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About YourCFO

YourCFO is a network of CPA’s, bookkeepers
and human resources professionals dedicated
to your business and personal success.

We work with startup and established small
business clients to help them acquire financing
                                                                                                                    Focused on the numbers, so you can focus on your goals.
and setup or improve all facets of their
financial operations. We also help more
mature organizations expand by acquisition,
or prepare for retirement and succession. In
short, we provide small businesses and their
owners the resources of a Chief Financial
Officer, without the six-figure salary.
Our value proposition is simple. By relieving                                                                             for the
you of non-core business functions, you will
have more time to devote to those efforts that                                                                         Small Business
grow your business. YourCFO maintains
relationships    with    several     investment                                                                           Owner
managers, local banks and IT consultants—

even other CPA firms—to help better serve
our clients’ needs.                                                                                         e num
To find out how YourCFO can help your small
business, please call or visit our website today!
                                                              Arlington Heights, IL 60005
                                                              506 West Eastman Street

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          (847) 797-7866 telephone

CCH Business Owner Toolkit                       The Motley Fool                                                                         
Answers to business, tax and legal               Website devoted to individual investors                  Find interest rate information, calculate
questions as well as practical tips for          regardless of sophistication. Numerous                   loan payments, etc.
starting, running and growing small              articles   on   wealth    management    and
businesses.                                      accumulation as well as discussions on a                 Microsoft Office Templates
                                                 variety of topics.                             
U.S. Small Business Administration                                                                        A treasure trove of templates for Office                               MSN Money Central                                        applications     including     form     letters,
A wealth of information for start ups as                             invoices, marketing materials and more!
well as established businesses. Includes         Lots of personal finance articles, links to
information on qualifying for and bidding        brokerage firms and plenty of advice                     The Mozilla Organization
on    government        contracts.       Good    around tax time.                               
information      on   small   business    loan                                                            From the ashes of Netscape arose the
programs, etc.                                   United States Postal Service                             Mozilla Organization. This open source
                                                                  organization created the new Firefox web
Experian Credit Bureau                           Aside from looking up zip codes and                      browser and Thunderbird e-mail client.                          ordering stamps online, the site contains a              This web browser is more advanced than
Our experience has shown the consumer            wealth of information about designing                    Internet Explorer and, because it’s not
credit reports from Experian are usually         mail   pieces   for   a   direct   marketing             installed on 95% of the computers in the
the most detailed of the three major             campaign, as well as tools and tips for                  free world, it’s not as prone to attack by
reporting agencies (TransUnion and               increasing response rates.                               hackers.
Equifax being the other two). Recent
legislation will soon require these agencies
to provide you one credit report per year
upon request, at no charge.
If you plan to start looking for a loan, see                                                YourCFO
what’s in your credit report before your                                       
prospective lender does.                                     Get information on our service offerings and contact us when you’re ready!

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