Document Sample

  Product type                    Digital Video Camera
  Image Sensor                    1/2"CMOS Sensor 3.1Mega Pixels
                                  2048x1536 ; 1600x1200 ; 1024x768
                                  4032X302 (12.0M) interpolation
                                  Internal: 16MB Flash Memory
                                  External: SD or MMC Card And U-Disk
  Lens                            f=9.3mm /F2.8
  Focus Range                     200mm~250mm(Macro) 1.2m~¡Û (Normal)
  TFT display                     2.0"Color TFT LCD Display
  TFT LCD Rotate                  270°
  PC Cam Mode                     640x480 VGA Image / 320X240 CIF Image
  Focus Range                     20CM--30CM
  Shutter Range                   1/4--1/2000 sec.
  Self -Timer                     Timer with 10 sec. /15sec. /20sec. delay
  Colore display                  24-bit or higher Recommended
  Video frames rate               30fps
  Video mode                      Single capture/Self-timer/AVI/Audio/PC Camera/24bits(R/G/B)
  Video Record                    Movie Recording With Sound
  Audio time                      about 20 minutes ( without card)
  Digital Zoom                    8X
  Exposure/White Balance          Auto or manual / Auto or manual
  Flash mode                      Auto / Fill / Off
  LED Indicator                   Red on: power on; Red off :power off
                                  Battery:Li-ion Alkaline Battery
  Power source
                                  Battery Life:about 3 hour MP4 play
  Auto power off                  Approximate 60 sec.(Adjustable)
  PC interface                    USB1.1
  TV Output                       NTSC / PAL Options
  Guide                           ISO 100
  Operation System                Windows 98/2000/Me/XP
  Weight                          146g ( without batteries )
  Dimension                       102(L) X 54(H) X31(W) mm

   Thank you for purchasing the digital video camera. This manual offers the general
information of the one using the camera to you.
   Your digital video camera uses CMOS inductor of 3.1 Mega pixel picture ,Can take the
supreme picture quality , the resolution up to 3648x2736. This digital video camera is a simple
and convenient video recorder. You can be used for making video ,recording, take a
picture, appreciate MP3 music and make MP4 video recording.
   What this digital video camera is used is colored liquid crystal screen
of 2.0 inches, you can make video recording , take a picture , and appreciate the image
recorded that you make. Intelligence flashing inductor is it examine distance to
shoot the object to detect automatically , judge the flashing intensity, so as to ensure your image
reaches your need.
     Safety precautions:
        If a digital video camera smolders (or abnormal taste ), or the fuselage is hot, give
     out strange sound , at the time of any abnormal state , please don't use the digital video camera.
        The injury or material caused because of no operating according to the operation instructions,
     take charge by user.
        Please don't put this video camera in the moist environment , keep the video camera dry.
        During thunder, if you exactly use the power adapter, please don't connect and touch the plug ,
     may let you get an electric shock .
        If there is an eyewinker in the digital video camera, please don't use the digital video camera .
        Please put the video camera on the level place.
        Please don't insert metal thing or other things in the video camera, such as the storage
      card slot of SD,manufacturers are not responsible for this trouble.
        Please don't try to broken down a digital video camera .
        Please don't operate the digital video camera when you are driving.
        Please don't use the wet cloth to cover or wrap up a digital video camera or power adapter ,
     please keep the digital video camera machine in ventilate good place .
        Please don't make a digital video camera to the hard thing .
        Please don't move a digital video camera while turning on the power. (If you are using the power
     adapter, after you shut off the video camera power , please push the plug), please pull out the line
     connected to other equipment in front of moving a digital video camera
        When the digital video camera has not been used for a long time, for being safe , must pull out the
     power (battery or power adapter ) of the video camera .

¡Î         Installation CD-ROM¡Î USB Cable                    ¡Î        TV-OUT Cable
     ¡Î AC Power Adapter ¡Î Wrist Band                             ¡Î Leather Case
       ¡Î Lithium Battery       ¡Î Owner`s Manual                    ¡Î Earphone

     Getting to know the camera
      1.Focal Length button                         11.Battery Cover
      2.Lens                                        12.Microphone
      3.Flash                                       13.MACRO
      4.Self-time                                   14.CHARGE
      5.Wrist Buckle                                15.Speaker
      6.Shutter Button                              16.TV Out Plug
      7.TFT Display Screen                          17.USB Plug
      8.SET and Direction                           18.Earphons Plug
      9.Menu Button                                 19.MMC/SD Socket
      10.Power Button                               20.Mode
     Power ON/OFF CAMERA
     1.Open the TFT screen to turn on the video camera power .
     2.When in the state of waiting, the TFT screen will show the picture that scenes was caught.
     3.While turning off the power, please close TFT screen or push POWER key for half a second and
        close TFT screen
        The camera will be automatically shut-down after it is idle for one minute(also choose 2 minutes or
     None),with the time automatically shut-down that you will set for.
     If does not use the video camera for a long time , please take out the battery.

