Charlie Nash by accinent


									                           Charlie Nash.( St. Mary’s Derry )

Charlie Nash, the darling of Derry ,who won five National Senior Lightweight
Championships, in 1970,1971, 1972,1973 and 1975, talks boxing with , Joe

Joe Kirwan. Charlie, were and when did you start your amateur boxing career?

Charlie Nash. I started boxing with the St. Mary’s B.C. Derry in 1962.

J.K.         When did you win your first National boxing title?

C.N.         I won my first national title in 1967 when I beat Georgie Ruth, of
             the Drimnagh B.C. in the youth final.

J.K.         Did you ever win the National Junior Championship?

C.N.         No. I lost in the 1968 Lightweight final to Bobby Redmond

J.K.         Who inspired you during boxing career?

C.N.         Without a doubt my coach, Tommy Donnelly. I would also have to
             mention my mother who continually gave me her wholehearted

J. K         What was the highlight of your career?

C.N.         Being selected for The Olympic Games in Munich, Germany, in

J.K.         Had you any disappointments in your amateur career?

C.N.         Yes Joe, when I was disqualified in the quarter finals of the
             Munich Olympics in 1972 in my contest with J.Szczepanski Poland
             in the lightweight division, and he went on to win the Gold Medal

J.K.         Which Senior Championship was the most difficult to win

C.N.         When I beat Paddy Devanney, Crumlin B.C. in the1970 decider.
             At lightweight

J.K.         Which Senior Championship win gave you the most satisfaction?
C.N    When I beat Paddy Devanney in the 1970 decider, because my next
       door neighbour, Dana, won the Eurovision Contest, the next day,
       and I became the first Boxer from Derry, to win a National Senior

J.K.   Who was your favourite Irish amateur boxer?

C.N.   Mick Dowling.

J.K.   Who was your favourite foreign amateur boxer?

C.N.   Teofilio Stevenson ( Cuba )

J.K.   Charlie, Did you ever represent Ireland in The European Senior

C.N.   Yes on three occasions, Madrid 1971, Poland 1973 ,and Yugoslavia,

J.K.   Now that you have retired from active boxing, are you still
       connected with the sport?

C. N   At present I am coaching in Derry, which I have been doing for the
       past twenty years.

J.K.   Charlie, how many times have you represented your country?

C.N.   Joe I would guess and say approximately thirty five times.

J.K.   Did you ever box for Ulster in The Commonwealth Games?

C.N.   I was selected for Commonwealth in 1974, but had to withdraw
       when my daughter was born.
J.K    Charlie if I asked you to pick your best Irish boxing team at ten
       weights who would you select?

C N.   Joe I can only give an opinion on boxers that I have actually seen
       and this is my best Irish team.

       Flyweight     Neil McLaughlin ( St.Eugenes ,Derry )

       Bantam        Mick Dowling      ( Arbour Hill )

       Feather       Brendan McCarthy ( Arbour Hill )

       Lightweight Charlie Nash            ( St.Marys,Derry )

       Lightwelter   Jim McCourt           ( Immaculta,Belfast )

       Welter        Frankie Downes        ( St.Saviours,Dublin)

       Lightmiddle Pat Doherty             ( Ballyshannon,Donegal)

       Middle        Christy Elliott       ( Phoenix,Dublin )

       Lightheavy    Gordon Ferris         ( Enniskillen,Fermanagh)

       Heavyweight Peter Mullen            (St.Anns,Westport

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