and treatment. DMD degree and three years
     Phoenix. Full and part-time positions avail-       orado School of Dentistry. The University of      and six months' experience required. Addi-
     able. We serve a demographically mixed pop-        Colorado School of Dentistry seeks nomina-        tionally, experience in TMJ treatment,
     ulation with an emphasis on preventative           tions and applications for the position of        oral/facial pain, examination, diagnosis and
     dentistry for the entire family. Call Joy (800)    Chair, Department of Restorative Dentistry.       treatment; operating room experience. Salary
     722-4030.                                          The department includes the following disci-      $1,250 per week. Send resume to Program
     ARIZONA-General Dentist, Endodontist,              plines; Operative Dentistry, Occlusion, Fixed     Operations, 2nd floor, Connecticut Depart-
     Periodontist. Full-time positions in our quali-    and Removable Prosthodontics and Biomate-         ment of Labor, 200 Folly Brook Boulevard,
     ty orientated multi-location group-practice.       rials. Responsibilities include departmental      Wethersfield, 06109 Attention: Job Order
     Base plus collections percentage. If you have      administration; faculty and staff develop-        #3150231.
     a pleasant personality and good work habits        ment; and oversight of the department's edu-      CONNECTICUT-Southeastern. Pedodon-
     call Michelle (602) 433-2992.                      cation, research and clinical teaching pro-       tist. Great opportunity to join well-estab-
     ARIZONA-Opportunities available in                 grams for pre-doctoral students. This             lished general/pedo practice. Salary based on
     Phoenix and Tucson. Associateship, Partner-        full-time, tenure or tenure-track position        40 percent of production. Association leading
     ship, Purchase, Sign Up Bonus. Established         will be available in July, 1996. Require-         to partnership. Fax curriculum vitae (203)
     practices. Have complete benefits package in-      ments include a D.D.S./D.M.D., degree, for-       464-0186 or call (203) 464-7204.
     cluding: Paid Student Loans; paid major med-       mal postdoctoral training in one of the disci-
     ical, paid professional liability, paid continu-   plines of Restorative Dentistry and               FLORIDA-Fort Myers. GP Associate needed
     ing education, paid holidays. Financing also       eligibility for Colorado licensure. The suc-      for established fast growing practice. Large
     available - owner retiring. NO FEE. All infor-     cessful candidate must have demonstrated          patient base. Benefits, salary plus commis-
     mation confidential. Call for interview. AZ.       leadership ability and possess a global per-      sion. Possible partnership to right person.
     Dentist and Aux. Placement Service (602)           spective of restorative dentistry. In addition,   Send resume to Address ADA Box no. D640.
     993-2020.                                          a strong record of teaching, scholarly activi-    FLORIDA-Melbourne/Fort Pierce/Stuart
                                                        ty, and administrative experience in an aca-      Boynton BeachlDelray/North Miami Beach.
     CALIFORNIA-Orthodontist. Examine, eval-            demic setting is essential. Rank and salary       Excellent opportunities for general dentists,
     uate and diagnose treatment plan for modify-       commensurate with experience and qualifi-         periodontists, oral surgeons, orthodontics and
     ing growth of jaws, straightening techniques       cations. Applications will be reviewed begin-     endodontists. In group practices with high
     and other dental-facial structures. Must have      ning January 15, 1996 and will continue           standards. Full or part-time positions with
     DDS degree and Certification in Orthodon-          until the position if filled. Send letters of     partnerships available. Contact: Dr. Feingold:
     tics. Must be fully licensed in California.        nomination and/or applications, curriculum        Dentaland Dental Centers, 19501 Biscayne
     Work Saturdays and evening hours. Work             vitae and a list of three references to Dr.       Blvd., North Miami Beach, 33180; (305) 935-
     with children, two years residency in Or-          Norman H. Stoller, Professor and Chairman,        1400.
     thodontics required. Garden Grove Job site:        Division of Periodontics, Univertisy of Col-
     Send ad and resume to Job # CE 503 27031,          orado Health Sciences Center, Campus Box          FLORIDA-Key West. Rare opportunity
     P.O. Box 269065, Sacramento, CA 95826-             C-284, 4200 E. 9th Avenue, Denver, 80262.         available immediately in exceptional group
     9065.                                              Women and minorities are particularly en-         practice. Call: (305) 294-6696.
     CALIFORNIA-Dentist. Diagnose, treat dis-           couraged to apply.                                FLORIDA-Miami. General dentist needed to
     eases, injuries, malformations of teeth, gums.     COLORADO-Associateship Available.                 associate with busy practice in a magnificent,
     Exam. Patients using diagnostic procedures         Young fast growing practice averaging 55 new      new Kendall Drive office. Must have the expe-
     and instruments. Clean, fill, extract and re-      patients monthly needs highly motivated per-      rience, confidence and talent to render excel-
     place teeth. Prescribe medictns. Provide pre-      sonable dentist for long term commitment          lent comprehensive care in a kindly and effi-
     ventative dental service. Detect systemic dis-     with possibility of partnership. All equipment    cient manner for both HMO and fee-for-service
     ease in oral cavity. Apply topical and local       new and high quality. Write 72 Fordham Cir-       patients. Excellent compensation with part-
     anesthesia. Req. DDM or DDS plus two year          cle, Pueblo, 81005.                               nership potential. Call: (305) 271-1421.
     experience including scaling, root planing,

     1578 JADA, Vol. 126, November 1995
                                                                                                              -CLASSIFIED ADVERTISINGo

FLORIDA-Naples/Ft. Myers. Excellent op-           FLORIDA-West Coast. Associated wanted               treatment. We offer base incomes with quali-
portunity for full-time associate. Practice       full-time in general dentistry with partner-        ty and performance incentives, educational
minutes from beautiful Gulf Coast Beaches         ship available. Please send resume to               programs, medical benefits, 401K, stockhold-
and year round golf/tennis. Call: Lynn (813)      S.H.D.C., 10481 Spring Hill Drive., Spring          er equity and significant patient flow. Our
775-3383 or Maggie (813) 433-4746.                Hills, 34608.                                       doctor incomes exceed national standards in
FLORIDA-Northwest coast: Panama City              FLORIDA-West Coast Area. Gentle Dental              all categories. We prefer experience or GPR
Long established general practice seeking as-     Care. We are a group practice with five loca-       residents, but recent graduates are encour-
sociate leading to buy-in-partnership. Fee-for-   tions established in 1985. We currently have        aged to apply. This is a full-time career oppor-
service private practice. Excellent gross/net.    opportunities available for General Dentist         tunity for dentists who might enjoy a compre-
Desire energetic person committed to quality.     and Specialists, Orthodontist, (Oral Sur-           hensive multi-specialty group practice
Address ADA Box no. D638.                         geons). We provide a professional supportive        environment. Please call Dr. David M. Reznik
                                                  staff and atmosphere. Please call (813) 923-        at (770) 449-0836.
