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									                                                   January February 2009
                    Department of Family and Community Medicine @ The University of Kansas School of Medicine-Wichita

        Smoky Hill Family Medicine
     Residency Program Establishes the
      Patient-Centered Medical Home
           Model of Primary Care
         Smoky Hill Family Medicine Residency                      MD. At the press conference, he described how
Program announced at a news conference on Jan. 16                  Smoky Hill has a long tradition of training
that it is establishing the Patient-Centered Medical               physicians for Kansas and leads the nation in
Home (PCMH) Model of primary care. The Smoky                       training residents for rural areas. He said the PCMH
Hill residency transformation project efforts will be              is a foundation for solving the looming health care
supported in part by a $49,500 grant from the United               crises. Dr. Freelove thinks TransforMED will help
Methodist Health Ministry                                                                         physicians at Smoky
Fund (UMHMF) and will                                                                             Hill manage
focus on the application of                                                                       information in their
health information                                                                                electronic medical
technology, increased                                                                             record (EMR). “The
support for patients in                                                                           EMR is only as good as
managing their medical                                                                            how you use it.”
problems, scheduling                                                                                      At the press
innovations, and alternatives                                                                     conference, Rick
to the routine office visit.                                                                      Kellerman, MD,
TransforMED, a subsidiary                                                                         compared physicians
of the American Academy of                                                                        today to car
Family Physicians that                                                                            manufacturers who
focuses on change                                                                                 were recently grilled by
management and medical                                                                            Congress about the
practice redesign, has been                                                                         problems in their
selected to guide the change        Jerry Moran, Robert Freelove, MD and Rick Kellerman, MD         industry. He said
process over the next three         prior to the press conference.                                  that 3-4 years down
years.                                                             the road physicians could be in the same boat
         Smoky Hill will place a renewed emphasis                  because they are not willing to change and adopt
on chronic disease management. “As chronic disease                 innovations such as the PCMH. “We need to
becomes more prevalent in our society, it will be                  change,” he said. “We cannot just point fingers at
important for primary care practices to adopt office               insurance companies and the government if we don’t
protocols in which physicians, other health care                   make changes ourselves.”
providers and community resources interact to                              Elaine Skoch, RN, MN, CNAA, EMBA, of
improve the care of patients with chronic conditions,              TransforMED, who is overseeing the project, said
such as diabetes and high blood pressure,” said                    Smoky Hill is the first residency program in the
Smoky Hill Program Director, Robert Freelove,                      nation to embrace all of the concepts of the PCMH.
She described how the PCMH                                              potential to make a long-term
involves a whole team of medical                                        improvement in heath outcomes.
professionals caring for the                                                    Stories about Smoky Hill and the
patient. Congressman Jerry                                              PCMH can be found at
Moran said he thinks the PCMH                                           http://www.aafp.org/online/en/home/pub
concepts will transform medical                                         lications/news/news-
care.                                                                   now/pcmh/20090217pcmh-resids.html
         Virginia Elliott, said                                         (includes audio interviews with Smoky
UMHMF is excited about                                                  Hill residents) and
funding this project. It was one                                        http://www.enewsbuilder.net/kafp/e_arti
of the four proposals accepted                                          cle001318584.cfm?x=bf1sDSD,b2k8Mh
from 60 that were submitted. Ms                                         B6
Elliott said “It was selected
because the project has the
                                     Robert Freelove, MD and Virginia
                                     Elliott at press conference

           Loney receives national award
         Beth Loney, MD, Wesley, was one of 10              in Washington, D.C., March 9.
  residents selected nationally to receive the 2009                 The Leadership Awards are presented to
  American Medical Association (AMA)                        15 medical students, 10 residents/fellows and five
  Foundation Leadership Award. Dr. Loney was                early-career physicians. The awards provide
  recognized for her exemplary leadership skills in         leadership development training to further
  advocacy, community service, public health                strengthen the recipients efforts toward advancing
  and/or education. She will receive the award at           health care in America.
  the AMA National Advocacy Conference (NAC)

