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					                           ROCKY MOUNTAIN CHAPTER
                                                                                 Editor: Roy L. Sanford           January 2009

                                           2009 Calendar of Events
Training Day – March 7 @ 8:30 a.m. –                                 Training Day – June 6 @ 8:30 a.m. –
Contact Pete McIntosh: 303-915-7382                                  Contact Pete McIntosh: 303-915-7382
Training Day – April 4 @ 8:30 a.m. --                                Training Day – August 1 @ 8:30 a.m. –
Contact Pete McIntosh: 303-915-7382                                  Contact Pete McIntosh: 303-915-7382
Training Day – May 2 @ 8:30 a.m. –                                   August 29 and 30 – Fall Test –
Contact Pete McIntosh: 303-915-7382                                  Contact Bryan Johnson: 303-235-9757
May 16 and 17 – Spring Test –                                        and more to come…..
Contact Bryan Johnson: 303-235-9757

Letter from the President
Hello to all, hope everything is going well.

Hunting season is in full swing. It sounds like bird numbers are up, and finally fuel prices are down. Hopefully everyone is getting
out and all that hard work from training in the spring and summer is paying off. I hope you are enjoying your pooch to its fullest
extent. Maybe finding out what needs to be worked on next. Don‟t worry; believe me, all the training pays off. It is especially great
and beautiful when it all comes together…with a hard point on a big pinned down rooster that comes cackling out of his snow
packed hiding place, or a knocked down quail in thick brush that you think you have lost and then your hound makes the retrieve. It
is truly time well spent.

I would like to welcome new members, as well as thank old members for being a part of this organization. I would especially like to
thank all the volunteers that worked and helped at the fall training days and test.

However, I am seeing the same core group of people helping out and in this next year I would like to see more volunteers at our
events. Remember, everyone had to start somewhere. Just show up! There will be some very nice people who have been around
the NAVHDA block to help you along and point you in the right direction. (I promise they won‟t bite.) Remember this is a
volunteer organization and without volunteers we won‟t have an organization. SO VOLUNTEER!

Until next time, I wish everyone a Happy Holiday Season, Happy Hunting and enjoy your hound in the outdoors.

Birddog One out,

Rob Castor-Ekwall

President – RMC NAVHDA

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                      RMC NAVHDA NEWSLETTER (CONT’D.)

Minutes of the Rocky Mountain Chapter Fall Meeting
By Troy Beck, RMC NAVHDA Secretary, 2008

The meeting was called to order by President Tom Lund at 6:30 PM.

The first item was a financial report by Sharon Weeaks. The RMC has a little over $1300 in the checking account, and $5000 in a
CD that will mature in December.

The second item was covered by Roy Sanford. The Midwest Tristate NAVHDA Chapter has been licensed by the AKC to hold
Pointing Breed Hunting Tests. This might be something the RMC would be interested in doing. This could provide the Chapter
with an additional activity for members, help bridge between the Natural Ability Test and the Utility Test, and potentially generate
some revenue. Roy agreed to look into the matter and report back to the RMC Board about the AKC Mentor Program.

New Chapter Officers were elected. The new officers for 2009 are listed below:

Rob Castor-Ekwall, President                        
Scott Wilkey, Vice-President                        
Ken Horner, Secretary                               
Liz Dyer, Treasurer                                 
Bryan Johnson, Director of Testing                  
Pete McIntosh, Director of Training                 
Tom Lund, Director of Promotions and Fundraising    
Roy Sanford, Newletter Editor                       
Joe Castanado, Web Master                           

Note: Director of Judging is currently open.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:20 PM by 2008 President Tom Lund. There was a quorum present with Tom Swezey and Missy
Kundsen absent.

Treasurer’s Report
By Liz Dyer, RMC NAVHDA Treasurer, 2009

As of 12/20/08, the chapter has a balance of $1149.64 in the checking account with no outstanding bills. With membership renewals
coming in over the next couple of months, that balance should increase by at least $1,200 if not more. The CD has been renewed
for a 6 month term at an interest rate of 1.75%. The balance of the CD is $5054.22.

Report on the AKC Mentor Program
By Roy Sanford, RMC NAVHDA Newsletter Editor, 2009

At the last RMC Board Meeting I was asked to find out more about the AKC Mentor Program and report back to the RMC.