FLORIDA-Orlando. Dentists/Partners need-          4138 or send to 1608 South Tuttle, Sarasota,        GEORGIA-Atlanta Area. General Dentist
ed for established 17 year old group practice     Florida 34239.                                      for rapidly growing Dental Practice in Lil-
that includes in-house specialists. Presently                                                         burn, Ga. Excellent pay, commission, Bonus,
eight locations expanding to ten. Contact:        FLORIDA-Associateship Leading to Buy-               etc., This is a career position with a well-es-
Katsur Management Group (407) 788-6533.           in/Fort Myers. Quality restorative private          tablished practice. Please call Tina at (770)
FLORIDA-Ormond Beach. Looking for moti-           practice seeking an individual with experi-         921-1115.
vated Dentist to buy into existing busy gener-    ence and high standards. Unique opportunity
al practice - terms available. Contact: Dr.       for the right person. Address ADA Box no.           HAWAII-Pediatric Dentist. Private practice
Manuel Frankel, (904) 673-5003.                   D645.                                               seeks substitute dentist (locum tenens) for six
                                                  FLORIDA-Dentist/General East Fort Laud-             months to one year, with associateship possi-
FLORIDA-Sunny Sarasota. Our progressive,          erdale excellent opportunity. Associateship         bility. Salary guaranteed with incentives.
modern practice is seeking a periodontist to      leading to partnership. High quality, fee for       Starting date approximately 9/96. Address
join our multi-site, fee for service practice     service practice. Call: (305) 771-1900.             ADA Box no. D643.
with five general practioners. We are looking                                                         ILLINOIS-South Suburb. Established den-
for someone who is of high standards, has a       FLORIDA-Dentist. Part-time for busy South           tal practice seeks part-time orthodontist with
commitment to excellence and is highly moti-      Florida General Practice. Send resume to:           exceptional skill and a caring personality. Illi-
vated. Please send confidential CV and cover      P.O. Box 3882, Tequesta, 33469.                     nois license required. Please call: (708) 423-
letter to P.O. Box 20534, Sarasota, 34276-        FLORIDA-Exciting Opportunity - For quali-           1417.
3534.                                             fied candidates, Dental Care Alliance, a coop-
FLORIDA-Sunny Tampa Bay Area. Florida             erative group of over 30 dental practices, has      ILLINOIS-Dentist 40 hours/week. 10 AM to
Dental Centers is a group practice with eight     positions available for Florida Board certified     7 PM. $52,300/year. Diagnose and treat gum
locations, established since 1981, looking for    associate dentists. You will work in a "private     disease, perform oral surgery and endodontics
general dentists and specialists (endodontist,    practice" environment with a high level of          procedures. Responsible for all phases of gen-
periodontist and oral surgeons). We enjoy the     management support leading quickly to part-         eral dentistry such as fill, extract, and replace
team concept and have high regard for pa-         nership/equity opportunities with no cash re-       teeth as well as preventative dental care to
tient satisfaction. We provide quality den-       quired. Contact: Mitch at 800/426-0008.             patients in DPO (dental personal organiza-
tistry to the community. Please contact: C.                                                           tion), a syndicated dental care management.
Ward, Director at (813) 461-9149 or send C.V.     FLORIDA-General Dentistry. Seeking an               Work at different locations managed by the
in confidence to 2189 Cleveland St., Suite        associate for a busy private office located 45      company. Requires State of Illinois licensure
269, Clearwater, 34625.                           minutes north of Tampa in a growing commu-          as Licensed dentist and Licensed Dentist
                                                  nity. Address ADA Box no. D635.                     Controlled Substance. Must have proof of
FLORIDA-Tampa Bay Area. Beautiful west            FLORIDA-General Dentist. Employment op-             legal authority to work permanently in the
coast. Excellent opportunity for general den-                                                         U.S. Send two copies of resume to ILLINOIS
tist top salary, paid vacations, holidays,        portunity in busy, family practice in beautiful     DEPARTMENT OF EMPLOYMENT SECU-
health insurance, pension plan and profit         Pensacola, Florida. Fax resume to (904) 474-        RITY, 401 South State Street, 3 South Chica-
sharing for the qualified progressive dentist.    0402 and/or call (904) 474-0404 and ask for         go, Illinois 60605, Attention: Mary Millea,
Please call Dr. Adam Diasti at (813) 726-         Mrs. Arnett for more information.                   Reference #VI-IL, 13274-M. NO CALLS. AN
5152.                                             FLORIDA-Growing Northern Palm Beach                 EMPLOYER PAID AD.
FLORIDA-Tampa Bay - Dentist - BEST OF             County community and practice. Partnership          INDLANA-Northern. Rarely available posi-
BOTH WORLDS. Florida's oldest and largest         available in established, successful, fee-for-      tion for highly motivated, enthusiastic, outgo-
dental care group. Practice dentistry without     service family practice. Beautiful eight chair,     ing Orthodontist in expanding multi-office
the administrative hassles. Guaranteed            modern facility. Skilled, loyal staff. Active re-   practice. Direct participation in practice
salary $75 - $100,000 plus. Quality individual    call program. Must have strong general prac-        growth. Send resume, references and photo to
with/minimum 3-5 years experience in all          tice background. Immediate, excellent oppor-        Address ADA Box no. D637.
phases of general dentistry. Contact: Dr.         tunity for qualified individual. Address ADA
Lester Greenberg at (813) 785-3799.               Box no. D530.                                       IOWA-Des Moines. Opportunity for quality
                                                  GEORGIA-Atlanta. A quality oriented den-            oriented general dentist. Excellent potential
FLORIDA-Titusville. Immediate opening for         tist is needed for our progressive traditional      for future buy-in. Experience or GPR pre-
full or part-time associate. Experienced, right   private practice. We are seeking an individual      ferred. Call: (515) 287-5400.
handed general dentist for quality practice.      who sets high standards for the delivery of         IOWA-Associate position available for a gen-
May become full partner after one year. Call:     patient care and is interested in a long-term       eral dentist who is committed to quality den-
(407) 264-9289 daytime, (407) 268-1658            professional relationship. Our 15 year old          tal care. This is an established five operatory
evenings.                                         practice is located in a modern office complex.     office with modern equipment in an ideal lo-
FLORIDA-West Broward area. Associate              We focus on sophisticated restorative care          cation. We see over one hundred new patients
wanted part-time for expanding fee-for-ser-       from implant dentistry to full mouth restora-       per month and will provide an assured pa-
vice adult practice. Potential for future equi-   tions, as well as routine general dental proce-     tient load, an excellent income, great benefits
ty. Two years experience or GPR preferred.        dures. Please send a curriculum vitae to Ad-        with partnership potential. GPR or one year
Call: (305) 721-6690.                             dress ADA Box no. D576.                             experience preferred. Send resume: Bradford
FLORIDA-West Coast. Established group             GEORGIA-"It's Atlanta!" and all surround-           Stiles, D.D.S., 722 Oakland Avenue, Iowa
seeking experienced practitioner in all phases    ing suburbs. Great opportunities for general        City, IA 52240. We are an equal opportunity
of general Dentistry including Endodontics        practitioners, orthodontists, endodonists, pe-      employer.
