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                       Manchester Pub and Club Network

               Agenda for Meeting on Tuesday 1 June 2010 – 3pm
                        Town Hall Lord Mayors Parlour
                                       Confidentiality Statement
This meeting takes place for the purposes of information sharing to assist licensees and managers
to reduce the opportunity for crime/s occurring.

The information is given under the shared understanding of those who attend and receive the
minutes that all matters discussed will be strictly confidential and that disclosure of information to
individuals outside of the group (Manchester Pub & Club Network), beyond those agreed, will be
considered a serious breach of the subjects confidentiality, and may be held liable.

These minutes and contents must not be disclosed without consent.

   1. Round table introductions – please also sign in on arrival leaving your
      email contacts if you would like to receive distribution of minutes.
      Failure to sign in may mean your name does not appear on the minutes

   2. Apologies

   3. Guest Speakers

   4. Pub Matters

   5. Club Matters

   6. Membership fees

   7. Treasurers Report

   8. Police Report

   9. Council Report

   10 A.O.B / Open Forum /

   11. Time / Date / Venue for next meeting

   12. Thanks and Close

   13. Post Venue Social Meeting
Manchester City Centre Pub and Club Network Meeting Minutes from
Tuesday 4th May 2010 at Manchester Town Hall

Enquiries / agenda points / anonymous Q’s to be raised at the next meeting all to:


If you are a licensee and would like to join Manchester Pub & Club Network, please
submit an up to date e-mail address to

For an up to date list of members please visit

1 Last meeting was attended by:
Network Committee
Haydn Pope                                  Chair
Phil Burke                                  Press Officer
Nicky Rybka-Goldsmith                       Vice Chair
Alyson Doocey                               Secretary

Carl / Pete                                 Apotheca/Dough
Keith Wylam                                 Bulls Head
Keith                                       B Lounge
Alison Callaghan                            Boutique
Ben Jackson                                 Club Colliseum
Danielle Batters                            Hogs Head
Dave Pagett                                 Moon Under Water
Mark Hodgson                                Paramount
Andrew O’Dwyer                              Space
Phil K                                      Pure
Gillian Davis                               Revolution Parsonage
Sean Cullen                                 Ritz
Mike Lomas                                  Sugar Buddha
Gary Kilroy                                 Sound Control
Blaine Bradbury                             The Printworks
Malcolm                                     The Old Nags Head
Sarah Henderson                             Waterhouse

New members joining May for 2010/11
Revolution Oxford Road
Revolution Deansgate
Lounge 31

Invited Guests
Stu Pizzey                                  GMP
Andrew Owen                                 GMP CCS
Dave Mc Manus                               GMP
Fraser Swift                                Licensing MCC
Felicity                                    Kuits
David Roberts                               Eversheds
Mike Rawlings                                 Nitenet
Nick Buckley                                  MCC / GMP

Pamela Martin                                 235
David Broom                                   MCC Street Management
Tommy Wolstencroft                            City Co.
Ben & Joe                                     House 9
Louise                                        Long Legs
Jeff                                          English Lounge
David                                         Frog & Bucket
George                                        Circus
John Rennie

A petition was passed around the room again for new members to sign in relation to the
closure of Bootle Street station.

3. Guest Speakers
The valuation office or MCC and Paul Byrne from MCC business rates cancelled and will the June

Nick Buckley – Community Safety Co-ordinator MCC 07538 701778 0161 856 3245
Nick Buckley works in crime & disorder on behalf of MCC but is based at Bootle Street police
station. He attended the meeting to introduce himself to members and to hand out his details so
he can have direct contact with venues that may have issues within the night time economy. Nick
will now attend regularly and be available to chat to members after meetings in confidence. He
can help with low level nuisance problems problem’s resulting in asbo’s and drink banning orders.
Phil Burke told the network that the first asbo granted in the city centre was a result of Nicks team.

Anti Begging Packs
Nick said he will also be looking into the current situation of beggars in the city centre. He talked
about encouraging customers to use charity collection tins instead of giving on the streets which
encourages the situation. Anti begging packs will be available soon via Nick.

Somalia Problem
Members reported again about recent issues with a group of young Somalia teenagers and young
men on the streets selling drugs or proposing the sale of drugs which actually turn out to be
headache tablets. GMP are aware of them but asked members with issues to please ring in and
report the problem so that they can log it. Nick has also asked that people contact him as well.

