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					        Best Practices in
Enterprise Content Management
Andy Moore . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 Overture Article: Content, the Once and Future King
                                             Whether it’s the documents we write or the e-mails we send or even the videos we
                                             create, the raw material that powers e-business is content. Always has been. Today’s
                                             smart business managers have figured out the power in content, and its potential to
                                             create action. We asked the industry-leading sponsors of this white paper to share
                                             their high-altitude views of this exciting, developing space…
Mike Zimmer, IBM Corporation . . . . . 4 Enterprise Content Management is a Key Success Factor for
                                           an e-Business Infrastructure
                                             The growth of e-business is driving organizations to manage and distribute digital
                                             content, including images, computer-generated output, business documents, rich media
                                             and more...
Martyn Christian, FileNET . . . . . . . . 6 Using Content Management to Realize a Competitive Advantage
                                             Pundits claim that the Web levels the playing field for many businesses today. And yet,
                                             few have been able to field a truly winning proposition online...
Randy Frid and
Randall Eckel, InfoImage . . . . . . . . 8 Streamlining the Decision Cycle Through Collaborative
                                            Decision Management
                                              Over the last 20 years, management philosophy has shifted from “command and
                                              control” to a more distributed and enabled management philosophy...
Compaq Computer Corporation . . . . . 9 The Enterprise Information Portal and eBusiness
                                             The rapid advance of the Internet, groupware, relational databases and search engines
                                             allows knowledge workers to come together and share ideas and information as
                                             never before...
Scott Warner, AccuSoft . . . . . . . . . . 10 Maximizing Corporate Bandwidth Utilization and User Satisfaction ...
                                           at the Same Time!
                                             We are drowning in a sea of information. The challenge is to learn to swim in that sea,
                                             rather than drown in it…
Mitchell Gross, Mobius. . . . . . . . . . . 11 Bridging the Back-Office/Front-Office Gap
                                             With 75% of your organization’s information contained in unstructured formats, can
                                             you transform it into ‘usable content?’ The problem that e-business exposes most often
                                             is inadequate integration...
Nick Denton, Moreover . . . . . . . . . . 12 The Rise of Web Intelligence
                                             We live in a market of instant information, where perception and image are increasingly
                                             linked to stock prices and the best strategic plans can be undermined in the course
                                             of a morning...
Benjamin B. Sargent, Lionbridge . . . . 13 Multilingual Knowledge Management Empowers Global eBusiness
                                             With the penetration of Internet technologies into global business operations, employees
                                             at every level are collaborating across multiple geographies...
Karen Strong, Clarity . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 Enterprise Profiling
                                             Documents play a vital role in Enterprise Content Management. Unlike other content
                                             sources, ‘document’ creation and capture can occur at every desktop, in every process,
                                             and by every on-line application...
Bisher Abaza, eManage . . . . . . . . . . 15 Managing Email Content—Challenges and Benefits
                                             As more organizations embrace e-mail as their primary method of communication,
                                             most overlook the fact that e-mail contains evidence of business decisions, actions
Sponsored by                                 and transactions...

Special Supplement to                    May 2001
Content, the Once
                                                                                                with all our other digital assets, and view
                                                                                                content management as an extension of
                                                                                                database management.”
                                                                                                    Whittle goes on to list the things
                                                                                                we’ve learned from the history of data-
                                                                                                base management: “One, islands of data

and Future King                                                                                 should be avoided; two, the need to sup-
                                                                                                port multiple platforms and multiple
                                                                                                operating systems when we’re planning
                                                                                                infrastructure; and three, making those
                                                                                                various platforms and file types seamless
                                                                                                to the web interface is key.”
Enterprise Content Management emerges                                                               Sounds familiar. But however much
                                                                                                déjà vu one may sense in this latest evolu-
as the key factor in employee empowerment                                                       tionary stage, there is something that sets
                                                                                                content management apart from previous
                                                                                                information management initiatives: Content,
                                                                                                the king, serves many masters.
                                                                         By Andy Moore              An example is “zero latency,” a term
                                                                                                familiar to hardware geeks as a measure-

I n his opening comments at a Web-market-
ing conference last year, Jesse Kornbluth—
                                                 The E-business evolution
                                                    Content may be the once and future
                                                                                                ment related to computer hard drives but
                                                                                                re-defined by Compaq as a term of enter-
                                                                                                prise efficiency. Instant access to all of an
editorial director for America Online and        king, but it hasn’t always been recognized     enterprise’s many sources of business intel-
thus arguably the most-read content guy in       as such. Just as row-and-column database       ligence allows it to respond proactively to
the wired world—leaned into the micro-           systems defined the nature of business         any stimuli sensed from any of the enter-
phone and said quietly: “I propose that we       automation in the ‘70s and ‘80s, it can be     prise’s points of awareness. Call it applied
find whoever coined the term content and         said that the automation of the creation,      business intelligence.
kick the living **** out of them.”               storage and delivery of a more random              “Take customer relationship manage-
    Funny line. The 500-or-so Web exec-          (call it heterogeneous, if you must) mix of    ment (CRM) as an example,” explains
types in the room roared with laughter,
and approval.
    But I’m not sure why. There are lots of
trite business terms that are far more regu-
                                                              "The realization that there are incredible
larly abused and misunderstood (if you
don’t believe me, take the term “knowl-                       information sources at our disposal if we
edge” out for a spin sometime).
    It’s relatively easy: Content is the digi-
tal stuff we use everyday in our work lives
                                                              could just get at them...that realization
to sell and service, help and maintain our
customers, our partners and ourselves.                        really changed the role of content."
Content is the evidence of what we do.
Carl Sagan said about life on Earth, “We
are star-stuff.” In our business lives, we are                                                        —Teresa Whittle, IBM
    So it stands to reason that “content”—
the documents, messages, collaborations          data types has only penetrated business-       Adrian Kasbergen, Director, Messaging
and results—should emerge at the top             asset management activities over the past      & Collaborative Solutions, Enterprise &
of management’s to-do list. Because, as          decade or less.                                Mid-Market Solutions, Compaq Computer
David Weinberger likes to point out, that’s           “Early in the evolution of e-business,    Corporation. “In the traditional sense, it
what we do: We Manage Things. “If it             the idea of integrated information sources     just means having the ability to get to
moves, manage it” is the bumper sticker          was foreign,” explains Teresa Whittle,         customer information and use it to your
for the age.                                     Worldwide Segment Executive for Content        benefit.” But why stop there? What if you
    But just exactly how should we man-          Management, IBM. “The realization that         could direct the decision-making and
age our most precious items of corporate         there are these incredible information         action-taking process based on a change
property. And more importantly ... just          sources, mostly in non-traditional forms,      or reversal in the expected course of a
exactly why?                                     at our disposal if we could just get at them   customer relationship? “The simple exam-
    “Sure, the Web has been a great cata-        ... that realization really changed the role   ple is a customer who suddenly stops or
lyst, but I don’t think it has fundamentally     of content.”                                   drastically reduces ordering the usual
changed the nature of the beast,” insists             Whittle continues, “You can draw a        amount of product. This information
Martyn Christian, Senior Vice President,         complete parallel analogy to database sys-     should be, first, identified as important
Applications and Corporate Marketing for         tems. At first we had desktop file systems     and then delivered to the sales force,”
FileNET Corporation. “Whether content            scattered all over. And this person couldn’t   says Kasbergen. “CRM is then no longer
comes over the Web or the U.S. mail is           use my file, and I couldn’t get to another     a single-employee-to-single-customer
irrelevant; content IS the feeder mecha-         person’s data. We solved that problem with     application.”
nism for all business processes. And             universally accessible, centralized systems.      Nope. It’s much more significant; it’s a
always has been.”                                I see the exact same thing happening now       complete business solution that is self-aware,