and impacted extractions. Trained supporting      riodontists, and PEDODONTISTS. Our group            IOWA-Doctor of Dental Surgery. Render pri-
staff and laboratory. No capitation. Very re-     practice has a phenomenal 17 year track             mary dental care for children and adults, op-
warding income for enthusiastic professional      record because our professional team ap-            erative, surgical, orthodontic, endodontic, pe-
eager to work. Send curriculum to S.D.A. P.O.     proach to care keeps us growing. Beautiful          riodontic, prosthetic geriatric and pediatric
Box 25335, Sarasota, FL 34277 or Fax (941)        state-of-the-art offices and an energized staff     dental services. Must have D.D.S. in Dental
365-5788. Immediate availability.                 help you diagnose and deliver all levels of

                                                                                                       JADA, Vol. 126, November 1995 1579

     Surgery. Must be skilled in operative, surgi-      rience in performing both removable and              Opportunity for an enthusiastic individual.
     cal, orthodontic, endodontic, periodontic, pros-   fixed crown and bridge procedures essential.         Send inquiry to: Richard W. Yeaton, DDS,
     thetic, geriatric and pediatric dental services.   Requirements: must be licensed by State of           PA, 288 Lafayette Road, Portsmouth, 03801.
     Must have state of Iowa Dentistry License.         Massachusetts in Dentistry. Five years gener-        NEW JERSEY-Central, Hunterdon County,
     $130,000 per year. 40 hours per week. 10:00        al practice experience preferred. The Medical        Excellent opportunity for right person in suc-
     a.m. - 8:00 p.m. Must have proof of legal au-      Department, located on the Cambridge cam-            cessful, busy, high tech, quality oriented gen-
     thority to work in the United States. Please       pus of the Massachusetts Institute of Tech-          eral practice. Located in upper-middle class
     send resume to D.E.S. Workforce Center, P.O.       nology, is a multispecialty group practice, de-      neighborhood just off route 78. May lead to
     Box 729, (800 7th Street, SE), Cedar Rapids,       livering comprehensive health care services to
     Iowa 52406-0729. Refer to Job Order IA             more than 25,000 members of the MIT com-             partnership. No capitation. Full time. Must
     1100400. Employer paid advertisement.              munity. It operates an HMO and is licensed           be proficient in perio, pros, endo and have
                                                        JCAHO-accredited inpatient and outpatient            good people skills. Send resume to Address
     KANSAS-Northeast Kansas University com-            facility. Interested candidates should direct        ADA Box no. D646. Fax #(908) 638-8262.
     munity with population base in excess of           resume to Dr. Synthia Stevens, MIT Dental            NEW JERSEY-General Dentist. South Jer-
     80,000. Excellent opportunity for associate        Service, E23-528, 25 Carleton Street, Cam-           sey multi doctor practice seeking part-time
     with the possibility for buy-in. Single doctor     bridge, MA 02129. MIT is an Equal Opportu-           dentist. Excellent opportunity for right indi-
     practice grossing in the top 2 percent nation-     nity/Affirmative Action Employer.                    vidual. Experience preferred. Please call (609)
     wide. General practice experience or G.P.R.                                                             778-0077.
     graduate preferred. Please send resume and         MASSACHUSETTS-Wanted. Dentist, 40
     reference to Address ADA Box no. D606.             hours/week, 10 am to 7pm, Saturday and               NEW JERSEY-Extraordinary Pediatric
     KANSAS-Wichita Associate leading to buy            Sunday required $63,538.85/year. All phases          Dental Practice in Northern NJ. Unique full-
     in. Large fee for service, quality oriented        of general and emergency care dentistry in-          time opportunity in the state-of-art. Subur-
     multi doctor group. Senior partner retiring.       cluding examinations, diagnoses, treatment           ban practice, leading to early partnership.
     Address ADA Box no. D623.                          planning, extractions, minor oral surgery.           Looking for pediatric dentist with great com-
                                                        Must possess a DMD or equivalent in Den-             munication skills. Contact: Dr. Lagstein (201)
     KANSAS-Partner Needed. Western Kansas              tistry. Must have two years experience. Must         337-6135.
     practice grossing over $900,000 and netting        possess a Massachusetts Dental License.              NEW JERSEY-The Department of Anesthe-
     in excess of 45 percent, looking for an associ-    Send two resumes to: Case #40968, P.O. Box           sia at UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson Medical
     ate to become a partner. Salary and benefits       8968, Boston, 02114.                                 School is offering a one year preceptorship in
     competitive. After reaching gross monthly          MICHIGAN-Southeastern suburban pedi-                 Conscious Sedation and General Anesthesia
     production of $20,000 plus one year of service     atric dental/orthodontic practice offering a         for qualified dental graduates beginning in
     the associate would buy into the practice, net-    full-time or part-time position for a PEDI-          January 1996 or July 1996. If interested,
     ting between $120,000 to $150,000 in pay           ATRIC DENTIST. We seek an individual                 please send your CV to: Sanford L. Klein,
     after debt service. Address ADA Box no. D634.      committed to quality care. Address ADA Box           D.D.S., M.D., Professor and Chairman,
     KANSAS-Short association leading to part-          no. D615.                                            Department of Anesthesia, UMDNJ-Robert
     nership or full ownership of very busy. Nine       MINNESOTA-Progressive general practice               Wood Johnson Medical School, 125 Paterson
     year old general practice in small town.           in mid-sized southern Minnesota community.           Street, Suite 3100, New Brunswick, NJ
     Please send all inquires to Address ADA Box        Good school system, recreational lakes in city.      08901-1977. An equal opportunity/affirmative
     no. D632.                                          Newly remodeled building for sale or lease.          action employer.
     KENTUCKY-Western. Excellent opportuni-             Experienced staff. Gross $300,000, no capita-        NEW MEXICO-Albuquerque. Associateship
     ty for associate with an established busy gen-     tion. Address ADA Box no. D605.                      with owner financed buy-in for the right den-
     eral dental practice. $55,000 per year, contin-    MISSOURI-Kansas City Area. Group Den-                tist. Prime hours in brand new, six op well-
     uing education, mal-practice, 401-K,               tal Practice seeks experienced General Den-          appointed facility. Experience preferred. No
     vacations and hospitalization. 1 (800) 627-        tist to buy into well organized practice. If you     Capitation. Call: (505) 883-4488.
