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                                                              Paris, February 2006
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     COMMISSION                ORGANIZATION               PROGRAMME                SCIENCE
      (of UNESCO)

     Ninth Session of the Global Ocean Observing System Scientific Steering Committee (GSSC-IX)
                                     Paris, France, 6 – 8 March 2006

                                 Western Australia
                                        Submitted by W. Erb
                 ON ACTIVITIES
               OF THE IOC PERTH
                Western Australia
                           Jan 05 to Feb 06


Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) of the United Nations
       Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)

   Western Australian Government’s Office of Science and Innovation

         Commonwealth Government’s Bureau of Meteorology

                        Submitted by: William Erb

                         Table of Contents

I.     Overview                              3

II. Western Australia                        4

III. Indian Ocean                            4

IV. Pacific Ocean                            6

V. Southeast Asia                            7

VI. Benefits                                 8


     1. Calendar of Perth Office Meetings    11
     2. PIGOOS Calendar of Main Events       12


The Boxing Day tsunami of 26 December 2004, dramatically impacted the Indian Ocean GOOS
Programme activities during 2005. For the countries within the region, the year was devoted to
assessing the damage, cleanup and restoration of communities, building warning systems and
attending to human needs. The IOC, working with various partners, provided leadership to the
region in setting up a regional intergovernmental process to help build a tsunami warning and
mitigation system.

In early 2006, the Government of Australia announced its intention to set up a regional warning
system for the Indian Ocean and to contribute funds for this purpose. It indicated a desire to have
the Intergovernmental Coordination Group (ICG) located in Perth as part of the existing IOC Perth
Office. This was logical especially given that the Office had direct links to the many Indian Ocean
GOOS participants with lead roles in their countries for planning tsunami warning and mitigation.
$400K USD was provided by Australia to fund the ICG. This was approved at the IOC Assembly in
July 2005, and it was agreed that the Perth Office would arrange the first meeting of the ICG in
Perth on August 3-5, 2005. The Office has been engaged with the ICG almost full time since.

For much of the year the Office Head devoted most of his time to the tsunami effort, which resulted
in GOOS not getting the same attention it did in previous years. The distinction between the
tsunami effort and GOOS is for many people non-existent. There is the collection of continuous
data and information streams and the use of this data for providing a service (or warning). When the
multi-hazard component is added to the tsunami initiative the connection to GOOS becomes even

The workload for the Perth Office significantly increased in earnest in July 2005, with planning for
the first ICG scheduled for early August. Until then, time was devoted to various IOC planning
meetings in Mauritius and Paris and in gaining support for the Australian proposal to host the ICG
in Perth. All logistics and planning for the ICG meeting were led by the Perth Office working
directly with Dr Bernal, an IOC headquarters team and a local organizing committee. The agenda,
meeting objectives, participants, background material and protocols were generated without
available precedents. A second meeting was convened for Hyderabad in December, which was also
planned by the Perth Office with help on local logistics from INCOIS in India. In addition, the ICG
was setup with equipment, communications, computers and staff. Mr Len Broadbridge, the ex
regional director for BOM WA, was employed to assist the Perth Office from September 2005 to
January 2006. He provided outstanding support during this time.

The first ICG meeting established five working groups on various aspects of tsunami planning.
These groups were constituted, energized and supported during the intersessional periods. Data
bases and web site postings were also needed and established. The Perth Office managed this
process, including the funding and several working group meetings. The Office initiated a
recruitment process for a locally–hired tsunami staff member and completed that process in time for
the selectee, Dr Jane Cunneen to attend the Hyderabad meeting in December. It was important for
her to gain an understanding of the process and to meet the players early on.

IOC Paris is also recruiting a P-4 tsunami expert to work at the Perth Office based on the Australian
proposal of July 2005, to support the ICG. The advertisement was initiated at the end of January
2006. It will be several more months before the selectee will take up duties in Perth. In the interim,
Dr Cunneen is coordinating the ICG with oversight and assistance from IOC headquarters.

