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					               MOCCASIN TELEGRAM
 Sept/Oct 2006
 Issue 10
                        NWRESD Title VII Indian Education
                                   5825 NE Ray Circle Hillsboro, Or 97124

                            Phone: (503) 614-1442 or 1-888-990-7500 ext442

                                                2006 –2007
      Regional                 The NWRESD Title VII Indian Education program
                               goal is to improve the level of success American Indian /
                               Alaskan Native students and their families experience in
     Education                 the public school system. The 2006 2007 Academic
                               objective is Reading. In order to assist your student with
Glenn & Viola Walters          their initial academic needs we must have a copy of your
Cultural Arts Center
                               student’s progress/ report card. After school Academic
527 E Main Street,
Hillsboro                      support is provided by many of our wonderful community
                               partners we have located throughout many of our counties.
                               Academic support in reading will also be available in
Choker & Necklace              Columbia County starting in November. We look forward
                               to serving you and your students with academic support,
                               curriculum components and cultural programming. Please
Feather Making
10/16—10/30                    contact the Title VII Indian Education office to set up a
6:30-8:30pm                    time to discuss your child's educational needs.

                               Thank you and welcome back to school!
Scholarships are
available on a first come
first serve basis.
Contact the                    Noella Red Hawk, Facilitator
Title VII office for more

                              Forest Grove, Oregon
                              Indian Boarding
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                                            Special Recognition
             I would like to recognize the many valuable contributions that volunteers have made to the
                         NWRESD Title VII Indian Education program the past three years.

      There are two in particular who have given generously of their time and talents. If it were not for the hard
                 work and tireless efforts of these dedicated volunteers, there would be no program.
        They are last year’s officer Shane Red Hawk, Chairman and Technology support Sam Ketcham.

             I believe I speak for all the students, parents and district staff when I say Wopila Tanka!!!
                          We appreciate you time, talent and willingness to give of your self.
      Thank you to all the wonderful volunteers who have given generously of their time and talents in the past!

                                                 Brandy Willhoite
                                                   LaVonne Hill
                                                  Brittney Moore
                                                   Kelly Vedack
                                                   Tami Allison
                                                   Otto Abahazy
                                                 Yvonne Wikander
                                                    Whitney Reasoner

                                     This program is successful because of you!

September 18, 2006

Dear Washington, Tillamook, Clatsop and Columbia County families:

My past three years as the NWRESD Title VII Indian Education Facilitator, has been very challenging
and rewarding. Title VII has seen many changes over the past three years but along with change comes
new growth.
I will be resigning my responsibilities as Facilitator, effective November 9, 2006.
I will be leaving with an incredible amount of experience and relationships that I will cherish. I realize
that hiring for this position may be difficult. I am willing to assist the new Facilitator in learning about
our programs and to make this        transition a smooth one.
I am honored to have had the opportunity to work with Title VII Indian Education; I wish the program
continued success and growth.


Noella Red Hawk, Title VII Indian Education Facilitator
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   Native American book of                        “NEW” Native American Film
          the month                                         Edge of America
                                                                PG 13

 Walking with Grandfathers             this upbeat feature follows a girls' high school basketball
                                                     team as they learn how to win
 By Joseph Marshall
 Recommended reading grades 6th
 & up

                                                                     Indian Education Communication

 Delicious Native American food recipes:                      NWRESD Title VII Indian Education is eagerly trying to
                                                               improve communication with our Native families and
                                                                schools. If you or someone you know would like to
              Choke Cherry Pudding                               receive up to the minute e-mail information about
                                                                scholarships, camp, internship or job opportunities
                                                                              please call 503-614-1442

Lightly wash the chokecherries.