S2       Special Supplement to                   May 2001
that directs decision-making and forces            say the immunity idol is probably not            entire process...but you better have the
action. Something database-, document-,            going home with our tribe tonight.               stomach for it.
image-, bla bla- management never was                                                                   Best advice? Take a good, long cold-
and could never be. And there, my friends,                                                          eyed look at your business problems and
is the difference.                                 Now what?                                        opportunities. Think about how you would
    (There’s actually another huge differ-             So what advice can we get? There’s a         finish this sentence: “Everything in my
ence between content as we now under-              lot, actually. And the news is pretty hopeful    business would be great if we could only ...”
stand it and good ole fashioned data: New          for a change.                                        In other words, figure out what, exact-
Web authoring and metadata technologies                “It’s a promising time,” declares Anoop      ly, it is you’re trying to solve. Then call in
allow content to be created in such a way          Garg, Director, Enterprise Ready Microsoft       the cavalry.
that it can be pre-disposed to cross-depart-       Practice Group, Compaq Global Services.
mental use. It can be made for versatility         “Yes, it depends on perseverance and
with planning aforethought, not as an after-                                                        Advice, and consent
                                                   finding some successes, but I think those
the-fact kludge. With that kind of long-view       days will come. The next level of com-               How important strategic assistance is
applied to the creation, capture and mainte-       petitive advantage will come from mak-           to those who are about to deploy content
nance of enterprise content, the future for        ing employees more effective. People             management technologies cannot be over-
its application is exciting indeed.)               will see that.”                                  stressed. Of the dozen or so people I inter-
                                                       IBM’s Teresa Whittle sees it as an           viewed and whose work I researched for
Employees and Empowerment                          “enabling” evolution ... you have to do one      this paper, all agreed: we are in early
                                                   thing before you do the next, but at least the   adopter times. “It’s a logical step to accom-
    Allow your minds to continue expand-           path is clear: “Knowledge management has         plish B2B interactivity through Web con-
ing for a moment, while we talk a little           become a front-burner issue. And the great-      tent management, but is anyone doing it?”
about decision-making. I say you could             est challenge to KM is the content manage-       asks FileNET’s Martyn Christian. “Not that
make the exactly correct decision every            ment piece.                                      much. Supply chain is a mature idea to the
time, every day, provided you had ... what?            “At the base is a view of a fundamental      manufacturing space, but for banks and
The correct information? Yep. The experi-          content repository that manages all different    financial services institutions ... it’s very
ence of smart people to advise you? Uh-huh.        forms of content,” says Whittle. “Digital        foreign so far.”
And all the time in the world to think about       documents, audio, video ... having that sin-         Off-the-shelf solutions do not exist, to
it? Bingo.                                         gle repository is critical to any portal or      much of a practical extent, and the engage-
    But you don’t.                                 KM infrastructure...                             ment of a trusted advisor is inevitable. And
    “Every day, employees are tasked with              “...BUT,” she continues (there’s always a    that’s not a bad thing.
making decisions, little and big. Do I call        “but”), “realistically, when there are acqui-        “Most customers are focused on specif-
this customer? Should I offer this discount?       sitions and departmental solutions get           ic point solutions (such as CRM, which
Etc., etc.,” Randall Eckel, President and          deployed, there are bound to be separate         hands-down is the favorite function in
CEO of InfoImage explains. “At the same            sources and repositories. And the problem        which to apply content management tech-
time, managers have been trying to push            for decision makers is ‘where do I get the       nologies today), even though that’s a
decision-making down to the workers, for           information I need?’ Well, that ‘where to        slow and evolutionary process,” says
all the right efficiency reasons. But the IT       go’ question brings up search technology         Compaq’s Anoop Garg. “We try, through
tools are aimed at the top of the organiza-        and how critical that is.”                       our professional services group, to bring
tion, and the folks who have to make the               Which leads us to portals. Attempts to       a broader view, and show the overall
decisions don’t have them.”                        institute specialized and efficient views        architecture necessary for total employee
    Eckel says, “The people who have the           into vast corporate and external informa-        empowerment. Because that’s what it’s
facts don’t have the tools. The people who         tion sources through portals is worthy of        all about.”
have the tools (which tend to address trans-       another white paper, which (surprise, sur-           And that’s what this paper is all about.
actional and logistical business functions         prise) is already under way. For now, we’ll      The articles here range from the rather
because, hey, that’s where the money is)           remain satisfied with a most intriguing          exotic (multilingual translation on the fly, a
don’t have the facts ... or at least a different   view of portals that is held by Compaq’s         global must-have) to the wisely cautious
set of facts.                                      Adrian Kasbergen: “Portals are not a full        (preventing the financial damage caused by
    “So how do we solve this problem?” asks        solution, but they’re better than nothing.       corporate and Wall Street rumors) to the
Eckel, rhetorically, since his team decision       Think of portals as a ‘leading indicator:’       just plain helpful (what do I do now?!?!).
management products are designed to do             if your employees are demanding a cus-               It is with pride and hope that we present
just that.                                         tomized desktop view into information in         this collection of deliberate and powerful
    Take a wider view, that’s how. Business        order to do their jobs better, that should       essays. Pride, in our association with the
intelligence, and even so-called knowledge         tell you and your IT management where            authors and their colleagues; and hope, that
management, tools tend to be individually          and how to invest your next round of tech-       the words you read can accomplish our
focused. I can produce reports ... for me. I       nology dollars.”                                 goal of helping you create a world-class
can do decision analysis ... for me.                   Just what you needed...someone telling       business organization. ❚
    “The problem is that decisions are gated       you—again—where to spend money. But
by time. I have 30 seconds, a minute,              the inescapable truth is: you need to.
maybe an hour to make a decision,” says            There are opposing schools of thought on               Andy Moore is chair of this White Paper series and former editor
Eckel. And if we’ve learned anything about         this. You can choose to attack departmen-        of KMWorld Magazine.With 20 years in senior editorial positions in the
                                                                                                    technical, trade and business automation press, Moore has covered
winning, when we’re in knowledge-based             tal, single-function business problems,          technology advancements in networking,telecom,business produc-
enterprises, bedeviled with geographical-          but you risk creating yet another impene-        tivity and process improvement from just about every angle.He can
ly dispersed teams, challenged with stu-           trable information silo. Or you can per-         be contacted at and welcomes feedback
pidly fast Internet time, well ... let’s just      form drastic, open-heart surgery on your         and conversation.

                                                                                       Special Supplement to                                 May 2001                 S3
Enterprise Content
                                                                                                 Worldwide Content Management Sales,
                                                                                                 IBM. “Why? Because you want your cus-
                                                                                                 tomers and employees to have seamless
                                                                                                 access to your company, and this requires
                                                                                                 managing all types of content and deliver-

Management is a Key                                                                              ing it in a personalized way. IBM accom-
                                                                                                 plishes this with tight integration between
                                                                                                 IBM Content Manager and the WebSphere
                                                                                                 ebusiness platform with partners’ web

Success Factor for an                                                                            authoring tools. With an IBM infrastructure,

e-Business Infrastructure                                                                             "ECM is the the heart of

                                                                                                      e-business. You want your

                        By Mike Zimmer, Worldwide Marketing Manager, IBM Corporation                  customers and employees

                                                                                                      to have seamless access

T  he growth of e-business is driving
organizations to manage and distribute
                                                 (IDM) market, the media asset management
                                                 (MAM) market, and the web content
                                                                                                      to your company."

digital content, including images, comput-       management market. Enterprise Content
er-generated output, business documents,         Management is a key component of an

                                                                                                 the same content in CRM or ERP business
                                                                                                 applications can be delivered to web sites
                                                                                                 for the most up-to-date accurate informa-
                                                                                                 tion, without the need for multiple copies.
                                                                                                 This is enterprise content management for
                                                                                                 successful e-business deployment.”
                                                                                                     IBM provides the core infrastructure
                                                                                                 software (IBM Content Manager, IBM
                                                                                                 Enterprise Information Portal (EIP), IBM
                                                                                                 WebSphere ebusiness platform, and IBM
                                                                                                 MQSeries Workflow) to support the needs
                                                                                                 of all three content management areas. A
                                                                                                 rich layer of API’s enables partners to
                                                                                                 build or integrate applications on top of
                                                                                                 this middleware.
                                                                                                     IBM Content Manager is an end-to-
                                                                                                 end product designed to electronically
                                                                                                 manage, protect and share critical business
                                                                                                 information, in any format, including
                                                                                                 XML and HTML. IBM Content Manager
                                                                                                 is the only offering of its kind, providing a
                                                                                                 single, consistent, open programming
                                                                                                 interface that enables rapid application
                                                                                                 development with unparalleled scalability
                                                                                                 and flexibility.
                                                                                                     IBM EIP provides information integra-
                                                                                                 tion so that companies can have a single
                                                                                                 point of access to multiple information
rich media and more. Many people believe         e-business infrastructure and IBM Content       repositories throughout the enterprise and
that more than 85% of today’s business           Manager provides a full range of capabilities   beyond. The IBM WebSphere platform for
information resides in sources beyond tra-       to capture, manage and distribute any kind      e-business provides tools for personaliza-
ditional databases.                              of content, and is uniquely capable of han-     tion and web site analysis for creating a
    Enterprise Content Management (ECM)          dling all three types of applications.          valuable end user experience. For Web
is a new market formed by the convergence            “Simply put, Enterprise Content             Content Management, IBM plans to part-
of several existing markets including the tra-   Management is viewed as the heart of e-         ner with multiple companies to provide the
ditional integrated document management          business, “ says Marcel van Hulle, Director,    web authoring tools for assembling,

