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Logistics Services
Asia Pacific - Middle East - Europe

                                                        Sea freight

                                                                       Services Include
                                                        Air freight
                                                    Sea/ air freight
                                      Warehousing and distribution
                                        Supply chain management
                                                   Project logistics
Solid partnership
GAC - EMO-TRANS is an established partnership built upon the same philosophy of delivering seamless logistics solutions to customers. For
manufacturers, distributors and retailers with cargo moving along the Asia Pacific - Middle East - Europe and vice versa, GAC and EMO-
TRANS are exclusive counterparts working together to meet your specific needs.

GAC Logistics                                                             EMO-TRANS
GAC Logistics is part of the GAC Group, the world’s largest               The company originated in Filderstadt, Stuttgart, Germany where
independent shipping, logistics and marine services provider.             they began providing professional air freight services in 1965.
GAC stands out from the field of purely logistics players, with its       Today it operates over 15 offices and covers all major regions
complete range of logistics capabilities, combined with expertise         throughout Germany as well as a worldwide network of over
in shipping agency and offshore marine services.                          250 offices spanning 120 countries.

Worldwide, the GAC Group employs over 8,000 people in more                The company’s capabilities have since expanded to include
than 300 offices, located across 40 countries and works with an           virtually every facet of worldwide shipping. Yet one thing has
expanding network to deliver global reach.                                remained constant – its ongoing commitment to provide door-
                                                                          to-door solutions for each individual customer. In a business
GAC Logistics’ core services include air and sea freight,                 where creativity is often the key to problem solving, there is no
warehousing and distribution, door-to-door transportation,                substitute for human ingenuity.
project logistics, international moving, ship spares logistics,
and courier services. The company is also a renowned name in              Today, EMO-TRANS is an international freight forwarder
providing efficient logistics for celebrities on their performance        and global logistics provider offering a full range of logistics
tours.                                                                    services. These include air freight, ocean freight, warehousing
                                                                          and distribution, packing, insurance, letters of credit, customs
GAC solutions are characterised by innovative thinking and the            brokerage, project logistics and chartering.
effective use of technology.
                                                                          The company’s approach the business with a principle of “think
                                                                          globally and act locally”. The EMO-TRANS network has the
                                                                          international expertise to support customers’ global and domestic
                                                                          shipping needs, and maintain the highest level of customer
                                                                          service satisfaction such as: clear communication, follow-up and
                                                                          pro-active problem solving – with an outstanding staff.
We speak the local language – be it of commerce, culture or customs – allowing us to combine international
experience with local expertise to deliver outstanding service.
Full service
Efficient and reliable service is a key advantage of dealing with a   Warehousing and distribution
strong alliance like GAC - EMO-TRANS. Benefit from the synergies      We operate state-of-the-art logistics facilities at strategic
of using GAC - EMO-TRANS for all your logistics needs.                locations, enabling companies to reduce their capital investment
                                                                      and allowing flexible response to market demands. A specialist
Sea freight                                                           warehouse design, management and operations, we meet
GAC - EMO-TRANS offers Less than Full Container Load (LCL)            customers needs for safe storage, fast order response and
and Full Container Load (FCL) shipment options at competitive         minimum inventory levels.
rates and flexible service levels.
                                                                      Supply chain management
Air freight                                                           Our supply chain management solutions are designed to strike
For fast and efficient transport to and from any city worldwide,      an optimal balance between security and flexibility so as to
choose our air freight service. GAC - EMO-TRANS offers multiple       ensure customers’ products reach market on time in the most
weekly air consolidations at major points between Asia Pacific -      cost-effective way. Taking a holistic view of the supply chain,
Middle East -Europe. Our substantial volumes and buying power,        we focus on efficiencies across all elements. Our results-driven
combined with strong relationships with the world’s premier           approach ensure that customers’ unique business requirements
carriers, enable customers to benefit from favourable rates and       and cost objectives can be met.
gain priority access to capacity even during peak times.
                                                                      Project logistics
Sea/air freight                                                       GAC - EMO-TRANS provides solutions for complex logistics
Sea/air service combines the strengths in sea and air freight         tasks. We have the requisite experience, skill and resources to
to provide the supply chain solution for merchants looking            transport heavy, wide or oversized cargo for turnkey projects.
for a significant cost advantage or those operating with low
inventories in rapidly changing industries such as electronic,
fashion and footwear.

