Occuswitch 2nd generation, a smart move

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					   Occuswitch 2nd generation, a smart move



                                                                                                           h = 2.5m

                          LRM1070     LRM1080                                Ordering data
     Auto switch on                                                     2    Product                       Type               EOC
     Daylight switching       o          o              Ø95                  Occuswitch basic              LRM1070/00         73138499
     Remote control                             • Max load 6A, any load      Occuswitch advanced           LRM1080/00         73140799
     Absence mode                        o      • Height 2.5 .. 3.5 m        Surface box                   LRH1070/00         73143899
     Parallel operation                         • LRM1080 max 10 parallel    Wieland cable GST 18 3-pole   LCC1070/00         73177399
   o = selectable

Occuswitch_ReferenceCard_UK_FinV1 1                                                                                          16-05-2007 11:00:26
                                                             Daylight override
                                                             - Lights will not switch on if, on entrance, the available light level is higher than required.
                                                             - Light will switch on immediately, during occupancy, when the light level drops below 100%

                                                             Daylight switching
                                                             Daylight override is active and
                                                             - The lights will switch off if the light level rises above 220% for more than 15 minutes.
                                                             - Lights will switch on almost immediately if the light level drops below the required light level.

   Standard                                           Parallel operation (LRM1080 only)

                                                                                                                                          Actilume      Luxsense Occuswitch
                                                                                                                 Luminaire based
                                                                                                                 Daylight regulation
                                                                                                                 Occupancy control
                                                                                                                 Adjustable light level
                                                                                                                 Local override

                 For more information: www.philips.com/occuswitch
                 3222 636 04400

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