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									                                     The Nurse Entrance Test
What is the NET?
The Nurse Entrance Test is designed, primarily, as a diagnostic instrument to assist nursing programs evaluate the
academic and social skills of new applicants. The NET evaluates the following subtest areas: Essential Math Skills and
Reading Comprehension. The NET is offered on computer at various times during the semester at the FIU Testing

What is the required passing level?
The current admission requirements:

Essential Math Skills:
                             Your NET Score            Nursing Equivalent        Evaluation Matrix
                             76 +                      Post High School                   5
                             59 – 75                   High School                        3

Reading Comprehension:
                             Your NET Score            Nursing Equivalent        Evaluation Matrix
                             67 +                      Post High School                   5
                             51 – 66                   High School                        3

When should prospective applicants take the NET?
It is highly encouraged to take the NET six months before the deadline keeping in mind that if an individual does not
meet the required level, he or she must wait 90 days to retake the exam.

What is the deadline to submit NET scores?
Applicants applying for the Summer semester must submit NET scores by February 15th
Applicants applying for the Fall semester must submit NET scores by May 15th

Test Preparation Resources: Visit the FIU Testing Center website at

        University Learning Center is also available with English and math tutors. The center is located in UP PC 247
        and can be reached at 305-348-2180. Call to schedule an appointment with a tutor.

Where can you take the NET?
Take the Nurse Entrance Test (NET) at the FIU Testing Center. Test scores must be submitted to the College of
Nursing and Health Sciences by the application deadline. For further questions and concerns regarding the test,
please contact the FIU Testing Center:

                               FIU Testing Center                    FIU Testing Center
                               University Park Campus, PC 248        Biscayne Bay Campus, AC1 180
                               305-348-2840                          305-919-5754

How to register for the NET?
To register for the NET, you must login to the University Testing Center Registration Program and schedule an
appointment. Visit

What is the cost?
A $35 test fee is required upon registration.

For information related to all nursing requirements, please call 305-348-7703 or visit

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