Patient-Centered Medical Home Pilot and Demonstration by wlx15873


									                                   Patient-Centered Medical Home
                                       Pilot and Demonstration
Project Title

Aligning PCMH Stakeholders in Michigan

Project Location

State:    Michigan                          Region within      Statewide
                                            State (if

Project Status
Please select one from the list below:

Under Development                           Comments:          The Michigan Primary Care
Active                                                         Consortium, convened 4 PCMH
Other (please add comment)                                     Stakeholder meetings between
                                                               April and October 2008 to lay
                                                               groundwork for
                                                               around PCMH in Michigan.
Target Start                                Pilot/Demo
Date:                                       Length:

Convening Entity/Project Contacts

Convening               Michigan Primary Care Consortium
Organization Name:

Contact Name(s):        Janet Olszewski, Director, Michigan    Rose Steiner
                        Department of Community Health         IPIP State Director
                        and MPCC Chair

Phone:                  517-241-7353                           248-213-4656

Brief Overview/Research Question/Focus of Project
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The Michigan Primary Care Consortium (MPCC), made up of public and private stakeholders who
support the transformation of primary care delivery systems in Michigan, is convening a series
of PCMH meetings. In April 08, the MPCC sponsored Improving Performance in Practice (IPIP)
program invited multiple stakeholders to hear speakers from Colorado IPIP and Commonwealth
Fund present a pilot opportunity. As a follow up, MPCC is convening a series of meetings of

File Name: Aligning PCMH Stakeholders in Michigan                                           1
Last Update: 10/21/2008
payers and professional associations to create a PCMH definition, metrics and practice
recognition process for Michigan in order to
  1. Decrease the burden that would be imposed on practices through each payer creating
     a PCMH plan using different assumptions and requirements, and
  2. Lay the foundation for future consideration of multipayer pilots and/or
     other collaborative work.
Once the group attains consensus, the products will be widely distributed to additional
stakeholders for input and consensus building.

File Name: Aligning PCMH Stakeholders in Michigan                                         2
Last Update: 10/21/2008
Participating Stakeholders

Organization Names (please      Organization Types (e.g.,        Comments:
list each one on a new line –   payer-public/        private,
and format org. types and       employer,           provider
comments to line up with        organization, etc.):
org. name):
Michigan Primary Care           Broad - based                    MPCC stakeholders include
Consortium                      private/public coalition         professional and trade
                                                                 associations, insurance
Primary Care Professional       Professional association         companies, businesses, academic
Associations                                                     programs, public health
                                                                 organizations and regional quality
Insurance Companies             Public/private                   improvement coalitions.
Health Plans                    Public/private

Expected or Actual Demographics of Participating Practices

# of Practices:                               # of Overall
   Types of        Internal Medicine         Range in # of
   Practices       Family Medicine           physicians per
(select all that   Pediatrics                   practice:
    apply):        Other
  Health Plan      Commercial                Overall # of
    Lines of       Medicare Adv.            Covered Lives:
   Business              Medicaid
   Included        Managed Care
(select all that   Other
    apply):        Undecided

Medical Home Recognition Program
Please select all that apply:

   NCQA PPC-PCMH                              Comments:         The PCMH recognition process
   Other                                                        developed by BCBSM as part of its
   Undecided                                                    Provider Group Incentive Program
                                                                will likely be a recognition option.

Practice Transformation Support (including technology)

Yes                  If yes, please    Several initiatives in Michigan are available to support
No                       briefly       practice transformation. The MPCC sponsored Improving

File Name: Aligning PCMH Stakeholders in Michigan                                                      3
Last Update: 10/21/2008
Undecided        describe:   Performance in Practice Program (IPIP) will assist
                             practices achieve PCMH recognition through a learning
                             collaborative experience, implementing a process
                             improvement change package, and on-site coaching by
                             industry trained and loaned experts in quality and process
                             improvement. In addition to engaging 30 practices in 2008
                             and 100 in 2009, IPIP plans to develop local/regional
                             support for ongoing quality and process improvement in

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Last Update: 10/21/2008
Payment Model

Yes                 If yes please
No                  briefly
Undecided           describe:

Project Evaluation

Yes                 If yes, name of
No                  evaluator (if
Undecided           known):

Types of Data to be Collected
Please select all that apply:

 Clinical Quality                     Brief
 Cost                                 Description
 Patient Experience/Satisfaction      and/or
 Provider Experience/Satisfaction     Comments:

Relevant Links (e.g. convening organization website, press releases,
helpful tools, other regional/local resources)

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Last Update: 10/21/2008

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