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Nutraceutical Soft Drinks
Innovation in sports, energy, dairy and functional beverages

New Food and Drinks Report - Published May 2007

            Percent share of nutraceutical soft drinks
                 launched by category, 2003-06

                                                1.7%             1.1%
                                             6.9% 5.4%
                                  11.2% 5.8%             20.1%
                          0.5%                       1.2%
                        1.0%              0.1%
                                                          0.1%      6.1%
                                        20.7%                           9.3%


        Baby drinks    Bottled waters      Carbonated drinks         Dairy drinks   Drink mixes & flavorings
        Food as soft drinks             Fruit drinks              Health drinks          Liquid supplements
        Meal replacements        RTD tea & coffee               Sports & energy drinks     Vegetable drinks

 Source: Nutraceutical Soft Drinks

“The largest share (27.6%) of nutraceutical launches in 2006 was
accounted for by the fruit drinks category. This was followed by dairy
drinks (19%), general health drinks (13.4%), ready-to-drink (RTD) tea
and coffee (11.2%) and sports and energy drinks (10.%). Since 2003
launches have shifted (in percentage terms) away from general health
drinks and towards drink mixes, RTD tea and coffee and sports and
energy drinks. The latter category has experienced an explosion in the
number of new products - energy is now the most common function
provided by a nutraceutical soft drink. However, there is evidence that
the pace of innovation has slowed recently, particularly in the US...“

            Identify and exploit new and emerging opportunities in nutraceutical
                soft drinks more effectively with this new management report...
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Some key findings from this report...

                                                             • The nutraceutical soft drink market is expected to reach a value
          Some of Cadbury Schweppes'
                                                               of $10.3bn in Europe by 2010. It is expected to be worth $9.9bn
          nutraceutical soft drink brands
                                                               in the US.

                                                             • Asia-Pacific is the most innovative region for nutraceutical soft
                                                               drinks. 36% of product launches were in the region in 2006.

                                                             • Fruit drinks was the largest category in terms of share of
                                                               nutraceutical launches with 28% in 2006.

                                                             • The most common product positioning amongst launches in
Source: Nutraceutical Soft Drinks
                                                               2006 was ‘providing energy’ with almost a quarter of launches
 “Cadbury Schweppes' US juice brand is Mott's. It has          claiming this function.
launched Mott's Plus, a family-oriented line of fortified
juices and drinks. In 2005 it also launched Mott's Plus
                                                             • Pomegranate was the fastest-growing flavor in new
for Kids' Health: this is a 100% juice fortified with 100%
of the recommended daily allowance of vitamin C, 10%
                                                               nutraceutical beverage launches whilst orange was the most
 of vitamin A and 10% of calcium. During 2006 Mott's           common flavor with over 6% of all launches in 2006 containing it.
  acquired the Accelerade and Endurox sports drinks
        brands from PacificHealth Laboratories...”           •   Nutraceuticals are increasingly tapping into children's health
                                                                 issues highlighted by emerging markets for both dental health and
                                                                 muscle development products.
Nutraceutical Soft Drinks
Innovation in sports, energy, dairy and functional beverages

                                                              The decline of the carbonated soft drink market has motivated a large
     Eyes: Kagome Vege-care Anthocyanin
                                                              number of manufacturers to enter the nutraceutical arena, making it the
              and Zorkie Glaza
                                                              most dynamic sector in soft drinks. Consequently, leading soft drink
                                                              manufacturers have diversified their portfolios, by acquiring nutraceutical
                                                              brands, extending current lines with nutraceutical variants or by
                                                              developing their own nutraceutical brands in order to capitalize on this
                                                              market opportunity.

                                                              Nutraceutical Soft Drinks: Innovation in sports, energy, dairy and
                                                              functional beverages is a new management report published by
                                                              Business Insights that analyzes the market by value and volume with
Source: Nutraceutical Soft Drinks
                                                              forecasts to 2010. This report examines innovation in terms of product
 “Kagome Vege-care Anthocyanin is a functional jelly          category, geography, drinks ingredients, drinks functions and
drink containing a blend of natural vegetable and fruit
                                                              demographic targeting. It also identifies both current and emerging
  juices, launched in Japan in 2005. One 180g pack
supplies 63mg anthocyanin (as much as 20 blueberries)
                                                              trends to provide valuable insight into market developments over the
for eye health support - specifically to relieve tired eyes   next five years.
  when operating a personal computer or driving. In
2006 Kagome expanded its range with Bikajyu ("beauty          Create more effective new product development strategies and
                          fruit juice")...“                   increase returns on investment with this new report.

This new report will enable you to...