Fast and flexible, the service enables shippers to save up to one-
third on “all air” costs and 40 percent on “all sea” transit times.
Combining our in-depth local knowledge and integrated global network, GAC - EMO-Trans offers a wide range of logistics
solutions to meet customers’ needs.



Muenster           Germany
  Duesseldorf                    Dresden


 Pforzheim           Stuttgart
                                           EMO-TRANS offices in Germany

Complete network
Europe network
  Germany Offices

  Stuttgart                                      Frankfurt                   Muenster
  Headquarter                                    Air freight Ops.            Air freight Ops.
  Air freight Ops.                               Sales                       Sales
  Sales                                          Tel +49 (0) 6105-9739-40    Tel +49 (0) 2571-9166-13
  Tel +49 (0) 7117-7002-0                        Fax +49 (0) 6105-9739-99    Fax +49 (0) 2571-9166-49
  Fax +49 (0) 7117-7002–45                       Email            Email
                                                 Hamburg                     Pforzheim
  Berlin                                         Air freight Ops.            Sales
  Air freight Ops.                               Ocean freight Import Ops.   Tel +49 (0) 7231-4258-328
  Sales                                          Sales                       Fax +49 (0) 7231-4258-330
  Tel +49 (0) 3041-70698-11                      Tel +49 (0) 4069-4596-000   Email
  Fax +49 (0) 3041-70698-10                      Fax +49 (0) 4069-4596-099
  Email                               Email            Solingen
                                                                             Ocean freight Ops.
  Breisach                                       Hannover                    Sales
  Air freight Ops.                               Air freight Ops.            Tel +49 (0) 2122-2168-15
  Sales                                          Sales                       Fax +49 (0) 2122-2168–31
  Tel +49 (0) 7667-94177-00                      Tel +49 (0) 5119-6396-94    Email
  Fax +49 (0) 7667-94177-69                      Fax +49 (0) 5119-6396-48
  Email                      Email            Ulm
  Dresden                                        Jena                        Tel +49 (0) 7304-9292-60
  Air freight Ops.                               Air freight Ops.            Fax +49 (0) 7304-9292-67
  Sales                                          Sales                       Email
  Tel +49 (0) 3518-1085-09                       Tel +49 (0) 3641-6432-47
  Fax +49 (0) 3518-1134-04                       Fax +49 (0) 3641-6424-63    Villingen
  Email                               Email           Sales
                                                                             Tel +49 (0) 7420-9103-17
  Duesseldorf                                    Muenchen                    Fax +49 (0) 7420-9103-19
  Air freight Ops.                               Air freight Ops.            Email
  Sales                                          Sales
  Tel +49 (0) 2102-89249-0                       Tel +49 (0) 8997-5946–10
  Fax +49 (0) 2102-89249-39                      Fax +49 (0) 8997-5946-06
  Email                               Email
                                                     Middle East
                                                                                                                       Asia                China
                               Jordan             Kuwait
                                          Bahrain                                          Pakistan
                            Saudi Arabia                                                                                                                          Taiwan
               Egypt                         Abu Dhabi             Muscat                                                                        Hong Kong

