SITUATION REPORT No. 22
                             KATRINA’S AFTERMATH
                        The Florida State Emergency Response Team
                       September 04, 2005 Published at 1100 Hours
                        State Emergency Operations Center Level: 1
        Operational Period: September 4, 2005 0700 Hrs. – September 4, 2005 1900 Hrs.

The State Emergency Operations Center
remains at Level 1 activation as the State
Emergency Response Team continues to
support response and recovery operations
in South Florida, the Florida Panhandle, and
the State of Mississippi (Pearl River,
George, Hancock, Harrison, and Jackson

Miami-Dade - Today: Showers and
thunderstorms likely, mainly after 2 pm. The
skies will be mostly cloudy with a high near 90.
Tonight: Showers and thunderstorms likely, mainly before 8 pm. The skies will be mostly cloudy, then
gradually becoming mostly clear, with a low around 72.

Escambia - Today: Partly cloudy with highs in the lower 90’s.
Tonight: Partly cloudy with lows in the upper 60’s.


Harrison - Today: Increasing clouds with highs in the lower 90’s.
Tonight: Mostly clear with a 20 percent chance of thunderstorms and lows will be in the lower 70’s.

Jackson - Today: Increasing clouds with highs in the lower 90’s.
Tonight: Mostly clear with a 20 percent chance of thunderstorms with lows in the lower 70’s.

Pearl River - Today: Increasing clouds with highs in the lower 90’s.
Tonight: Mostly clear with a 20 percent chance of thunderstorms with lows in the lower 70’s.

Hancock - Today: Increasing clouds with highs in the lower 90s.
Tonight: Mostly clear with a 20 percent chance of thunderstorms with lows in the lower 70s.

George – Today: Partly cloudy with highs in the lower 90s. Northeast winds 5 to 10 mph becoming
east in the afternoon.
Tonight: Mostly clear with lows in the upper 60s. Northeast winds around 5 mph.
  1. Sheltering – There are 14 shelters open for out of State evacuees (Louisiana, Mississippi, and
     Alabama (784 evacuees). (See County Actions below).
  2. Power Outages (State of Mississippi) - Currently there are approximately 774,244 customers
     without power (Mississippi).
  3. Fatalities – Currently there are eleven (12) confirmed fatalities in Florida.
  4. Boil Water Notices – Currently there are 6 notices - Santa Rosa (1), Gulf (1), Miami-Dade (4).


                Counties                           Shelters (as of 1726 hrs)
                Escambia     1 general with 150 evacuees

                Okaloosa     1 host general with 174 evacuees

                Bay          2 general shelter with 224 evacuees
                Leon         1 general shelter with 118 evacuees

                Duval        I general with 4 evacuees

                Pinellas     I general (no evacuees)

                Bradford     1 general (no evacuees)

                Washington   1 general with 59 evacuees

                Holmes       1 general (15 evacuees)

                Broward      1 general (0 evacuees)

                Lake         1 general (0 evacuees)

                Jackson      1 general (no evacuees)

                Walton       1 general (40 evacuees)

     •   The State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC) is activated at a Level 1 and is operational
         24 hours daily
     •   SERT resources deployed to Mississippi
     •   The SEOC initiate briefings twice daily at 0730 hrs and 1830 hrs
     •   Conference calls held at 1100 hrs and 2100 hrs daily between the SEOC, the Mississippi
         EOC, and Florida’s Mississippi deployed forces
     •   The Volunteers and Donations Hotline has been activated 1-800-FLHELP-1
     •   The American Red Cross (866)GET-INFO

Executive Orders: Governor Bush has executed the following Executive Order(s):

   EO # 05-176                            8/24/2005          State of Emergency – Tropical
                                                             Storm Katrina
Federal Declarations:

   Presidential                         8/28/2005        Major Hurricane Katrina

Task Force Florida: Personnel Deployments
       TASK FORCE FLORIDA (updates in bold)                       PERSONNEL DEPLOYMENTS
    Task Force One NE Florida –                                   16 personnel
    To Harrison County Miss

    Tampa Bay Incident Mgt team – To Hancock County Miss          12 persons

    Florida SERT IMT                                              29 persons
                                                                  2 additional of 9/4/05
    ESF 1 and 3
    Bridge inspection team                                        6 persons