                                                              •   Understand the key trends in nutraceutical soft drinks from this
      US nutraceutical soft drink market
     volume, Liters m, 2006-2010 (Extract)
                                                                  report’s analysis of innovation by category, region and product tags,
                                                                  using global Productscan data from over 5,800 nutraceutical soft
            Liters m                         CAGR                 drinks product launches between 2002 and 2006.
            Sports drinks                     3.40%
                                                              •   Improve the effectiveness of your NPD strategies using this
            Energy drinks                     10.60%
            Smoothies                         2.30%               report’s analysis of the key success factors and the most innovative
            Beneficial drinks*                3.30%               trend leading nutraceutical drinks brands.
            Total US                           4.50%

                                                              •   Benchmark your strategies against the key players using the
                                                                  report’s detailed competitive analysis of leading soft drinks
Source: Nutraceutical Soft Drinks
                                                                  manufacturers’ innovation profiles.
“In the US, new growth is expected in the established
  energy and sports drinks markets. Whilst there has
                                                              •   Predict future growth areas in nutraceutical soft drinks with this
  been a plethora of specialist new product launches,
                                                                  report’s forecasts of energy drinks, sports drinks, dairy drinks and
 these have been more focused on the east and west
 coasts. The rest of the country is first switching from          functional beverages market value and volumes in Western Europe,
        carbonates to energy and sports drinks...“                the US and Japan to 2010.
Key issues examined in this report...

                                                             • Daily dosing. Encouraging daily dosing is an extremely effective
                  Western winter drinks
                                                               method of increasing purchase frequency. Manufacturers are now
                                                               looking to repeat this success at other times of the day and on a
                                                               seasonal basis.

                                                             •   Detox. Products that help consumers to detox their digestive
                                                                 system exemplify how the early health-related functions of gut
                                                                 health products are being supplemented by lifestyle products.

                                                             • Hybrid drinks. A significant trend towards blurring category
                                                               boundaries to offer more than one benefit. For example combining
Source: Nutraceutical Soft Drinks                              the benefits of green tea with fruit flavors or soft drinks hydration
“Hermann Pfanner Getranke sells a nutraceutical winter         with functional or sensory benefits.
   tea and juice drink in Germany, Austria, Italy and
  Eastern Europe. And VeryWise Nutrition introduced
                                                             • Energy and sports drinks. The largest and fastest growing soft
     WinterWise Lemon and Honey Health Drink to                drinks categories offer new revenue streams for nutraceutical
 consumers in the UK during 2006. It contains ‘vitamin         manufacturers who are exploiting these opportunities through
 C, elderberry, bee propolis, beta glucans and zinc, to        hybrid products.
   specifically help maintain the body's defences’...”

Your questions answered...

                                                             • What is the most common claim made on nutraceutical
        Cakes and pastries, sub-category
          segmentation by value, 2009

                                                             • Which demographic is most commonly targeted by nutraceutical

                                                             • Can developments in Japan help to predict future new product
                                                               flavors in other regions?

                                                             • What are some of the key developments in the cognitive health
Source: Nutraceutical Soft Drinks

“The new FRS Antioxidant Energy Drink was launched           • How much do other major health trends such as low fat and
 in the US during 2006 by New Sun Nutrition. It is "a
                                                               organic, crossover with nutraceuticals?
scientifically formulated healthy energy drink created to
 provide a sustained energy boost, improved mental
    focus and powerful antioxidant protection". It is
                                                             • What are the newly-emerging benefits being claimed by
formulated with quercetin, green tea catechins, seven          manufacturers?
key vitamins and metabolic enhancers to synergistically
increase the level and duration of antioxidant activity in   • Which countries will experience the highest sales growth rates in
                           the body...”
                                                               nutraceutical soft drinks over the next five years?
Sample Information: ‘Nutraceutical Soft Drinks’

Chapter 4: Innovation and NPD                                                              Table 2.9: Top 3 product tags on nutraceutical soft
                                                                                                             drinks by area

 Product Tags
                                                                                                                                            2004     2006    Change

 Table 2.9 shows the top three product tags used on new nutraceutical                       Energy
                                                                                            Cognitive health

 soft drinks across a number of different areas. The most common tags
                                                                                            Digestive health and allergy control           7.10%    7.20%      +

 are to do with the function of the drink - for example 24% of all
                                                                                            High Vitamins                                  17.60%   17.10%      -
                                                                                            High Calcium                                   6.70%    5.70%       -
 nutraceutical soft drink launches in 2006 provided energy. The next                        High Minerals                                  4.50%    4.50%

 most common tags relate to the ingredients used to provide that                            Other health tags
                                                                                            Natural                                        5.30%    5.00%       -
 functionality - e.g. 17% of launches had a high level of vitamins. Other                   No Preservatives                               2.80%    2.90%      +
                                                                                            Low Sugar                                      2.70%    2.50%       -

 health-related but non-nutraceutical tags were popular - the most                          Demographic tags

 significant being natural, carried by 5% of launches. Each of these areas                  Kids

 is examined in greater detail in the subsequent sections of the report.                    Teens                                          0.20%    0.20%


