SITUATION REPORT # 5 by pad58035


									                                   Joint Field Office
                                   739 Thimble Shoals Blvd.
                                         Building 400
                                    Newport News, Virginia
                    Virginia Department of Emergency Management (VDEM)
                              Virginia Emergency Response Team (VERT)
                  Severe Winter Storm and Snowstorm December 18-20, 2009
                                   SITUATION REPORT # 5
                                    1600 Hours March 5, 2010

                              NEW INFORMATION IS IN BOLD TYPE


Governor Timothy M. Kaine submitted a letter on 11 January 2010 to President Obama through
FEMA Region lll requesting that the President declare a major disaster for Public Assistance and
Hazard Mitigation for the Commonwealth of Virginia resulting from a severe winter storm/snow
event that impacted the Commonwealth beginning on 18 December 2009. Governor Bob
McDonnell announced on 16 February 2010 that President Barack Obama granted the request for
federal assistance to state and local governments in Virginia for recovery from the Severe Winter
Storm that occurred December 18-20, 2009.

Joint Incident Priorities:
   1. Determine suitable location/locations to run the event.
   2, Determine resource needs to support operations.
   3, Establish an efficient transition from current event to new event.
   4. Ensure a safe and healthy working environment.
   5. Work together as a cohesive team.
   6. Provide a timely and effective Public Assistance program.
   7. Provide a timely and effective Hazard Mitigation program.

Joint Incident Objectives:

   1.   Establish Applicant Briefings schedule.
   2.   Identify a need for a Mitigation Community Outreach program.
   3.   Schedule Kick-Off Meetings.
   4.   Ensure JFO and or other sites are fully operational.

Deputy Commonwealth Coordinating Officer (DCCO) Brett Burdick:

   •    FEMA will establish an Area Coordination Center (ACC) at Trade Center, Richmond.
   •    Develop staffing schedule for the ACC.
Operations Section George Roarty:

   •   Coordinated with VDOT regarding best approach in developing PWs associated with snow.
       Most of the work will be accomplished through teams dispatched from a central office.
   •   Continuing to address a variety of questions dealing with declaration.
   •   Followed up with FEMA regarding jurisdictions that were not approved. Will be providing
       additional information to support add-on request.
   •   Discussed snowfall records with FEMA and VDEM GIS, in regard to February and
       December 18, 2010.
   •   Discussed space requirements at Trade Court to support FEMA staff. FCO will be
       conducting site visit to look at space. Continued discussions with FEMA regarding
       management costs.
   •   Submitted PA Admin Plan for review by FEMA.

Public Assistance Supervisor Nealia Dabney:

   •   Reviewing staffing requirements needed.
   •   Developing Applicant Briefing Webinar and schedule in coordination with FEMA. Will be
       scheduling Applicant Briefings also.
   •   Continue to work with localities and FEMA for additional jurisdictions to be added on.

Hazard Mitigation Section Matt Wall:

   •   Communicate to localities, through briefings, the funding opportunities available through
       HMGP and other applicable mitigation programs.
   •   Develop disaster appropriate mitigation strategies and objectives
       prioritizing the declared communities.
             1. Mitigation for utility infrastructure where possible.
             2. Mitigation measures appropriate to shelters and other CIKR.
             3. Other appropriate mitigation measures state-wide.
   •   Initiate work on the DR-1874 Mitigation Admin Plan.
   •   Assist Planning District Commissions in updating the local Hazard
       Mitigation Plans.
   •   Determine the types of technical assistance required and available.

Planning Section Dal Bailey:

   •   Participate in daily staff meeting with Section Leads.
   •   Develop a Command Matrix with FEMA.
   •   Develop an Incident Action Plan (IAP) with FEMA.
   •   Develop VDEM Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP).
   •   Provide daily briefing report for VDEM Command Staff.
   •   Coordinate with FEMA planning all interagency activities.
   •   Receive from all sections information needed to generate required reports.
   •   Develop a VDEM SITREP for 1874 on Tuesdays and Friday and make distribution.

Finance and Admin. Section Bob Lambert:

  •   Assure efficient and cost-effective administration of disaster-related activities for the
  •   Assure acquisition, distribution and maintenance of needed equipment, services and
      supplies to support disaster-related activities.

Communications/IT Don Gray:

  •   Review FEMA-1874-DR-VA staffing plan with VDEM management to establish mission
  •   Work with VITA/N-G on network requirements and design for the FEMA-1874-DR-VA.
  •   Work with VITA/N-G on business productivity devices (printers, copiers, scanners, multi-
      function devices) for the FEMA-1874-DR-VA ACC.
  •   Work with VITA/N-G on personal computer requirements for the FEMA- -VA ACC.
  •   Work with VDEM personnel on cell phone/Blackberry requirements for DR VA.ACC
  •   Work with Virginia vendor (MB3) to create training plan for new users of the software
      impacted by FEMA-1874-DR-VA.
  •   Work with FEMA personnel on cooperative efforts to create the Commonwealth network at
      the FEMA-1874-DR-VA. ACC (scheduling, wiring, shared resources, external network
      access, etc.).
  •   Test all network access points and business productivity devices to make certain the
      building is operational.
  •   Work with VITA/N-G personnel to establish help desk protocol and field support plan.

Logistics Section Norman Sanford:

  •   Provide logistical support to field and staff.
  •   Coordinate all shipping and receiving.
  •   Distribute packing materials for movement to Trade court.

Prepared by: Dal Bailey
Authority of: Michael Cline, State Coordinator
/s/ Brett Burdick, DCCO


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