Put the lightly washed chokecherries in a pot with
some water and boil them.                                               Native style
Now mash them.
                                                             Native                        Native Radio
Add sugar to taste.                                          Television                    programs:
Add as much flour as you need to make it like a
slightly runny pudding.                                                                    90.7 Indian World
                                                             Native Nations                Alternate Thursdays
Variations: You can put the chokecherries through                                          1:30 – 3:00pm
                                                             3rd Thursday monthly          Native culture/music
a meat grinder to chop up the seeds.                         6:00pm, Channel 11
Also, you can do is strain the seeds out after the                                             90.7 Mitakuye Oyasin
                                                             3rd Saturday monthly
chokecherries are boiled. I have found this is the           4:00pm, Channel 11            Alternate Thursday
easiest on my teeth.                                         Native issues and             1:30 – 3:00pm
                                                             culture.                      Native culture/music

                                                                        Historical Milestones
                                                       September 20,1928 - The first sun dance since it was
                                                          prohibited in the 1880’s was performed on the
                                                                      Rosebud Reservation
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                                                      Academic support

                        Title VII Indian Education has many community partners available in your area for
                       academic support. Please check the homework helper listing for your area or call the
                                                 Title VII Indian Education Office

                     Connect                                       Hillsboro Boys & Girls Club

                                                                   Monday/Friday 2:00 PM-8:00 PM
            School – to –Work Program                              No school day: 9:00 AM- 5:00 PM
The connect program is for 16-21 year olds who meet                 560 SE 3rd Ave. Hillsboro, OR
 low-income guidelines, are high school dropouts or                         503-640-4558
                graduates and live in
                Washington County.                             One time membership $5.00 for the family
            We’ll pay for your GED test,                       Open to any youth between the ages of 6-18
       Self-paced GED classes and tutoring.                                   Free meals
         Earn credits towards your diploma                            provided 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
         Paid work experiences/Internships
  Work readiness training: resumes, cover and thank                     Free bus transportation
                     you letters.                        available from Eastwood, Mooberry,McKinley, Minter
                    Job searching                         Bridge, Peter Boscow, W.L.Henry, Imlay, Patterson
             Computer and typing skills                  Activities include: Art, Sports, game room, teen room,
                  Life skill classes                     learning center, homework help, special programs and
           Gift cards $$$ for completing                                      much more!
   Support services: bus pass, clothing. Money for
                   driving permit
        For more information please contact
                  Jessica Anderson
              andersje@hsd.k12.or.us                                    Are you Native American or do you
                Phone 503-844-1011                                      know any students who’s in
                                                                        K – 12 that can be identified as
                                                                        Native American?
                 Tutor Program
                                                                        There is no blood quantum
Indian Education will be teaming up with community colleges in          requirement or tribal enrollment
 your area to provide English/Language arts support for students        needed. The student must know the
                  grades 3,5,8 & 10. All students                       name of the Tribe, which he or she is
         participating in this program must complete the                descended from. For more
  referral process. Contact the Indian Education office for more        information, call Title VII Indian
                            information                                 Education (503)614-1442