     6453 or write, S. Kurtis Wilson, D.M,D. 312        are a quality dentist who desires an excellent       NEW YORK-Central. Suburban. Associate
     Third Street, Henderson, 42420.                    income, likes people and dentistry, send re-         leading to equity position in large fee-for-ser-
     MARYLAND-Busy established pedo-based               sume to: Personal Care Dental Group, 9500            vice practice. Seeking ambitious individual
     group practice in Maryland Suburbs of Wash-        East 63rd Street, Suite 103, Raytown, 64133.         with excellent clinical and interpersonal
     ington, D.C., needs another board eligible/cer-    MISSOURI-Southwest, Population Approx.               skills. The candidate should be experienced in
     tified pediatric dentist. Excellent opportunity    10,000, good gross and net. Desirable                all aspects of diagnosis and treatment en-
     for permanence and owership. Contact: Robert       lifestyle, near larger cities. Possible seller fi-   countered in general practice through a GPR
     Morgenstein, D.M.D., 11301 Rockville Pike, N.      nancing. Contact: J. Michael Krause and As-          or other clinical experience. Fax resume to
     Bethesda, 20895. Call: (301) 881-6170.             sociates; (417) 866-2088.                            (315) 682-2602.
     MARYLAND-Hardworking, outgoing dentist             MISSOURI-Springfield. Rapidly growing,               NEW YORK-Rochester. Orthodontist and
     seeks an associate opportunity in Washington       fee-for-service, high quality practice needs ad-     Pedodontist needed for multispecialty group
     suburban Area, preferrably. Have practiced         ditional partner to handle new patient flow          practice. Future partnership available. Con-
     in remote areas in the Artic Circle, perform-      (100 plus month). Work 30 hours/week and             tact: Dr. Carl Divita collect (716) 352-3627.
     ing all aspects of dentistry. NERB certified.      earn what your colleagues dream of. Must be          NEW YORK-Upstate, Saratoga region. As-
     Call: (301) 961-7222.                              energetic with positive attitude and progres-        sociateship leading to partnership in estab-
     MASSACHUSETTS-Boston and Suburbs                   sive thinking. Call: (417) 859-3120.                 lished high quality growing private practice.
     Group practice seeks experienced dentists          MISSOURI-Associate Needed. Present asso-             Must be committed to continuing education
     and specialists to join our established prac-      ciate relocating due to spouse's military repo-      and quality patient care. Hospital residency
     tice. Growth and salary are excellent. This is     sitioning. Modern 16 year established practice       or two years experience. Address ADA Box
     a full-time career opportunity. If interested      of high quality general dentistry located in         no. D647.
     please call: (617) 723-6667.                       western Central Missouri town of 15,000.             NEW YORK-OMS for Association leading to
     MASSACHUSETTS-North Shore - Growing                Please send resume to Address ADA Box no.            partnership. Well-established, full scope sub-
     solo practice needs an enthusiastic associate      D641.                                                urban NYC group practice. Desire proficient,
     with experience or GPR. Three days with op-        MONTANA-Fishing, hunting, 45 minutes to              personable and caring individual. Send cur-
     portunity for more and a buy-in for the right      Montana's largest city. Established practice,        riculum vitae to Address ADA Box no. D141.
     person. Call: (508) 465-8831.                      three operatories. Consider selling or full-         NEW YORK-Dentist. Ivoclar North America,
     MASSACHUSETTS-General Dentist. A full-             time associate. Call: (406) 652-5474.                one of the worlds largest dental products com-
     time position is available for a General Den-      NEW HAMPSHIRE-Portsmouth.                            panies, offers an excellent career opportunity.
     tist in MIT's Medical Department's Dental          Associate/future partner in large general            Responsibilities will include technical trou-
     Service. Individual must be able to perform        practice in the beautiful and growing Sea-           bleshooting, teaching opportunities, profes-
     all tasks related to general dentistry, includ-    coast. This is an established fee-for-service        sional liaison, assistance to the marketing de-
     ing emergency dental care. In addition to pro-     practice in a fully-equipped modern setting.         partment and limited clinical practice if
     ficiency in restorative dentistry, strong expe-                                                         desired. The ideal candidate will be a dentist

     1580 JADA, Vol. 126, November 1995
                                                                                                                CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING

with excellent communications and interper-         delivery of highest quality of care, interested    education and integrating clinical research
sonal skills. Submit resume for consideration       in all phases of dentistry. Write to Manager,      opportunity with these activities. Applicants
to Ivoclar North America, 175 Pineview Drive,       1516 Patton Avenue, Asheville 28806.               must have a dental degree and be eligible for
Amherst, 14228; Attention: Human Resources.         NORTH CAROLINA-Associate/Partner                   licensure in Ohio. Salary and academic rank
                                                    needed for progressive family practice. Prefer     will be commensurate with experience and
NEW YORK-Two associates needed in high                                                                 qualifications. The Ohio State University is
quality small town practice located in              one year experience, morning person, with in-      an equal opportunity/affirmative action em-
Delaware County. New York State. Excellent          terest in cosmetic dentistry. Please contact:      ployer. Women, minorities, Vietnam-era vet-
compensation, buy-out of home-office with           Richard Charlesworth, 8001 Raintree Lane,          erans, disabled veterans and individuals with
flexible terms possible. Call: (607) 563-1316       Charlotte, NC 28277.                               disabilities are encouraged to apply. Review
office, (607) 563-3929 home.                        NORTH CAROLINA-Associate position                  of the applications will begin immediately
NEW YORK-Lower Hudson Valley; full-time             leading to partnership. Progressive general        and continue until the position is filled. Appli-
dental associate wanted; can lead to partner-       practice in cool mountains, 30 minutes west        cants should submit a curriculum vitae, a
ship. Send resume to Address ADA Box no.            of Asheville. In-house crown and bridge lab        brief statement of career goals and the names
D633.                                               including IPS Empress. Nine treatment              and addresses of three references to: Dr. Alan
                                                    rooms, three full-time hygienists. Spacious,       B. Carr, Section of Restorative, Prosthodon-
NEW YORK-ROCHESTER. Outstanding                     beautiful facility. For information call (704)     tics and Endodontics, College of Dentistry,
Career Opportunity; our client, a large group       627-9005, evenings.                                The Ohio State University, 305 West 12th Av-
practice, is seeking a general practitioner to                                                         enue, Columbus, Ohio 43210-1241. It is the
join a well established practice. They offer an     NORTH CAROLINA-Mountains, universi-                policy of The Ohio State University to limit
opportunity for professional growth in an or-       ty/resort town, year-round leisure, excellent      access to communications and letters of refer-
ganization committed to excellence. Excellent       schools, family atmosphere. Associate needed       ence to those directly involved with the selec-
compensation and benefit package plus poten-        for thriving general practice emphasizing re-      tion process. However, these materials may
tial for future ownership. All replies are          sotorative. Interest in operative necessary.       be deemed to be public record under Ohio's
strictly confidential. Contact the N.E. Health      For right individual, could lead to long-term      Open Records Law.
