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					Exploiting the Lighting Revolution

     Applied Engineering for LEDs
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                                       Page 1
                       Dialight plc

   Formerly The Roxboro Group PLC
   Weston and Solartron divested 2003 through 2005
   September 2005 listed on the London Stock Exchange as
    Dialight plc
   Dialight revenues in 2004 £55m
   850 people
   Sales in North America, Europe & Asia
   Operations in UK,USA, Mexico and Germany

                               Page 2
             Dialight plc
             Senior Staff

             Group Chief Executive
                 Roy Burton

  Finance Director                  VP of Operations
   Cathy Buckley                    Dave Pheteplace

    VP of Sales                  Chief Technical Officer
    Brian Todd                        Jack Curran

MD of Dialight Europe            VP of Product Marketing
   Marc Ottolini                         Vacant

                        Page 3

    World's Leading Exponent in the Application of LED
                    Lighting Technology

   Giving status indication to electronic equipment worldwide
   Saving municipalities and operators tens of millions of dollars
    through energy efficient signals
   Bringing precise colour management and programming to
    architectural lighting
   Providing safe and rugged lighting solutions to hazardous
    industrial locations

                                   Page 4
              Financial Goals 2004 - 2008

   Increase Shareholder Value through
       Compound double digit sales growth
       Compound EPS growth in the mid-teens

   Achieved through
       Identification of growth segments
       Development of defensible technology for those segments
       Bringing new products to new markets

   Executed by
       Motivated Executive Management Team whose interests are
        aligned with shareholders through a Long Term Incentive

                                    Page 5
              The Lighting Revolution – LEDs



              40                                                   TS AlInGaP
              1970   1974   1978   1982   1986       1990   1994     1998    2002     2006


                                            Page 6

   Dialight’s business has two principal pieces

        Components - relatively mature market - low brightness LEDs

        Signals/Illumination - using high brightness LEDs. Strong growth
         potential as LED technology enables new applications

                                     Page 7
 Sales and Contribution by Segment
                                                                     Net Sales 2008 Goal
          Net Sales 2004 Actuals

£27,376      49%       51%         £28,154
                                                                      39%          61%

                                                                  Contribution 2008 Goal
      Contribution 2004 Actuals

£14,797       61%      39%         £9,267
                                                                       46%         54%

                                            COMPONENTS    SIGNALS / ILLUMINATION

                                                         Page 8
                   Components - Markets

   Underlying Growth of 4-5%
   Cyclical
   Market Drivers for Dialight
        Capital spending on communications infrastructures
        Growth in Data Storage and Data Access requirements
        General Electronics Market
        Industrial/Automotive market conversion from conventional to LED

                                     Page 9
Components – Dominant Channel Position
   Established Global Market Leader
    since the invention of LED
   Preferred Supplier to world’s major
    OEMs - Cisco, Nokia, Lucent, IBM
   Strong presence with multinational
    distributors- Arrow, Future,
    Electrocomponents, Farnell/InOne
   Proprietary position with Prism
   Extensive “print position” in USA
    and Europe

                                        Page 10
Signals/Illumination - Markets



    $ million





                        2004     2005         2006        2007        2008       2009
                               Source: Strategies Unlimited Feb 05 LED content

       Growing Market with significant adoption to take place.
       Double digit growth potential (Source Strategies Unlimited)

                                              Page 11
Signals/Illumination - Market Drivers

             Energy savings
             Safety
             Maintenance cost
             Accessibility for Obstruction Market
             Government incentives
             Flexibility of light source
             Digital control for colour
             Rugged light source

                      Page 12
    Signals/Illumination - Business Strategy

   Exploit channels and technology to introduce new products to
    OEM partners in multiple segments of Signalling and Illumination
     Invest in technology to service market needs
     Partner with OEMs in multiple segments
     Focus growth on:
           Traffic - Europe and Asia
           Obstruction - Worldwide
           Rail - Europe and Asia
           Illumination - Worldwide
   Opportunity for acquisitions to drive focus or add technology

                                        Page 13
          Signals/Illumination - Our Markets

   Traffic
   Rail
   Obstruction
   Digital Lighting
   Niche Lighting

                          Page 14
           Signals/Illumination - Sales by Segment
                                                                                   2008 Goal
                  2004 Actuals