 Functional Trends                                                                          Orange
                                                                                            Lemon                                          4.80%    4.60%       -
 Table 2.10 shows the pattern of recent nutraceutical soft drink launches
                                                                                Other tags
 in terms of the specific functions that they perform. The most common          Single Serving              4.50% 4.50%
                                                                                Upscale                     1.20% 2.90%                                        +
 is providing energy, which was a function of almost a quarter of               Recyclable                  0.90% 1.50%                                        +

 launches in 2006. The mid-ranking categories were cognitive health       Source: Nutraceutical Soft Drinks
 (a benefit offered by 8.3% of launches in 2006) and digestive health
 and allergy control (7.2%). The remaining categories were offered by between 4% and 1% of products launched. Of
 course some products can offer multiple functions, and these would therefore appear in more than one of these
                                                                    Table 2.10: Top 10 functions as share of global nutraceutical soft
 Business Insights has also examined the growth of                                      drink launches, 2004-2006
 emerging functions outside of the top 10. These all
                                                                        Share of all nutraceutical                                 2004             2006
 account for less than one percent of products launched,                soft drink launches
 but provide useful indicators of how the market might
                                                                        Energy                                                     22.40%           24.30%
 develop in the medium-term. The top three are products                 Cognitive health                                           9.40%            8.30%
 that claim to help with detoxing, teeth health and                     Digestive health and allergy control                       7.10%            7.20%
                                                                        Anti-aging                                                 3.00%            3.60%
 muscular development.                                                  Joint and bone health                                      4.00%            3.10%
                                                                        Blood sugar control                                        3.50%            3.10%
 Some conclusions that can be drawn from the data are:                  Blood pressure control                                     3.00%            2.20%
                                                                        Cholesterol control                                        1.60%            2.20%
                                                                        Immune system health                                       n/a              1.30%
 • The nutraceutical soft drinks market is made up of a                 Weight control                                             1.00%            1.00%
    large number of very specific niche markets;
                                                               Source: Nutraceutical Soft Drinks

 • Functional soft drinks are being developed which
    cater towards the needs of more and more specific organs and systems - the traditional functions of the digestive,
    circulatory and cardiovascular systems are being supplemented with new functions such as eye and tooth health;

 • There is a growing number of products that are geared towards prevention rather than cure (e.g. products than
    bolster the immune system);

 • Lifestyle functions are being developed alongside the more traditional medicinal functions - for example products
    that help you to detox or sleep better.

Order this report today to find out more...
Table of Contents

 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY                              - Recovery drinks
                                                - Immune system
 CHAPTER 1: MARKET OVERVIEW                     - Sleep
 • Introduction                                 - Summary
 • Market value and volume                  •   Eye health
   - Europe                                 •   Flavor follows function
   - US                                         - Fusion flavors
   - Japan                                      - The rise of açaí
 • Company shares                               - Herbal and floral flavors
 • Corporate activity                           - Japanese influences
   - PepsiCo                                    - Vegetable drinks
   - Coca-Cola                                  - Vinegar drinks
   - Cadbury Schweppes                          - Summary of flavor trends
   - Private label                          •   Beyond flavor: sensory drinks
                                            •   Encouraging regular consumption
 CHAPTER 2: INNOVATION AND NPD                  - Daily dosing
 • Introduction                                 - New daily opportunities
 • Product category trends                      - Seasonal drinks
   - The rise of hybrid products                - Detox products
 • Regional trends                              - Summary
 • Product tags                             •   Targeting age groups
   - Functional trends                          - The emerging elderly market
   - Ingredient trends                      •   Female functionality
   - Convergence with other health trends   •   Niche marketing
   - Convergence with convenience               - Implications for sales channels
   - Convergence with premium
 • Flavor analysis                          CHAPTER 4: APPENDIX

 • Introduction                             • European nutraceutical soft drink market value,
 • Energy and sports drinks                    $m, 2006-2010
   - Energy drinks are leading the hybrid   • European nutraceutical soft drink market
   movement                                    - Volume, Liters m, 2006-2010
   - Enhanced product performance              - Value by country, $m, 2006-2010
   - Sports drinks                             - Volume by country, Liters m, 2006-2010
   - Energy for specific occasions          • US nutraceutical soft drink market
 • Cognitive health                            - Value $m, 2006-2010
 • Anti-aging                                  - volume, Liters m, 2006-2010
 • Bone and joint health                    • Japan nutraceutical soft drink market
   - Teeth health                              - Value, $m, 2006-2010
   - Muscle development                        - Volume, Liters m, 2006-2010
 • Cardiovascular health                    • Top 3 product tags on nutraceutical soft drinks
   - Blood pressure control                    by area
   - Cholesterol control                    • Top 10 functions as share of global
   - General cardiovascular health             nutraceutical soft drink launches, 2004-2006
 • Weight control                           • Emerging functions in nutraceutical soft drink
 • Restorative products                        launches, 2006
Table of Contents (contd.)