Consultant at 800 588-5818 Monday - Friday          position with/buy-in potential. Excellent op-
9:00 am to 4:00 pm.                                 portunity for recent grad. Send resume and         OHIO-Wanted: Pedodontist, Orthodontist
NEW YORK-WESTERN. Outstanding Op-                   references. Address ADA Box no. D590.              and General Practitioner, for a well-estab-
portunity; our client, a large, fee-for-service     OHIO-Cleveland Endodontics. Full-time,             lished, 20 year old group practice. We are
95 percent, group practice, is seeking an expe-     tenure-eligible position available July 1, 1996.   seeking a career minded individual to join
                                                    Responsibilities include directing Postgradu-      our family practice. Please call Dr. Sam Jaffe
rienced general practitioner to do the follow-                                                         at 1-(800) 642-2501.
ing: all the examinations, diagnoses, treat-        ate Proogram with some teaching in the un-
ment plans; and triage of general dental            dergraduate dental program. Applicant must         OREGON/WASHINGTON-All GPs and Spe-
emergencies. The practice consist of six very       be capable of designing and conducting re-         cialists, come join a unique group practice.
busy general practitioners. The candidate           search projects for the department. Teaching       Help improve others' lives! We are striving to
must have a prior proven record of competen-        background preferred. Must be board certified      set the Gold Standard of Dental Care deliv-
cy in an active and busy practice and must          or eligible. EEO/AA employer. Send curricu-        ery! Pride, growth, security and freedom for
possess superb motivational abilities. The po-      lum vitae to: Dr. Jefferson J. Jones, Case         you if you qualify. We are looking for quali-
sition requires virtually no treatment of pa-       Western Reserve University, School of Den-         fied doctors in the Portland, OR, Vancouver,
tients and is a fantastic opportunity for the       tistry, 10900 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland,            WA, and Greater Seattle, WA metroplitan
right person. Potential for future ownership.       44106-4905.                                        areas. Send your C.V. to and contact: Human
All replies are strictly confidential. Contact:     OHIO-PORTLAND. Established in 1970, we             Resources (Dentist), Mutual Health Systems,
the N.E. Health Consultants at (800) 588-           are a pioneer in the industry. Willamette          7725 NE Highway 99, Vancouver, WA 98665,
5818 Monday-Friday 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.              Dental Group, P.C. has a history of financial      (360) 696-4088.
NEW YORK-PROSTHODONTIST NEED-                       stability and growth. Our multi-site group         OREGON-General dentists and specialists
ED. Progressive Prosthodontic Practice - Buf-       practice has excellent opportunities for Gen-      needed for expanding clinic network in sever-
falo, NY in spacious, modern office. Seeking        eral Dentist, Pedodontist and other special-       al cities throughout Oregon. Excellent salary
an enthusiastic, caring Associate leading to        ties. We continue our position at the forefront    and benefit package together with a quality
partnership. Practice covers all phases of          of dentistry as we rapidly expand in the Pacif-    working environment. Contact: Dr. Duffin; 1-
fixed, implant, and removable prosthodontics.       ic Northwest with its many recreational and        (503) 371-5302.
Bring your creative ideas and commitment to         life style advantages. WDG provides a stable       PENNSYLVANIA-County Seat, University
growth into the next century. Contact: Dr.          environment and offers a large, diverse pa-        town. All new equipment 1994. 1500 ft 2, long
Marshall Fagin at (716) 633-7070. FAX (716)         tient base. Out dentists enjoy the freedom of      term lease. Four and one half day week, no
633-2595.                                           administrative headaches since we provide all      evening/Saturdays. One experienced employ-
NEW YORK-Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon.                support services allowing you to focus on pro-     ee. Last six month financials-$74,000
Mature expanding full service practice - Asso-      viding quality care. Guaranteed salary and a       net/113,000 gross. Two purchase options
ciation toward partnership - Board eligible or      bonus program. Our benefit package includes:       available with minimum $60,000 downpay-
qualifified - Excellent opportunity. Address        Pension, 401k, medical, life, disability, and      ment. Affordable financing/assist purchaser
ADA Box no. D377.                                   professional liability insurance, paid time off,   by working for one year. Owner in 40's, retir-
                                                    professional leave, etc. We will help defray       ing to dental missionary service by 1997.
NORTH CAROLINA-Asheville Group prac-                costs of Board exams, interviews and moving        $160,000. Address ADA Box no. D642.
tice, busy fee-for-service practice, multi-disci-   expenses. Send resume: Kris Holgerson,
plinary comprehensive care. Network comput-         Human Resources Manager, Willamette Den-           PENNSYLVANIA-Erie. Thriving general
erization, intra-oral video and two certified       tal Group, P.C., 14025 SW Farmington Road,         practice in prime location, seeking experi-
dental lab technicians. First year net should       Suite 300, Beaverton, 97005 or call (503) 644-     ences dentist. New facility. Excellent growth
exceed $100,000 for experienced partner.            6444, ext. 345. FAX (503) 526-4415.                potential. Dentist must have a positive and
Call: (704) 684-9260, (704) 254-2478 evenings.      OHIO-Chair of Primary Care. The Ohio               caring attitude. Associate/buyer for phased
NORTH CAROLINA-Hickory. Associate                   State University College of Dentistry is seek-     transition. Contact: Box 868, Saegertown,
needed for growing general practice. Full-          ing applications for a full-time tenure-track       16433; (814) 763-4811.
time/Part-time. Outstanding career opportu-         position at the Associate/Full Professor level     PENNSYLVANIA-Harrisburg suburbs.
nity. Safe, beaufiful rural/suburban setting,       to serve as Chair of the Section of Primary        General dentist needed for well-established
multicultural, many outdoor activities. Call:       Care. The major responsibilities of this posi-     and growing private group practice. Full-
(704) 327-7502.                                     tion include program development and ad-           time. Outstanding opportunity. Possible fu-
NORTH CAROLINA-Western Mountains.                   ministration of the educational and clinical       ture partnership. Send resume to Address
Well-established, high grossing general den-        activites of the Comprehensive Care Clinics        ADA Box no. D636.
tal practice seeking general dentist for associ-    with their coordinators; Dental Hygiene; Den-      PENNSYLVANIA-Montgomery County solo
ateship with partnership opportunity in fu-         tal Radiology; AEGD/GPR residency pro-             practitioner seeks associate with superior
ture. Must be committed to teamwork and             grams; and Geriatric Services. This role in-       skills in endodontia and exodontia. Part-time
                                                    cludes responsibility for patient care, student    leading to full-time. Salary and/or commis-

                                                                                                        JADA, Vol. 126, November 1995 1581

     sion. For interview call: (215) 855-0172          Dental Management Services; (901) 385-7713.          community. Excellent school system and re-
     evenings.                                         TENNESSEE-General dentist and special-               laxed atmosphere. Up-to-date office with five
     PENNSYLVANIA-Pittsburgh. Dentists                 ist. Practice your profession without the has-       operatories, network computer and private of-
     needed for established 18-year-old practice       sles associated with private practice. Excel-        fice 370K gross on 26 hour/wk. Address ADA
     which includes specialists in-house. Presently    lent starting salary plus collection commission      Box no. D621.
     ten locations expanding to twelve. Contact:       along with other paid employment benefits.           WASHINGTON-SW. Immediate associate-
     Katsur Dental & Orthodontics, (412) 279-          Group practice with multiple locations and           ship with a purchase option. Premier fee-for-
     4540.                                             modern facilities. Contact: Phillip Hamner at        service practice collecting $650,000 plus.