Phil Burke thanked Phil Appleby for helping him secure £1,650 to cover the cost of room hire for
the next 12 months.

4 Pub Matters

Haydn Pope (Chair) brought to attention an anonymous email that had been sent to him asking
the network about why only 3 out of 30 licensed premises in the village are members and is it not a
stipulation on most licenses that they attend the meetings? Andy Owen (GMP) said that it is not a
stipulation on everybody’s licences and that letters had been sent out to those that it applies to
making them aware they must attend meetings. Andy Owen asked Haydn to paste the email
without a contact name to Inspector Ron Orr so he can respond to this

Andrew O’Dwyer – said that he was against the network using strong arm tactics to get members
to join the network.
Carl at Apotheca bar asked for the networks advice on how to deal with a neighbouring bar that
may be starting to run a night which could potentially bring a bad crown to their own
neighbourhood on a night when door teams are not normally employed or needed. Nicky (vice
chair) said that concerns with the NQ area can be dealt with as a group if Carl was to look at
attending the NQ monthly meetings that are currently organised.

5 Club Matter
Sean from The Ritz reported a recent incident at the weekend involving his door team whereby
GMP asked to take the hard drive from their CCTV system off site. The Ritz refused to do this as
they felt it would leave them vulnerable for the weekend, legally where do they stand in a situation
like this? Haydn (chair) said that he had a similar incident whereby none of his staff on site were
trained to burn a cd and he has since trained them so there is always someone present to be able
to deal with such issues. Felicity (Kuits) said that it is probably a condition on most licences that
police can remove the hard drive as it would be within their rights, she agreed it is best to have a
backup plan and make sure staff are capable of dealing with copies. The printworks also
reported a similar situation whereby the hard drive had been removed from their premises.

6. Membership fees
Thanks to everyone who paid their membership fees for 2009/10.

The nominal fee has increased from April 2010 to £45 annual membership which helps with the
running costs of the network such as minute taking and distribution, marketing and organisation of
admin. Each member will now receive minutes via email or post. If you are asking for minutes via
email please ensure that you give the correct email address written clearly when you fill in your
membership forms as a number of emails do bounce back.

7. Treasurers Report
The bank balance currently stands at £520.

8. Police Report
Stu Pizzey –
As always a reminder to use plastic glasses and organise your door security.
City Safe Mobile: 07920 191 225 – office 0161 856 3171

Security on your licensed premises:
Stu again re-iterated the increased number of burglar’s breaking into and sneaking into venues.
Stu has a small grant available and will be purchasing a number of battery operated chime alarms
to give out to licensees to help protect their venues.

Andy Owen – CCS
Dates for diary:
Andy thanked venues for their recent support on the Derby day.
Sunday 9th May – League final with potential to play in Manchester – usual precautions please
World cup – letters will be sent out at the end of May re England matches.

Best Bar None Awards
Please put a date in your diary for this years awards which will be held on Sunday 5th September.
Anyone wishing to get more information and enter can contact Andy on 0161 856 3117

Felicity – Kuits Solicitors

Licensing Legal – Anthony Horne
Crime & Disorder Act 2010 – early morning alcohol restriction orders 3am – 6am mean that you
can still consume alcohol but not purchase during this time.
David – Eversheds

ABA Insurance – Lynn
New insurance deals for pubs as well as clubs – contact: Lynne Eckersley – M:07775 831 605

Peter Allen (Nitenet) Any questions please email .

Please check that your radios are in working order.
As always Mike can also be contacted by members with any difficulties or just wishing to discuss
nitenet in more detail to contact Mike Rawlings direct on: T: 0161 838 3250

Council Report
Fraser Swift
Temp event notices for World Cup please get them in as soon as possible.

AOB – Members

Questions / Queries to the floor
If you have any questions / queries / complaints or just want some advice from some of the people
that we are lucky enough to have in attendance at our meetings, but would rather not identify
yourself or your venue, then please feel free to contact the network in advance of a meeting or
email Haydn (Chair) direct at

All questions and queries will be treated in the utmost privacy, and your details will not be revealed.
Please do use this tool if there are any sensitive issues that you feel you need advice on, or indeed
if there are ongoing issues that you would like addressed. This partnership is all about us working
together to solve and deal with such matters.

11. Time / Date / Venue for next meetings
Tuesday 1st June – Manchester Town Hall, Lord Mayor’s Parlour

12. Thanks and Close

13. Post Venue Social - none

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