Small Business Owner's Checklist by cmz65105


									          Small Business Owner’s Checklist

_____ 1. When you receive the flyer showcasing the home, realtor and SBO’s, email it to your
         client/data base and please cc: Open House with Style on your email blast.

_____ 2. Arrive to the open house 30-45 minutes early to set up.

_____ 3. Bring your own table and display equipment.

_____ 4. Dress is business/casual.

_____ 5. Bring business cards with a goodie attached (candy, coupon, promo item) to put in
         take home bag.

_____ 6. When arriving at open house, you may park the car close to unload however you
         must park down the street to allow places for shoppers and potential buyers to park.

_____ 7. During the open house, when shoppers or buyers are in the home, please stay at
         your table as to not overwhelm people as they come into the home.

_____ 8. When there are no shoppers or buyers in the home, NETWORK, NETWORK,

Please understand that the success of the event depends on EVERYONE marketing this to
their own client bases and personal spheres. We become successful by helping others
become successful! Open House with Style will also give SBO’s $5 cash for every person
that comes to the open house that is there because of their personal marketing effort. You
could very well get your display space for free depending on how well you market this!!!
(You must be age 21 or older).

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