         Family Medicine Advocacy Day
           Faculty and residents from the KU                 Relations Consultant; and family physicians:
  School of Medicine in Wichita and Kansas City,             Kevin Hoppock, MD; Michael Kennedy, MD;
  as well as family physicians from throughout the           Bob Moser, MD; Marty Turner, MD and Rick
  state, travelled to Topeka, Jan. 21, to discuss the        Kellerman, MD. Among those attending were:
  concerns of family physicians with state                   Adam Armbruster, MD; Jennifer Bacani,
  officials. About 50 family physicians, residents           MD; Josh Brueggemann, MD; Rebecca
  and students gathered in Topeka to hear                    Crowell, MD; Rick Moberly, MD - Via Christi;
  presentations from Kansas policymakers and                 Paul Callaway, MD; Chris Ebberwein, PhD;
  family physician leaders: Sen. Jim Barnett; Sen.           Jim Hild, DO; Kristin Myers, MD; Michael
  Laura Kelly; Sen. Steve Morris, President of the           Oller, MD; Robin Walker, MD; Beth Loney,
  Senate; Rep. Mike O’Neal, Speaker of the                   MD – Wesley; Steven Bear, MD; Robert
  House; Marcia Nielsen, PhD, MPH, Kansas                    Freelove, MD; David Guernsey, MD – Smoky
  Health Policy Executive Director; Jerry                    Hill; Daniel Warren, MS4; Caleb Bowers,
  Slaughter, Kansas Medical Society, Executive               MS4.
  Director; Dodie Wellshear, KAFP Government
          Todd Stephens, MD, and the Via Christi        Feb. 16. Watch it at
  International Medicine Fellowship are featured        http://www.ksn.com/news/local/39580247.html
  in the AAFP Global Health Video “Where Will                    Jason Nugent, MD, started his residency
  Family Medicine Take You?” Kevin Raymer,              at Wesley FM, Jan. 5. He is a graduate of
  MD, Via Christi, and Mike Oller, MD, Wesley,          KUSM-Wichita.
  also appear in the video. You can watch it at                  Rick Kellerman, MD, was featured in
  http://fmignet.aafp.org/online/fmig/index/resourc     “AAFP Members Participate in the Alma-Ata
  es/fmigvideos/globalhealth.html.                      Declaration 30th Anniversary Celebration” in the
          Anne Walling, MB, ChB, and Scott              Winter 2009 edition of International Update,
  Moser, MD, presented “Preparing Students for          published online by AAFP. It is available at
  The USMLE Step 2-Clinical Skills Examination          www.aafp.org/online/etc/medialib/aafp_org/docu
  Submission Summary,” at the 35th Annual               ments/about/ifm/winter09.Par.0001.File.tmp/Inte
  Predoctoral Education Conference, Jan. 22-25,         rnationalWinter09Enews.pdf.
  Savannah, GA.                                                  Kara Cox, MD, Via Christi, authored
          Rick Kellerman, MD, and Robert                “Proper Treatment Can Prevent ‘Mallet Finger’”
  Freelove, MD, discussed the patient centered          in the January issue and “Take Steps to
  medical home on Kansas Public Radio, Feb. 2.          Minimize Your Risk of Injury” in the February
  You can listen to the broadcast at                    issue of High School Sports Magazine.
  http://kansaspublicradio.org/newsstory.php?item                Rick Kellerman, MD, published “Our
  ID=13146.                                             Drum Major Instinct” in the Winter issue of
          Scott Stringfield, MD, Via Christi,           Kansas Family Physician.
  published “Formula for Reform: Ideal but                       Rural track students at Smoky Hill, Kari
  Unlikely,” in the Journal of Family Practice,         Clouse, MS4 and Melissa Colgan, MS4 placed
  January 2009.                                         first in the Health of the Public poster
          Kristin Myers, MD, Wesley, was                presentation.
  featured in a story on WCGME funding by KSN,

