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                                    FINAL EDITION

The UKBFF North-East Championships
at Leeds Town Hall on September 27th                                         Special
is fast approaching so we thought we’d                                      Guest Star
update you with the latest news on the                                    Winklaar
event, plus some practical information                                   2009 Arnold Classic
to make your day run smoothly.                                           & Overall Champion

The event will follow exactly the same format as last year: that means
a ernoon pre-judging where everyone does their routine, and the
evening show at which only the class winners, winner of the Best
Poser award and the guest posers get to perform their routines.
However, everyone returns on stage at night to receive a medal and
the top 6 in each class will take part in a posedown.
   Once again five sports nutrition companies have shown tremendous
support for British bodybuilding by donating £1,000 worth of prizes
EACH, which means vouchers for £5,000 worth of product prizes will
be distributed among the top three in each category. Thanks to CNP
Professional, Maximuscle, Sports Performance Nutrition, TrioNutri-
tion and USN – all of whom will have trade stands at the event show-
ing their latest products.
   FLEX magazine is once again supporting the show by providing
mega-coverage and £100 cash to the winner of the Best Poser award,
which will be judged by FLEX sta .

Regular emcee Kerry Kayes, boss of CNP Professional, is at a little
                           show in Las Vegas that weekend called
                           the Mr. Olympia so unfortunately he
                           can’t attend but on Kerry’s recommen-
                           dation we have enlisted actor/body-
                           builder Scott Wright to host proceed-
                           ings. Scott, who played a stripper in
                           Coronation Street, last year did a three-
                           month physique makeover under
                           Kerry’s supervision that culminated in
                           him doing a guest spot at Kerry’s show,
                           will be keeping his clothes on – to take
                           charge of the night show.

Our main guest star will be Roelly Winklaar, the Dutch sensation
who won the super-heavyweight and overall titles at the amateur
Arnold Classic this year. Roelly not only has a tremendous physique,
he also has one of the best routines in inter-                    hibitors’ booths where they will be happy to
national bodybuilding – have you ever seen                        give you nutrition advice. Gladiator stars Sam
a super-heavyweight perform a somersault?                         Bond and Daniel Singh, who played Atlas
Roelly will be backed up by fitness sensation                      and Warrior in the Sky TV series, are plan-          Junior Fitness
Livia Kallayova, who was born in Slovakia                         ning to be there.                                      Champion
but now lives in England. Just 23-years-old,                                                                               LIVIA
she was a star of the IFBB junior fitness ranks                    WHO WILL BECOME THE
at European and World level. Look her up on                       NORTH-EAST CHAMPION?
YouTube for a taste of what’s in store. The                       Of course, it all depends on what the judges
amazing Bernie Cooper, who is 63-years-                           think on the day. Last year’s overall men’s
                                                                  champion Haroldas Dambrauskas, who
                                                                  many people regard as the favourite for this
                                                                  year’s UK Heavyweight title, expects to be
                                                                  back to defend his title as does female champ
                                                                  Jeannie Ellam. Jeannie will once again have
                                                                  an enthusiastic crowd from her Fitness Con-
                                                                  nection gym in Dewsbury cheering her every
                                                                  move. No fewer than six people from Fitness
                                                                  Connection are planning to take part and
                                                                  Jeannie, who is now sponsored by USN, tells       his or her 60-second routine in the a er-
                                                                  us more than 120 supporters will be making        noons pre-judging.
                                                                  the short trip to Leeds to support them. Ex-      Evening show – starts at 6.00pm. This is
                                                                  pect a cacophony of noise! Among those            likely to finish at around 9.00pm and includes
                                                                  expected to compete is poser extraordinaire       an interval.
                                                                  Sam ‘The Man’ Cullingworth - surely a             Bodyfitness – competitors will NOT perform
    World                                                                                                           routines at this show but anyone who qual-
  Champion                                                                                                          ifies for the UK Championships will have to
   BERNIE                                                                                                           perform a routine there.
   COOPER                                                                   Best
                                                                        Posing Award                                Leeds Town Hall – is situated in the heart
                                                                       JEANIE ELLAM                                 of Leeds. Parking at the venue is free on a
                                                                                                                    Sunday. The Radisson is the nearest hotel,
                                                                                                                    just yards away. If you want to put the Town
young, will also be guest posing. Bernie is                                                                         Hall’s postcode in your satellite navigators
preparing for the IFBB Over-60s World                                                                               it is LS1 3AD.
Championships, a title he won for a second                                                                          Bar – there is a bar at the venue. The Town
time in 2008, so expect to be impressed and                                                                         Hall is situated right in the heart of Leeds so
inspired by the eighth wonder of the world.                                                                         you are close to lots of restaurants, including
                                                                                                                    the bodybuilders’ favourite Nandos a two-
SPECIAL GUEST STARS                                               contender for the Best Poser award? The           minute walk away.
FLEX columnist Ernie Taylor will be there                         only competitor who rivalled Jeannie for sup-
to meet fans and the show regularly attracts                      port last year was Pat Warner. Will he return     WANT TO FEATURE IN FLEX
a host of big names from British bodybuild-                       to take the super-heavyweight title?              OR MUSCLE & FITNESS?
ing, some of whom will be manning the ex-                                                                           Once again the overall winner of the men’s
                                                                  BACKSTAGE HELP                                    contest will be featured in FLEX. Previous
                                                                  Jim Boulton and his crew will once again          winners have included Dave Titterton and
                                                                  be backstage providing competitors with           Haroldas Dambrauskas. Our Sister pub-
                                                                  invaluable help with their tan.                   lication Muscle & Fitness will o er a photo-
                                                                                                                    shoot to the winner of the Bodyfitness cat-
                                                                  HERE IS SOME PRACTICAL                            egory. The question is: can anyone stop
                                                                  INFORMATION TO MAKE YOUR                          Karen Norris? Super-toned Karen has won
                                                                  DAY RUN SMOOTHLY:                                 the class for the last two years running and
                                                                  Weigh in – takes place at 11.00am. Pre-           last year’s line-up was the largest ever as-
      Gladiators SAM BOND (ATLAS)                                 judging – starts at 1.00pm. Everyone does         sembled at a UKBFF qualifier.

             TICKETS ARE ON SALE!
              Spectators £15.00 each (£7.50 each for kids under-12)
         and are valid for both the afternoon prejudging and the evening show
   TICKET HOTLINE 01423 877057
      or 01423 504516 (o                                                 ce hours) or 01423 819142 (weekends)
          Check out the show details at: www.ukb


                    Proud Distributor of BSN, Trioplex and All Stars

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