S4       Special Supplement to                   May 2001
approving and publishing content to web        Relationship Management solutions. IBM         archiving and presenting (via the web)
sites, linked to IBM Content Manager for       has teamed with Siebel Systems, Inc., the      large volumes of bill, statements,
leveraging information throughout the          world’s leading provider of e-business         invoices, and other transactional docu-
enterprise.                                    applications software, to increase produc-     ments. This enables customer self-serv-
                                               tivity of call centers by integrating IBM’s    ice and when combined with applica-
                                               Content Manager with Siebel Call Center.       tions from IBM Business Partners can
Archiving for mySAP and Lotus Domino           The integrated solution can cut response       also provide a total solution for elec-
    IBM Content Manager also provides          times and increase productivity at customer    tronic payment as well.
capabilities to archive and retrieve content   call centers by enabling call center repre-       AT&T Corp., a leading global voice and
from ERP and E-mail systems. Content           sentatives to access customer bills, corre-    data communications company, partnered
Manager allows mySAP users to archive          spondences and transactions regardless of      with IBM and CheckFree Corporation to
inactive SAP data into Content Manager         the format in which they originated.           extend its internal bill presentment solution
and access print lists (reports), invoices,
images, and other documents stored in
Content Manager directly from their SAP
GUI. Archiving of data and objects in an
SAP environment can improve system per-
formance and user response times, while
giving mySAP users fast access to the doc-
uments that support their mySAP applica-          "The integrated solution can cut
tions and significantly improving their pro-
ductivity and customer service.
    Lotus Domino customers can archive e-
mails, attachments, and other Notes docu-         response times and increase productivity
ments in Content Manager. The volume of
e-mail within and between organizations
has literally exploded. Compounding the
situation is the content of the e-mails.
                                                  at customer call centers."
Critical business information, that once
was on paper and mailed, filed, and stored,
is now routinely sent via e-mail. Space-
hungry attachments, a feature that users
love, are consuming disk space at an accel-
erated rate. Archiving e-mail can reduce
overall e-mail infrastructure costs, improve       Tryg-Baltica, one of Denmark’s largest     to its small business customers, allowing
system performance, and provide a critical     insurance companies and the third largest      them to interactively manage their bills and
audit trail for this information.              purveyor of life and pension products          statements online. The company created a
                                               worldwide, implemented a solution from         number of applications targeted at improv-
                                               IBM and Siebel Systems to provide more         ing customer service for its small business
                                               personalized service to its customers, giv-    customers, including e-bill presentment
                                               ing representatives faster and more com-       and, more recently, online bill payment.
                                               plete access to policies, agreements, and      The initial results of the AT&T Small
                                               claims status.                                 Business Center show improved customer
   "Tools are now at the                           “Insurance customers demand easy and       self-service and satisfaction. Tools are now
                                               immediate access to personalized service,”     at the fingertips of the small business
                                               says Carsten Dalsgaard, director of develop-   owner and quantifiable added revenues
                                               ment, Tryg-Baltica. “To continue to improve    have been achieved through promise-to-
   fingertips of the                           our ability to meet this demand, we have       pay commitments from online customers.
                                               made significant investments in Customer       AT&T is currently working on extending
                                               Relationship Management (CRM) sys-             its bill presentment solution with easy
   small business owner                        tems. We chose products from Siebel            online payment choices for its small busi-
                                               Systems and IBM, the world’s two lead-         ness customers.
                                               ing e-business software vendors. Our               Whether the technology derives from
   and quantifiable added                      CRM project will deliver a technological       integrated document management, web
                                               quantum leap that will include electronic      content management, or media asset
                                               document management, elimination of            management, IBM provides the infra-
   revenues have been achieved."               unnecessary case processing steps, and         structure and integration for key e-busi-
                                               the first step towards web-based cus-          ness applications.                         ❚
                                               tomer service.”

                                                                                              IBM Corporation
                                               e-Bill/e-Statement Presentment                        IBM is the world’s largest information technology company,with
                                                                                              80 years of leadership in helping businesses innovate. IBM Software
                                                   Another key application for Content        offers the widest range of applications,middleware and operating sys-
Customer Relationship Management               Management technology is electronic            tems for all types of computing platforms,allowing customers to take
                                               bill (e-Bill) and electronic statement (e-     full advantage of the new era of e-business. The fastest way to get
   An Enterprise Content Management            Statement) presentment. IBM Content            more information about IBM Content Management Software is by
system is particularly critical to Customer    Manager OnDemand excels at capturing,          visiting our home page at

                                                                                  Special Supplement to                                May 2001                S5
Using Content
                                                                                                                                    Lee Roberts, CEO and
                                                                                                                                    Chairman of FileNET, joined
                                                                                                                                    the company as president
                                                                                                                                    and COO in May 1997 and

Management to Realize                                                                                                               was named CEO in April
                                                                                                                                    1998 and chairman in
                                                                                                                                    December 2000. He has
                                                                                                                                    made his mark with a

a Competitive Advantage                                                                                 Lee Roberts
                                                                                                                                    number of initiatives aimed
                                                                                                                                    at leveraging FileNET’s
                                                                                                                                    extensive customer base,
                                                                                                  global marketing presence and vast research and
                                                                                                  development resources. His innovations include the
                                                                                                  globalization of FileNET’s sales, marketing and support
                By Martyn Christian, Senior Vice President, Corporate Marketing, FileNET          organizations to build on the company’s presence in more
                                                                                                  than 92 countries. Roberts joined FileNET after 20 years at
P  undits claim that the Web “levels the
playing field” for many businesses today.
                                                as simple as an approval of certain docu-
                                                ments prior to posting them on the Web,
                                                                                                  IBM in a variety of sales, marketing, and product
                                                                                                  management and general management roles.
And yet, few have been able to field a truly    like a new employee personnel policy or
winning proposition online. Those that          an updated price list, or as complex as
have are fundamentally changing the             evaluating the risk of underwriting a large
                                                                                                end-to-end Content Management capabili-
industries in which they compete—the oth-       corporate insurance policy. These busi-
                                                                                                ties, businesses can integrate with their ven-
ers have yet to realize the promises and        ness processes represent critical corpo-
                                                                                                dors and suppliers. This leads to automating
potential of eBusiness.                         rate assets for organizations, and the Web
                                                                                                transactions and better managing the
    The level playing field is, in fact, not    allows them to extend these processes to
                                                                                                resources involved in buying, making, and
level at all—there is actually a steep slope.   engage directly with their partners and
                                                                                                moving products and services.
How well a company manages its content          consumers.
                                                                                                    On the service side, Content Manage-
and its processes online dictates where             Managing content and processes online
                                                                                                ment is a vital component of Customer
they are on the slope—rising to the top or      are the cornerstones of high-performance,
                                                                                                Relationship Management (CRM). As
sliding to the bottom.                          personalized Web sites and most, if not all,
                                                                                                CRM becomes a mission-critical initiative
                                                eBusiness applications.
                                                                                                shared across the different functions of
Defining Content Management                                                                     Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service,
    GartnerGroup explains that “content
                                                End-to-End                                      the content and processes that drive trans-
                                                                                                actions and manage the customer relation-
management is an ambiguous phrase with              It is not enough to manage content and      ship need to integrate across those func-
meanings that vary depending on what a          processes in select areas of an organization.   tions. With end-to-end Content Manage-
user may need or a vendor may offer.”1          Successful eBusiness initiatives demon-         ment capabilities, businesses can integrate
Yet, no matter how it is defined, all agree     strate end-to-end planning. An end-to-end       the different functions that touch the cus-
that Content Management is and will con-        Content Management capability involves          tomer and better manage each and every
tinue to be a critical success factor for       everything from the back-end content repos-     customer relationship, from acquisition to
implementing any eBusiness application          itories to the presentation of that content     ongoing service.
that is content and/or process centric. As a    within a Web browser. Across the enterprise,        An end-to-end Content Management
starting point, it is important to under-       this means addressing the demands for cap-      solution that is capable of handling mis-
stand the two fundamental components            ture, creation and management of multiple       sion-critical content and processes requires
that are the essence of anyone’s defini-        data types, streamlined editorial/approval      a best-of-breed approach. In order to
tion of Content Management.                     processes, publishing processes to multiple     understand what best-of-breed approach
                                                distribution channels, and total document       is right for you, start by defining your spe-
                                                life-cycle management. End-to-end also
Content                                         means integrating processes between func-
                                                                                                cific requirements.
   The Web has permanently altered the          tions within the business and then extending
way organizations communicate with their        processes beyond the corporate firewall to      Defining Content Management
customers, employees, and business part-        vendors, partners, and customers.               Requirements
ners. We still communicate information
with sound, pictures, and the written word,                                                         A well-structured end-to-end Content
but in the digital economy, this information
                                                Mission Critical                                Management capability is not easy to
is changed and re-used faster than ever            As mentioned earlier, those at the top of    achieve. There are numerous challenges
before. Organizations must keep up with         the slope are transforming their industries.    businesses need to overcome as they devel-
the modifications of Web content for com-       The business transformation potential of        op their capabilities. GartnerGroup1 states
petitive, contractual, financial, and even      eBusiness is contingent on how well the         that enterprises that fail to recognize appro-
legal reasons.                                  business manages its mission-critical con-      priate Content Management requirements
                                                tent and processes on both sides of the         will suffer numerous implications, ranging
                                                commerce chain.                                 from lower efficiency to massive legal lia-
Process                                            On the supply side, Content Management       bility. To assist in defining requirements,
   Much of the content that organizations       is a vital component for mission-critical       they identified different segments along the
need to provide to their customers,             eBusiness initiatives such as Enterprise        consideration path:
employees, and business partners is part        Resource Planning, Supply Chain Manage-             Enterprise Internal Content Manage-
of a business process. The process can be       ment, and B2B commerce activities. With         ment: the process for integrating digitized