    ESF 2
    Radio Communications Specialist                               1 person

    ESF 4 and 9
    Stennis – Hancock County
    leadership team members
    Task Force 8 Gainesville area                                 4 team members
    Engine Strike Team 3                                          22 personnel
    Region 1 MARC                                                 21 persons
    Two ALS transports from Duval County for emergency            2 persons
    responders                                                    12 persons
    Engine Strike Team 6, Manatee, Reg-4                          21 team members
    Rescue Strike Team, Region 4 & 5                              21 team members

    Biloxi - Harrison County                                      2 team members
    leadership team members                                       70 personnel
    Task Force 3, Hillsborough Co                                 working with task forces 3, 12 persons –
    Water Rescue Task Force 9 – Volusia Co                        demobilizing 9-4-05
    ST-1 Region 1                                                 21 persons
    Region 2 MARC                                                 1 person
    Engine Strike Team 4, Ft. Walton, Region 1                    21 team members
    Engine Strike Team 5, Escambia Co., Region 1                  21 team members
    Tanker Strike Team, Region 4                                  21 persons (moved from Hancock Co.)
    Tanker Strike Team, Region 5                                  21 persons (moved from Hancock Co.)
    ST-2 Volusia                                                  21 persons (moved from Hancock Co.)
    Pascagoula – Jackson County                                   70 personnel
    Task Force 5 Duval                                            70 personnel (demobilizing 9-04-05)
    Task Force 4 Orange/Seminole                                  12 persons (demobilizing 9-04-05)
    Water Rescue Task Force 6 Manatee/Sarasota Force -            2 persons
    working with task Forces 4 and 5 from                         21 persons
    Region 5 MARC
     ST-2 Volusia
     ESF 6 Mass Care                                               3 personnel attached to Florida SERT IMT
     Mass Care Coordination team

     ESF 8 - Medical Units                                         50 ALS ambulances
     ALS Mississippi Area of operations                            121 personnel
     1 Health Services team                                        7 persons
     Public information officer                                    3 total
     CISM team members                                             7 persons
     3 Environmental Health Teams                                  21 persons
     2 Epidemiology Strike Teams                                   14 persons
     6 Special Needs Management Team                               42 persons total (deployed 9-3-05)
     ESF 10 – Gulfport/ Biliox
     Environmental specialists – Hancock County                    2
     Environmental investigators - Hancock County                  2

     ESF 13 - Florida National Guard                               105 FLNG guard
                                                                   51 guards La (Aviation Support)
                                                                   287 Guard enroute

     ESF 15 Volunteers and Donations Mgt
     Florida Baptist Convention Disaster Relief: Hattiesburg       50 volunteers and three paid staff

     ESF 16 – Law Enforcement
     Local Law enforcement personnel deployed                      334
     State Law enforcement personnel deployed                      345

     ESF 17 – Animal Industry
     State Animal Response Team (SART)                             9 persons

     Division of Forestry
     Gold Team – Biloxi                                            34 personnel

     Blue Team - Stennis                                           37 personnel

     Other Support Missions in Mississippi                         92 Personnel


•   Nothing reported this operational period
•   Three (3) areas of operation expanding from initial bases
•   Stennis and Hancock County: Region 1 Mutual Aid Radio Cache (MARC) Unit and Engine Strike
    Team (ST) 3 (one engine in Stennis, three engines in Pearl River County, and one engine in Stone
    County) to support local Fire Departments
•   Biloxi and Harrison County: Fl Task Force (TF) 3, 5, and 8, Engine ST 1, Water Rescue from TF
    3, & Region 5 MARC Unit
•   Pascagoula and Jackson County: FL TF 4, Engine ST 2