                                 REGIONAL GOOS ACTIVITIES


In Western Australia the development of GOOS continues with an emphasis on awareness building
and expansion of GOOS throughout the country. The Perth Office has continued to support Western
Australia GOOS (WAGOOS) and to generate conferences in Perth and wider Australia. A major
conference on the Indian Ocean was convened at the new Perth Convention Center in cooperation
with IMAREST and the University of Western Australia. (see list of meetings in Annex 1). It was
billed as a marine science conference but special sessions were held on GOOS and WAGOOS.
Later in the year a Whale Shark Workshop and Conference was sponsored by CSIRO and the Perth
Office. An objective was to draft a pilot project related to GOOS for the Indian Ocean region. The
first meeting of the ICG for IOTWS was held in Perth and it was well attended by Western
Australia Government officials, many emergency management planning personnel and
Commonwealth officials. The Office supported the PaceM In Maribus Conference in Cairns and
presented a paper on GOOS. It also utilized the conference to conduct a SEAGOOS meeting and to
join the WESTPAC Secretariat in planning the Coastal Io-Goos Pilot Project On Keystone Coastal
Ecosystem Monitoring. This was successfully held in Phuket, Thailand, 20-24 February 2006.

The WAGOOS organization continues under the leadership of Dr Ray Steedman. A priority task
includes completing work on a report entitled: An Economic Analysis of the Australian
Contribution To The Global Ocean Observation System, which will be published by the Australian
Academy for Technology, Science and Engineering. This should be published by the end of April.
Dr Steedman through his company AUV Pty Ltd in conjunction with the University of Western
Australia is testing sea-gliders built by Webb in an area offshore Perth. The gliders and support
systems will be available for commercial application through GHD Pty Ltd and for research
through the University. The Pacific Indonesian Throughflow project continues with a postive result
being that climatic deepening of Timor Sea thermocline has been introduced into the design plans
used by Woodside Petroleum Company. Also, Woodside’s extensive moored instrument data of the
Timor Sea is available to enhance scientific understanding. Finally, WAGOOS is exploring
cooperative activities with the new INAGOOS GRA recently established by several cooperating
Indonesian agencies.

WAGOOS continues to seek ways to promote GOOS and to identify GOOS products and observing
schemes. A student from the University of Western Australia will assist Mr Steedman in updating
and maintaining the WAGOOS website.


Indian Ocean GOOS is one of the larger GOOS regional alliances based on its population and
geographical spread. It is comprised of 22 members, 2 associate members and 8 participants. The
Indian Ocean region has a diverse political, economic and cultural makeup. It has been brought
together by the recent tsunami and it also suffers from other natural disasters such as tropical
cyclones, flooding and earthquakes. Clearly, it is a region that can benefit from greater involvement
in GOOS. The objectives of IOGOOS are generally those common to other GRAs.

As noted in the overview section, key people from Indian Ocean countries have been tapped to
oversee the ICG IOTWS planning processes within their countries. These include Dr
Rakhakrishnan (IOGOOS Chairman), Srinivas Kumar               (IOGOOS Secretary), Dr Jan
Sopaheluwakan from Indonesia, and others from around the region. The urgency and effort to
establish an Indian Ocean Tsunami Warning System in 2005, meant that less progress than usual
was made in developing IOGOOS. Despite this, progress did include the following:
The Indian Ocean Panel for Climate (IOP) met in Hobart in 2005 and in March 2006 in Honolulu1.
It has completed its implementation plan for basin-wide sustained observations of the Indian Ocean
with a multi-national approach. The plan was reviewed and endorsed by a special High Level
meeting organized as part of the IOGOOS annual meeting in Bali.

In Honolulu IOP discussed its possible future plans. A key requirement to sustain an integrated
observational system is the appropriate data management system with open and timely data sharing.
To achieve this, an integration of all the observational in-situ data requires coordination and
cooperation between different members deploying various platforms. IODE has recently shown
interest in working more closely with IOGOOS and IOP and cooperative activities are now being
considered. Other outcomes of the planning session will be available afterward.

At its annual meeting in Bali, IOGOOS had a special session to review its possible role in
supporting tsunami activities in the region. This will require further analysis and review and it must
ensure a multi-hazard approach. The report of the Bali meeting is available at the IOGOOS website.