S6        Special Supplement to                 May 2001
data of multiple types, in multiple formats      viously hired armies of employees to open           tity. Nearly every form, from the interview
and from multiple sources, so that users         new resorts in Las Vegas. He knew from              rating form to the job offer card, exists
can access a cohesive set of relevant infor-     experience that paper job applications              electronically. The work history of each
mation about a topic. This includes infor-       would be ineffective—approximately 10%              employee is captured, and the system even
mation internal to the business as well as       of them would be lost. And scanning in the          tracks who has reviewed the file and when.
information the business needs to drive          handwritten applications would only result              Yet Bellagio’s system delivers much
external activities.                             in unreadable files. Nathan wanted a paper-         more than data access. It helps supervisors
    Web Site Content Management: the             less system that would not require a large          perform all aspects of HR management
creation, organization, delivery, and main-      human resources staff just to key in data.          faster and more efficiently, without gener-
tenance of non-transactional Web site-ori-           “Then it dawned on me that after I hired        ating paper forms. The system is used to
ented content.                                   the employees, I didn’t want to print out           verify and change employee status, work
    eBusiness Transactional Content Man-         10,000 applications to store in 10,000              shifts, attendance, vacation schedules,
agement: The content relevant to a B2B or        paper jacket file folders. So I decided we          commendations, and more. Managers can
B2C customer transaction along with the          needed completely electronic personnel              post electronic “sticky” notes on any file
set of business rules used to process the        files,” said Nathan. The project then took          to keep all information in one place.
transaction.                                     on an even greater dimension.                       Bellagio has even automated its Personnel
    Shared Content Management: the                                                                   Action Notice, which is used to initiate
processes that allow shared information to be    The FileNET Solution                                any action such as wage changes, shift
managed and accessed jointly. This involves                                                          changes, promotions and more. This elec-
the management of the document life cycle            After reviewing other solutions, Nathan         tronic form is routed via email, approved
along with robust search capabilities.           realized that only FileNET’s Panagon eProcess       electronically by supervisors, and posted
    Note that the considerations set forth by    Management products provided the Web-               and filed automatically.
Gartner include both content and process         based, open architecture they would need as the         In short, the new Human Resources sys-
issues. There are other sources that define a    basis for the system. Nathan partnered              tem has delivered everything Nathan had on
similar Content Management consideration         with Western Office Systems, a FileNET              his wish list—and more. “If you can dream it,
path. For instance, Meta Group classifies        ValueNET® partner to tailor Panagon to fit          you can do it with FileNET,” said Nathan. “It
the content and process requirements and         Bellagio’s needs. Western Office System             isn’t hard to do.”
considerations into several major cate-          designed the implementation and continues
gories including:                                to support it. “We started with the out-of-
x Content Delivery/Personalization               the-box functionality from FileNET and              The Bottom Line
x Site Development/Management                    fully customized it to deliver the exact fea-
                                                 tures that Mr. Nathan and his staff needed,”            To help Bellagio Resort hire staff for its
x Document Life Cycle                                                                                grand opening, FileNET’s solution:
x Authoring                                      said Ray Hughes, general manager of
                                                 Western Office Systems.                             x Captured more than 75,000 job applica-
x Commerce                                                                                              tions in five months.
                                                     In the first phase of implementation, a
                                                 custom-developed applicant tracking sys-            x Eliminated the need for 15 human
Conclusion                                       tem was used to capture data from more                 resources personnel to input the data.
                                                 than 75,000 job applicants in five months.          x Resulted in the near-paperless hiring of
   eBusiness initiatives promise great           Using a simple ATM-style format, job                   10,0000 new employees.
opportunities for operations of all sizes        applicants entered their own data when
throughout different industries. Success for                                                            The new Panagon Human Resources
                                                 applying for positions. The interface was           system now in place has:
many will be contingent upon how well            modified so it would be easy for all appli-
they manage their content and processes                                                              x Saved the Human Resources operation
                                                 cants to use, especially those who don’t              approximately $1 million in the resort’s
online today and create a solution that can      traditionally use computers.
carry the load in a future that will surely be                                                         first 14 months in time, staff and admin-
                                                     The next goal was even more complex—              istrative costs.
more complex and sophisticated.                  to create a completely paperless human              x Replaced paper files, which would con-
                                                 resources infrastructure. This meant setting          tain an average of 50-60 documents
Case Study: Bellagio Resort                      up a system to make more than half a million          each, with electronic files, saving stor-
                                                 electronic documents accessible to Bellagio’s         age and retrieval costs.
    The Bellagio Resort demonstrates how         managers via the corporate intranet.                x Provided supervisors with all the infor-
content management can be successfully               The resulting system takes a Web-based            mation and tools they need to perform
applied to a function every company must         approach to HR management. Active server              their management duties more efficiently.
manage—Human Resources.                          pages (ASP) are displayed via a custom-             x Decreased input errors by Human
    In front of the Bellagio Hotel in Las        made browser that interfaces with Panagon             Resources personnel, and freed managers
Vegas, more than a thousand sparkling            Content Services. Thanks to Panagon’s open            from continually retrieving existing data
fountains surge skyward in a dazzling            architecture, it also leverages the hierarchical      and keying it in.
dance of water, music and light. A different     security features in Bellagio’s legacy AS/400-      x Shortened the processing time of per-
kind of choreography—but even more               based system. Finally, the new system allows          sonnel actions by enabling electronic
intricate—was required behind the hotel’s        the retrieval of data residing on disparate plat-     routing, approval, posting and filing
majestic facade in 1998. The Bellagio            forms, such as the AS/400, Windows NT and             of forms. ❚
Resort, subsidiary of MGM Mirage, was            SQL Server.
about to open and more than 10,000 new               Bellagio managers can now access data
employees needed to be hired.                    on more than 10,200 personnel files using           1The GartnerGroup Framework for Content Management,
                                                 a common Web interface. Once a manager              January 28, 2000

The Challenge                                    logs on, “look-down” security features                   FileNET delivers the Substance Behind eBusiness(™) by optimiz-
                                                 limit his access to his employees’ files only.      ing an organization’s Web-based business processes and associated
   Arte Nathan, vice president of Human          Each file contains a photo ID and employ-           content to deliver a competitive advantage, maximum efficiency and
Resources for the Bellagio Hotel, had pre-       ee signature to verify the employee’s iden-         increased revenue.

                                                                                        Special Supplement to                               May 2001                S7
Streamlining the Decision Cycle Through
Collaborative Decision Management
                                                                                                                     Randall W. Eckel
                                     By Randy Frid, Ph.D., Principal Scientist, and                          President and Chief Executive Officer
                           Randall Eckel, President and Chief Executive Officer, InfoImage              Randall W. Eckel, a co-founder of InfoImage, has been
O   ver the last 20 years, management
philosophy has shifted dramatically from
                                                phases, and little time is spent on the actu-
                                                al decision and even less for action.
                                                                                                        President and Chief Executive Officer of InfoImage
                                                                                                        and a member of the Board of Directors since 1992.
                                                                                                        Mr. Eckel is a recognized expert in collaborative and
command and control organizational
                                                                                                        knowledge management software solutions and is
methodologies that focused all decision-
making at the top of the organization, to a
                                                The Decision Network                                    regularly quoted in trade and business publications.
more distributed and enabled management             When knowledge workers make deci-
philosophy that pushes decision-making to       sions, they reach out to a network of people
the front line through “empowered”              who they believe possess relevant informa-        Information Gathering
knowledge workers. Unfortunately, the           tion and/or experience. This network of
information systems deployed through-           experience usually does not reflect the               Delivering relevant information is made
out the organization don’t fully support        hierarchical way in which organizations           possible by technology that creates a multi-
“empowered” knowledge workers.                  function, but instead cuts horizontally or        dimensional meta-data model of the infor-
    The hierarchical organizational model of    diagonally across an organization. The size       mation and experience within a business.
the command and control era greatly influ-      and shape of users’ decision networks are         This allows users to access the information
enced the deployment of business automa-        usually limited by span (who do I know            via easy-to-use taxonomies. Meta-data, or
tion systems. Even today, process-improving     that can help?), technology (how do I col-        data about data, resident in the decision
transaction-oriented systems are deployed       laborate with them?), and experience (have        portal allows for navigation to information
department by department. These applica-        I gone down this path before?).                   without actually searching the information
tions are designed to improve the depart-           Unfortunately, when time is the limiting      itself. A meta-data repository acts like a
mental front- and back-office processes.        factor in decision-making, using the exist-       directory to information stored in the
However, decision-support systems are           ing non-integrated tools that are at the dis-     recesses of the organization or Internet.
aimed only at the top of the organization. In   posal of most knowledge workers (phone,           By exploring or searching the directory,
other words, decision-making information        fax, e-mail and meetings) makes moving            response time is greatly improved and
flows upward, and decisions (and their          through the decision cycle a very slow and        knowledge workers no longer have to know
accompanying instructions) flow downward.       inefficient process.                              where to look for data.
    What is needed is an application that
improves the productivity of the decision
                                                Collaborative Decision Management—                Collaboration and Experience
process throughout an organization, with
emphasis on improving the process for           Optimizing Decision-making                            While it is important to have relevant
front-line knowledge workers. To under-         Across the Enterprise                             information for decision-making, what
stand how a software application can                                                              really contributes to great decisions is expe-
improve the productivity of the decision            A solution is now available that solves       rience. Being able to identify and access
process, we need to understand more             this problem. It represents the confluence        individuals with relevant experience and
about this process. Let’s explore two           of collaborative software, knowledge man-         facts results in efficient and effective deci-
important concepts—the “decision cycle”         agement methodologies and business intel-         sions. Decision portals create this oppor-
(the process used by knowledge workers          ligence solutions—in other words, collabo-        tunity by both identifying relevant experts
to make a decision) and the “decision           rative decision management. At the center         and then making it easy to share a decision
network” (the network of people knowl-          of this solution is a software application        workspace with them.
edge workers reach out to for information       called an enterprise decision portal. An
and experience).                                enterprise decision portal creates a decision     The Streamlined Decision Cycle
                                                workspace that brings together all the
The Decision Cycle                              information and experience users need to             Decision portals fundamentally change
                                                make fast, quality decisions.                     the way knowledge workers approach
    In its most basic form, the decision            Information and experience from across        decision-making processes. Their tangible
cycle involves gathering relevant informa-      the organization are now synchronized             benefit is to speed the information gather-
tion, analysis of that information, collabo-    around a specific task, project or process.       ing and collaboration processes so that
ration for opinion and insight, making the      These workspaces can be shared across the         knowledge workers can bring significantly
decision, and taking action. Most decisions     decision network regardless of location or        more information and experience to bear,
are constrained by time. There is a finite      time zone. Relevant information is now            as well as spend more time in the “deci-
amount of time that can be spent in each        delivered to knowledge workers as opposed         sion” step of the process. Decision portals
step of the decision process. Research          to discovered by them.                            provide the technology to truly decentral-
shows that almost 80% of the time current-          To see how a decision portal improves the     ize and optimize the decision-making
ly spent in the decision cycle is in the        productivity of decision-making, let’s examine    process throughout an enterprise and the
information-gathering and collaboration         how it affects each step in the decision cycle.   extended enterprise. ❚

