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									In life, at home, at work—
Everyone is a LEADER

                                    The Visionary
                             Leadership Intensive
                                      for Women
                                             Leading from the Heart

As you step into true authentic leadership
you will inspire others to do the same —
all soaring in Conscious Company.
    Whether you lead a family unit or social organization, own a small business or are
    in charge of a multi-national corporation, whether you have a “title” or just innately
    know that others look up to and depend or you being clear and responsible,
    The Visionary Leadership for Women has been designed just for you!

                                                                        The Visionary
                                                                 Leadership Intensive
                                                                          for Women
                                                                                                                         Leading from the Heart

Leadership is truly a journey of self discovery that begins                                               At The Visionary Leadership
with YOU — by getting clear about who you are, discovering what your                                      Intensive for Women you will
unique purpose and vision are and then, most importantly, communicating                                   learn effective tools on how to:
in a manner that motivates others to take conscious and inspired action!
                                                                                                          • Identify and clear out limiting beliefs and
Getting to this place begins here and now at the Visionary Leadership
                                                                                                            social conditioning that stand in the way
Intensive for Women. This new paradigm of leadership gives you tangible
                                                                                                            of true clarity.
tools that will allow you to operate with laser sharp clarity to strip away
                                                                                                          • Dismantle the unconscious behaviors and
anything that blocks or distracts you from getting right to the heart of the mat-
                                                                                                            silent saboteurs that prevent you from
ter, so that you can act decisively, on point and with purpose.
                                                                                                            achieving ultimate peak performance.
It is our intention to steer you onto the path of being                                                   • Deal with emotions — including stress,
a true leader where you will be able to stand in front of others and                                        fear, anxiety that may have clouded
mirror back to them what absolute certainty, true possibility and conscious                                 your judgment.
action look like. Where you will be able to speak from a place of passion,                                • Let creativity and greatness speak
dynamically expressing the innate power and quality of the human spirit. It is                              through your actions and decisions.
that spirit which is the source of our greatness and ultimate human potential.                            • Transform resistance to assistance in
                                                                                                            yourself and others.

“   This has been one of the most transformative workshops I have ever attended! I am completely
    blown away by the power of this process. I still can’t believe how much I let go of and how
                                                                                                          • Reveal your own greatness and innate
                                                                                                            leadership qualities

    amazing I feel. I feel a great sense of freedom and joy. What we created over the weekend with        • Experience inner poise and assurance

                                                                                                            in the midst of ANY challenge.
    all the women was beyond anything I could have imagined.            – Melinda
                                                                                                          • Become an agent for potent personal,

“   Wow! What an unbelievable experience! I had no idea that I would leave here feeling lighter,
    freer and with a renewed spirit... You have inspired me to be me, to be free of the ties that bind
                                                                                                            professional and global change.
                                                                                                          Non-Residential: 2-day seminar
    and love myself!
                       ”   – April                                                                        Prerequisite: For EVERYONE!

The Visionary Leadership Intensive for Women is the foundational workshop to the Visionary
Leadership Program, where one course builds upon the next. For companies and organizations
seeking internal growth and change, we of fer customized in house programs to suit your needs.

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