Magura Supermoto Brake System by cmz65105


									Magura Supermoto Brake System
The new Magura Supermoto Radial Brake system is the first complete radial brake
system available. This system offers maximum braking action with excellent modulation
and customization.

   1. Radial Master Cyclinder: Radial 190 & Radial 195 types come in 12mm, 13mm,
      16mm & 20mm sizes

   2. Brake Caliper: 4-Piston caliper with piston diameter 4 x 28mm

   3. Brake Pads: 4 single brake pads-supplied with caliper

   4. Racing Rotor: 320mm Racing rotor 3.5mm minimum thickness

   5. We also offer the Magura Supermoto Brake with a relocation bracket so the OEM
      Lower leg can be utilized.

       Models Available:
       Honda CRF 250, 450
       Yamaha YZF/WRF 250, 450
       Suzuki RMZ 250, 450
       Kawasaki KXF 250

            Call for current pricing (858) 531-8156


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