IOGOOS is seeking to develop coastal GOOS pilot project proposals. During 17-19 Feb, IOC Perth
sponsored a workshop in Phuket to advance a proposal on multi-scale monitoring and mapping of
keystone coastal ecosystems of the Indian Ocean. Dr Greg Wagner of the U. of Swaziland leads the
project. Other projects in development include ones on Prawns, Coastal Erosion, Whale Sharks and
a Timor Sea Model Demonstration.

A number of short-term training programs are being planned in cooperation with IOCCG, POGO
and SCOR. These will address ocean color applications, physical oceanographic parameters, coastal
remote sensing and GIS. Also included are one long term training program, placing the ocean
remote sensing tutor on the IOGOOS website and a Nippon Foundation/POGO sponsored expert
faculty secondment. IOCCG endorsed the training programmes with IOGOOS at their recent

Priority near-term goals for IOGOOS include strengthening the Secretariat, improving the website,
implementing IOP plans, implementing Coastal GOOS, data management and remote sensing
capacity building and defining a role for IOGOOS in the IOTWS.


Pacific Island GOOS (PI-GOOS) was set up in response to the needs of a region that has the largest
ocean in world comprised of scattered and isolated small island developing states that desperately
need a co-ordinated effort to assist ocean observations/marine management for sustainable
development. As such, its emphasis has been on awareness and capacity building, education,
coordination of marine science activities within the region conducted by countries from outside the
region and building of the GOOS infrastructure in nations. PI-GOOS is supporting the deployment
of Argo in the region and is anticipating initiation of the new CLIVAR SPICE (concept for a South
Pacific Circulation and Climate Experiment) proposal.

A major priority for the coming year is to encourage the setting up of National GOOS Coordinating
Points within countries. Governments will be asked to appoint contacts in advance of the next
meeting of the PI- GOOS Steering Committee. Also, to achieve this goal the PI-GOOS Strategy is
being updated to reflect current interests and objectives.

 IOP is sponsored by IOC Perth, CLIVAR and IOGOOS. CLIVAR contributes half the funding to support the Panel and Perth the other

 Dr Sarah Grimes is leading the PI-GOOS effort and has been based at SOPAC in Suva, Fiji since
September 2004. She is supported by funds that are raised by the Perth Office and from BOM. She
has been particularly effective in explaining GOOS to various groups in the region and gaining
support for its objectives. She is working hard at identifying products useful to the Island
Countries and making them available to local users. She has also built good contacts with various
research groups such as those involved in RIDGE 2000 and SPICE, which has, and continues to
be, translated into capacity building activities in the region. The SEREAD project (which began
several years ago) is going well with recent training sessions in the Cook Islands and Samoa. A
close relationship with the Argo Science Team has facilitated this work. Current activity involves
raising new funds to support the work.

The Key Accomplishments of 2004 -2005 are:

   •   Assist and improve the support and advice given to the PI-GOOS Program, from
       international, regional and local stakeholders.
   •   Creation of PI GOOS Web Portal ( the first ocean information site for the
   •   Commitment from IPRC to donate an Ocean Data Server to SOPAC. The ocean data server
       will become an "ocean node" for the Pacific Island countries to access data/products (that
       are not necessarily available on-line). The server will be installed at SOPAC as soon as
       maintenance and ICT issues in the SOPAC Secretariat are made compatible with the new
       system (in 2006).
   •   Public seminars and ship tours by Ridge 2000 scientists resulting in improved
       communication and promotion of Pacific Ocean and Climate issues to the local and
       international communities.
   •   Publications of PI-GOOS material in various newsletters (local and international) including
       the Island Climate Update and Oceanic Waves magazines; and presentations (by the PI-
       GOOS Co-ordinator or representative) at relevant local and international events in 2005,
       (including IOMEC, Perth Australia; Dynamic Planet, Cairns, QLD; Pacific Regional Met
       Directors Meeting (Niue) STAR-SOPAC Annual Session (Samoa); NOAA Fisheries Office
       of Science & Technology (Hawaii)).
   •   New training initiatives for Pacific Islanders (eg. SEREAD and Inaugural Physical
       Oceanography Course, USP 2005).
   •   Japanese funded Phys Oceanography Course was jointly co-ordinated by USP and SOPAC
       in July 05; PI-GOOS Co-ordinator has successfully arranged for Pacific Islander attendance
       at this course, negotiated for one PI Masters Scholarship in Oceanography; and several
       other opportunities for Pacific Islanders to attend international conferences in 2005,
       (including IOMEC -Perth and LOICZ Science Meeting- Holland).
   •   Samoa Teacher Training Workshop- successfully conducted via NZ Consultant Teachers
       and UNESCO-Apia (2004).
   •   PI-GOOS Co-ordinator successfully arranged the SEREAD Meeting in Suva, Fiji (April
       2005) and initial negotiations with Fijian Ministry of Education to use the SEREAD
       materials. Subsequently, the Co-ordinator has negotiated for Fiji Ministry of Education to
       accept the use of SEREAD materials within Fijian schools (2006).

