Animal Cell Project

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					                                         Animal Cell Project

                                              DUE DATE:

PURPOSE: The purpose of this project is to help you learn more about cells and organelles. Also, it
should help you recognize that a cell has dimensions.

  1. You should work on your cell project at home. You may team up with one other person from
     class, or you may do it yourself. You are responsible for creating and making a cell model
     whether you work on it alone or with a friend.

   2. You are to make a model of a typical animal cell that includes the following organelles
          Nucleus                                               Endoplasmic Reticulum
          DNA                                                   Golgi Complex
          Cell Membrane                                         Lysosome
          Mitochondria                                          Cytoplasm
          Ribosome

   3. The cell MUST be three dimensional! It cannot be a drawing made with markers, colored
      pencils, paint, puffy paint, etc.

   4. Your cell MUST have a key that includes all objects used in making your cell with the correct
      identification of all parts.

   5. Your cell MUST include a table (separate from the key) that describes the location of each
      organelle in a typical animal cell (i.e. in the middle, on the outside, in the nucleus, etc.) as well
      as the function of the organelle.

   6. Use any materials (nonperishable) that you want in the construction of the cell. Be creative!
      This cell does not have to look like the picture in your text book.

   7. HAVE FUN!

Sample Key:                                              Sample Table:

Nucleus         Bouncy Ball                              Organelle        Location          Function
DNA             Elbow                                    Nucleus          In the center     Control center
                Macaroni                                                  of the cell       of the cell
Cell            Cardboard box                            DNA              In the nucleus    Contains
Membrane                                                                                    genes
Mitochondria    Buttons                                  Cell             Outside of cell   Controls what
Ribosome        Nerds                                    Membrane                           exits and
Endoplasmic     Yarn                                                                        enters the cell
Reticulum                                                Mitochondria
Golgi           Rubber bands                             Ribosome
Complex                                                  Endoplasmic
Lysosome        Jaw breakers                             Reticulum
Cytoplasm       Plastic wrap                             Golgi