•   Three additional Engine Strike Teams are being moved: ST 4 and ST 5 from Escambia, and
    Okaloosa Counties moved to Harrison County; ST 6 from Manatee County moved to Hancock
•   Deployed ten water tankers to Harrison County
•   MARC unit from Tallahassee moved to support DOF Gold team at Harrison County Gulf Coast
•   Water Rescue from TF 9 being demobilized
•   Identifying replacements and additional personnel for several command and forward ESF 4 & 9
•   Multiple units from Division of Forestry (Gold Team, Blue Team, IMT) working both here and in
•   No special needs shelters open in Florida
•   No official special needs shelters open in Mississippi
•   Florida National Disaster Medical Services (NDMS) VA hospitals receiving out-of-state patients
•   Coordinating ambulance transport of out-of-state patients with American Medical Response
    National Dispatch
•   Staged EPI Team 3 Nursing Teams (consisting of 7 staff each), 1-Logistics Team, and 1 IMT
    Liaison to deploy to Stennis 09/04/05
•   Additional health & medical (ESF8) teams being identified to support anticipated Mississippi
•   US Public Health service 35-member EH teams en-route to Stennis
•   Re-Supplying deployed staff with ice, water, MREs, and other supplies
•   Supply trucks to be deployed 9/04/05 for delivery of additional medical supplies
•   MQA working on medical teams for Memorial hospital located in Gulfport, Mississippi
•   Immunizations of all DOH Responders, Fire and EMS and Law Enforcement being coordinated
    through ESF8
•   Demobilize 1 crew yesterday and re-evaluate remaining crews
•   9/4/05 Deploy 21 nurses and 7 EPI teams
•   Monitoring Haz-Mat and Environmental Protection issues in SE and NW Florida areas
•   Providing Debris Management information to EMAC Tracker for Mississippi

• Federal & State roads clear, except SR30E Cape San Blas
• Bridge Inspection and Recovery Crews deployed to Mississippi & Louisiana
• Traffic counters activated Tallahassee west
• Supporting fueling missions Florida/Mississippi (EMAC)
• Track Closed: New Orleans to Mobile (CSX), Pascagoula to Mobile closed till weekend, Mobile to
   Bay Minette (CSX)
• Yards Closed: Mobile (CSX), Sibert (CSX)
• Track Closed: New Orleans to Mobile (CSX), Pascagoula to Mobile closed till weekend, Mobile to
   Bay Minette (CSX)
• Track Open: KCS
• Yards: Gulfport (KCS) closed.
• Track Closed: New Orleans to Mobile (CSX), Mobile to Bay Minette (CSX), NS closed for several
   weeks or more
    •     Yards Closed: Mays (CSX), Gentilly Yard under water (CSX), New Orleans (KCS)
    •     Monitoring impact to communications infrastructures
    •     Mobilizing EMAC support team
    •     Mobilizing transportable communications equipment in support of EMAC operations
    •     Numerous fuel requests from Florida Counties, School boards, and Municipalities
    •     Per AAA, Escambia County has about 70% stations w/o fuel and 25% running low; other panhandle
          counties have mostly spot-outages
    •     Red Dye Diesel waived for road use in FL, AL, MS and LA
    •     Fuel available at Milton and Crestview FDOT Maintenance Yards for first responders deploying to
          (or from) Mississippi Area of Ops
    •     DEP, FDOT, FWC and SERT Logistics preparing fuel strategy
    •     About 7,500 crews from outside Miss. should be working on power restoration at this time
    •      Estimate about 4 weeks to restore power to hard hit areas


    •     FRCC again calls for public appeals for conservation of electricity

                                    Electricity: (source: ESF12 as 9/03/05 @ 1747 hrs)

        Mississippi Power Companies                 Without Power                          % w/o Power
    Mississippi Electric Association Co-Ops             338,363                                  NA
    Mississippi Power                                   167,000                                  NA
    Energy-Mississippi                                  190,759                                  NA
    Pearl River Valley Association                      40, 600                                 100%
    Singing River                                        64,870                                 100%
    Coast Electric                                       68,701                                 100%