See Annex 2 for PIGOOS Meeting Schedule 2006.

V.        SEAGOOS

The Perth Office along with Dr Neville Smith at BOM Australia, has worked for the past few years
to establish South East Asia GOOS. The politically diverse region and sensitive geographical areas
have hindered the process. However, it now seems that SEAGOOS is taking shape. Thailand has
agreed to support a SEAGOOS Secretariat in Thailand that is being actively led by Dr. Somkiat
Khokiattiwong. The management of SEAGOOS is overseen by Dr Miquel Fortes at the WESTPAC
Office in Thailand. It has convened several ad hoc meetings in May at WESTPAC, August in Bali
and at PaceM in Maribus in October. The SEAGOOS Operational Guidelines were adopted by all
participants at the Third Consultative Meeting on SEAGOOS in Bangkok, Thailand, 4 May 2005.
Thence, it was endorsed at the Sixth Session of IOC Sub-Commission for WESTPAC in Nha
Trang, May 2005, revised at the “informal” SEAGOOS Meeting in Paris, June 2005, and approved
by the Members of IOC at its 23rd General Assembly in Paris, France, June 2005.

An important membership issue was resolved with the following language: SEAGOOS shall focus its
activities in all Southeast Asian seas, including South China Sea, Sulu Sea, Celebes Sea, Indonesian Seas,
and Andaman Sea. Member States of WESTPAC shall be invited to join as Members of SEAGOOS. At their
discretions, non-Member States, as well as organizations may be admitted as Observers. These non-Member
States and organizations will not have voting rights but shall have all the other privileges and obligations
given to SEAGOOS Members. This language is similar to language adopted by IOGOOS in its MOU. Free
and unrestricted data exchange among SEAGOOS members and SEAGOOS projects, in line with IOC data
policy, is a primary requirement for participation in SEAGOOS.

SEAGOOS priority projects are:

      o   “Real-Time Sea Level Observing System for SEAGOOS Region”: aimed at: setting up a regional
          system to exchange observed sea level data and make these available on a real-time basis; and
          assisting some countries in building capacity to observe and transmit sea level data on that basis.
      o   “Development of New Generation Sea Surface Temperature (NGSST) products in the SEAGOOS
          region (2005-2008)” aims at specifying regional user requirements for NGSST products; forming a
          regional expert group; identifying regional sources of in situ data necessary for research and
          development; characterize satellite-based SST products from IR/microwave sensors in the
          SEAGOOS region; conduct R&D on NGSST in the SEAGOOS region; and generating NGSST
          products and demonstrate their usefulness through scientific studies and ocean applications.
      o   “Development of an Expert System for Hazard and Risk Modeling in the SEAGOOS Area” aims
          to develop an intelligent Regional Tsunami Information and Expert System consisting of uniform
          historical databases, tsunami modeling tools and tsunami hazard assessment and risk calculation


The following four tables are presented to give an indication of the kinds of benefits that are derived
from the Perth Office. In the past year preoccupation with tsunami work has diminished direct
benefits to the GOOS programme. However, in the long term GOOS and the region will benefit
from the time devoted to tsunami planning.