August 30-31, 2008 the South Dakota Pointing Dog Club held their first approved AKC Pointing Breed Hunting Test. This AKC
club is also the Midwest Tristate Chapter of NAVHDA. To become an AKC club, the Midwest Tristate Chapter participated in a
new AKC mentor program. With the assistance of Doug Ljungren, AKC AVP of Performance Events, this program enabled the
chapter to be identified by the AKC as the South Dakota Pointing Dog Club; and, be approved to hold licensed AKC Pointing Breed
Hunting Tests.

Doug Ljungren and others at the AKC recognize the knowledge and experience present in NAVHDA chapters. I communicated
with Doug and he said, “We are trying to make it as easy as possible for the NAVHDA Chapters. If the chapter has been in
existence for awhile and some members have been involved in AKC events so there is reasonable assurance that the chapter knows
the AKC process, then there is a good chance we (i.e.-Doug Ljungren) can convince Club Relations to allow the chapter to
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                      RMC NAVHDA NEWSLETTER (CONT’D.)

immediately hold a „licensed‟ event.” A mentor from the AKC Performance Events Department would be assigned to assist the
chapter. If the first event goes well, then the chapter would be fully licensed to hold additional events. This is what happened with
the Midwest Tristate Chapter.

Midwest Tristate Chapter Perspective
According to Jean Rodriquez, Event Secretary, things progressed in a timely manner thanks to Doug Ljungren. She said her chapter
had three main reasons for holding hunting tests. First, it is hoped this activity will help retain NAVHDA members who do the NA
test but decide not to pursue the UT test. Second, this activity helps members field train their dogs. Third, the hunting tests are a
money maker for the chapter. Jean said they cleared more than a thousand dollars from the two day event, and this money will be
used to support NAVHDA activities for the benefit of all chapter members.

Application Process for the Rocky Mountain Chapter
At the front end there are no fees. Our chapter needs to designate a contact person who will serve as liaison with the AKC.
According to Lisa Carroll, Manager of Performance Events, four documents need to be prepared and submitted. Email is ok.

    1) A President‟s letter needs to be written requesting the chapter be considered for the AKC Mentor Program. The body of
       this letter should also suggest a first and a second choice name to identify the chapter to the AKC. (The Midwest Tristate
       Chapter ended up with South Dakota Pointing Dog Club.) The rest of the submission accompanies this cover letter sent to
       the AKC Performance Events Department.

    2) A biography of our chapter needs to be prepared. This biography needs to indicate when our chapter was formed, and
       spell out what our chapter has been doing since. Chapter activities over the past three years should be covered in detail.
       The land we have used for past events and intend to use for future events should be identified.

    3) An Excel spreadsheet listing chapter members and their locations will be needed. The NAVHDA and AKC involvement of
       each member is to be indicated. Chapter Officers must be identified. Of particular interest will be the person‟s previous
       involvement with AKC hunt tests (judge, event secretary, committee member, hunting test titles achieved, etc.) At least
       twenty members need to be listed. Ideally all would be listed.

    4) The Rocky Mountain Chapter By-Laws also need to be sent.

The Performance Events Department will review the materials, put a cover letter on the submission and send the package to the
Club Relations Department in New York. In this whole process, Doug Ljungren and his department serve as champions for us.
Doug will make the case for us with Club Relations that the Rocky Mountain Chapter has had sufficient experience hosting events to
be qualified to hold a licensed AKC event provided a mentor such as Bonnie Hidalgo is available to assist. If he is not successful, we
may be asked to hold a practice event called a sanctioned event first to demonstrate competency prior to holding a licensed event.

The Club Relations Department will check various things. One thing they will check is the existence of another hunt-oriented
pointing dog club in the same area. The AKC does not want to create conflicts. As far as I know, there are none at the moment.
There is a new AKC sporting dog club being formed in the area. I spoke with Carole Williams, Secretary for the new Mile High
Sporting Dog Fanciers. It does not appear this club is interested in pointing breed hunting events. We should confirm this with
Bonnie Hidalgo, our local AKC Representative, to make sure there are no conflicts. Another item reviewed will be the Chapter
Constitution and By Laws. Club Relations may contact the chapter on some technical items related to the By Laws.

    Arrangements need to be made for insurance to cover the event. Last August NAVHDA insurance would not cover an
       AKC event, so the Midwest Tristate Chapter purchased separate insurance for three days for a total of $300. It will be
       necessary to name an insurance carrier at the time of AKC application. This subject is receiving attention at the NAVHDA
       national level. It may be discussed at the annual meeting in 2009.