                                      “Lets work together so we can
                                            rebuild a nation!”
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                                                        Native American Parent provides support and
                                                        encouragement to those parenting Native children with
                                                        disabilities or learning challenges
                                                        Find out about camps, classes, culture and recreation for
                      Family Services                   kids and families. Many discount and free fun.
                                                        For more information call Christina Bruno at
NARA Health Clinic 503-230-9785                         503-666 –1740
Chemawa Clinic/Dental 800-452-7823
                                                                           The Beaverton School
NARA Tobacco Program 503-236-3269                                             District Closet
Native American Cancer Patients 503-245-2253
                                                       The Clothes Closet is operated by volunteers from the school
                  •     Indian Health Services:        district's parent groups and Beaverton community to provide free
                        http://www.ihs.gov/            clothing for students in grades K-12 families with limited income.
                       Phone: 503-326-2020             Students can visit the Clothes Closet two times per school year. An
                                                       admit slip is required. Admit slips are available from the school
      •       National Indian Child Welfare Associa-   office. Donations of clean, attractive, school-appropriate clothing
                           tion (NICWA)                such as warm jackets, sweatshirts, mittens and jeans are always
                   http://www.nicwa.org                needed. Donations can be made on Wednesdays between 10 a.m.
                       503-222-4044                    and 4 p.m. We also accept financial contributions. Make checks
                                                       payable to the Clothes Closet and mail to 16550 SW Merlo Road,
         Native American Program Legal Aid             Beaverton, OR 97006. If you are interested in volunteering or
            Services of Oregon (NAPOLS)                donating to the Clothes Closet, please contact Johanna Shrout,
      www.lanecountylegalservices.org/Portland         Beaverton School District Volunteer Services,
                  503-223-9483                         503-591-4443 for further information, or e-mail her at
             Native American Rehabilitation
                  Association (NARA)
                                                                                Tualatin Resource Center
  http://www2.ihs.gov/PortlandAO/about/nara.asp                           Located on the Tualatin Elementary School
                  503-224-1044                                                             campus
                                                                                19945 SW Boones Ferry Road
      •       Northwest Indian Veterans Association                                  Tualatin, OR 97062
                (NIVA) http://www.atnitribes.org/                                      (503) 691-9008
                          veteran.html                                               Fax (503) 692-9881
              Phone 1-800-949-1004 Ext. 33413                                     Hours: 8 am-12 pm M-Th
                                                                           Free emergency dental care for children
          •    Native American Youth Association                           who qualify in the Tigard-Tualatin School
              5135 NE Columbia Blvd. Portland                                               District
                       503-288-8177                                           As scheduled at individual schools
                      www.nayapdx.org                                        Contact TRC for dates, locations and
                                                                                        referral process

                                                  IEP Partner

This program matches IEP Partners with parents wanting support at their child’s IEP meetings. IEP Partners
  model parent/professional partnerships and collaboration. There is no cost for this service. Parents of
                Native children with IEPS can contact Christine Bruno at 503-666-1740
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                                        Grant / opportunities
                                              In honor of National American Indian Heritage Month
NESTLE VERY BEST IN YOUTH                                             November 2006
 PROGRAM SEEKS APPLICANTS:                            the Bonneville Power Administration, U.S. Fish and Wildlife
DEADLINE NOVEMBER 1, 2006                          Service, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Portland General Electric and One
The Very Best in Youth program honors               Sky Center of Oregon Health Science University in recognition of
young people who have excelled in school            National American Indian Heritage Month are sponsoring an essay
and who are making their community and                         contest for high school and college students.
world a better place. To learn more, visit
http://www.nestle-verybestinyouth.com/                    Topic: "Sacred Earth" – In your own words, feel free to
vbiny/home.jspa                                                     share what this topic means to you.

                                                                        Length: 450 to 500 words

                                                      Formatting: Entries should be double-spaced, typed, 12 point
                                                  Times New Roman font with one-inch margins. Papers should be well
    Oregon Student Assistance                      organized and use correct spelling and grammar. Submittals should
          Commission                                     include a title page with their first and last name, contact
                                                       information (phone number/address) and school level (high
 Available for part-time students this year
  and there is no deadline for applying for             Deadline: All entries must be received no later than Friday,
the grant. The majority of the scholarships                                    Nov. 3, 2005.
 administered through the Oregon Student                   Participants must submit a hard copy of their entry.
   Assistance Commission are merit/need
       based and all have a March 1st                                         Mail entries to:
    deadline. The early bird deadline is
   February 15th. www.osac.state.or.us/                            Bonneville Power Administration
                 grants.html                                      Attn: Corrina Sutter – DKT-DITT – 2
                                                                                P.O. Box 491
                                                                            Vancouver, WA 98604


   Nominations for the Lewis Hine Awards are currently being accepted. The Lewis Hine Awards are presented annually
   by the National Child Labor Committee to ten recipients for exceptional service to youth. To learn more and download
   a nomination form, log onto http://www.nationalchildlabor.org/ for more information

   Applications for the 12th Annual Prudential Spirit of Community Awards are now available. The awards seek to honor
   middle and high school students across the country for outstanding volunteer service. To learn more and apply, visit
   Prudential Financial.