1. Generic Benefits:

As well as the specific achievements described in other parts of this report, it is worth noting some
more generic achievements that form key building blocks for the future development of GOOS in
the region. These include the following:

The Indian Ocean has become a priority for the United States and Japan for implementation of the
GOOS initial observing system.
Perth has become acknowledged as a national and international center for holding meetings and
conferences in the marine science and technology arena.

The international profiles of Perth and WA have been significantly enhanced through presentations
of the work of the Perth Office.

The countries of the Indian Ocean now see Perth as the focus for the development of GOOS in the

Secretariats for Indian Ocean GOOS, Pacific GOOS, Western Australia GOOS (WAGOOS) and
South East Asia GOOS (SEAGOOS) have been established.

The Perth Office is viewed as the hub of these regional Secretariats and is instrumental in directing
their work programs.

Implementation of the initial GOOS observing system has begun in the Indian and Pacific Oceans
and Strategic Plans for the development of Indian Ocean GOOS, WAGOOS and PI-GOOS are now
in place.

The added dimension of the ICG for IOTWS to the Office will enhance the approach taken within
GOOS to include multi-hazard activities.

2. Types of Opportunity Covered by Future Plans of Office

       ACTIVITY              SCIENTISTS              RESOURCING                 OUTPUTS AND/ OR
                             INVOLVED                                             OUTCOMES
Develop WAGOOS,             ~100’s          Private sector, government     Improved analyses and
IOGOOS, PI-GOOS and                         agencies, academic             forecasts
SEAGOOS Plans                               institutions
Complete planning and       1000+           Government, private sector     Improved analyses and
secure funding for Indian                                                  forecasts
Ocean Observing Array
Establish GOOS              1000+           Government                     Establish government resource
infrastructure in all                                                      base for GOOS
participating governments
Establish data and          ~100’s          Government, private sector,    Enhance research, decision-
information systems in                      academic institutions          making, support operational
GRAs                                                                       systems
Improving links with        ~100’s          Private sector, government     Clearer statements of
industry                                    agencies, academic             requirements, leading to more
                                            institutions                   relevant products and services
Stimulate the holding of    1500+           Universities, Australian       Information exchange leading
marine science meetings                     government agencies, private   to improved scientific research
in Perth                                    sector                         and operations
Develop IOGOOS and PI-      ~100’s          Private sector, government     Enhance cooperation between
GOOS                                        agencies, academic             marine observing groups
Develop capacity building   ~100’s          Perth Office budget            Major contribution to regional
plans (Indian and Pacific                                                  observing capacity
Conduct capability          ~100            Aid agencies (US, EU,          Capacity building capability
building workshops                          Australia, etc)                enhanced

3. Funds Spent In WA as Direct Result of Perth Office
WA Meetings (expenditure in thousands)

                 Foreign      Domestic Meeting Title
                   200                   IOMEC Conference
                    50            30     WHALE SHARK WORKSHOP
                   150            75     ICG IOTWS
                 $520K         $185K
             Total K
             USD:               $705
             (calculated on cost of $2500 for each foreign participant and $1500
             each domestic participant)

4. Funds Raised by Perth Office for Meetings

                              Direct Funding for Conf (in
                              IOMEC                            60
                              PIGOOS                          110
                              IOP                              20
                              IOGOOS Bali                       5
                              SEREAD                           15
                              Total K USD:                   $210

              (Yellow highlights Tsunami meetings)

                             Event                                Place          Dates

     Barbados +10 Small Island Developing States              Mauritius        Jan 10-14

                  Perth Office Review                           Perth           Feb 3-4
     Indian Ocean Marine Environment Conference
                                                                Perth          Feb 14-18

               GOOS Steering Committee                       Melbourne         Feb 21-23
                IOC Tsunami Conference                          Paris           Mar 3-8
                   Indian Ocean Panel                          Hobart         Mar 30-Apr 3
                          IGOOS                                 Paris           Apr 4-7
                IOC Tsunami Conference                        Mauritius        Apr 14-16
                Whale Shark Workshop                            Perth          May 9-12
           WESTPAC Meeting and Symposium                  Na Trang, Vietnam    May 23-27
                                                                                Jun 6-9
                EUROGOOS Conference                             Brest

