A New Tool for Performance Analysis of Photovoltaic Systems by cmz65105


									                     A New Tool for Performance Analysis of Photovoltaic Systems:
                     The Performance Database of Task 2 of the International Energy
                     Agency (IEA) Photovoltaic Power Systems Programme (PVPS)

                      Task 2                                              Objectives
Ä Task 2 is an international collaborative         Ä Provide PV experts, research laboratories, PV industry,
  programme focusing on operational                  utilities, installers, energy agencies and schools with
  performance, long-term reliability and sizing      suitable information on PV systems operational
  of PV systems.                                     performance.
Ä Task 2 started its work in April 1999 for a      Ä Develop an international a database to accommodate
  period of five years.                              technical and operational data of different types of PV
Ä Countries participating in Task 2 are Austria,     systems.
  France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the               Ä Analyze performance and maintenance data for PV
  Netherlands and Switzerland.                       systems to ensure the quality and comparability of
Ä Contact information: www.task2.org and             information and to develop analytical reports on key issues
  www.iea-pvps.org                                   such as operational performance, reliability and sizing of
                                                     PV systems.

                 Deliverables                                                        Outlook
Ä The Task 2 Performance Database contains                         Ä Improve the operation and sizing of PV
  high quality data of 260 monitored PV systems                      systems by collecting, analyzing and
  with an installed capacity of 7 MWp adapted to                     disseminating information on their technical
  various applications and located worldwide.                        performance and reliability.
Ä The report ”Analysis of Photovoltaic Systems”                    Ä Providing a basis for PV systems
  summarizes the analysis of 260 PV systems                          assessment.
  integrated in the Performance Database and                       Ä Developing practical recommendations for
  illustrates the operational behaviour of PV                        sizing purposes of PV systems.
  systems by suitable graphs.

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