   Sponsored by America’s Promise, the 100 Best Communities for Young People competition honors outstanding efforts
   of communities to improve the well-being of young people. To learn more and apply, visit America’s Promise.
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                                  THE 2007 HARRIS WOFFORD AWARD
Youth Service America is pleased to invite nominations for the prestigious 2007 Harris Wofford Awards, sponsored by
State Farm Companies Foundation ®. Established in 2002, the Harris Wofford Awards were created to honor former
Senator Harris Wofford - one of our nation's greatest public servants. The Awards recognize extraordinary achievements
in three categories:
YOUTH : The Youth Award will be given to one youth (ages 12 -25) who is a legal resident of the U.S. who
demonstrates exemplary commitment and action to involve his or her peers in service, youth voice, service-learning or
civic engagement activities. Youth nominees should be active in volunteering themselves, but even more so in helping to
mobilize and inspire other youth. The nominee’s activities can be focused on the local, state, or national level. The
recipient will receive a $500 award for him/herself and $500 to give to a non-profit of his or her choice to support
program activities.
Award Finalists will be honored and presented with an award of recognition at the 18th Annual National Service-Learning
Conference March 28-31, 2007 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Self-nominations are permitted. Further instructions and
eligibility requirements are available at the Youth Service America website, www.YSA.org. To apply, download a
nomination application at www.YSA.org/awards. Questions? Email WoffordAwards@ysa.org. Deadline: Oct.19, 2006

                                  The Hoopa Tribal Civilian Community Corps
                                                        Oct 4, 2006

                           Hoopa TCCC is a tribal residential national service program for young
                         Native men and women located in Hoopa Ca. (Northern Rural California)
                           There is no better time than right now for you to make a difference. By
                       serving as an AmeriCorps *Hoopa Tribal Civilian Community Corps member.
                              You can make a difference in your life and in the lives of others.
                                We are now accepting applications for the 2006-07 class.
                                           Application Deadline - Open until filled
                                                  Start Date - October 4, 2006
                                                  Eligibility Requirements:
                                        * Young Men/Women between Ages of 18-26
                                     * Be a Federally Recognized Indian or Descendant.
                              * Drug & Alcohol Free upon Entry & Test Randomly Thereafter
                                              * Reside at Hoopa TCCC Campus
                                * Be Able to Travel on "Projects" with TCCC for 2-4 Weeks
                              * Be Dedicated, Dependable, willing to put TCCC’s needs first.
                       *Requires an intense, ten-month and 1700 hours, full-time commitment
                                                    * Free Room and Board
                                      * Bi-Weekly Living Allowance (Not a paycheck)
                                                * Child Care Benefits if eligible
                        * $4725.00 Educational Award upon Successful Completion (to be used for
                               college/vocational training or pay back existing student loans)
                                      * Travel paid to start program & upon graduation

                                      Hoopa Tribal Civilian Community Corps
                                                    PO Box 606
                                              Hoopa, California 95546
                                                 Visit our Website
                                      @ www.hoopa-nsn.gov/deparments/tccc.htm
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 Full Four-Year Scholarships for Low Income Students
 Offered through QuestBridge - DUE October 1, 2006

 The QuestBridge College Match offers an opportunity for outstanding low-income students to gain admission and full
 four-year scholarships to some of the nation's top-ranked colleges.
 High school seniors who have achieved excellent academic results in the face of economic challenges are encouraged
 to apply to the College Match. The application is available on the Quest Bridge website (www.questbridge.org) and
 will be due on October 1, 2006. The College will match application is free of charge.
 College Match scholarships cover the following for all four years of college:
   * Full cost of tuition ($22,000 - $34,000 per year, depending on the college)
   * Full cost of room and board ($7,000 - $11,000 per year, depending on the college).
 Quest Bridge's College Match partners include:
  * Amherst College (MA), * Bowdoin College (ME), * Claremont McKenna College (CA)
  * Columbia University (NY), * Oberlin College (OH), * Pomona College (CA), * Princeton University (NJ), *
 Rice University (TX), * Scripps College (CA), * Stanford University (CA)
  * Swarthmore College (PA), * Trinity College (CT), * Wellesley College (MA), * Wheaton College (IL), * Wil-
 liams College (MA)