Call for Abstracts
       Conference on Practice Improvement: Constructing the Medical Home, Nov. 5-8, 2009 - Kansas City,
MO. Submission Deadline, March 9. For more information go to
       2009 NAPCRG Annual Meeting, Nov. 14-16, Rio Montreal, Canada. Submission deadline is April
20. For more information, go to www.napcrg.org/

Fellowships/Faculty Development
Information Mastery: A Practical Approach to Practicing and Teaching Evidence-Based Medicine, Nov.
   12-14, Tufts University School of Medicine, Boston, MA. For more information go to www.thci.org/.
The Journal of Family Practice is seeking authors. Here is an opportunity for faculty to show evidence of
   scholarly activity. An applied evidence article can be submitted to Jeff Sussman at
susmanjl@fammed.uc.edu on the following clinical
      When chest pain is not MI, but equally                   Augmenting antidepressants, when, how and
         serious                                                   why
                                                               Masqueraders of stroke: Don't get fooled
  Be prepared for office emergencies                      The evidence about shingles
  Controversies in congestive heart failure               The diabetic foot
  Ten malpractice pitfalls to avoid                       Testicular disorders
  Neuropathy: Not all diabetes and carpal                 Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
    tunnel                                                New options for rheumatoid arthritis
  Ten secrets to better diabetes care                     Breast cancer update
  How to really get your patients to lose weight          Prostate cancer update
  What to do when the blood pressure is not               Managing multiple sclerosis
    coming down                                           Can quality improvement pay?
  Alzheimer's disease: Are drugs effective?

Attention Residents/Faculty Development
The American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) announces the availability of two vaccine science
    fellowship positions for family physicians. The selected fellows will work with a mentor to become
    more knowledgeable about vaccine science and policy. Application deadline is April 15. For more
    information, go to

        AAFP/F Wyeth Immunization Awards recognize family medicine residency programs that are
achieving excellence in clinical practice by identifying and developing creative solutions to improve
childhood immunization rates. Submission deadline is March 31. For more information go to:

        Family Medicine Spring Symposium, April 10, Hilton Wichita Airport, will focus on women’s
health. For more information, go to http://wichita.kumc.edu/postgrad/brochures/fmss09.pdf.

  Hypothyroidism - Giridhar Chilukuri, MD, Wesley
  Bacterial Vaginosis - Kristin Myers, MD, Wesley
  Evaluation of Breast Masses - Starlet Kerner, MD, Wesley
  Aesthetics in Family Medicine - Michael Catausan, MD, Wesley
  Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate: An Overview - Robin Walker, MD, Wesley
  Pain Conference - Chris Ebberwein, PhD and Kavitha Arabindoo, MD, Wesley
  Sexually Transmitted Infections, Bob Kraft, MD, Smoky Hill
  EKG Review - Charles Allred, MD, Smoky Hill
  Insulin Therapy in Hospitalized Patients - Charles Allred, MD, Smoky Hill
  Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding - Erin Baxa, MD, Smoky Hill
  Turning QI into Scholarly Activity - Annie Harvey, PhD, VC
               Mark Your Calendar
        March                          April
11   Faculty Development     10   Family Medicine
     Teleconference: “Four        Spring Symposium,
     Generational                 Wichita Airport Hilton
     Workforce” by Susan
     R. Lacey, PhD, RN,
     FAAN Chaney Room,
                             16   Hooding and Awards
                                  Ceremony – Lied
19   Match Day
                                  Center, Lawrence
                             17   Commencement
          April                   Ceremony, Memorial
7    FMIG Celebration of          Stadium, Lawrence
     the Match, Olive Tree
     Banquet Hall
8    Faculty Development
     Chaney Room, KUSM-

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