International Studies Units in the Athens Academy Curriculum Grade by rrs68675


									International Studies Units in the Athens Academy Curriculum:

Grade 1:     Christopher Columbus’ journey and the discovery of the New World
             Holiday traditions and customs around the world
Grade 2:     Study of Australia
             Map and globe skills
Grade 3:     Study of Mexico and Canada
             Map and globe skills (continued)
Grade 4:     World Geography
             China, Europe, the Middle East, Asia
             Cultural Awareness
Grade 5:     Ancient Egypt
             Ancient Greece
             Spanish history
Grade 6:     Pre-Columbian Foil Relief Art Project
             Folktales from different countries
Grade 7:     The Holocaust (integrated into English, art, and social studies classes)
Grade 8:     Greek, Roman, and Renaissance Theatre
             The Global Economy
             The United Nations
Grade 9:     The Ancient Near East
             Greek Civilization
             Roman Civilization
             Homer’s impact of Western civilization
Grade 10:    European History: Renaissance to World War
             Elizabethan culture and theatre
Grade 11:    European Colonization of the New World
Grade 12:    Macroeconomics
             Government and Global Economy

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