 The College Match program pairs selected students with Quest Bridge partner schools through an early decision
 process. Low-income students who are not awarded College Match scholarships can also use their Quest Bridge
 applications to apply to our partner colleges for free through the regular admissions process. Last year, 46 students
 secured full four-year scholarships worth over $6 million through the Quest Bridge College Match. Over 250 more
 students gained acceptance and generous financial aid packages from our partner schools through the regular
 admissions process on the basis of their Quest Bridge applications. In the coming months, we hope to double the
 number of students who receive full scholarships through this year's College Match, and we aim to increase the
 number of Quest Bridge applicants accepted through the regular admissions process to over 500. Quest Bridge is a
 venture of the Quest Scholars Program, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that has provided mentorship and
 leadership training to outstanding low-income students for 12 years. For more information, please visit our website at
 www.questbridge.org .

                                       Locating IIM Account Holders
The Office of the Special Trustee for American Indians (OST) is seeking current addresses for the Individual
Indian Money (IIM) account holders. All Whereabouts Unknown (WAU) accounts have funds to be disbursed
to the rightful owner.
If you are or you know an account holder whose whereabouts is unknown to OST, please contact OST and
provide the information below. OST will send the accountholder the required forms to update the IIM account.

Information needed to request OST forms:

Name of account holder (First, M.I., Last name)
Current address
Telephone number
Attn: Whereabouts Unknown Coordinator
4400 Masthead St., NE
Albuquerque, NM 87109
Toll Free
1- 888 - 678- 6836 ext 392
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                                                      Casting Call
Casting Call For: White House Office of National Drug Control Policy
(ONDCP). A national anti-drug campaign designed to promote positive alternatives to American Indian teens. This
campaign is being produced by G & G Advertising

Campaign Type: Billboards, Posters
Broadcast Market: In and around Indian country for Billboards (Plains, Northwest, and Southwest). Poster will be
distributed to tribal schools, IHS clinics and tribal enterprises.
Who is Needed: One Native American boy age 11 -16?
One Native American girl age 11 –16 with horse riding skills.
Where/When: In and around the Portland metro area and Warm Springs, OR, October 10-11, 2006
What to Bring (if selected):
Boys: Any or all of the following items are helpful to bring: Native American regalia, baseball uniform/equipment, La
Crosse uniform/equipment, bicycle/helmet, football uniform/equipment.
What to Bring (if selected):
Girls: Any or all of the following items are helpful to bring: Native
American regalia, soccer uniform/equipment, cheerleading uniform/equipment, horse/horse riding gear, running outfit/
Payment of Services:
$500 to each individual, talent’s parent or guardian will be required to sign a talent release form. Expect to participate in
the shoot for an estimated 8 + hours or until all images are taken to photographer’s/art director’s satisfaction.
How to respond: Via Email: Please email information (availability, your location, email address and phone numbers
with best times to call, hobbies, skills, age and any other info you feel is pertinent) and current photos (please send in
jpeg format no larger than 5x7, 72 dpi) to: trish@perennialpress.com no later than 9/26/06.

                       Please join the Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board
                                                     As we celebrate…

                                                Friday, September 29th, 2006
                                                       2 PM – 10 PM
                                                 Pioneer Courthouse Square
                                                        Portland, OR

                                             Drum Groups, Dancers, Vendors
  If you are interested in sponsoring or participating in this event please contact Joe Finkbonner, Executive Director at
                                        503-228-4185 or jfinkbonner@npaihb.org.

