Bid Bulletin No - NOTICE TO BIDDERS by accinent


									                                         NOTICE TO BIDDERS

                                            BID BULLETIN NO. 1
                      ECONOMIC ZONE

DATE             :   28 March 2008

Pursuant to the queries and discussions made during the pre-bid conference of the above captioned project
held last March 26, 2008 at Bldg. 2125 OTS Conference Room, hereunder are some modifications and
additional specifications:

1. Submission of Technical and Financial Proposals. The Submission of Technical and Financial Proposals
    had been moved from April 07, 2008 to April 08, 2008 at 10:00 a.m. to be held at the OTS Conference
    Room, Ground Floor, Bldg. 2125 to amend ITB Clause 16.4.and 16.9.of Section III Bid Data Sheet.
2. Opening of Financial Proposals. The Scheduled Opening of Financial Proposals for Consultants who had
    passed the minimum Technical Score (St) of 70% had been moved from April 11, 2008 to April 14, 2008 at
    10:00 a.m. (OTS Conference Room) to amend ITB Clause 19.1 of Section III Bid Data Sheet.
3. Validity of Bid Security and Submitted Bids. The validity of Bid Security and Bids will be until August 08,
    2008 instead of August 05, 2008 to amend ITB Clause 5.1. and 6.1. of Section III Bid Data Sheet.
4. Affidavit of Disclosure of No-Relationship. The applicable forms will be TPF 9. as shown on page 81 of
    Section VI Technical Proposal-Standard Forms.
5. Checklist of Technical and Financial Proposals. (Please See Attachment).
6. Late Submission of Bids. Bids submitted after 10:00 a.m. will not be accepted. The basis of Official time
    will be the Timekeeping machine located at the lobby of Bldg. 2125.
7. Bid Security. The required Bid Security will be in the form of Cash or Manager’s/Cashier’s Check in the
    amount of Php 100,000.00 to amend ITB Clause 5.1.(a) Section III Bid Data Sheet.

The above statements shall modify, amend or replace relative statements of the Bidding Documents and/or
other items in the issued bid bulletin.

Pursuant to Section 32.3 of the implementing rules of RA 9184, bidders are prohibited from making any kind of
communication with any member of the Committee, the Secretariat or TWG or to follow-up the status of the bid
evaluation until after an award has been made.

CDC reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids; to extend the date of submission and/or opening of
bids upon prior notice, if in CDC’s opinion there are valid grounds to warrant this; to waive any defect, formality,
informality, or technically in them without affecting the substance of the bids, or to accept such bids considered,
in CDC’s opinion, to be most advantageous to the government; and annul the bidding process without offering
any reason. The decision of CDC on all matters shall be final. CDC also neither assumes any obligation to
compensate nor indemnify the bidders for any expense or loss that may be incurred in connection with this
public bidding, nor does CDC guarantee that an award will be made.

Please be guided accordingly.

Special Bids and Awards Committee


Name and Signature of Authorized    :
Position                            :
Company                             :

Checklist of Technical Requirements for
Consulting Services
The Technical Component shall contain One (1) Original and Four (4) Duplicate
Copies of the following:

 Bid Security in the form of Cash or Manager’s/ Cashier’s Check in the amount of Php

 Duly    Signed Technical Proposal Submission Form ( Form No. TPF 1.)
  With    the Following attachments:
          Consultant’s References (Form No. TPF 2.)
          Comments and Suggestions of Consultant on the Terms of Reference
           and on Data, Services, and Facilities to be Provided by the PROCURING
           ENTITY (Form No. TPF 3.)
          Description of the Methodology and Work Plan for Performing the
           Project (Form No. TPF 4.)
          Team Composition and Task Projects (Form No. TPF 5.)
          Format of Curriculum Vitae (CV) for Proposed Professional Staff (Form
           No. TPF 6.) with attached photocopy of valid PRC ID’s for each staff
           to be assigned to the positions involving regulated professions.
          Time Schedule for Professional Personnel (Form No. TPF 7.)
          Activity Work Schedule (Form No. TPF 8.)
          Affidavit of Disclosure of No -Relationship (Form No. TPF 9.)

 Authority of the signatory (Form No. SF-Cons-46)

 Duly Signed Project Organizational Chart (Form No. SF-Cons-47)

 Duly Signed List of completed and on-going projects

 Duly Signed List of Key Personnel to be assigned to the project, with their
  relevant qualification and experience data

 Duly Notarized Certificate in compliance with existing labor laws and
  standards (Form No. SF-Cons-50)

 Duly Signed Statement attesting to have complied with responsibilities listed
  in GPRA IRR-A Section 17.7.1(Form No. SF-Cons-52)

Checklist of Financial Requirements for
Consulting Services

The Financial Component shall contain One (1) Original and Four (4) Duplicate
Copies of the following:

 Duly Signed Financial Proposal Submission Form (Form No. FPF 1.)
  Section VI, page 86

 Summary of Costs (Form No. FPF 2.) Section VI, page 87

 Breakdown of Price Per Activity (Form No. FPF 3.) Section VI page 88

 Breakdown of Remuneration per Activity (Form No. FPF 4.) Section VI
  page 89

 Reimbursable Per Activity (Form No. FPF 5.) Section VI , page 90

 Miscellaneous Expenses (Form No. FPF 6) Section VI, page 91


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