                 IOC EC and Assembly                            Paris          June 20-28
Australian Academy Conference and Tsunami Workshop             Cairns          Jul 10-12
                       IOTWS/ICG                                Perth           Aug 3-5
           Indian Ocean GOOS Annual Meeting                     Bali           Aug 9-12
                                                                               Aug 22-26
                          IAPSO                                Cairns

              SCOR Executive Committee                         Cairns         Aug 2-Sep 1
                SOPAC Annual Meeting                           Samoa           Sep 24-27
              IMAREST Council Meeting                          London          Oct 10-11
              IMAREST Regional Meeting                       Townsville        Oct 22-23
             IOI Pacem Maribus Conference                    Townsville       Oct 31-Nov 2
    IOTWS Modeling Workshop and ICG Meeting                  Hyderabad         Dec 12-16
              USAID Sponsors Workshop                         Bangkok          Jan 30-31
               Coastal GOOS Workshop*                          Phuket          Feb 17-19
                 Tsunami Conference*                           Phuket          Feb 20-23
                     IOP III Meeting                          Honolulu          Mar 1-4
               *attended by Jane Cunneen

                    CALENDAR OF MAIN EVENTS

* denotes Pacific Islander Attendance

                                            SOPAC           PI-
                Event                                      GOOS
                                                                                  Place                   Dates
                                             Staff          Rep.

      New Years Day Public Holiday

             SOPAC Re-opens                                                                                  3

          POGO Annual Meeting                                           SS     Hyderabad, India            17-19

           Argo Steering Team                               JG, DR     DR      Hyderabad, India             16-18

        Global Oceans Conference               MP               MP    PB/JB      Paris, France              23-28

     UNESCO Pacific Register Project
                                                                SG    MO/ RL       SOPAC                     26
     World Ocean Network Education
                                                                      RB/MC    Boulogne, France           29- Feb 1
  American Meteorological Society's
  (AMS) 86th Annual Conference-GEOSS                            DS    DS/HD     Atlanta, USA              29-Feb 2
  Joint Session

                                                                               Honolulu, Hawaii            20-24
       2006 Ocean Sciences Meeting

     CLIVAR-SPICE Meeting Update                             AG/KR    AG/KR    Honolulu, Hawaii              24

        University of the Sea Cruise                                             Pacific Ocean       Feb- March ongoing

       RV Heraclitus-PCRF Cruise                                SG      OD     Solomon Islands     Feb-March-April Ongoing


     GOOS Scientific SC Meeting                           WE           KA           IOC, Paris.

       PI-GOOS EC-SC Meeting           SG, BR, CP, MP    SG, WE        SG         Teleconference            TBA

        SEREAD SC Meeting                                                         Teleconference            TBA

     *IMAREST World Maritime
                                          RS, EA        RS/EA/WE       SG          London, UK               6-10
       Technology Conference

            I-GOOS Board                                  KA           KA           IOC, Paris.             9-10

       Argo Science Workshop                             DR/JG         JG          Venice, Italy            13-18

       PriMO Annual Meeting.                             ES, JM,       JM         Kauai, Hawaii             14-16

       World Water Day 2006
                                        KK/SG/MO           SG         MO/KK            Fiji                  22
      (Water and Culture Theme)

      RV Heraclitus-PCRF Cruise                            SG          OD        Solomon Islands Feb-March-April Ongoing

* denotes Pacific Islander Attendance

                                           SOPAC        PI-
                Event                                  GOOS
                                                                                       Place                   Dates
                                            Staff       Rep.
             Good Friday
              Easter Saturday                                                                                    14-17
              Easter Monday
    PI-GOOS/SOPAC Mission to New
    Caledonia, including IRD, Uni and      JK/HD/SG     SG        SG, JK, AG. YF        AG, YF                   TBA
             Geology Dept.

