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                          FOURNIER, STAYTON
                            February 21, 2008

         Also at the meeting were Brian Pokorny, Jennie Gliha, Kathy Sinnott-Gardner and
Tracy Baker.
         Diane Cusworth introduced Peggy and Corina to present the Wellness Program
information they had gathered. They went over the steps involved in developing a
Wellness Program for county employees beginning with defining the problem and setting
goals. They found information online regarding other counties’, such as Tompkins,
Wellness Programs. They had developed a survey which they hope can be made
available online to get input on what other employees would like to get out of a Wellness
         Representative Fournier asked what should be the first step.
         Corina suggested that they set up a Wellness Committee and collect data regarding
health care costs and absenteeism.
         Representative Fournier asked if they could make this presentation to the full
County Board on March 5, 2008. He will set it up with Laura Child. He also suggested that
they give Brian Pokorny a copy of the survey.
         Representative Stayton pointed out that she is on the Wellness Committee at
Basset and that the program has been well received. She pointed out that incentives have
been great motivational tools. She had read that the return on the investment into a
Wellness Program can be as high as $1.73 on every $1.00 invested.
         Representative Fournier stated that a Wellness Program could save the county
money, as well as the lives of employees.
         The committee discussed possible incentives such as walking around the block or
taking the stairs. Representative Stayton suggested checking online.
         Brian Pokorny asked if there was any way the Department of Health could do
employee screenings for things such as strep throat. Diane Cusworth stated that they
currently cannot because they do not have in place the necessary factors such as a nurse
practitioner, equipment and licenses. The county could explore the possibility of moving in
that direction. However, there would be more regulations to follow.
         Kathy Sinnott-Gardner stated that she would like to be involved with the Wellness
Committee if and when it materializes.
         Representative Stayton suggested making the internet more accessible to
employees, such as a kiosk, so they can access websites like for
         Representative Fournier reviewed the comments left in the suggestion box.
         Brian Pokorny said the newsletter will be going out with the February 28th paycheck.
He recommended the committee look into a different way of distributing the newsletter, as
it is very time consuming to print and fold them. He would like to stick with the electronic
form, though not all employees have access to e-mail or the intranet. Representative
Stayton asked if the printing could be outsourced or be sent out in e-mail form and printed
copies left at the entrances to the county buildings.
         Representative Fournier suggested they discuss this further next month. He has not
heard anything from Patty Simmons regarding the vending machines, and he will contact
her again. He will also contact the Manor regarding Sohdexo and the possibility of having
them provide healthier food in the county buildings. Representative Stayton pointed out
that the revenue will most likely go down as a result of having healthier snacks in the
vending machines.
         Representative Fournier spoke with Doug Czerkies in Building Services about a path
for the employees at the Meadows Building to walk on their breaks. He said that they are
planning to pave a service road around the building. Representative Fournier suggested
that maybe they could put up signs indicating the distance walked. He will talk further with
Doug on this.
         Jennie Gliha spoke with Weight Watchers. They can do a 12 weeks session at
$120 per person. The committee will hold off on this until they find out more about a
Intra-Employee Relations                                                           Page 2
February 21, 2008

Wellness Program.
        The committee discussed the possibility of doing a classified site for employees on
the intranet and decided that they would need to set up a policy before doing so.
        There will be an awards ceremony on March 5, 2008 at 9:30 am. The committee
will be providing refreshments for those receiving an award.
        There being no further business to discuss, the committee adjourned until March 20,
2008 at 9:00 am.

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