     20%                                                       12%

                                            £18.7m             7%

        Traffic    Obstruction   Rail   Other

                                                                     T ra f f ic     O bs t ruc t io n   R a il
                                                                     O t he r        Illum ina t io n

                                                     Page 15
                    Traffic – Worldwide Number One

     USA 50% adopted              Europe less than 5% adopted LED
     6.5 million signals to be    Major effort by key Traffic Systems    Asia - little adoption
      replaced                      OEMs to drive adoption                 15 million signal potential
     LED replacement starting     Potential 10 million signals to be
      in 2005-2007                  replaced

      Market Leader in LED Traffic Signals in U.S., Number 2 in Europe

                                                Page 16
              Traffic - Value Proposition

   US market strong adoption due to replacement of 150 watt bulb
    with 10 watt LED
   Energy alone pays back in less than 24 months plus
    maintenance saving- conventional light needs replacing every
   Drives strong retrofit market
   European proposition less compelling on energy (50 watt versus
    150 watt) but still pays back in less than 3 years through
    maintenance savings
   Drives new and replacement market

                                Page 17
                           Traffic - Market
North America $80m annually
  50% Adopted
  Dialight 35%+ share
  Competition Gelcore and Leotek plus numerous small Asian companies
  Share protected by dealer Channel and strong spec. position

  <5% Adopted
  10 million Signals to be converted
  Potential €60m market annually if only 8% of lights are replaced each year
  Futurit market leader with 65% share followed by Dialight with 20%
 Sales through OEMs- new agreement with Siemens Germany
  New standards driving adoption in Germany and Netherlands

   Low infrastructure, high new build, energy shortage
   No strong market established yet

                                         Page 18
            Traffic - European Customers
           Dialight now has product that is qualified and
          competitive in all the major European markets.
2002                               New 2005
Germany: SBH, Stuhrenberg, STM     Germany: Siemens
Switzerland: VR-AG                 Netherlands: Siemens, Peek, Imtech, TPA
UK: Coeval                         France: Accor, Fareco, SEA,ECI
                                   UK: Siemens, Microsense
                                   Nordic: TTS, Elektro Sandberg
                                   Greece: Vierex
                                   Hungary: Forg Tech, Voretex
                                   Turkey: Siemens
                                   Italy: La Semaforica
                                   Poland: several customers

                                 Page 19

   Market leader in LED Rail
   Retrofitted New York City
    Transit with LED Signals
   Opportunities in Asia and
   Proprietary safety circuitry
   Over 2 million signals
    worldwide - $250m
   Low adoption to date

                                    Page 20
   North America-
       New opportunities in Transit Market
       Class 1 Railroad Wayside Market with enhanced product
       Crossing Light continued business
       Sales likely to be steady
   Europe-
       First contract with Danish Rail for 2 thousand signals. More to
       Working with SBB(CH), Railpro(NL), SNCB(B), AZD(CZ),
        Jerbaverket(N), Col(IT)
       In qualification with Russia Rail
       European market potentially 1 million signals
   Asia-
       Initial trials in China with Wayside product
       Large market but no real channels open yet

                                     Page 21

   Long gestation period due to safety critical nature of market
   Strong value proposition due to inherent reliability and longevity
    of LED solution plus energy saving
   Gelcore strong competitor in North America
   No dominant players in Europe/Asia
   Discussions with OEMs to partner

                                   Page 22
         Obstruction – Leader Worldwide

   At least $300 million market
    potential worldwide
   Strong OEM relationships in the
    USA and good channel access in
   FAA approved product
   Adoption less than 5% worldwide          New Markets
                                             Wind Power

                                   Page 23
                Obstruction – Market Size
   USA has 79,000 lighted towers using 311,000 Sidelights and 38,000
    Red Beacons for a potential of $120 million
   Assume Europe and Asia to be similar size to give a further $120
   Wind Energy will install 30,000 units over the next 5 years giving a
    market of $120 million assuming 2 beacons per tower
   Hazardous Location Market estimated to be $50 million
   Bridges, cranes and tall buildings estimated to be $10 million
   White applications not included in these estimates

                                      Page 24
          Obstruction – Value Proposition

   5 year warranty against <18 month change out for conventional
   40 watts versus 1,240 watts for conventional beacon
   Climber to replace light bulb costs $500
   Bulb failure must be notified within 1/2 hour and replaced within
    15 days