     Indicator lamp Explanation:
      1.The self-light bright red colour means self-time,press shutter button,it will beep every second and
     a picture will be taken automatically after ten seconds
      2.MACRO light is on,means shot near.LCD screen appear icons,MACRO light bright red colour.
      3.Busy light is on,means busy,when charging or busy,busy light will glimmers red .
      4.The light must be charged under the shut-down state when being charged while using AC power
     adapter,CHARGE will be bright with the red indicator lamp , MACRO light is bright with the green
     indicator lamp after charging.

     Start to use camera:
     Battery installation:
     1.Open the battery cover,according to the indication,put in a lithium battery,and then close it.
     2.After installing the battery , please confirm the electric consumption of the battery.
     3.When the electric consumption of the battery is insufficient, please change the battery as soon as
     possible , so as to ensure the operation of using the video camera.
¡¹    Make sure not install battery powerfully avoid damaging the camera.
¡¹    When the electric consumption is insufficient, the camera will be automatically shut-down.
¡¹ When this video camera changes the battery, date/time kept for about one
    minute , exceed one minute, will resume acquiescence date/time.
  ¡¹ When do not need the video camera long-timely , please take out the battery.
Install and take out the memory card :
1.There is built-in memory that is suitable for your storing and using in this camera.
2.If you want to use the extra memory card,please insert the card in the card socket.
Just as follow:

¡¹ When the video camera is held the SD card,the video camera will regard SD card as the medium
           had priority to store. If want to use the built-in memory , please take out the card.
  ¡¹ This product can use SD card, it can supply 8MB to 1GB.
    ¡¹ If the SD card put a mistake direction,it will unable to totally pack into. Make sure not to push
            the card excessivly hard avoid damaging.
      ¡¹ If the camera is unable to read SD card,please wipe the metal surface with velvet,then installing again.
        ¡¹ Do not take out the card until you have downloaded the pictures to you computer and saved the
           pictures.Otherwise, if you do the pictures will disappear and be lost.

Video Mode:
1.Open the TFT screen to turn on the video camera,press mode button, choose VCR mode,
  then pushing set button,the video icon will appears on the upper left of the screen.
2.When idle, TFT shows the times, the electric consumption of the battery, the white balance ,etc.if
  there is a external memory card will show.
3.While shooting, press the left or right button,digital zoom function can enlarge or dwindle
   the objective you are shooting .
4.Before shooting,press menu button and change the frame rate,white balance,the recording,etc.
5.Press shutter button to begin shoot the video,TFT screen can show mode icon (getting red),shoot time,
  white balance , the electric consumption of the battery, if you insert the memory card to the camera,
   the TFT display will show.
6.Press shutter button again to stop shooting video.
7.When you should use the near burnt function,take the Focal Length button up,
   the range of Focal Length is from 0.20m to 0.30m.

Video Resolution Menu:

Function:Setting the resolution ratio according to you need, the larger resolution ratio you set the
less video time.
Frame Rate Menu:

Function:Setting the frame rate according to you need, the larger frame rate you set the less video time.

Audio Menu:

Function:When you need to record the audio , please set "On" in the audio menu and
then you can start torecord the audio.

White Balance Menu:

Function:According to the fond of users,set up different white balance for video.

Playback Mode:
   Open TFT screen to turn on the video camera, press mode button, the button is used as choosing
the menu rolling, press set button to choose the menu,is it confirm too.Is it a alter menu,can press
left key return at a higher level menu,press mode button get back to the picture of awaiting
 the opportune moment again.

Delete Menu:

Function:Can choose Delete Current or Delete All.

Thumbnail Menu:

Function:Choose function can show the photo, recording and video are displayed as thumbnail slightly 3X3,
help users look over.Or directly press the left button while playback, it will also be displayed as thumbnail.
Preview Mode Menu:
Loge Display Menu:

Function:To regard JPG photo that users take as the greeting while starting the camera,when we
wants to cancel it, set Loge Display as open.