S8      Special Supplement to                   May 2001
The Enterprise Information                                                                           x Determine the type and extent of cus-
                                                                                                        tomization you need for your enter-
                                                                                                        prise portal.
                                                                                                     x Find a solution that matches your busi-

Portal and eBusiness                                                                                    ness needs.
                                                                                                         This need is served by well-designed
                                                                                                     kits that provide a core set of portal func-
                                                                                                     tionality and that can be up and running
                                                                                                     quickly for group pilots.
                                                                 Compaq Computer Corporation

                                                                                                     EIP Implementation
T  he rapid advance of technologies such as
the Internet, groupware, relational databas-
                                                     In eBusiness, the EIP helps achieve
                                                 competitive advantage by providing a
                                                                                                         In deploying your portal in a department
                                                                                                     or across the enterprise, you will use the
es, and search engines allows knowledge          framework on which to build KM prac-
                                                                                                     integration applications and architecture
workers to come together and share ideas         tices. KM, in turn, supplies the intelligence
                                                                                                     developed through the planning and design
and information as never before. The prom-       for the decision-making and rapid action
                                                                                                     stages mentioned above. Results include:
ise of universal connectivity made possible      that enable Customer Relationship Man-
                                                                                                     x A smooth implementation with minimal
by the Internet and intranets has enabled        agement (CRM) and Global Value Chain
                                                                                                        disruption to your business.
almost every industry to adopt better means      (GVC) activity to be effective in support of
                                                                                                     x A portal tailored to your environment.
of communication, collaboration, and com-        eBusiness. Working in close harmony, KM,
                                                                                                     x An environment that enables employees
merce between employees, partners, cus-          CRM, and GVC help an eBusiness survive
                                                                                                        to find critical information quickly,
tomers, and suppliers. But how do you trans-     and grow.
                                                                                                        work and collaborate more productively.
form information assets and intellectual cap-        KM involves collaboration, and the EIP is
ital into enduring value for your organiza-      proving to be a good tool for it. The greater           In summary, your strategy for adopting an
tion, your partners, and your clients?           the quality and consistency of exchange             EIP should spell out all solutions including:
    And how do you provide easy yet              among workers in the eBusiness, the greater         x Hardware and platform validation and
secure access to collective information and      the likelihood that the eBusiness will achieve         optimization.
expertise so the right information is avail-     another vital goal, that of fostering innovation.   x A complete life cycle of services (in-
able to the right person at the right time?          The following sections discuss typical             cluding planning, design, implementa-
The answer increasingly falls under the          steps in the implementation of EIPs.                   tion, and management).
rubric of Knowledge Management (KM).                                                                 x A flexible choice of industry-leading
The effective practice of KM by the enter-       EIP Assessment                                         application software.
prise is now widely perceived as an essen-                                                               Think big, but start small. Many solu-
tial ingredient of eBusiness success. And             To prepare a successful portal strategy,       tions available today scale well for the
the marketplace now acknowledges that an         it is advisable to engage a systems integra-        growing enterprise. Set achievable goals
essential tool for the practice of KM is the     tor to evaluate the benefits of implementing        and make sure that successes are acknowl-
enterprise information portal (EIP).             an EIP to achieve your business objectives.         edged and publicized along the way.
    In the competitive world of eBusiness,       This will help you identify how a single            Promote the new portal tools continually to
a company’s knowledge assets have never          point of access to information and applica-         the audience that will be using them—
been more valuable. The key to success is        tions will enhance your knowledge work-             adoption of EIPs involves not only techno-
unlocking the knowledge within the com-          ers’ productivity. It will enable you to:           logical change but also cultural change.
pany and sharing it with the right people at     x Understand the benefits of a portal solution.     Finally, choose an expert consulting organ-
the right time. Businesses and organiza-         x Validate and define the portal imple-             ization to accompany you throughout this
tions invest in KM solutions so that                 mentation that will complement your             vital project, knowing that you are equip-
employees can do their jobs more effi-               business requirements.                          ping your enterprise with a mission-critical
ciently and effectively.                         x Identify the process involved in designing        system. It should, like Compaq, have an
    The Enterprise Information Portal helps          and implementing a corporate portal.            excellent track record in delivering end-to-
eBusiness by enabling the effective use of                                                           end EIP solutions that include all the prod-
shared knowledge assets so that everyone                                                             ucts, integration, and services required by
                                                 EIP Planning and Design                             this complex technology.
on your team can work collaboratively and
securely across global boundaries. And you          You should develop a blueprint for your
can manage that flow of information more         portal implementation that is practical,            About Compaq
efficiently for empowered decision-making.       robust, and scalable. The solution should
    There are two key concepts that define       accommodate your business and information               Compaq Computer Corporation, a
an EIP: access and integration. The EIP          needs and technical requirements, but also          Fortune Global 100 company, is a leading
gives workers access to the information and      your enterprise culture and environment.            global provider of technology and solutions.
resources they need to do their jobs. It inte-   Plan and prepare to migrate your knowledge          Compaq designs, develops, manufactures,
grates both information sources and appli-       worker environment to an integrated EIP.            and markets hardware, software, solutions,
cations. It is a single unified interface con-                                                       and services, including industry-leading
necting workers to widely scattered and                                                              enterprise computing solutions, fault-tolerant
diversely structured information reposito-
                                                 EIP Rapid Deployment                                business-critical solutions, and communica-
ries. Closely related to the notions of access      In order to lay a strong foundation for a        tions products, commercial desktop and
and integration is the concept of personal-      more widely deployed and full-featured              portable products, and consumer PCs that are
ization, meaning workers receive the infor-      EIP, many businesses like to start with a           sold in more than 200 countries. Information
mation they choose in a desktop environ-         low-cost entry into portal technology. This         on Compaq and its products and services is
ment whose appearance they can control.          approach helps you:                                 available at ❚

                                                                                        Special Supplement to                   May 2001        S9
Maximizing Corporate                                                                                                                    Scott Warner is the
                                                                                                                                        founder and CEO of
                                                                                                                                        AccuSoft Corporation in

Bandwidth Utilization                                                                                                                   Massachusetts. He also
                                                                                                                                        serves as a board
                                                                                                                                        member for other
                                                                                                                                        technology firms as well

and User Satisfaction ...                                                                                    Scott Warner
                                                                                                                                        as an advisor to a
                                                                                                                                        number of growth
                                                                                                                                        companies. Prior to
                                                                                                     AccuSoft, Mr.Warner spent his years as a consultant to

at the Same Time!
                                                                                                     over twenty-five firms building complex software
                                                                                                     applications. He is also a fourth-degree black belt and
                                                                                                     martial arts instructor.

                                                          By Scott Warner, CEO, AccuSoft

“w     e are drowning in a sea of information,”
write University of California researchers
                                                  School reports to any Web browser, in
                                                  either HTML or XML formats. Monster-
                                                                                                  leveraging the power of today’s high-per-
                                                                                                  formance servers and storage systems, and
Peter Lyman and Hal Varian. “The challenge        Daata provides the capability to integrate      then providing delivery via a Web browser
is to learn to swim in that sea, rather than      2.5 terabytes of NeighborhoodPlace data         and a high-speed, zero-administration
drown in it. Now society must figure out how      into users’ Web sites, with total flexibility   client, available in ActiveX or Java. A vari-
to manage all that information.” Their recent     to incorporate charts, tables, graphics,        ety of management and tracking reports is
study titled “How Much Information”               colors and page placement into provider         included, complete with common reports
summed up just how quickly we are gather-         applications, all without data management       already built in. These reports take a few
ing, storing, and disseminating information.      hassles. In fact, RCD system (which is          input variables and generate HTML pages
    As corporations accumulate, digest, and       enabled by Accusoft’s platform-independ-        with the results, which can be shared with
disseminate this information, the sheer vol-      ent NetVue server software) is implement-       anyone interested. NetVue stores every
ume strains the sturdiest of corporate infra-     ed as part of Yahoo Real Estate, Homestore.     transaction into a simple Xbase-type data-
structures, as well as the external pathways      com, and, a further testament to       base that any report writer can access. Any
through which to access this data. Look at        its robustness.                                 number of additional reports can be creat-
our Web pages (and even e-mail!) which                                                            ed for more specialized requirements.
reflect this dramatically, as we have moved          "The ability to review and update
from simple text messages to full-motion                                                          The benefits of Document Streaming
video with CD-quality sound!                               documents is a key to
    Fields including Legal, Human Re-                    increasing productivity."                x It’s fast; up to 20 times faster than the
sources, Accounting, Geographic Infor-                                                               closest available alternative.
mation Systems, Medical, Real Estate, as              This capability helps companies like        x It minimizes network traffic substantial-
well as Application Service Providers, are        MonsterDaata provide cost-effective, secure,       ly. On average only 1/10th of the band-
all faced with the increasing problem of          highly scalable application “plug-ins” and/        width, compared to other solutions, is
how to extend corporate knowledge to              or overlays to a broad variety of customer         required.
employees, partners, suppliers, and cus-          applications. Designed as a Web-based           x The system administrator and individ-
tomers, while maintaining control, source         imaging solution to a broad range of appli-        ual users can control the type of stream-
integrity, and containing costs. The ability      cations, NetVue provides a client-server           ing used.
to review, annotate, and update documents         environment capable of delivering large         x It’s secure; NDS images are intrinsically
and images in a variety of formats, without       quantities of data, in over 100 formats, to a      secure as the data protocol is not
the necessity to run native client applica-       remote desktop within seconds, even with           reversible and no performance-reducing
tions on all client workstations, is a key to     end users on 28.8Kb modems. The patented           encryption is required.
increasing the productivity of information        NetVue Document Streaming™ technology               Businesses now can have the flexibility
users wherever they may be located. This          is the core piece of the solution, providing    to accommodate existing documentation
also leads to shortened document process-         users with the ability to view, annotate, and   and images, scalability via the server-side
ing cycle times and improved product              update a variety of documents and images        implementation, and ease of access—while
quality and customer satisfaction.                without requiring the native application to     providing the functionality to help improve
                                                  be resident. In addition, NetVue has an         customer and knowledge-worker satisfac-
How is this functionality being utilized?         extensive set of Web application server         tion. This flexibility is a key benefit for all
                                                  tools, which provide system administrators      companies that experience change in their
   MonsterDaata, Inc.’s (a leading pro-           with control of the product as well as easy     operations, personnel, and markets.
vider of Internet information utility geared      access to information being generated from          NetVue technology allows your compa-
to Real Estate) Remote Content Delivery           users of the application.                       ny to facilitate the rapid deployment of imag-
(RCD) system facilitates simple, efficient            NetVue works by pre-processing large        ing and document management solutions
delivery of Community, Property, and              document and image files on the server,         throughout an enterprise and beyond. ❚

