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     The 2005 Gallup Study of           HISPANIC NUTRITION & EATING HABITS
        A service of Multi-sponsor Surveys, Inc. under a license agreement with The Gallup Organization, Inc.

The above average size of Hispanic households and
their tendency toward at-home meals prepared from
scratch underscores the importance of this consumer
segment for food and beverage manufacturers.

The 2005 Gallup Study of Hispanic Nutrition & Eating
Habits explores nutritional and health concerns,
knowledge and attitudes toward nutrition and meal
preparation/meal occasion patterns among Hispanic
adults. A comparison with the total U.S. adult population
puts these findings into context.

                                                              Following is an overview of topics explored in the
                                                              study . . .

                                                              T Demographic profiles and population
                                                              T Assessment of and satisfaction with diet
                                                              T Nutritional efforts
                                                              T Health problems/concerns and weight/dieting
                                                              T Parents’ assessment of pre-teen children’s
                                                                health & nutrition
                                                              T Meal preparation and meal occasion habits
                                                              T Language & media habits

Methodology: Data for the study have been compiled from two sources: The 2005 Gallup Study of
Hispanic Nutrition & Eating Habits, based on personal, in-home and recruited telephone interviews among a
nationally representative sample of 797 adults, age 18 and older, during January and February 2005; and
The 2004 & 2005 Gallup Study of Nutrient Knowledge and Consumption, Phase I, based on personal, in-
home and recruited telephone interviews among nationally representative samples of 1,016 adults (2005)
and 969 adults (2004).

Cost: The study is immediately available for $13,000. Subscribers receive a narrative, summary volume, a
volume of the detailed tabulations and an electronic PDF copy of the study.

To help clients meet their particular market research needs and develop actionable strategies from the
survey, Multi-sponsor Surveys offers custom tabulations, multi-variate analyses and video conferencing
presentations. The cost of these services varies depending on the extent and complexity of the project.

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