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									CS612 Information Technology

Instructor: Linda M. McKinnon

Course Description ( 3 credits )
An overview of information technology including relational databases, document image management, FAX, interactive
voice response (IVR), electronic data interchange (EDI), and Internet data access. Students will create and access a
relational database and perform On-Line Analytical Processing (OW), operations done in a data warehousing
environment. Issues and trade-offs relating to enterprise computing will be discussed. A class project required as well.

Prerequisites: CS250 Data structures and Abstraction

Instructor: Linda Mckinnon

Required Text: Laudon, Kenneth C. & Jane P. Laudon: Management Information Systems 6th Edit; Prentice-


Late assignments will receive a discount of 10% for each class it is late.

   Team Project & Presentation (1) {TEAM GRADE}           20%
   Homework (2)                                           20%
   Quizzes(6+) drop 1(lowest)                             20%
   Programs (2)                                           20%
   Final Exam                                             20%

Lab Projects

Two lab projects, using SQL standard software supporting SQL92 release, are required. Students may use any
ANSI/ISO standard relational database (RdB, Oracle, Sybase, Microsoft SQL Server or INGRES to complete the
project. The Rivier Lab has Oracle8 client/server on windows NT platform. The server can be accessed remotely from
home. Students opting to use other software packages assume the risk of grade loss if the selected dbms packages
does not totally comply with SQL standards. Lab projects are expected on due data and will receive a 10% discount
when late.


There are 2 homework assignments. It is expected that students submit at least 4 to 6 pertinent literature references
showing appropriate footnotes, and references source, volume, pages, publisher, etc. as part of their homework.
Websites may not be used as a reference source. Only "Published books" or "published journals" are considered

Team Presentation Topics

There will be one team presentation on a state-of-the -art topic. For each topic the market, technology, advantages
and disadvantages and applications should be discussed. Each member of the team must present his/her share of the
material. The team presentation grade are team grades.

Presentation Expectations

Team Projects assigned are from the following list: Color Printer Technology, RAID Technology, Data Warehousing,
Bar Coding, Electronic Commerce, Mobil/Cellular Technology. Each team will be allocated one hour in which to clearly
present findings and accommodate questions from class. About 4 students on a team.
Presentation Guideline Outline

What is it( the technology in question)? WHEN did it start evolving (when did technology start)? What are the
components of a product in this technology (show a system diagram)? How does the Technology work? How do we
use this technology? What are the advantages and disadvantages of alternate technologies for this application? WHAT
is the market? What are saving and payback (how many years to pay for itself)? WHY is this technology important to
industry? WHERE is it successful (examples of uses in major companies)? Etc.


Class           Subject
 1           Course Prerequisites Introduction
             The SQL language, DBMS Environment
             Data Modeling
 2           Data Warehousing, CRMS and data marts
             Data security, input and output devices
 3           Business process/work flow
 4           EDI / Electronic commerce
 5           COLD (Computer output laser disk) Technology
 6           OCR /ICR
 7           Voice Technology /IVR systems
             Image processing and facsimile
  8          Wireless technology
  9          Storage Technology /RAID
 10          Team presentations
 11          Take home final due

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