S10      Special Supplement to                    May 2001
Bridging the
                                                                                                                                   Since co-founding Mobius
                                                                                                                                   Management Systems, Inc. in
                                                                                                                                   1981, Mitchell Gross has become
                                                                                                                                   widely regarded as a leading
                                                                                                                                   authority on software solutions

                                                                                                                                   that help corporations worldwide
                                                                                                                                   manage huge volumes of
                                                                                                                                   information, often in the form of
                                                                                                                                   documents, reports and images.
                                                                                                         Mitchell Gross            Under his direction, Mobius has

Front-Office Gap
                                                                                                          CEO and President        delivered software used to build e-
                                                                                                                                   business and customer service
                                                                                                  solutions for nearly 1,300 major organizations worldwide, including
                                                                                                  more than half of the Fortune 100. Mr. Gross holds an M.B.A. in
                                                                                                  Finance from The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania and a
                                                                                                  B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Columbia University School of
                                                                                                  Engineering and Applied Science.

                By Mitchell Gross, CEO and President, Mobius Management Systems, Inc.

    “As competition continues to grow via      different formats, including AFP, PostScript,    platforms, across storage devices and
the e-economy and as customer/partner          PCL, PDF, text and others.                       across applications. The indexing structure
relationship management becomes more               The project manager planning to use          is what enables an employee to research all
sophisticated, the need for organizations to   content in a front-office Web application        the claims made in the Southeast region
leverage the wealth of information in doc-     must ask a number of questions:                  during the week of March 12, and enables
uments, images and reports will increase.”         1. What is the source of the content I       a customer to retrieve and compare the
(Meta Group, September 1999)                   need to present? Are the documents appli-        electric bill from December 1999 and the
    “How effectively organizations deal        cation-generated? Scanned?                       one from December 2000.
with mission-critical information and              2. What format are the documents in?             Presenting Web content means trans-
expose it as usable content to support             3. How can I capture these documents         forming it, if necessary, and displaying it
employees, partners and consumers is           and ensure that they can be linked through       in a Web browser. Different applications
becoming a recognized differentiator.”         shared values such as vendor number,             require different types of Web present-
(Meta Group, January 2001)                     account number, territory and product?           ment. For example, for an electronic
                                                   4. How will I want to present the docu-      bill/statement presentment application,
                                               ments over the Web: HTML, XML, image?            you might parse the document, extracting

W    ith 75% of your organization’s infor-
mation contained in unstructured (non-
                                                   All these questions must be answered in
                                               order to implement an effective solution to
                                               manage and present enterprise content.
                                                                                                only the data elements needed to display
                                                                                                on a formatted Web page. You might even
                                                                                                need to integrate values from multiple doc-
database) format—documents, reports                Content management comprises a num-          uments into a single Web page. This flexi-
and images—can you transform it into           ber of activities associated with making         ble content presentment allows you to
“usable content” to support your e-busi-       documents Web-ready, including captur-           define what information should be extract-
ness initiatives? According to AMR             ing, indexing, integrating, transforming         ed and where and how it should be placed
Research, the problem that e-business          and displaying content. The robustness and       on your Web page.
exposes most often is inadequate integra-      flexibility with which your solution                 Automatic content presentment converts
tion. In other words, the vital information    addresses each of these steps will deter-        the entire document into a Web-ready for-
about customers, products and transac-         mine the success of your implementation.         mat such as HTML or SVG (scalable vec-
tions produced by back-office systems          The first step is to capture the documents,      tor graphics) and displays it in the browser.
such as enterprise resource planning           regardless of format, from the scanning          This form of presentment preserves the dis-
(ERP) often isn’t available as Web con-        system or from the applications that pro-        play characteristics of the original docu-
tent or at Web speed to employees, cus-        duce them and store them in an integrated        ment and would be used, for example, to
tomers and suppliers.                          repository. This process indexes the docu-       give a customer service representative a
    The challenge for the enterprise is to     ments, making them accessible based on           display that is an exact replica of the paper
manage, Web-enable and Web-present             key identifiers.                                 document, facilitating communication with
content in multiple formats from multiple          A robust indexing capability will sup-       the customer.
sources. Documents and reports required        port multi-level, multi-key indexing to              These services bridge the gap between
for presentation in customer-facing appli-     make retrieval easy and flexible. Name,          back-office information and Web content
cations may be generated by ERP or other       policy number and customer number, for           that can be deployed to support a wide
back-office applications, or may be con-       example, might all be used as access keys.       range of front-office applications including
verted from paper to electronic format by      A true enterprise indexing architecture will     customer relationship management, e-pre-
scanning. These documents will be of           let you create logical folders of related doc-   sentment and payment, customer self-serv-
many different types—bills, statements,        uments, such as all the records for a cus-       ice and more. With an effective strategy for
purchase orders, invoices, remittances,        tomer or a particular transaction. It will let   managing and presenting enterprise con-
output reports, e-mail, policies, correspon-   you index and logically group documents,         tent, you will be able to fully exploit your
dence and more. And they will be in many       regardless of format, across time, across        information assets. ❚

                                                                                   Special Supplement to                            May 2001            S11
The Rise of Web
                                                                                                                                      Nick Denton, formerly a
                                                                                                                                      reporter with The Financial
                                                                                                                                      Times and The Economist, is
                                                                                                                                      CEO of Moreover. Moreover
                                                                                                                                      searches thousands of news

Intelligence                                                                                                                          sites, message boards, and
                                                                                                                                      other quickly changing Web
                                                                                                                                      sources every 15 minutes,
                                                                                                                                      delivering business-quality
                                                                                                                                      content to Web sites, portals
How rumors, leaks, and news online have transformed                                                      Nick Denton                  and intranets.The company
                                                                                                                                      counts among its customers
the Internet’s impact on business                                                                   and licensees Hoovers, Wells Fargo and Ernst & Young, and
                                                                                                    offers its Business Intelligence solutions through partnerships
                                                                                                    with Inktomi, Epicentric, Microsoft, and others.
                                                                                                    Moreover was recently named “Best Specialty Search Engine”
                                                                                                    by Search Engine Watch. Prior to founding Moreover, Denton
                                                                                                    founded First Tuesday. He is also co-author of All That
                                                                                                    Glitters, an account of the collapse of Barings bank, short-
                                                                                                    listed for the Global Business Book Awards.
                                                        By Nick Denton, CEO, Moreover