Rotate Menu:

Function:Can rotate JPG photo and save.


Function:Can protect photo,recording and video of you taken, prevent deleting because of carelessness.


Function:Choose function into pruning,it can prune the JPG photo you take, after pruning, system will
take the prune photo into another new photo.

Slide Show:

Function:Choose this function and play your JPG photo automatically playback as lantern slide.
Take Photo:
   Choose digital video camera as take photo mode,it is simple and convenient and you can be very
relaxed to take the ideal photo that you are satisfied.
1.Open the TFT screen to turn on the video camera,press mode button, choose the Camera mode
  by the left/right button, TFT screen will appear scene corresponding image at this moment.
2.At the time of the idle state,TFT shows the mode icon,the resolution ratio of the picture,the quality
  of the picture,count,the digit focus state,flash way,electric consumption of the battery,white balance,
  etc.if you insert the memory card to the camera , the TFT display will show .
3.Before taking photo,you can press left/right button to adjust digital zoom function enlarge or dwindle.
4.Before taking a picture,press menu button to set the resolution ratio,the quality of the picture,
  white balance,counting,EV etc.

1.In using,when TFT shows the warning message of low battery consumption,please change the battery
immediately,so as to ensure the video camera works normally.
2.In the course of taking photo,if the screen show"without the space",means memory was already full,
unable to take photo, please alter your memory card or delete some files.
3.Each time press the shutter button and the camera will make "Beep" sound.

Take Photo Menu:
1.Open TFT screen to turn on video camera, press mode button and choose camera, the icon
on will displayed on the upper left corner of the TFT display
2.TFT shows real-time, press menu button, menu spring,press set button enter the sub menu .
3.Press left/right button choose that you want to change, press set button to confirm,show on TFT you
alter the icon after setting up .
4.Do not alter the setting,press menu button,withdraw from the menu,return to the picture of waiting.
5.When using focus close,pull the burnt button aside,will show the near burnt icon on TFT screen,shoot
 the distance among 0.20m-0.30m,after take photo,pull it to the other side,it will return to normal.
6.The flashing follows your automatic operation of establishment,you can use the mode of the flash to
adjust the flashing way to shoot,it is according to one's own situation.
7.The up button switches the flashing mode,until the flash mode icon which you want appears on
TFT.This video camera has four kinds of flashing modes:Glistening automatically,Glisten by force,red
glim clean out,close glisten.

Self-timer Mode:
   Use Self-timer,it will take photo automatically so that you can join together.
   Delaying time as 10 seconds or 20 seconds,use automatically when setting up,video camera can take
a picture automatically after 10 seconds or 20 seconds.It will glimmer beep with 1Hz sound from 10
seconds to 3 seconds,2Hz glimmer from 3 seconds to one second,cooperate with 2Hz sound at the
same time.In one second being bright,simultaneously can coordinate the prompt sound.One set for
once,if you need another,please set up again.

Shoot Mode:
  Shoot three photos in succession by oneself,so that whom you can arrest in the twinkling of an eye
limitlessly excellent,you can consult single piece shoot.
Capture Mode :

Function:Can choose different styles of shooting according to the need .

Date Stamp:

Function:Before using,please set the time,when 'open',photos will leave the time you shot.

Flash Mode:

Function:Chooses different flashing modes according to taking a picture at present.


Function:According to the environment of taking a picture at present,choose different scene modes.


Function:According to taking a picture at present,in order to be suitable for the light,generally,when
the light is dark, compensate positive,when the light is bright,compensate negative.


Function:Choose this function to take the photo quality that you need.

Function:The resolution ratio of the photo according to the need.

White Balance:

Function:Fond of the users,set up different white balance way to take pictures.


Function:Fond of users ,set up different color and take a picture.

Quick Preview:

Function:When is open,press shutter button to take a picture,the photo is stored in way left.
MP3 Mode:
   Open TFT screen,can turn on the video camera,press mode button, choose MP3, press set button
is it broadcast to delay, press set again is continue.Press mode button stop broadcasting.

MP3 Menu:

1.When you open MP3 function,fine to carry video camera can close TFT stamp for you.
2.While copy MP3 from PC to camera memory or SD card.pleasev use USB cable,newly build a file
under route'computer of me/can move dick',named MP3,duplicate MP3 that you need in MP3 file.
NOTE: If you want to delete the MP3 file, you must to connect the camera with a computer with a USB cable,
 and then you can delete the MP3 on the computer.