               Mississippi:                              ROAD CLOSURES
• The roadways that remain impassable are Hwy 90, and one section of eastbound lanes of I-10 between Hwy
57 and Hwy 613. MDOT encourages that highways only be used by emergency personnel and those
Delivering essential supplies and equipment
• US-98 is open from AL to Hattiesburg only for emergency responders
• US-90 is closed from Waveland to Ocean Springs
• I-110 and MS-609 are open in Biloxi only for emergency responders to access the city from I-10
• I-20 is open across the state
• I-10 Eastbound between HWY 57 and HWY 613 and some small arteries in southern Hancock County are closed.
• The DPS is prohibiting non emergency travel in areas bordered by the Pearl River from LA North to Columbia and HWY
• 98 East to Hattiesburg and HWY 42 from Hattiesburg to State line
• I-59 SB has 1 lane open for emergency vehicles from I-20 to the LA line
• US49 from Hattiesburg to Jackson is open to the public
• Most roads south of I-20 and east of I-55 are not open to the public due to debris, down power trees and power lines
        Suggested Routes for Impacted Areas
•       LA - Recommended route into LA from FL for Emergency Responders I-10 to SR 607 In Miss. North
•    on SR 607 to I-59. South on I-59 to I-12. I-55 is open from I-12 to I-10. Information supplied by the State of Texas.
•    MS – I-10 and US 98 open for emergency responders only. US 49 from Hattiesburg to Jackson is open
•    to the public. I-20 is open to the public.
•    AL - I-10 open, expecting both lanes through tunnel open. Two lanes open each direction over US 90
•    for HAZMAT. No overweight/oversize vehicles permitted at this time.
•    First Baptist Church of Ridgeland, 302 W Jackson St, Ridgeland (601) 856-6139
•    Crossgates United Methodist Church, 23 Crossgates Drive, Brandon (601) 825-8677
•    Star Baptist Church, 301 Mangum Drive, Star (601) 845-2736
•    Madison United Methodist Church, 2050 Main St, Madison (601) 853-7436
•    Mississippi Coliseum @ the State Fairgrounds, off the High Street exit in Jackson (601) 961-4000
     Significant Events
•    The Internal Revenue Service, in response to shortages of clear diesel fuel caused by Hurricane Katrina, will not impose a tax
     penalty when dyed diesel fuel is sold for use or used on the highway.
•    This relief applies beginning August 25, 2005, in Florida, August 30, 2005, in Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi, and August
     31, 2005, in the rest of the United States, and will remain in effect through September 15, 2005.
•    Coast Guard began opening ports and waterways along the Gulf. The Port of Mobile is open to barge traffic only. Intercoastal
     waterways eastbound at MM 350 (Port St. Joe) open to barge traffic only.
•    The lower Mississippi River has been opened to deep draft vessels with a 35 foot draft or less for one way daylight traffic only.
     Only the Port of Gulfport, Mississippi remains closed to all traffic.
•    Pascagoula, Mississippi is open to vessels with 12 foot draft or less.
•    FL-DOT – No restrictions for electric utility vehicles going west to assist in power restoration in Mississippi, Alabama and
•    Fuel supplies in Florida will be impacted due to 1) damage to part of the Gulf supply network of offshore rigs, refineries and
     supply terminals in LA, MS, AL) widespread power outages supplying the network and navigational impediments
     to barge traffic down MS River and increased fuel interruptions/demand for vehicle and power plant fuel for FL and SE US.
•    More than 187 million gal in state for distribution.


    Shower Units & Cots
    • "Bath in a Bag" camping showers enroute to POD's
    • Base Camps should be operational in Hancock, Harrison, and Jackson counties by 9/5
    • Beds for responders will be available at above mentioned base camps
    • Shelters (Florida)
    • 757 people in 14 shelters in 13 counties
    • 9 shelters in 3 counties on standby
    Mississippi - Statewide - Red Cross numbers only
    • 103 shelters open with current population of 13,506 with a host capacity of 32,991
    • 12 shelters on standby
    Alabama - Statewide - Red Cross numbers only
    • 44 shelters open with a current population of 3,620 with a host capacity of 9,883
    • 13 shelters on standby
    • 1st shipment of baby formula, baby water and Enfalyte arrived at LSA; loaded on ambulances for
       distribution as needed in South Mississippi counties
    • 2 additional truckloads of formula and1 truckload of baby food due to arrive on 9/3, 9/4, 9/5
    • 4 truckloads of PediaSure and 2 truckloads of Ensure due to arrive at Stennis by Monday, 9/5
    • 3 shipments of diapers, wipes, etc. scheduled to arrive at Stennis LSA by Monday, 9/5
    • Volunteers & Donations Hotline coordinating movement of donations
    • Re-structure website to meet new needs
    • Incident Management Team for South and North Florida have been mobilized

•   Nothing reported this operational period

• Continuing to process EMAC and Mutual Aid requests


•   Tracking expenditures for Florida's response to Katrina and EMAC to Mississippi
•   Assisting with deployment of staff
•   Continuing to purchase equipment and supplies


•   Continuing to support EMAC missions and requests

•   Nothing reported this operational period
Intel Packages (Summary of Key Issues, Forecast Reports, Incident Action Plans (IAP), Resource
Deployment reports, Pre/Post Indicator reports), Situation and Flash Reports are being developed and
published as scheduled. Counties are reminded to email their Situation Reports to

                      Florida Division of Emergency Management Contact Information

                          Planning Section E-Mail Address:



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