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					                                 NATO UNCLASSIFIED

                                          PART I

                          POST NUMBER: LAA FRD 0730
                        CLOSING DATE: 20 MAY 2010
                 HEADQUARTERS / UNIT: Kabul International Airport
                      LOCATION: KABUL, AFGHANISTAN
                         JOB TITLE: CREW LEADER
                              GRADE: ICC 1B

                               The benefit package includes:
                - € 4389.00 monthly salary, tax-free in the host country.
                           - € 74.04 per day spent in the Theatre
            (€ 42.31 Hazard allowance + € 31.73 austere living allowance).
                     - Installation allowance equal to one-month salary
       (50% to be reimbursed if not completing two consecutive years of service).
                        - Accommodation in the Camp, free of charge.
                         - Meals of good quality available to purchase.
                                  - Laundry at nominal charge.
                             - Two days of annual leave per month.
                      - Start of Tour & End of Tour paid transportation.
              - 5 + 2 days “Leave from Theatre” plus reimbursement of ticket
                  up to € 1000.00 for every 6 months spent in the Theatre.
          - Medical Insurance from Van Breda International, small fee charged.

                                    PART II – CE DUTIES

A. Post Context:

   The Crew Leader assists with and supervises the daily work activities of one shift of Fire-
   fighters assigned. The Crew Leader ensures that all fire apparatus are properly
   inspected by assigned crews and that daily work and training is accomplished. During
   emergency response, assists the Shift Leader with command of rescue and fire fighting
   actions during emergencies such as aircraft incidents, structural fires, vehicle accidents,
   medical call and hazardous materials incidents. The crew Leader reports actions directly
   to the Shift Leader/On Scene Commander. The Crew Leader maintains schedules,
   conducts drills and training classes, maintains records and completes written reports.
   The Crew Leader counsels employees and provides input for employee appraisals as
   required by the Fire Chief.

B. Reports to:

   Shift Leader, Deputy Shift Leader.

C. Principal Duties:

   -   Protects lives and property.
   -   Extinguishes fires (e.g. burning aircraft or buildings).
   -   Protects and recovers property and combat essential material.


                                 NATO UNCLASSIFIED
                                   NATO UNCLASSIFIED

   -   Directs a vehicle and crew during rescue and fire fighting operations as well as during
       disaster relief operations.
   -   Performs rescue operations.
   -   Assists with control of emergency ground activities and reports to the Shift Leader.
   -   Drives and operates all fire vehicles.
   -   Operates special rescue tools and equipment.
   -   Reports vehicles and equipment needing repairs.
   -   Conducts readiness inspections of personnel, station, apparatus and equipment.
   -   Updates his/her expertise by participation in training and further career education.
   -   Supervise the daily activities of his/her assigned vehicle and crew.

D. Additional Duties:

       The incumbent may be required to perform other such related duties as may be
       directed. Duties are to be performed in a multinational environment.

                               PART III - QUALIFICATIONS

A. Essential Qualifications:

   1. Professional / Experience:

       -      Minimum 6 years experience as an Airport Fire-fighter, at least 3 years as a
              Crew Leader.
       -      Certified to appropriate host nation Airport Fire-fighter and Fire Officer Level
              standards e.g. USA Fire Officer 1, Instructor1, Inspector 1, ARFF,
              Pump/Operator, UK Airport Crew Commander, BA Wearer,
              Instructor/Assessor, or own countries equivalent.
       -      First Responder Level Medical.
       -      Hazardous Materials Awareness/Ops.
       -      Leadership and management skills.
       -      Teaching skills.
       -      HGV Drivers Licence.

   2. Education / Training:

       -      High School Diploma.
       -      College level training courses.
       -      Accredited aviation fire training academy or military firefighter training school.

   3. Security Clearance:

       -      NATO SECRET.
       -      National authorities are asked to ensure that security clearance is provided
              before the arrival of the individual.

   4. Language (Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, according STANAG 6001).

       Mandatory Proficiency:
       English: 3322
       The normal working language within the organization is English for all written and oral


                                   NATO UNCLASSIFIED
                                  NATO UNCLASSIFIED

   5. Standard Automated Data Processing (ADP) Knowledge:

       a. Word Processing:           Working Knowledge

       b. Spreadsheet:               Basic Knowledge

       c. Graphic Presentation:      Working Knowledge

       d. Database:                  Working Knowledge

B. Desirable Qualifications:

   1. Professional:

       -      Experience in military airport operations.
       -      Experience working in multi-national environment.

   2. Education / Training:

       -      Both Fire and EMT/Medic related training courses.
       -      Breathing apparatus Instructor.
       -      Leadership qualities (Training).
       -      Leadership and management.
       -      Excellent knowledge of tactical and technical principles of both civilian and
              military airport fire-fighting operations.
       -      Experience in controlling sizeable numbers of personnel and vehicles in fire-

   3. Language:

       Desirable Proficiency:
       English: 3333
       Other European language:


   1. Personal Attributes:

       -      The incumbent must be able to quickly recognise and adapt to new situations,
              especially under stress in case of a major incident on the airport.

   2. Managerial Responsibilities:

       -      Leadership and administration capabilities required.

   3. Professional Contacts:

       -      On an as required basis maintains regular professional contact with HQ ISAF
              Branches that affect daily operations at all levels to resolve problems and to
              exchange information.
       -      Regular day-to-day professional contacts with co-workers.
       -      Contact with both civilian and military personnel.


                                  NATO UNCLASSIFIED
                                  NATO UNCLASSIFIED

   4. Contribution to the Objectives:

      Is an essential link to the mission of COM ISAF and COM KAIA.

   5. Work Environment:

      -       Occasionally considerable exposure to heat, smoke, moisture and dirt. High
              noise exposure in some deployment areas.
      -       Increased risk to life and limb, eg. due to explosions, explosive flames, toxic
              fumes, chemicals and radioactive materials.
              - High psychological strain and risk depending on current and projected
              threats, absence of family and friends, and distance and / or communication
      -       Living conditions in Theatre are rudimentary with lodging provied on the
              military compound and governed by military rules.
      -       Afghanistan is a post conflict environment and with this is the constant threat
              of terrorist activity which may affect operations, and living conditions
              depending on operational tempo.

D. Remarks:

      -       Only applications from candidates meeting all essential requirements and
              possessing valid certificates/ diplomas will be taken into consideration.
      -       The successful applicant is required to be proactive in providing the pre-
              deployment documents. These include a full medical pack, with supporting
              reports and signed off by your doctor.
       -      In addition, confirmation is required that the candidate holds a valid NATO
              Secret security clearance; this can take sometime and should be initiated as
              soon as the offer of employment is received.
      -       Contract issued for 12 month period (re-newable).


                                  NATO UNCLASSIFIED