Set the mode:
   At set menu,you can carry on flicker frequency,time,beep,formats,media select,default setting,
language,power save,TV mode,logo display,brightness,etc.It is rolling to choose menu to use as,press
set button to enter,used as confirming too.

Flicker Frequency:

Function:Set up the flashing frequency according to different light sources,for instance:50Hz light
source frequency to set up under 50Hz light source.


Function:Set up time,can help users look over date/time at any time .


Function:Set up the sound of the systematic button with users ,open or close .

Function:Can format the medium that users use at present .

Media Select:

Function:After the capacity of a piece of medium is full,can choose another medium to use.

   While using the magnetic disc medium,please connect the connecting wire with magnetic disc
first,insert camera ,for guarantee user use magnetic disc,please insert or draw out the magnetic
disc under power off.

Default Setting:

Function:Will resume the camera system from the factory.

                          SET                                SET

                          SET                                SET
Function:Users can choose different languages according to the need .

Power Save:

Function:When setting up as 60 seconds or 2 minutes,when do not use in 60 seconds or 2 minutes,
for being energy-conserving automatic shut-down camera.
TV Mode:

Function:TV output,can set up the camera rule according to the mechanism type of the TV.

Logo Display:

Function:As Logo Display is opening,turn on camera will greeting that system appoint picture.


Function:Show bright degree according to the present light .


Function:Show the uses edition,when there are new edition,it can help to upgrade.

PC Mode Menu:
  When PC mode,button is it roll menu up and down,press set button enter menu and confirm too.

USB Mode:

Function:Reference the following of PC mode.
Transmit the photo and Vcamera to the computer:
Install USB drive:
  The USB software disc is only use in Win98/Win2000/Win XP.
1.Insert the disc in the disc machine.
2.Double click to open the file"Camera Device Driver" of disc,according to cue and finish installing,
  (or installation the software according to pointing out)

Connect the video camera to the computer:
1.Turn on video camera, press mode button is it get PC mode,choose the mode of deposit.
2.Connect one end of USB cable to computer,another end connect USB trough in video camera.
3.A move disc appears on my computer,the photo/Vcamera that you shoot is stored in this file.

Downloaded the photo and Vcamera:
   After the power of the video camera turns on and connects the computer,turn the mode button to
PC mode,choosing the mode deposit, even PC and video camera can regard it as the magnetic
disc machine.You can copy it to other memories.

PC Mode:
1.Open the video camera power,press mode button,choose PC mode.
2.Connect one end of USB to the computer,another end to the video camera.
3.Open such software as Video Impression ,etc.,can act as lens.

  Mark broadcasts directly the video conference or joins videos through Internet under PC mode.

Video Mode:
  Press left/right button chooses Record,press set button to begin,press again to stop.

Video Menu:

Broadcast Vcamera in the Computer:
  Whom Vcamera that camera record use depend on MPEG4 compress algorithm,it must install to the
software of enclosed disc,so will show it at the computer.

Install software
1.Insert the enclosed disc in the disc machine.
2.Double click to open the file"Divx Player" of disc,according to cue and finish installing,(or installation
the software according to pointing out)
3.The software just use in Win2000/Win XP operating system.

Broadcast the Vcamera:
   With broadcast software(such as Windows Media player)film recorded can broadcast,
the download film from internet can shows on this DV.
Broadcast the Vcamera in the TV : .
   Connect one end of TV-OUT on the video interface of a TV,another end connects TV-OUT
interface of the digital video camera,On the TV fluorescent screen,show the digital video camera TFT
screen,take the photo and video recording will be broadcast on TV by operating the digital video camera,
and you can take photo or make video recording too.

MP4 Film Record and Play:
1.Install the "Blaze Video Magic V2.0"software.Insert the enclosed disc in the disc machine.
  Double click to open the file"Blaze Video Magic V2.0" of disc,according to cue and finish installing.
2.Switch the DVD/VCD format file to AVI,MP4 format by Blaze Video Magic V2.0 software.
3.Change the file name to PICT***.AVI(MP4),and deposited under the comera file "dcim/100 coach".
4.Disconnection the USB cable.
5.Turn on the camera, press MODE button,press lift/right button choose Video mode,
  press SET button to enter Video mode.
6.Choose the file that you want play, press SET to start play, press agina to stay,
  press SET again to play again,press MODE to exit video.