                     "My children will grow up here, and I am looking ahead for their benefit, and for the
                            benefit of my children's children, too; and even beyond that again..."
                                                     - Sitting Bull, Lakota

                             Bow & Arrow Culture Club Friday Night Gatherings.
    Held at the NAYA Family Center 5135 NE Columbia Blvd., Portland, OR 97218. Dancing, drumming, community
   gathering and announcements. Potlucks are the 1st Friday of each month. Contact Mark Laverdure at 503-807-3667 or
                                                  Gina 503-703-6006.
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                               Homework help
There are trained volunteer Homework Helpers available after school, in
the evenings, and on weekends. Whether you need help with math, science,
writing or almost any other subject, our Homework Helpers are here for
you!                                                                                        Home Work Links
NWRESD Title VII Indian Education is a community partner with these
free tutoring opportunities in your community.
                                                                                        High School Hub
   South Tillamook County Library                                                       www.highschoolhub.org/
   6200 Camp Street                           Beaverton City Library
                                               Washington County                        Organized by subjects. Also in-
   Pacific City, OR 97135                     503-644-2197                              cludes features, activities, puzzles
   503-965-6163                               Call for schedule                         and games.
   All services are via internet resources    Math, reading, social studies and
                                              science.                                  How Stuff Works
   Students may also receive services                                                   www.howstuffworks.com
   online through Multnomah County            Hillsboro Public Library                  Get the lowdown on how stuff
   libraries at www.multcolib.org/                                                      works--everything from science to
   forstudents.html                           Homework assignments teach you to
                                                                                        health to technology to people.
                                              use the computer catalog, electronic
                                              informational data bases for children &   Internet Public Library Teen
Clatsop / Columbia County                     Internet stations.                        www.ipl.org/div/teen/
Clatsop & Columbia county students tutor                                                Homework help and links galore.
                                              Youth Services Division of the
support is available every day 2 pm - 10
                                              Hillsboro Public Library                  Middle School Hub
pm. Services are provided on line by the      503-615-6500                              http://middleschoolhub.org/
Multnomah County libraries at: http://                                                  school/school.cfm
www.multcolib.org/forstudents.html                                                      Online learning activities for ele-
                                                                                        mentary and middle school stu-
                                                 Hillsboro Boys & Girls Club            dents.
    Astoria Public Library                    Computer Club, Arts and Crafts, home
    Pre literacy skills Wednesdays 10:30      work help, and game rooms. Dinner         Multnomah Co. Library's Home-
    Sept to April 3 to5 yrs old               provided 3 to 4pm and snacks 6pm          work Center
    450 Tenth Street, Astoria                  Monday—Friday 2:00 PM—8:00 PM            www.multcolib.org/homework/
    503-325-7323                                No school day: 9:00 AM- 5:00 PM         A homework help haven!
    All services are via internet resources
                                                                                        Study Guides & Strategies
                                                Tualatin Public Library                 www.studygs.net
    Students may also receive services          Starts in October
    online through Multnomah County                                                     Tips for everything from taking
                                                Call 503-691-3071
                                                For more info and calendar              tests to managing your time to
                                                www.ci.tualatin.or.us                   reading critically to managing
    Vernonia Public Library                                                             your school projects.
    Open Mon-Wed-Fri 10 to 5pm
    Tues-Thurs 1 to 7pm                         IBM Learning center                     Writing Help
    Vernonia Public Library                     P.A.L.                                  www.ipl.org/div/teen/aplus/
    919 Bridge St.
                                                12602 SW Farmington Rd                  A+ Guide to writing research papers
                                                                                        for high school and college students.
    All services are via internet resources     (503) 469 – 9137

    Students may also receive services          8-18 years old
    online through Multnomah County             Monday thru Friday
    libraries at www.multcolib.org/             2:30 pm – 7:00 pm
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                                                       Village news
                                            ( courtesy of the Whirlwind community page)

Good Medicine AA Meetings – Totem Lodge1438 SE Division. Good Medicine Meetings AA Sun. 3–4:30pm; Mon.
7:30–9pm; Tue. (Prayer and Meditation)7:30–9pm; Wed. (Big Book Study)7:30–9pm; Thur. 7:30–9pm; Fri. “Noon
Medicine”; Fri. 6–7:30pm, Winyan Ohitaka (Brave Women) Women’s AA Meeting; Sat. 4:30–6pm “Let’s Talk” is
open to all.