W    e live in a market of instant informa-
tion, where perception and image are
                                                   tailoring new product releases to count-
                                                   er Apple’s efforts.
                                                                                                  posted to company intranets allow employ-
                                                                                                  ees company-wide to respond to informa-
increasingly linked to stock prices, and the     x Valuation loss: In summer 2000, a false        tion while it is still within action range.
best strategic plans can be undermined in          press release, issued by a newswire            Instead of being forced into a reactionary
the course of a morning. With 56% of the           intern, stated that Emulex was restating       stance, companies wield Web Intelligence
population online, gossip spreads like             its earnings and firing its CEO. Emulex        to maintain a competitive edge and plan
wildfire—from thousands of sources that            watched as $2.5 billion dollars was            accordingly.
lie beyond the reach of search engines and         knocked off its market cap in the course           According to Aberdeen Group research
traditional information services.                  of one morning, with most of the dam-          director Guy Creese, many companies can
    As a handful of high-profile cases in          age done in the first half an hour after       benefit from adding Web Intelligence to
the past seven years have shown, compa-            release. Likewise, Oracle’s stock plunged
                                                                                                  their information arsenal. “Information-
nies pay a heavy price for gossip initiated        last year after false rumors of owner
                                                                                                  intensive industries ... need to comple-
online. Perhaps most distressing for com-          Larry Ellison’s death surfaced and
                                                   caught on fire in chat rooms. Oracle           ment their traditional news services with
panies is the way gossip—whether true or                                                          Web-based intelligence in order to quick-
false—can move from the Web to the                 became the most heavily traded stock of
                                                   that day, losing as much as 30% before         ly act on new developments,” said Creese.
Business section of print news in the mat-                                                        “Moreover takes the labor out of being
ter of one day. Consider:                          snuffing out the rumor.
                                                                                                  Web-aware by automatically pointing to
x Over the past seven years, the proliferation                                                    the up-to-date, Web-sourced information
   of gossip online—from uncontrolled leaks      What is Web Intelligence?                        that these types of companies need to
   to quickly spreading rumors—has signifi-                                                       remain competitive.”
   cantly impacted the success of companies          Companies like these have learned that
                                                 having access to rapid online content                Internal departments that stand to bene-
   nationwide. In a climate where 60% of
                                                 before it reaches traditional news venues        fit from Web Intelligence include sales,
   print journalists would report an online
                                                 can effectively make or break a compa-           marketing, knowledge management, and
   rumor with one confirmation and almost
                                                 ny’s competitive positioning. This “Web          PR, as well as CIOs, intranet and extranet
   20% would report a rumor directly from a
                                                 Intelligence” includes the vast amount of        managers and corporate librarians. For one
   major online source, the risks incurred by
                                                 transient digital information—news, rumor,       company, spotting earnings speculation on
   staying out of the loop are high (Ross        speculation, and public commentary—
   Report on Cybermedia, May 2000).                                                               a CBS Marketwatch discussion board
                                                 that can have a significant impact on a          enabled the marketing team to respond
x Data leaks: In 1999 the online site            company’s reputation, sales strength and posted confiden-                                                              immediately, restoring confidence and
                                                 ultimately its stock price. Access to Web        keeping the rumor from making Monday’s
   tial Ford documents that undermined           intelligence is most valuable to a compa-
   the automobile maker’s lobbying efforts                                                        morning paper. Another company found an
                                                 ny within the first few hours that it            industry-first opportunity for the sales team
   against tighter emissions and fuel-           appears online. In this vulnerable window
   economy regulations. The negative                                                              in an update from the Korea Post.
                                                 of opportunity, strategic planners can take
   publicity exposed a contradiction in                                                               The difference between the Web as
                                                 advantage of breaking competitor news or
   Ford’s policy and caused an ensuing                                                            curse and the Web as blessing for corporate
                                                 squash a potentially dangerous rumor.
   loss of credibility.                              To fill this critical information gap,       communications lies in the ability to find
x Product secrets: In spring 2000, Yahoo         Moreover uses dynamic database technol-          and identify critical information early. Web
   chat rooms were buzzing with unre-            ogy to deliver relevant Web Intelligence to      Intelligence, in all its forms, gives compa-
   leased information about new Apple            companies from over 2400 online sources—         nies a chance to create an environment of
   mouses and duel-processor PowerMacs.          including major news sites, niche sites, com-    action and strategy, where bad news may
   Apple sued Yahoo, as Apple competitors        plaint sites, Web logs, discussion boards, and   be managed quickly, and good news con-
   profited from the secret information by       message groups. Near real-time updates           verted into profit. ❚

S12      Special Supplement to                   May 2001
Multilingual Knowledge
                                                                                                        expertise in critical areas such as internation-
                                                                                                        alization engineering, translation engines,
                                                                                                        workflow management, and content local-
                                                                                                        ization as well.
                                                                                                            2) Choose a platform with the right

Management Empowers                                                                                     connectivity. Make sure that the globaliza-
                                                                                                        tion platform you adopt is capable of con-
                                                                                                        necting diverse and distributed content
                                                                                                        repositories to an automated multilingual

Global eBusiness                                                                                        workflow. The workflow itself should fol-
                                                                                                        low a rigorous discipline—from preparing
                                                                                                        files for translation to routing content
                                                                                                        between editors and publishers, to easy
                                                                                                        incorporation of verification and compli-
                                       By Benjamin B. Sargent, Lionbridge Technologies,                 ance reviews.
                                        a provider of multilingual content management software              3) Choose a platform with intelligent
                                             and services to the technology, telecommunications,        language processing. The language pro-
                                                     life sciences and financial services industries.   cessing technology needs to include two
                                                                                                        key components: translation memory and

W    ith the wholesale penetration of Internet
technologies into global business opera-
                                                   ware resource files, and database strings
                                                   with XML tagging? Translation is a lin-
                                                                                                        terminology management. Translation mem-
                                                                                                        ory ensures that once any sentence or para-
                                                                                                        graph has been translated and stored, these
tions, employees at every level of an organ-       guistic task. But localization involves engi-        text strings can be reused time and again.
ization are collaborating across multiple          neering and creative disciplines to preserve         This not only eliminates redundant transla-
geographies. But with no common language,          design values in the new language. To give           tion, but speeds translation turnaround—
knowledge workers—be they colleagues,              you long-term flexibility, the platform you          saving time and money. A terminology
customers, suppliers or partners—face a new        choose should be sufficiently versatile to           management system ensures that transla-
challenge in communicating ideas and sharing       handle any and all formats.                          tion teams consistently employ key words
information effectively.                               4) Where does the content originate              and phrases.
    To bridge this linguistic gap, global com-     and where will the localized version                     4) Choose a platform that provides proj-
panies are adopting knowledge management           reside? The multilingual knowledge man-              ect transparency and a detailed audit trail.
and globalization platforms that support           agement system you implement must be                 To maintain process efficiency and control
ongoing translation and dissemination of           able to detect, extract, and route new or            costs, implement a solution that allows you
multilingual content. Whether content repos-       changed content whether it originates in an          to track the whereabouts of each translation
itories include file systems, databases, Web-      application repository, file system or data-         unit through every step of the workflow.
based applications or all of these, achieving      base. It needs to automatically route this           Real-time visibility helps you avoid bottle-
the critical transformation of eBusiness           content through the localization process             necks and delays. Detailed reporting not
information into multilingual eBusiness            and various approval stages, then insert it          only helps you manage budgets and turn-
knowledge requires astute planning and             to a target location. Quality control and            around, but also enables you to audit costs
robust localization management tools.              data security must be maintained at every            and system performance over time.
                                                   stage of the publishing process.
Five Critical Questions Before You Start               5) Who will be responsible for handling          Empowering eBusiness
                                                   content? Accountability is key. Other
    There are five factors that must be            duties may impede in-house staff from                in a Global Economy
considered before embarking on any                 completing translation assignments in a                  Whether your initiative is eLearning,
globalization initiative because they will         timely manner. A string of freelancers may           eSupport, or eCommerce, the right globaliza-
directly impact the design of your knowl-          make it difficult to maintain quality stan-          tion platform dramatically improves the way
edge management system.                            dards. To improve accountability on sched-           colleagues, customers, suppliers and part-
    1) What languages will your con-               uling and quality issues, establish an ongo-
stituents require? Success in supporting a                                                              ners communicate and collaborate around
                                                   ing partnership with one external supplier.          the world. A multilingual knowledge man-
second language invariably spawns pres-            Maintain sufficient in-house staff to man-
sure to add others. The key is to adopt a                                                               agement system both increases revenue cap-
                                                   age the partner relationship.                        ture and reduces operating costs to empower
globalization platform that can easily
accommodate additional languages, as                                                                    eBusiness growth in a global economy. ❚
need demands.                                      Selecting the Best                                      For additional white papers on the techni-
    2) How quickly must content be trans-          Globalization Platform                               cal aspects and ROI of multilingual knowl-
lated? A multilingual knowledge manage-                                                                 edge management, log onto www.lionbridge.
ment system needs to be optimized for the              Implementing a multilingual knowledge            com/KM.
velocity of new information coming into the        management system is a complex process.
repositories and the criticality of information    Here are four ways to ensure that you invest
going out. Virus warnings necessitate turn-        in the right platform.                               About Lionbridge
                                                       1) Choose the right vendor. Get off to a               Lionbridge Technologies, Inc. integrates data repository connec-
around in hours. Technical manual updates
                                                                                                        tivity with language management technology and global workflow
require a longer, more intricate workflow.         good start by selecting a business partner
                                                                                                        systems to create and maintain Web-based products and dynamic
    3) What data formats will be handled?          with the expertise and global presence to            databases in multiple languages and cultural formats. Based in
Are you looking strictly at HTML pages?            help you make it work. This partner should           Waltham, MA, Lionbridge operates sites in Canada, Ireland, the
Or will you need to handle other formats           not only have consulting experience in the           Netherlands, France, Germany, China, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan,
like Word documents, QuarkXPress, soft-            IT infrastructure of global companies but            Brazil,and the United States.