          *SEREAD Pilot in Fiji                         SG             GRG/SG                                    TBA

    *ANU Science Teachers Workshop                      SG               RL            Suva, Fiji                TBA

           ICG/PTWS Meeting                  BR        BR/WE             RB           Melbourne

  Prophet Mohammed's Birthday Public
             Holiday Fiji

         *Fijian Principals Meeting          SG         SG               PS        Suva, Fiji Islands.           TBA

      Andreas Thurnherr- Provor Float
                                             SG         SG              AT/SG      Suva, Fiji Islands            TBA
       Public Seminar- SOPAC/USP

           SOPAC EDF Cruise                  JK         JK               JK        Vanuatu, SI, PNG              April

        RV Heraclitus-PCRF Cruise                       SG               OD        Solomon Islands

          National Youth Day Fiji                                                                                 6

        *SI Marine Science Education
                                                                                                             TBA by USP

          PI-GOOS Workshop-Fiji               SG/MP          SG           SG             Fiji                    TBA

      *Training Institute on Climate and
                                               DS?           ES           ES                                     TBA
               Extreme Events

    International GODAE Steering Team                        NS           NS            TBA                      TBA

    Ratu Sir Lala Sukuna Public Holiday

             SOPAC EDF Cruise                  JK            JK           JK            Palau              May-June Ongoing

         RV Heraclitus-PCRF Cruise                           SG          OD             PNG              May-June-July Ongoing

  World Environment Week – International
                                              SG/KK          SG          KK/TL     Fiji and Samoa                 5-9
          Year of the Sea Turtle

           World Environment Day              SG/KK          SG          KK/TL     Fiji and Samoa                  5

              World Ocean Day                     SG         SG           MC       Fiji and Samoa                  8

    Queen's Birthday Public Holiday Fiji                                                                          13

              IOC Exec Council
                                                  CP     CP/WE            WE          IOC, Paris                 21-28

             SOPAC EDF Cruise                     JK         JK            JK           Palau              May-June Ongoing

         RV Heraclitus-PCRF Cruise                           SG           OD             PNG             May-June-July Ongoing

* denotes Pacific Islander Attendance

                                            SOPAC          PI-
                 Event                                    GOOS
                                                                                         Place                        Dates
                                             Staff         Rep.
       *POGO/USP/SOPAC Physical
                                             SG/JK        SG/JK        LZ        USP, Suva, Fiji Islands.               TBA
          Oceanography Course,

   *Pacific Met Directors Annual Meeting         SG     SG ES, DS      DS               Noumea                          10-15

    *PI-GCOS Annual Regional Meeting             SG     SG, ES, DS     DS               Noumea                           16

          *PI-GOOS EC Meeting                    SG        SG          SG               Noumea                           17

         PI-GOOS Working Group                   SG        SG          SG               Noumea                           17

       *Ridge 2000 Ship in Tonga Port                      CF          SG                Tonga                          TBA

            SOPAC EDF Cruise                     JK        JK          JK                 FSM                           July

        RV Heraclitus-PCRF Cruise                          SG          OD                 PNG                   May-June-July Ongoing

        PI-GOOS Workshop-PNG               SG/MP            SG              SG              PNG                         TBA

         RV Melville in Suva Port                                           CF            Suva Port                     24-28

          RV Melville Ship Tour                                             CF         Ship, Suva Port                    26

   Ridge 2000 Public Seminar (Biology-
                                                                                     USP Marine Studies
   Charles Fisher & Chemistry- George                                       CF                                            27
                                                                                      Lecture Theatre

     RV Melville-Ridge 2000 Cruise                                          CF            Fiji Waters              28-21 September

           SOPAC EDF Cruise                 JK              JK              JK         Marshall Islands             August Ongoing

                                                                                   Great Barrier Reef, Coral       August-Sept-Oct
       RV Heraclitus-PCRF Cruise                            SG              OD
                                                                                             Sea                      Ongoing

          RV Melville Suva Port                                             CF            Suva Port                     21-23

       RV Melville departs Suva Port                                        CF                                            23

         JCOMM Annual Meeting               SG?          BL/PD/CC           BL               TBA                         TBA

   *PI-GOOS Regional Ocean Products
                                            SG             SG               SG    Honiara, Solomon Islands               TBA

          *SEREAD SC Meeting                SG        SG/WE/DR/JH/JG        SG    Honiara, Solomon Islands               TBA

          *PI-GOOS SC Meeting               SG        SG/WE/DR/JH/JG        SG    Honiara, Solomon Islands               TBA