Sunday’s, 11:00 am - Wilshire Native American Fellowship. “Potluck Lunch” on the last Sunday of each month, and a
simple lunch provided all other Sundays. Sponsor of Native American Parent Support (NAPS). Pastor, Lois Wagner
503-287-6526 or pastorlois@yahoo.com . 3917 NE Shaver Street, Portland, OR Near bus #75

Sunday’s, 1:30 pm - Open Circle Service & Potluck, Augustana Lutheran Church 15th & NE Knott. At 1:30 pm. All
are welcome. Call Norma for information, or Robert for a ride at 503-281-7657, or Bus #8.

Tuesday’s – Beginning 9/12/06 Pi Nee Waus Elders Potluck at the SE Multicultural Center on SE 45th and Belmont.
Entrance in the back. Jacki 503-327-8173.

Tuesday’s & Friday’s – Elders Lunch Meals 11:30 to 12:30 at NARA NW’s Madison building. Transportation sched-
uled through NARA NW at (503) 224-1044 ext. 223, 1776 SW Madison Street, Portland, OR Robbie 503-224-
1044x.223 or rgondara@naranorthwest.org or Juanita 503-224-1044x228 or jleibbrandt@naranorthwest.org

Wednesday’s 10:30 am to 12:30 pm -American Indian Play Group. At PSU Native American Student and Commu-
nity Center, 710 SW Jackson and Broadway. Play Group is for children ages 0-5 and their parent(s) and/or guardian to
encourage positive interactions with our children. Co-sponsored by the United Indian Student of Higher Education at
PSU. Tina Baldomaro 503-257-5730 or Chuck Hunt 503-665-5904.

Wednesday’s 3:15 to 5:45 pm - The new PPS Title VII Study Center for Project enrolled Native students, grades 2-
12. Located in the Indian Education Resource Library in the Lower Level of North Wing at Hosford Middle School
2303 SE 28th Place (1 block north of Division). Parents/Guardians are responsible for elementary student transportation
to and from the Study Center; middle and high school students will receive bus tickets as needed. Contact the PPS Title
VII office for additional information at 503-916-6499.

POWWOW- Powwows are drug and alcohol-free and open to the public at no cost. Visit www.nwpowwow.com
September 23, 2006 – NARA Alumni Picnic and Mini Powwow At NARA Residential St. Helens / Hwy 30. 11:00
am to 5:00 pm Drummers and dancers welcome. Bring your favorite side dish. Van pick up at Outpatient 1631 SW Co-
lumbia in Portland at 10:30 am and 12:00 noon. 5:30 pm is the last return trip back to Outpatient.

September 27, 2006 - Simnasho’s Annual September “Shindig”. Simnasho Longhouse. Potluck Dinner at 5:45
p.m. Social Dancing and the good time starts at 7:00 p.m. Specials:
   Clown Dance – 3 places, cash prizes “Silly Style”
   Drumming Contest – “49 style”
    “Sweep Your Teepee” Championships – “Simnasho Style”

This event is sponsored by the Simnasho Community. For more info or if you want to volunteer contact, chase down or
play phone tag with Captain 541-553-7014 or Roy Heath, Katie, Mike Collins, or Mr. Austin G.

                         ' Every part of this earth is scared to my people.' We are part
                                          of the earth and it's part of us
                                                Chief Seattle 1854
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  Title VII Indian Education Advisory Committee Meetings

                         3rd Wednesday of every other month at 5:00 pm.
                    Meetings are held at the Title VII Indian Education office
                              5825 NE Ray Circle Hillsboro, OR
                                       October 18th,2006
                         For more information, please call 503-614-1442

            “Our children are our future and what our nation will become!”

       NWRESD Title VII
       Indian Education
       5825 NE Ray Circle
       Hillsboro, OR 97124
       (503) 614-1442

   “Committed to connecting Native families with culture, community and education!”