        On a separate matter, the Rocky Mountain Chapter By-Laws will need modification. At the least, the AKC Club name will
         need to be added to the document. There may be other changes depending on the AKC Club Relations Department
         review. I have a copy of the Constitution and By-Laws for the Midwest Tristate Chapter. Reviewing what they have done
         and bringing our own documents up to date would be prudent prior to any submissions to the AKC. I suspect the AKC
         Club Relations Department will check to see that we conduct activities in accordance with our By-Laws.

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                      RMC NAVHDA NEWSLETTER (CONT’D.)

       I spoke with Bonnie Hidalgo, our local AKC Representative. She felt the formation of an AKC Pointing Dog Club in
        Colorado would be well received. This sentiment was echoed by other people I spoke with. Tim Bintner is an experienced
        member of the local Weimaraner club. He volunteered his time and expertise to help us move forward.

       There is no application fee for the initial submission to the AKC. Assemblage and submission of the necessary documents
        would allow us to see where we stand with the AKC. This step does not obligate us to conduct an event.

Concluding Thoughts
There are questions to be answered by the RMC. Do the reasons stated by the Midwest Tristate Chapter make sense from the
perspective of the RMC? To what extent do RMC members want to participate in and staff AKC Pointing Breed Hunting Tests?
Does the current annual RMC schedule allow for additional testing events? What land is available? I think it would be worthwhile
for the RMC to evaluate the AKC Mentor Program and determine if it makes sense to proceed on behalf of the membership. Given
Doug Ljungren‟s availability and commitment to the AKC Mentor Program, the timing is opportune to make a decision.

From the Director of Testing
By Bryan Johnson, RMC NAVHDA Director of Testing, 2009

The 2009 test dates in the spring are May 16 and 17, and in the fall are August 29 and 30. These tests have limited entries, so be
sure and get your paperwork and payment in early. Spots will not be held unless payment has been made. Often the tests are full
months in advance. Training days are the first Saturday of every month starting in March and ending in August. There will be not
be training day in July. Sometimes people overlook essential training equipment. It never hurts to emphasize items to bring include
a leash, a check cord, a kennel to house your dog when not training, lots of water for your dog, a way to carry water into the field
when training and water for yourself. Also, if it is going to be hot outside, you might want to think about a way to shade your dog
or the car it is sitting in. Contact Bryan Johnson at or call 303-235-9757 for testing information.

From the Director of Training
By Pete McIntosh, RMC NAVHDA Director of Training, 2009

The objective of the RMC chapter training days is to transfer knowledge between members with experience and training knowledge
to people seeking knowledge to work with their own dog. We are not there to train your dog for you. You will learn many
established training techniques that you will be able to take with you and use on your own. In many cases you may meet people that
are in the same phase of training as you and be able to make arrangements to work together outside of the established training days.
One weekend per month is not enough time to train a good hunting dog. You and your dog will get out what you put into it. I
would like to hear from the members, both new and old (experienced), regarding your training goals for 2009. Send your input to

Equipment for Training Days:
       Leash - No longer than 6 ft, 4 ft is better.
       Flat collar - Make sure you bring a flat collar for your dog. A choke chain, prong color, or e-collar is not always the
        correct collar for a given task.
       Check cord - For use on specific tasks, like the track in NA. A rope will work, but you may need gloves. This is not a
       Water bottles for the dog - Carry water into the field for the dog. On a typical training day in CO you could go
        through at least 6-8 bottles of water for your dog. Bring a dish for water also.
       Water bottles for the handler - Carry water for your self. Water and sport drinks work well. Bring more than you
        would ever think you will need.
       Blaze orange hat or vest
       Vest or backpack to carry equipment into the field

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                      RMC NAVHDA NEWSLETTER (CONT’D.)

        A place to secure your dog when not actively training. A crate, or dog box, inside your car (will your dog EAT your
         car?) Keep in mind that your dog is less of a distraction to everyone, when put away, so we can teach YOU how to train
         YOUR dog.
        Birds to train with, bird cage, bird bag, blank pistol, string for a drag, shotgun and shells

Birds for Training
Members are reminded that during training days birds that are purchased with chapter funds are used for demonstration purposes
only by the various trainers. It is up to the chapter member to locate and purchase birds that will be used for their personal training
Birds for individual training or use are normally available at Steve Secor‟s Field Trial Game Birds about a mile north of the Cobb
Lake training area. If you need birds on training day for personal use, ask for directions from one of the trainers. Call ahead to
check availability since many game bird farms are low on birds during the spring training season.
Field Trial Game Birds: Located about one mile north of the Cobb Lake training area. (970) 568-3326.

