Class Donation Requests Our class is creating a piece

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					               1st and 2nd grade Weekly Packet
             Week of January 25-28, 2010
                       Important Dates

  Friday, January 28 Reports card go home.
 February 10 & 11 Parent/Teacher conferences

        February 10, 100th day celebration!
     Friday, February 5, Walk to the Library

  Return packet and reading envelope Tuesday,
                  February 2.

Thank you to all parents who donated time and money for
                       Haiti Relief.
        Math: Number Stories, Linear Measurements, and Fractions

  Language Arts: Compound Words, Words with “ar”, hearing and counting
                syllables, long e and final consonant blends

 IB Unit: Types of Weather: How the temperature changes throughout the day
        and seasons. Central Idea: How weather affects our daily lives.

          Wed. Reading Buddies    Tuesday & Thursday Dancing

Class Donation Requests: Our class is creating a piece
of furniture using the following materials; duct tape and
recyclable cardboard.