    Ocean Science Education Working
                                            SG             SG               SG    Honiara, Solomon Islands               TBA
            Group Meeting
   Ocean Product Development Working
                                            SG             SG               SG    Honiara, Solomon Islands               TBA
             Group Meeting
  *Science & Technology and Resources
                                            SG        SG/WE/CP/BR/DR        SG    Honiara, Solomon Islands               TBA
            Network (STAR)

     *SOPAC Council Annual Session          SG         SG/WE/CP/BR          SG    Honiara, Solomon Islands               TBA

           SOPAC EDF Cruise                 JK              JK              JK     Kiribati-Line Islands-Fiji    Sept-October Ongoing

                                                                                   Great Barrier Reef, Coral        August-Sept-Oct
        RV Heraclitus-PCRF Cruise                          SG               OD
                                                                                             Sea                       Ongoing

* denotes Pacific Islander Attendance

                                         SOPAC       PI-
                Event                               GOOS
                                                                                  Place                     Dates
                                          Staff      Rep.
         Fiji Day Public Holiday                                                                               10

            IHDP Institutional                                 START
    Dimensions of Global Environmental                         Oceania-
                                                                           Chiang Mai, Thailand               13-26
      Change: Water, Trade, and the                             APN
               Environment                                     Funded

        Diwali Public Holiday Fiji                                                                             20

           SOPAC EDF Cruise                JK        JK          JK       Kiribati-Line Islands-Fiji   Sept-October Ongoing

                                                                          Great Barrier Reef, Coral      August-Sept-Oct
        RV Heraclitus-PCRF Cruise                    SG          OD
                                                                                    Sea                     Ongoing

      *PI-GOOS Workshop – Kiribati       SG/MP/NA   SG          SG                Kiribati                     TBA

                                                                           New Caledonia to the
          IRD SECALIS 4 Cruise                      SG          LG                                      November Ongoing
                                                                             Solomon Islands

        RV Heraclitus-PCRF Cruise                   SG          OD                  PNG                  Nov-Dec Ongoing

        RV Heraclitus-PCRF Cruise                   SG          OD                  PNG                  Nov-Dec Ongoing

              Christmas Eve                                                                                     24

              Christmas Day                                                                                     25

               Boxing Day                                                                                       26

            SOPAC CLOSED                                                                                      27-31

SOPAC Staff                             Pacific

SG Sarah Grimes                         PPep Pat Pepena (PNG)
CP Cristelle Pratt                      LZ Leon Zann (USP)
BR Bhaskar Rao                          GRG Greg Ryan Gadsden (FESP)
MP Mary Power                           DS Dean Solofa (SPREP)
 RS Robert Smith                        JV Joeli Veiyataki (USP)
JK Jens Kruger                          AG Alexandre Ganachaud (IRD)
MO Marc Overmars                        Lionel Gourdeau (IRD)
SD Sarah Davies
NP Neta Prescott
HD Herve Damlamian
AW Arthur Webb                          Australia
EA Emily Artack
                                        NS Neville Smith (BOM)
                                        PD Peter Dexter (BOM)
                                        RB Rick Bailey (BOM)
IOC                                     C Patt. Chari Pattiaratchi (UWA)
                                        AS Alf Simpson (ASAP)
PB Patricio Bernal                      RL Rod Lamberts (ANU-UNESCO)
WE William (Bill) Erb
KA Keith Alverson
JB Julian Barbiere
PP Peter Pissiernens                    USA
YT Yves Treglos
BL Boram Lee                            DR Dean Roemmich
CC Candyce Clark                        ES Eileen Shea
MF Miguel Fortes                        HD Howard Diamond
ED Ehrlich Desa                         SW Stan Wilson
JC Jane Cunneen                         JM John Marra
                                        AT Andreas Thurnherr (Provor)
                                        WK William (Billy) Kessler


                                        MC Manuel Ciras (World Ocean Network)
                                        RB Ram Boojh (World Ocean Network/Centre for Environmental
                                        Education, India)
                                        JG John Gould (SOI)
                                        JH Julie Hall (NIWA, New Zealand)
                                        SS Shubha Sathyendranath (POGO)


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