                                                                    Ras Al Khaimah

                                                                                                      Sri Lanka



GAC Asia/ Indian Subcontinent/ Mediterranean/ Middle East Network
 North Asia                                              Indian Subcontinent                                      Middle East
 China                                                   Pakistan                                                 Abu Dhabi                              Ras Al Khaimah
 Tel +86-21-6391 2777                                    Tel +92-21-220 5215-5                                    Tel +971-2-673 0500                    Tel +971-7-227 2111
 Fax +86-21-6391 2207                                    Fax +92-21-231 0862                                      Fax +971-2-673 1328                    Fax +971-7-227 6111
 Email                                Email                              Email            Email

 Hong Kong                                               Sri Lanka                                                Bahrain                                Saudi Arabia
 Tel +852-2723 6306                                      Tel +94-11-479 7900                                      Tel +973-17-814 500                    Tel +966-1-463 2981
 Fax +852-2723 3413                                      Fax +94-11-479 7910                                      Fax +973-17-827 928                    Fax +966-4-465 9260
 Email                   Email                              Email             Email

 Taiwan                                                                                                           Dubai                                  Sharjah
 Tel +886-2-2546 6950                                                                                             Tel +971-4-881 8090                    Tel +971-6-528 0070
 Fax +886-2-2546 2610                                                                                             Fax +971-4-881 8687                    Fax +971-6-528 1602
 Email                                                                                        Email               Email

                                                                                                                  Fujairah                               Yemen
                                                                                                                  Tel +971-9-222 8300                    Tel +967-2-247 1612
                                                                                                                  Fax +971-9-222 8269                    Fax +967-2-247 163
 South East Asia                                         Mediterranean
                                                                                                                  Email            Email
 Indonesia                                               Cyprus
 Tel +62-21-8990 2777                                    Tel +357-25-561 950                                      Iraq
 Fax +62-21-8990 2784                                    Fax +357-25-577 532                                      Tel +965-483 6465
 Email                  Email                      Fax +965-483 6375
 Malaysia                                                Egypt
 Tel +60-3-7492 1000                                     Tel +20-2-268 6230                                       Jordan
 Fax +60-3-7492 0202                                     Fax +20-2-268 6037                                       Tel +962-6-569 0891
 Email                             Email                                 Fax +962-6-569 0893
 Philippines                                             Greece
 Tel +63-2-892 2713                                      Tel +30-210-428 2851/9                                   Kuwait
 Fax +63-2-867 3396                                      Fax +30-210-428 2850                                     Tel +965-483 6465
 Email                          Email                          Fax +965-483 6375
 Singapore                                               Lebanon
 Tel +65-6477 1400                                       Tel +961-1-446 086                                       Muscat
 Fax +65-6225 7887                                       Fax +961-1-446 097                                       Tel +968-2448 1000
 Email                            Email                               Fax +968-2448 2561
 Thailand                                                Turkey
 Tel +66-2-650 7400                                      Tel +90-212-542 8688                                     Qatar
 Fax +66-2-650 7401                                      Fax +90-212-542 8684                                     Tel +974-431 5222
 Email                   Email                                Fax +974-431 4222
                     Global Reach - Local Expertise

Together, GAC - EMO-TRANS operate in over 295               What makes GAC - EMO-TRANS special?
offices, located in 120 countries, covering 6 continents.     Over 90 years of combined experience
The combined network creates a global presence in all
major markets worldwide.                                      Integrated network of 15 offices in Germany and 28
                                                              offices in Asia Pacific / Middle East/ Mediterranean.
Our operations are aimed at satisfying the needs of
international and local companies alike for first-class       Full range of logistics services for manufacturers,
logistics support from a dependable partner. Leveraging       distributors, retailers and project companies
on the international coverage and extensive local
knowledge that our combined network offers, we help           Track record in serving diverse sectors with unique needs
open doors for companies worldwide, and offer services
that keep the wheels of commerce turning.                     Warehousing and distribution facilities at strategic

                                                              Extensive 3PL experience

                                                              Economies of scale due to efficient centralised freight

                                                              In-depth knowledge of local documentation procedures
                                                              and customs

                                                              Compliance with global security standards