     PENNSYLVANIA-Pittsburgh. Expanding                (615) 794-0402.                                      Modern six operatory office in a beautiful
     multi-specialty practice. Opportunities lead-     TENNESSEE-Group practice seeks associ-               park like setting. Contact: Professional Prac-
     ing to partnership for motivated, service-ori-    ate in East Tennessee. Beautiful area to live        tice Specialists, Inc., 1-(800) 645-7590.
     ented endodontist and periodontist. Board eli-    with lakes, mountains and friendly people.           WISCONSIN-Central, small city. 25 year
     gible/certified. Associated Dental Specialists.   Near metropolitan area. Call: (423) 247-5551.        old group want Dentist comfortable in all
     Call: (412) 833-8400.                             TENNESSEE-Dentist. Full-time and/or                  phases of dentistry. Experience or GPR pre-
     PENNSYLVANIA-Philadelphia Suburbs.                part-time associate needed immediately. In-          ferred but not necessary. Opportunity to grow
     Group practice requires full-time general den-    credible opportunity for Dr. Right. Practice lo-     with us. Please call Ms. Webb at (715) 423-
     tist. Minimum residency or two years experi-      cated in Nashville, TN. Salary $10-70,000            3322 from 9 to 5 central time, Monday
     ence. Substantial guarantee, buy-in opportu-      years. Send resume and letter of interest and        through Friday.
     nity. Specialists on site. Please respond in      we will call to set up an interview. Forward         WISCONSIN-Group practice in southern
     confidence: Dr. Mark Perecman, 10 Allen           inquires to: Dentist: 5245 Hickory Hollow            Wisconsin seeking general dentist for full-
     Road, Loveladies, NJ 08008.                       Parkway; Antioch, 37013.                             time position in quality, progressive, fee-for-
                                                       TEXAS-Dentist. Multiple openings. 40                 service practice. Mid-size community in close
     PENNSYLVANIA-Suburban Philadelphia.                                                                    proximity to Chicago, Milwaukee and Madi-
     Long-established, high quality general prac-      hours per week, $48,000 per year. General            son. Excellent earnings potential with oppor-
     tice seeking dynamic experienced general          dentistry duties at high volume value priced         tunity for future buy-in for the right individu-
     dentist (hospital residency preferred) for long   dental clinic. Endodontics, Exodontics, Pead-        al. Must relocate. Send resume to 1714 N.
     term professional relationship and eventual       odontics and Surgical Procedures. Prescrib-          Randall Avenue, Janesville, WI 53545.
     buyout. Unlimited potential for the right per-    ing, supervising and correcting technical den-
     son. Address ADA Box no. D627.                    tal laboratory procedures. Requires DDS or           WISCONSIN-Growing multi-specialty clinic
                                                       equivalent in dentistry and two years experi-        in suburbn Milwaukee area seeks 1-2 general
     PENNSYLVANIA-Busy group practice in               ence in the job offered. Must have current           dentists. Excellent opportunity to join an ex-
     Western Pennsylvania seeks ambitious gener-       Texas State dental license or ability to obtain      panding, quality oriented organization. Ad-
     al dentist with strong clinical and interper-     license through reciprocity. Apply at Texas          dress ADA Box no. D630.
     sonal skills. Experience preferred but not re-    Employment Commission, TEC Building,
     quired. Associateship leading to partnership.     Austin, Texas 78778, JO# TX7502942. Ad               ISRAEL-American Dental Volunteers for Is-
     Call: (717) 652-9406.                             paid by an equal opportunity employer.               rael, need Dentists and Dental Hygienists to
                                                                                                            fill requests by Kibbutzim. Since 1970, 2,000
     PENNSYLVANIA-Dentist. Excellent oppor-            TEXAS-Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.                Dental Professionals have participated in the
     tunity/growth potential. Immediate opening        Baylor College of Dentistry invites applica-         year-round volunteer program. Housing for a
     for quality oriented, caring associate. Family    tions for a full-time, tenure track position in      family and all Kibbutz facilities are exchanged
     practice located in beautiful rural central PA    the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial             for 20 hours of work per week. Three to four
     community. Minimum 1st year income - 50 -         Surgery and Pharmacology at the Assistant/           weeks recommended. For information call:
     70K. Call: (717) 374-1551.                        Associate Professor level. Requirements in-          Dr. Robert Lewis; (516) 627-0462; evenings).
     PITTSBURGH AND ERIE-Wanted: Pe-                   clude a DDS/DMD degree from an ADA ac-               MIDDLE EAST-General dentist seeks posi-
     dodontist, Orthodontist and General Practi-       credited school plus board eligibility or certifi-   tion in Saudi or neighboring state with gov-
     tioner, for a well-established, 20 year old       cation in oral and maxillofacial surgery and a       ernment of private clinic. Performs all phases
     group practice. We are seeking a career mind-     commitment to scholarly activity and research.       of dental care. Dr. Buckley, 967 Hawk Island
     ed individual to join our family practice.        Responsibilities will include lectures and clin-     Ct, Edwardsville, IL 62025.
     Please call Dr. Sam Jaffe at 1-(800) 642-2501.    ical instruction for pre and postdoctoral den-
     RHODE ISLAND-Associateship on matter              tal students in oral and maxillofacial surgery,      NEPAL-Looking for an energetic, adven-
     track for partnership in established, highest     pain control and medical emergencies. Prima-         turesome, fun loving dentist who prides them-
                                                       ry emphasis will be in working with the Direc-       selves for excellent dentistry. Position avail-
     quality, prosthetically oriented general prac-    tor of Undergraduate Surgical Training and           able 5/96. Send resume and personal letter:
     tice. State of art environment and TEAM staff     Clinics. There is an opportunity for intra-          American Embassy Dental; Kathmandu
     will facilitate immediate 4-5 day production      mural private practice and research. Texas li-       (DOS); Washington DC 20521-6190 Tel/fax
     and income goals. Specific transition plans al-   censure or eligibility for specialty licensure by    977-1-221517.
