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       Directors and Officers Liability 101
     Are you aware of all the risks associated with being a
          director and/or officer of an organization?

Our Professional Liability Practice group provides expert advice in guiding you
through the unique exposures faced by corporate directors and officers. Board
members of publicly traded corporations, private companies or local not-for-
profit community associations all face a multitude of liability exposures. It is
widely recognized directors and officers are operating in increasingly litigious
environments. Defending against legal actions can be financially devastating to
both corporate and personal assets. In a number of high profile court actions
adverse court verdicts have found directors and officers personally liable for
payment of compensation to third parties.

Taking proactive steps to analyze your unique exposures and mitigate the risk can
be invaluable. To learn more about our Professional Liability Practice and book a
training seminar for your corporate board please contact:

Raj Aujla
Professional Liability Practice
Telephone: (403) 298 4433

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