                                                                                           Special Supplement to                                 May 2001              S13
                                                                                                                                        Karen V.Strong is president of
                                                                                                                                        Clarity,Inc.and the Clarity

Enterprise                                                                                                                              Document Management
                                                                                                                                        Institute (Clarity DMI),an
                                                                                                                                        Austin-based consulting and
                                                                                                                                        education firm specializing in
                                                                                                                                        innovative approaches to

                                                                                                                                        enterprise document content
                                                                                                                                        developed the Enterprise
                                                                                                            Karen Strong                Profiling strategy and led the
                                                                                                                                        design of the EDMS Profiler
                                                                                                      application.Clarity is currently working with several firms,
A Strategy for Enterprise Document and Records Management                                             including multi-national organizations,to implement enterprise
                                                                                                      document and records management solutions based on the
                                                                                                      Enterprise Profiling strategy.Karen Strong can be reached at
                                                                                                      512-346-6300,fax 425-952-1215,E-mail
                                                       By Karen Strong, President, Clarity  ,

D   ocuments play a vital role in Enterprise
Content Management. Business docu-
                                                 Enterprise Profiling strategy is comprised of
                                                 three components: (1) an underlying business
                                                                                                    These profiles include: a General Application
                                                                                                    Profile, Document Life Cycle Profile,
ments—in all forms and formats—repre-            model, (2) a Web-based technology tool, and        Electronic Document Management System
sent a source of content that is vital to the    (3) an integrated project methodology.             (EDMS) Requirements Profile, Unique
success of e-business applications. Unlike                                                          Usage Model Profile, and an Information
other content sources, ‘document’ creation                                                          Technology Profile.
                                                 The Business Model
and capture can occur at every desktop, in
every process, and by every on-line appli-           The underlying business model captures         The Project Methodology
cation. The management of e-business             the common elements of document life-cycle
content in electronic document formats is        applications and processes enterprise-wide.            Project activities and deliverables spe-
an enterprise issue.                             This model, the Enterprise Usage Model, is         cific to the creation and analysis of EDMS
    An enterprise document management            valid across the organization regardless of        Profiler output reports are integrated into a
perspective recognizes the value of sharing      application type, document life-cycle require-     standard IT project methodology. Profile
document-based information (content)—            ments, and document usage patterns. It estab-      information can be used to develop func-
internally and externally. A business case       lishes standard operating models for work-         tional and technical specifications and
exists for the consistent application of tech-   flow (document organizing and processing),         guide vendor/solution selection. Profile
nologies to ensure the access and protection     repositories (document storage and retrieval),     information can also be used to define
of document-based information assets. The        publishing (document distribution and pub-         improvement opportunities, identify spe-
challenge is that every document manage-         lishing), retention (document archiving and        cific operating characteristics, and estab-
ment application has specific requirements       destruction), and security (document user          lish the basis for project recommendations
for organizing, processing, storing, retriev-    groups, permissions, and administration). In       early in a project life cycle. From an enter-
ing, distributing, publishing, securing, and     addition, the Enterprise Usage Model incor-        prise perspective, the profile information
archiving documents. As a result, the typi-      porates enterprise rules relating to each of the   can be aggregated to ‘view’ workgroup
cal approach is the implementation of com-       operating models. The enterprise rules define      solutions, develop knowledge of shared
partmentalized workgroup, application, or        ‘universal’ requirements of any document           enterprise requirements, establish ‘com-
departmental solutions that fall short as        management solution and are applied based          mon profiles’, and build the business case
‘enterprise’ solutions.                          on specific document usage patterns. The           for resource requirements and allocation.
    More technology is not the answer.           Enterprise Usage Model allows any work-
Traditional document technologies such as        group in an organization to ‘map’ their specif-
document imaging, workflow, COLD/                ic operational requirements and determine the
Enterprise Reports Management, and elec-         enterprise standards and rules that apply.             Enterprise Profiling is not more technolo-
tronic document management have been                                                                gy—it is a structured business strategy. It
integrated with tools for content searching,     The Technology Tool                                applies to organizations that are shifting
Web access/publishing, and collaborative                                                            from departmental implementations to a
work management. These technologies can              In order to define the unique character-       common framework for document and
be implemented departmentally and scaled         istics of a specific document life-cycle           records management. It helps project teams
to enterprise levels. With this approach,        application or process, it is necessary to         expand their reach and range to support the
however, the technology drives the enter-        gather and analyze a significant amount of         needs of the organization. Enterprise
prise solution.                                  information. ‘EDMS Profiler’ is a Web-             Profiling allows organizations of any size
                                                 based technology tool designed to automate         in any industry, operating in single or mul-
Enterprise Profiling: A New Strategy             data collection and analysis. EDMS Profiler        tiple locations, to implement ‘true’ enter-
                                                 is an application that consists of a struc-        prise solutions—those based on consistent
    The answer to the problem is a new           tured, on-line interview questionnaire that        business models, operating environments,
approach for enterprise document manage-         respondents (end users) complete. The              and enterprise rules.
ment: a strategy that recognizes the unique      questionnaire gathers information about the            Organizations that embrace the Enter-
document management needs of individual          general document management application,           prise Profiling approach will realize more
business areas while capturing the value of      specific document and records management           productive document technology imple-
universal document sharing. This strategy,       requirements, and the information technol-         mentations. They will be able to effective-
called Enterprise Profiling, establishes a       ogy environment. EDMS Profiler analyzes            ly manage e-business content in electronic
common organization-wide framework for           the questionnaire data collected and pro-          document formats as an enterprise issue—
document and records management. The             duces multiple output reports—or Profiles.         now and in the future. ❚

S14      Special Supplement to                   May 2001
                                                                                                x Email records are not subject to the cor-

Managing Email                                                                                     porate life-cycle retention rules.
                                                                                                x The storage requirements of the person-
                                                                                                   al email workspaces swell.
                                                                                                x The content duplication problem (cc/

Content—Challenges                                                                                 bcc/forward) is not addressed.
                                                                                                x Retention of convenience copies extends
                                                                                                   the organization’s risks.
                                                                                                    Technologies that address the challenges

and Benefits                                                                                    associated with structured email manage-
                                                                                                ment are just beginning to emerge. One of the
                                                                                                most challenging technologies to develop,
                                                                                                that is expected to continue to evolve and
                                                                                                mature, deals with the automatic classifica-
The absence of structured email management can increase costs in IT                             tion of email and electronic documents. To
                                                                                                achieve accurate auto-classification there is a
infrastructure, cause lost productivity and lead to decreased efficiency                        need to implement several technologies in
                                                                                                concert; including the implementation of
                                                                                                rules based on the organization’s business
                                                                                                requirements and auto-categorization based
                                                                                                on content analysis.
                                         By Bisher Abaza, President & CEO, eManage Inc.             The eManage solution is a leader
                                                                                                among the solutions presently available for
                                                                                                structured email management. It organizes
A  s more organizations embrace email as
their primary method of communication,
                                               based on rules specific for each organiza-
                                               tion. Knowledge workers must also be
                                                                                                and manages email, along with its metada-
                                                                                                ta and attachments. eManage allows organ-
the majority overlook the fact that email      allowed to search, retrieve, and manage the      izations to implement a secure and struc-
content contains evidence of business deci-    life cycle of email within a secure envi-        tured knowledge map to link and under-
sions, actions and transactions. These         ronment that allows true collaboration           stand the relationship between information
email messages become documents and            between all. A comprehensive structured          and knowledge holdings. It provides a sin-
records with the same legal requirements,      email management system provides many            gle point of access to corporate knowledge
restrictions and standards as any other        benefits including reduced IT costs, reduced     regardless of storage location or format.
record produced in any form or medium.         downtime and improved ROI of the mes-            Knowledge objects (word documents,
Public and private organizations are quick-    saging infrastructure, and reduced legal         spreadsheets, images, email, web content,
ly discovering that, in connection with the    costs. By capturing email and organizing         etc.) are organized in a logical hierarchy
transaction of business, they have an obli-    it into corporate knowledge maps, email          that features compound folders and sub-
gation to apply the appropriate retention      content is accessible to authorized users        folders. These folders contain documents
for email created or received, and an equal    thus allowing for better and faster deci-        (and virtual documents) that are located
obligation to provide access to the email.     sion making, efficient implementation and        within multiple repositories. eManage can
    While email management is a large and      execution of business processes, and             be configured to automatically monitor and
rapidly growing industry sector, organiza-     improved knowledge worker satisfaction.          capture knowledge objects from various
tions have been slow to adopt this technol-    Organizations will have better control over      sources and to automatically classify them
ogy due to both the complexities involved      their information (measure of work per-          within its knowledge map. Its built-in
in properly managing emails as docu-           formed) and knowledge (ability to execute        rules-based engine allows users to set “cap-
ments, and the sudden explosion in the         work planned) assets.                            ture rules” defining how objects are auto-
use of this method of communication.               When implementing an email manage-           matically captured and classified.
Organizations in both the public and pri-      ment solution, organizations should avoid            By capturing messaging-based knowl-
vate sectors are increasingly faced with       the following shortcomings during their          edge, organizing it into a dynamic corpo-
issues related to compliance with industry,    selection process:                               rate file classification, and making this
legal and government regulations and           x When email-based knowledge is not              knowledge accessible from other applica-
standards (i.e., GRS 20, DoD 5015.2,              captured, the organization abdicates its      tions, eManage ensures compliance with
SEC 17a-4, etc.) relating to the manage-          legitimate right to be the custodian of its   legal and industry regulations and stan-
ment of email documents and records. In           knowledge.                                    dards. As the percentage of email-based
most organizations today, email manage-        x Relying on users to make decisions             business documents increases, implement-
ment is either non-existent or is done using      about which email message is a record         ing a structured email management solu-
existing technologies such as email deliv-        will result in the loss of important emails   tion leverages the investment in ebusiness
ery software, document management sys-            that are corporate records.                   and ecommerce applications. Organizations
tems, and/or records management systems.       x The complete random purging of email           without structured email management
Many organizations are realizing that             leads to knowledge drain.                     solutions will lag behind as their competi-
email management requires specialized          x The blanket purging of email leads to the      tors surge ahead, armed with better control
capabilities not presently found in existing      loss of email-based documents, records,       over their email records and profiting from
products.                                         and ultimately evidentiary records.           true collaboration between their knowl-
    The evolution in the way organizations     x Email-based documents and records are          edge workers. ❚
are conducting business highlights the            not organized in the corporate file plan
need to automatically capture and classify        classification, with one potential problem        eManage Inc. is a leading provider of Structured Email
email content in its entirety and native          being that the process of legal discovery     Management, KM and RM solutions. Its award winning product,
form within the corporate file structure          becomes very difficult and expensive.         eManage,is DoD 5015.2 certified and SEC 17a-4 compliant.

                                                                                   Special Supplement to                           May 2001          S15
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