     ready developed for talented and motivated        credentials is required. Academic rank and
     dentist who has the ability to invest in and                                                           NEW ENGLAND-Oral & Maxillofacial Sur-
     control a rewarding future. Address ADA Box       salary are commensurate with education and           geon. Coastal, two hours from Boston. Associ-
     no. D611.                                         experience. Interested applicants must sub-          ateship with possible partnership. Opportuni-
                                                       mit a current CV, a letter describing previous       ty for board eligible or certified surgeon to
     RHODE ISLAND-General dentist needed               experiences and future academic goals along          join a busy and growing practice. Send cur-
     full-time for modern group practice in down-      with three reference resources to: Dr; R:G.          riculum vitae and four references to Address
     town Providence. Excellent salary plus com-       Triplett, Chairman, Department of Oral and           ADA Box no. D612.
     mission. Send resume to: P.O. Box 1423,           Maxillofacial Surgery and Pharmacology,
     Providence, 02901-1423.                           Baylor College of Dentistry, P.O. Box 660677,        REGIONAL-ARKANSAS, LOUISIANA, OK-
     RHODE ISLAND-Part-time periodontist               Dallas, TX 75266-0677 no later than Decem-           LAHOMA, TENNESSEE - General Dentist.
                                                       ber 1, 1995. Fax (214) 828-8382. Baylor Col-         Tremendous opportunities with aggressive
     needed for group practice in Providence, R.I.     lege of Dentistry is an EEO/AA employer.             dental company. Practice dentistry without
     area. Send resume to: P.O. Box 384, Provi-        Women and minorities are encouraged to               administrative hassles. Associate position
     dence, 02901.                                     apply.                                               leading to partnership in multiclinic settings.
     RHODE ISLAND-Part-time oral surgeon               VIRGINIA-Norfolk. Contractor recruiting              Excellent salary plus commission. Contact:
     needed for group practice in Providence, R.I.                                                          Tim Watterson (501) 791-0619.
     area. Send resume to: P.O. Box 384, Provi-        general dentists to provide services for Nor-
                                                       folk Naval Dental Center. Salary, retirement         SAUDI AMERICAN DENTAL CENTER,
     dence, 02901.                                     plan, paid holidays, vacation and sick leave.        RIYADH, SAUDI ARABIA-Seeking the fol-
     TENNESSEE-Chattanooga and other Mid-              Any US license acceptable. Full-time, Mon-           lowing: General Dentists, Pedodontics, and
     dle Tennessee locations. Associates in several    day-Friday; Great Clinical Setting! Call: DPS,       Prosthodontics. Address: P.O. Box 15757,
     practices. Base salary plus commission. Paid       1-(800) 328-3371.                                   Riyadh, 11454, Saudi Arabia Fax.#011 966 1
     holidays and vacations, with contributions to     VIRGINIA-Associate needed for established            464 2834.
     401K retirement and medical. Contact: DMS:        quality dental practice in small waterfront

     1582 JADA, Vol. 126, November 1995
                                                                                                               CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING

SAUDI ARABIA-Hygienists, general den-              You'll work alongside other high-caliber pro-       Phase contrast microscope - camera - monitor
tists, and specialists needed for private dental   fessionals in modern facilities with the latest     and custom cabinet. $1,800.00/offer. Call: 1-
center. Tax free income and accommodations         equipment. You'll gain job satisfaction, great      (906) 774-2776. Excellent motivational tool.
provided. Send CV and recent photograph to:        pay, excellent medical and dental care, 30          Stryker. Electrical Surgical Handpiece, con-
Dental Clinic, P.O. Box 1185, Dhahran Air-         days of paid vacation each year, tax-free           sole, and accessories. Used only on 12 cases.
port 31932, Saudi Arabia.                          housing and food allowances, opportunities          Perfect condition. $3500.00. Call: (407) 788-
SINGAPORE-National University of Singa-            for funded continuing education and the re-         8880.
pore. Department of Preventive Dentistry.          spect and pride that comes with being a
Applications are invited for teaching appoint-     Naval Officer. And you'll experience one other
ments in the Department of Preventive Den-         thing no civilian practice can offer - pride in
tistry. Candidates should, in addition to an       using your skills to play a vital role in the fu-
approved basic degree, possess a Master's de-      ture of your country. For more information,         Are you qualified to profit with our worldwide
gree or equivalent in either the areas of Pre-     contact your local Navy Medical Programs of-        patented bridge-system? Delta Bridge-Sys-
ventive Dentistry and Community Dentistry          ficer, or call 1-800-USA-NAVY. Ask for opera-       tems of the Netherlands has developed (in co-
or Periodontics. Preference will be given to       tor 16.                                             operation with the Dutch University School of
candidate with relevant teaching, clinical and                                                         Dentistry) a unique system for making crown-
research experience. Gross annual emolu-                                                               less bridges without damaging sound teeth.
ments range as follows: Lecturer S$60,060 -                                                            This revolutionary system is now ready for
72,580, Senior Lecturer S$66,320 - 129,600.        ILLINOIS-Dentist seeking an associateship           distribution throughout the U.S. To expand
(US $1.00 = S$1.39 approximately) The com-         in Central/Southern Illinois. Please call: (217)    our network nationwide, we're looking for ex-
mencing salary will depend on the candidate's      586-3563.                                           perienced dentists to train other dental pro-
qualifications, experience and the level of ap-                                                        fessionals in the proper application of this
pointment offered. In addition, a 13th month       NORTH CAROLINA-GP, 25 years experi-                 system. This part-time opportunity calls for
Annual Allowance (of one month's salary) and       ence, relocating to Western North Carolina          excellent communication and technical skills.
an Annual Variable Component (of normally          (Asheville, Hendersonville, etc) because he         You also must be willing to commit a number
2 months' salary) may be payable at year end,      loves the area. Desire associate or salaried po-    of hours each month outside your practice. In
under the flexible wage system, to staff on        sition. Call: (303) 949-8970/FAX (301) 949-         short, our demands are high. But so are the
normal contracts. The Professional Fee             8930.                                               potential rewards for you. If this opportunity
Scheme will be extended to appointees, as ap-      Retired Pleasant Dentist will keep your prac-       sounds interesting, contact us for a complete
plicable. Leave and medical benefits will be       tice open while you are on vacation or away         information packet, sounds interesting, con-
provided. Depending on the type of contract        from your office. Can check prophy patients         tact us for a complete information packet,
offered, other benefits may include: provident     or refer emergency patients to another dentist      which includes an application form. Simply
fund benefits or an end-of-contract gratuity, a    of your choice, if you desire that. My fee is ex-   call our U.S. office: Delta Bridge-Systems,
settling-in allowance, subsidised housing or a     tremely reasonable. Call or write. Contact:         One Rockefeller Plaza 14th Floor, New York,
housing allowance, education allowance for         Dr. Edward Reeder, 1142 Lombard Street -            NY 10020. Tel: 1-(800) 887-2794-Fax: (212)
up to three children subject to a maximum of       Montgomery, Alabama, 36109. Call: 334-              265-6402.