                                  Page 25
                     Obstruction to Date
   Agreements with the two leading OEMs in North America
   Key supplier to FAA
   6,000 Beacons sold so far –more than130,000 left to change
   38,000 sidelights sold so far- almost 600,000 left to change
   Major Customers in Europe NTL, Centertel and Polkomtel (Poland), VT
   Distribution set up throughout Europe

                                     Page 26
               Obstruction – Competition

   North America
         Siemens- Airports only
         Honeywell- still buying from Dialight
         Flash- contract with Dialight
         TWR- contract with Dialight

   Europe
       Orga for Beacon
       Obelux
       Many small local suppliers of non-conforming product

                                     Page 27
          Digital Lighting - Coloured LEDs
   Available market worldwide in
    hundreds of millions of dollars.
    Technology opens up applications
   Colour Mixing for Architectural,
    Entertainment and Theatrical
   Proprietary Colour Mixing protocol
   Proprietary Light Engine technology
   Development of strategic OEM
   Market leader Color Kinetics has
    established a $40+ million business

                                       Page 28
         Digital Lighting - Coloured LEDs

   Establishing OEM partners to address the market
   Using Spectramix® Software and unique Light Mixing
   Ability to guarantee colour from fixture to fixture

                                Page 29
               Niche Lighting - White LEDs
   White LEDs currently only
    viable for niche applications due
    to cost and efficiency
   Currently areas of high reliability,
    safety and durability are viable
   Examples are:
        Hazardous location lights for
         explosive environments
        Bridge and Tunnel Lights
        Road Sign Illumination
   More niches are enabled as
    LEDs become more efficient and
    more cost effective.

                                           Page 30
           HazLED™ Applications in White

   Petrochem
   Mines
   Pharmaceutical
   Chemical
   Long life and “inherent safety” allow
    use in hazardous locations where
    lights qualified to UL Class 1 Div 2 are
   Dialight has qualified product

                                    Page 31
                      HazLED™ Market Assessment
                       Petroleum Refining Industry
The U.S. has 152 refineries which represents 1/3rd of the World Refining Capacity

  Other opportunities:
  Offshore Drilling Platforms
  Chemical/ Pharmaceutical Industry
  Mining Industry

                                                                      US market                           Global market
                Dialight Products                        # of Units        Unit      Total       Total #      Unit     Total
                                                                            $     $ (millions)   of Units      $     $ (millions)
                                                  / Plant     Total
                Warning Lights (Multi Color)        60          9,120      350       3.2         27,360       350         9.6
                L864 Beacons                         6           912       300       2.7          2,736      3000         8.2
                White Down Lights                   50          7,600      550       4.2         22,800       600       12.5
                Area Illumination Lights           600         91,200      900      82.1         273,600      900      246.2
                                           World Market Assessment (Total): $276.5 million

                                                                      Page 32
        Technology – Multiple Patents Pending
   Multi-disciplined teams with Optical, Thermal, Software, Electronic and Mechanical skills
   Dialight teams working on state of the art solutions for LED Application
   Extensive Intellectual Property Portfolio being developed

         “Spectramix®”            “Colour Mixing Cavity”                  “X-Cube”
                                       Light Engine
          “Spectramix”                                                    “X-Cube”

      Proprietary colour           Perfectly mixed light          Non fringing, imageable light
      mixing technique enabling    with no pixellation            engine for theatrical
      millions of colours                                         applications
      for thousands of
      independent fixtures

                                               Page 33

   ISO 9001-2000 Registered
   Design and Development in
    Farmingdale (USA), Wang
    (Germany) and Newmarket (UK)                    Ensenada, Mexico
   Manufacturing in Ensenada
    (Mexico), Roxboro (USA), Wang
    (Germany) and Newmarket (UK)
                                                     Roxboro, USA

        Farmingdale, USA            Wang, Germany    Newmarket, UK

                                     Page 34
        Dialight’s Competitive Advantage

   Critical Mass
   State of the art technology
   Economies of scale
   Low cost manufacturing
   Global customer base
   Pioneer of LED applications

                                  Page 35

   Dominant channel position in Components
   Strong channel position in Signalling
   Building position in Illumination
   Differentiated technology
   Strong operational gearing
   Good opportunities for consolidation in an emerging
   Big enough to dominate, small enough to be nimble!

                          Page 36
Uniquely Positioned to Exploit
   the Lighting Revolution

              Page 37

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