 FIGURES & TABLES (CONTD.)                               Water and Coca-Cola Wellness
 • Share of global nutraceutical soft drink            • Teeth health: Spartacus, Poland Spring and
    launches by ingredient claim, 2004-2006              Huesitos
 • Claims in global nutraceutical soft drink           • Muscle development: Calpis Gungungurt,
    launches, 2004-2006                                  Drinho SmartBEAN, Yajult Gong Tong and
    - Fastest-growing ingredients                        Sipahh Milk
    - Top 10 health                                    • Cardiovascular health: Soia & Soia and Your
    - Top 3 convenience                                  Ultimate Milk
    - Top 3 positioning                                • Weight control: New Leaf, Nestea Enviga,
    - Top 10 flavors                                     Melodian Kobara and Kanebo Hot Gelee
 • Top 10 fastest-growing flavors in global            • Recovery: Lion Guronsan and Taisho Lipovitan
    nutraceutical soft drink launches, 2004-06         • Immune system: Meadow Gold IS and Brain
 • Non-nutraceutical health claims made by               Twist Defense
    nutraceutical soft drinks, 2004-06                 • Sleep: Lion Gussumin Kishaku and Nestea
 • Major flavors of nutraceutical soft drinks, 2004-     green Tea
    06                                                 • Eyes: Kagome Vege-care Anthocyanin and
 • Top five manufacturers share of regional              Zorkie Glaza
    nutraceutical soft drinks markets 2005             • Açaí: Sambazon and 180 Blue
 • Nutraceutical soft drink brands                     • Herbals: Taisho Karada Kankyo Aojiru
    - PepsiCo’s                                        • Vegetable: Otsuka Yasai no Senshi, Yakult
    - Coca-Cola’s                                        Kininaru Yasai, Kagome Yasai Seikatsu and
    - Cadbury Schweppes                                  Amazing Grass
 • Percentage share of nutraceutical soft drinks       • Vinegar: Lotte Karada ni Momosu, Ito En
    launched by category, 2003-06                        Maiasa Ippai no Kurozu to Yasai and Toraku
 • Percentage growth in products launched in             Soya Farm
    nutraceutical soft drinks categories, 2003-06      • Sensory: Kagome Vege-care, NeXt Fresh and
 • Vitaminsmart Soft Drink                               Brain-Twist Beverages
 • Percentage share of nutraceutical soft drinks       • Daily dosing: Kagome Asa no Fruit Kore
    launched by region, 2003-06                          Ippon, Hero ActiFruit, Pj Smoothies and SGN
 • OGO Oxygen Water                                      Nutrition X-Balance
 • Convenient packaging: Lion Mini Pack and            • Dayparts: Nesquik Petit Para Beber Bebida
    Borba on-the-go                                      Lactea and Sapporo Tsubu no Kiwami
 • Packaging technology: TetraPak, FreshCan and        • Japanese winter drinks
    tablet/blister                                     • Western winter drinks
 • Upscale products: Health by Chocolate and           • Spring/summer pollen allergy drinks
    Calpis gift set                                    • Detox: Kombucha Gold Essence, Zaqua!,
 • Authenticity: Lipovitan, Dr Wells, Proteca            Resurrect and Urban Detox
    Profect, Firefighter and Oishii Nihon              • Detox: James White and Lianozovski Dairy
 • Innocent Superfoods Smoothies                       • Age groups: Babies, Pres-school, 5-12 year-
 • Energy drinks: Chaser 5-hour, Kelowna Big             olds, Teens, Seniors
    Buzz and Roots Energy Management                   • Elderly: Shanghai Chuanqi and Novartis Isocal
 • Sports drinks: Amino Vital and Ascendia               Plux EX
    Energice                                           • Female: sports, pregnancy and menopause
 • Sexual performance: Clamato Energia, SkyFruit         products
    Juice and Turn On Soda                             • Niche markets: men, Hispanics and music
 • Cognitive health: FRS and Brainiac                    lovers
 • Anti-ageing: Kewpie Hyalo, Skin Balance
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