S$16,425 per annum per child, passage assis-       2772044.                                            Australia Down Under Study Tour May 1996
tance and baggage allowance for the trans-         HUNDREDS of AVAILABLE-Candidates                    (Tax deductible and education credits). For
portation of personal effects to Singapore. Ap-    and Practice Seekers - Nationwide! Are you          registration of interest contact Australian
plication forms and further information on         planning to HIRE an associate, EXPAND or            Personnel Placement Service and Study
terms and conditions of service may be ob-         SELL your practice? Call USA DENTAL                 Tours 14 days (plus optional extra tours) AUS
tained from: The Director, Personnel Depart-       SEARCH, the only Dentistry-Specific, NA-            $3175 (approx $US 2286) 50 Kensington
ment, National University of Singapore, 10         TIONAL, firm Specializing in recruiting and         Road, South Australia 5067 Phone 011 618
Kent Ridge Crescent, Singapore 0511, The Di-       placement of Dentists. For a Free consulta-         331 3711 Fax 011 618 331 3569 or Australian
rector, North America Office, National Uni-        tion, call us today at (800) 504-7103.              Travel Headquarters Inc. (California) Phone
versity of Singapore, 55 East 59th Street,                                                             (714) 852-2270 (800) 546-2155 Fax (714) 852-
New York, N.Y. 10022, U.S.A. Tel: (212) 751-                                                           2277.
0331. Enquiries may also be sent through IN-                                                           Night Guards/TMJ Splints Flasked and Heat
TERNET to PERLIMMJ@LEONIS.NUS.SG,                                                                      Processed, Balanced Occlusion, Perfect Fit,
or through Telefax: (65) 7783948.                                                                      three days in lab. Returned Priority Mail, ppd
QATAR-Private American muli-specialty              Cerec 2.1.-Excellent condition, 2 years old         ($35) Call 1-(800) 860-3798 for more details
clinic is expanding and is seeking qualified       with low useage, $30,000 or best offer. Call:       and information.
American trained orthodontist/pedodontist for      (510) 376-4626.
immediate position. Salary benefits, fur-          Equipment Clearing House-Since 1990, in-            WESTERN REGIONAL BOARD EXAMINA-
nished housing, travel allowance, 30 days an-      troducing buyers to sellers. Buyers: Current        TION-11 years experience offering seminars
nual leave and incentive plan. There are no        list $30 single issue; $75/6 issue subscription.    and home-study instruction to dentists seek-
local taxes and local currency is transferable     Many Bargains. Sellers:-Motivated buyers/ex-        ing licenses in Alaska, Arizona, Idaho, Mon-
without restriction. Inquiry may be sent by        porters looking for your quality used equip-        tana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas,
FAX to 974-328-290.                                ment. Only nationwide service of this kind.         Utah, Washington. Contact: DenTest 1-(800)
                                                   VISA/MC. Call: (603) 522-3795.                      626-0954.
now available at U.S. Army clinics nation          Laser For Sale: NdYag American Dental
wide. Any state license qualifies. Excellent       Laser 91' MUST SELL! Make offer. Call:
salary with fringe benefits. Full or part-time.    (317) 846-3467 highest offer will be accepted.      ENDOS ORTHOS, PEDOS-Leverage your
Contact: Riley Dental Services, Inc., 1-(800)      Light Bulbs!! Purchase your dental and medi-        Cre-DENTIALS. Nationwide demand contin-
433-7986.                                          cal specialty lamps at wholesale discount           ues to ACCELERATE among our growing
NATIONWIDE-General Dentist. Worldwide,             prices. Guaranteed savings on any lamp!             client-base of quality, successful practices.
Navy dentists provide the best dental care         Please call for any of your lighting needs.         Turn your SPECIALTY skills into financial
available. That's a big job and the Navy needs     Pureland Electric Supply. Call: (609) 241-          rewards. Call now for November's "Top 20"
dentists with the clinical skills and profes-      0778.                                               positions: Contact: USA DENTAL SEARCH,
sional pride to commit themselves to that crit-    300 Ozs. Bakers aristalloy micro granules           (800) 504-7103. (1996 Grads qualify for spe-
ical goal. As a Navy dentist, you'll have un-      sealed original 1 oz. bottles. 5 per sealed         cial "Sign-On" bonuses.)
limited practice and leadership opportunities.     chest. Best offer call: (810) 293-6898.

                                                                                                        JADA, Vol. 126, November 1995 1583

 N                       VE IV1I3                                               FI                  1 995
Advertiser                                                        Page    Advertiser                                                  Page
A-dec                                                                     Mosby Co., C.V.
 (Radius Delivery System)           .......................        1467    (Physicians GenRx).............................             1483
AstraUSA, Inc.
 (AccuJect) .......................                                1522   Norelco Consumer Products Co.
 (*Citanest Forte 4%).......................                       1522    (Dentiflex Plaque Control System)........................... 1471
 (*Citanest Plain 4%).......................                       1522   NSK
 (*Polocaine 2%).......................                            1522    (EZ Prophy) .............................                    1468
 (*Polocaine 3%).......................                            1522
 (*Xylocaine).......................                               1522   Oral-B
                                                                           (*Ultra Floss) .............................                1477
Bisco Dental                                                              Osteohealth
 (One-Step) .......................                                1461    (BIO-OSS) .............................                     1489
 (C-Post) .......................                                  1463
Colgate Oral Pharmaceuticals                                               (SuperMat) .............................                  1553
 (*Cavity Protection).......................                    Cover 2   Procter & Gamble
 (*Total Toothbrush).......................                        1481    (Aleve) .............................                     1479
                                                                           (Crest Gum Care) .............................     1512-1513
Den-Mat                                                                    (Periodontal Screening & Recording) ...................Cover 4
 (Tenure Quik) .......................                            1457
Dentsply                                                                  Shofu
 (Implant Seminar).......................                         1487     (Super-Snap) .............................                  1545
Dental Management Decisions
 (Forum '96) .......................                              1470    Ultradent
                                                                           (Chromaclone).............................                  1530
Eastman Kodak                                                             U.S. Army
 (*Marcaine HCI 0.50%)
                     .......................                  1493-1494    (Dental Corp.) .............................                1485
                                                                          University of the Pacific
GC America                                                                 (Dental Studies Program).............................       1472
 (Fuji II LC) .......................                             1542
                                                                          Vernon Gold
Hope Pharmaceuticals                                                       (Metal Recycling) .............................             1472
 (*Sal-Tropine) .......................                         Cover 3
                                                                          Warner Lambert
IDE Interstate Drug Exchange                                               (Cool Mint Listerine Toothpaste)............................. 1473
 (Dental Supply Catalog).......................                   1465    Whitehall
                                                                           (*Advil) .............................                        1469
 (Tytin FC) .......................                               1475

1584 JADA, Vol. 126, November, 1995

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