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Instructions: Match the famous black Canadian with their accomplishments.
Word Bank:
Elijah McCoy          Harry Jerome                 Deborah Miller-Brown
Sam Langford          Josiah Henson                Edith Clayton
Richard Preston       John Ware                    James Robinson Johnston
Portia White          Mifflin Gibbs                Madeline Symonds
Viola Desmond         Mary Ann Shadd               Oscar Peterson
William Hall          Dr. Anderson Ruffin Abbott   Colonel Stephen Bluck
Rose Fortune          Thomas Peters                Lydia Jackson
George Dixon          Marie Joseph Angelique       Rev. Addie Alyestock
Willie O’Ree          Mathieu da Costa             Carrie Best
David George          Oliver LeJeune               Lincoln Alexander

____________________ 1. Was the first black slave in Canada in 1628.

____________________ 2. Was the first African Canadian to become a doctor in 1857.

____________________ 3. Was the first African Canadian to be elected to the House of
                        Commons as the Member of Parliament for Hamilton West in
                        He was later sworn in as Lieutenant-Governor of Ont. in

____________________ 4. Was accused of setting fire to her masters house and
                        subsequently burning down 50 other houses in Montreal. She
                        was tortured and hanged in public. Later, Canada would outlaw
                        the torture of convicted Black criminals.

____________________ 5. Was the first Black Nova Scotian to operate her own newspaper
                        (The Clarion) and radio show (The Quiet Corner)

____________________ 6. Became the first Black Nova Scotian to participate at the
                        Olympics in 1968. (track star)

____________________ 7. A basket craftsperson, who used her talents for the benefit of
                        community groups. She received a medal of honour from Queen
                        Elizabeth II in 1977. (born in Cherry Brook, NS)

____________________ 8. Was the first free Black to arrive in Canada in 1605. He was an
                        interpreter, who translated many languages for French
                        explorers during the fur Trade.

____________________ 9. Was known as “Little Chocolate.” He became the first Black
                        World Boxing champion. He was the first boxer to win 3
                        World titles: paperweight, bantamweight & featherweight. He
                        is also credited for the suspended punching bag and shadow
                        boxing. (from Africville)

____________________ 10. She became Canada’s first policewoman in 1825 on the
                        Annapolis Royal wharf. She also owned her own baggage
                        carrier business.

____________________ 11. He became the first Canadian naval officer and the first Black
                         to receive the Victoria Cross for his bravery in a battle in India

____________________ 12. He is the first African Canadian to hold the title of fastest man
                        in the world. At 19 years old, he ran 100 metres dash in 10 sec.

____________________ 13. Was the first member of Nova Scotia’s Black community to
                        graduate with a law degree in 1898 from DAL.
____________________ 14. A boxer from Weymouth Fall, NS, who was known as a great
                        boxer and was feared by world champs. However, he never won
                        a title. He was the first non-champion to be elected to Ring
                        magazine’s Hall of Fame and was voted 7th best in heavyweight
                        boxing history.

____________________ 15. Was Canada’s first known Black inventor. He invented the
                        Lubricator Cup for engines. He is known as the “Real McCoy.”

____________________ 16. He broke the National Hockey League colour barrier when he
                        debuted with the Boston Bruins in 1958. (New Brunswick)

____________________ 17. In 1993, he was selected to become the 3 rd recipient of the
                        Glenn Gould Prize, an international music award. It was the
                        first time an African Canadian won.

____________________ 18. She was the first Black woman newspaper editor, for Provincial
                        Freedom, in North America. She was also one of the first
                        Black female lawyers.

____________________ 19. In 1928, she was the first Black to graduate, with a teaching
                        certificate from the Provincial Normal College in Truro, NS.
                        She taught in Hammonds Plains.

____________________ 20. Known as Canada’s first Black cowboy, from Calgary. His child,
                        Nettie, is believed to be the first African Canadian child to be
                        born on the Canadian Prairies. He was a famous horse breaker.

____________________ 21. Was a famous singer from Nova Scotia. She traveled the world
                        singing to sell-out crowds. She was the first African Canadian
                        to perform for Queen Elizabeth II in 1967.

____________________ 22. Was arrested in 1946 in New Glasgow for sitting in a white
                        section of the movie theatre. This sparked the civil rights
                        movement in NS.

____________________ 23. Known as the founding father of the Baptist Church in the

____________________ 24. A prominent businessman from BC, who became the first Black
                        elected to Victoria’s City Council.

____________________ 25. Traveled to England to petition about the conditions of Black
                        Loyalists in the Maritimes. While in England, he met agents
                        from the Sierra Leone Company. The company would eventually
                        come to NS and transport Black Loyalists to Sierra Leone.

____________________ 26. He was known as the “most controversial” former slave to
                        come the Canada. His life was recorded in a book called
                        The Life of …, Formally a slave, Now an Inhabitant of
                        Canada. This book inspired Harriet Beecher Stowe to write
                        Uncle Tom’s Cabin. He also helped to create the Dawn
                        Settlement near Chatham, ONT.

____________________ 27. She became the first African Canadian Woman to be ordained
                        a minister in Canada.

____________________ 28. She was tricked in 39 years of indentured servitude to NS.

____________________ 29. Was the commander of the Black Pioneers during the American
                        Revolution. He arrived in Birchtown, where he became a
                        community leader.

____________________ 30. One of the most important church and community leaders in NS.
                        He was President of the Abolitionists in Halifax. He created
                        the African United Baptist Association in 1854.

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