Tedford Farms: Located near Fort Lupton, CO. (303) 857-2501

Guidelines for Use of Swift Ponds
By Tom Lund, RMC NAVHDA Director of Promotions and Fundraising, 2009

As many of you may know, we have been granted access to Swift Ponds by the CYO (Colorado Youth Outdoors) on Mondays. This
use is a shared use with the Ft. Collins Retriever club and we are very fortunate to have gained this access. For the 2009 year, the
first date that will be available to Rocky Mountain Chapter NAVHDA members will be April 6 th and will continue every month until
October. CYO has also granted us permission to use the ponds for our Spring and Fall test dates as well as two additional dates
during the year for any functions we would like to hold for our members. Stay tuned as the board may wish to hold an event later
on in the year for our entire chapter.

Some specific guidelines for use of SWIFT ponds are as follows:

            If certain ponds are already in use when you arrive, try to find a pond that is not being used so as not to distract the
             individuals who may already be training (you can typically tell what group they are from as it is easy to tell the
             difference between the NAVHDA group and the Ft. Collins Retriever group by the dogs that are working). Obviously,
             it wouldn‟t make much sense if a group is doing blind retrieves at a small pond for you to go to the other side of the
             pond and start training your dog – this could be a major distraction)

            Picnic grounds are available if you want to use them – just make sure you clean up afterwards and understand that it is
             not exclusive rights – you must share the area.

            Avoid live gun rounds if possible – i.e. use blank shells if you are doing water work such as “steady by blind” or any
             steadiness drills. If you must use live ammo – use steel (obviously!) if you need to dispatch a duck for a duck search in
             progress. They (the CYO) wants to avoid having a “small war” with gun fire – especially if there are multiple parties on
             the property. Use common sense at all times and know where you are firing before pulling the trigger.

            It is not OK to plant chukars, pigeons, or quail and conduct upland hunting or upland training on the grounds. There
             just is not enough room to do so, so please concentrate you‟re training to water work related activities. Cobb Lake
             SWA is just down the road for this type of training.

            If anyone approaches you and asks why you are on the property, simply tell them you are with the RMC-NAVHDA
             group and we have a shared use of the property on Mondays with the Ft. Collins retriever club.

            Only RMC-NAVHDA members are allowed – no guests or non – members can access the property on Mondays.

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                       RMC NAVHDA NEWSLETTER (CONT’D.)

            If you are the first one to the property or the last one to leave, please be sure to open or close the gate with the lock
             that is located on the gate. If you need specific information on how to lock or unlock the gate, please contact Tom
             Lund for specific directions (we will not publish this info in order to protect the security of the property.)

            Here is an additional list of unapproved activities -

                  Examples of Unapproved Activities

                       1.    Paintball/Air soft

                       2.    ATV/Motorcycle Use

                       3.    Swimming

                       4.    Use of live bait for fishing

                       5.    Firearm/archery use without prior approval

                       6.    Campfires outside of designated fire rings or during county/state fire ban

                       7.    Use of motorized boats

                       8.    Hunting without prior approval

                       9.    Use of Alcohol

                       10.   RVs and Campers

                       11.   Commercial and Sales use

The SWIFT ponds are a wonderful resource and we must take care as not to harm our chances for continued access. Everyone
needs to be mindful of these guidelines and follow them without fail. If something comes up while on property that you are unsure
of, then feel free to call us for clarification. Do not just say to yourself “I think it is OK”… This could lead to issues down the road.

Coming Soon
A new website is being designed by Joe Castanado, RMC NAVHDA Web Master. It should be up and running very soon!! If you
have questions contact Joe at

RMC NAVHDA Newsletter
We‟re always looking for good information and stories to include in the newsletter. If you have something that you would like to
contribute, please contact Roy Sanford at or call 303-683-6357.

Paid Advertisements
In the past we have seen items like ads for litters of puppies, training equipment, and other services. Advertisements in the RMC
Newsletter are published for the information of all RMC members. Accuracy of all information is the responsibility of the
advertiser. A donation of $10 is asked for each submission to help offset the cost of mailing the newsletter. The editor reserves the
right to edit for length to fit into the newsletter‟s format. Let us know if you have an advertisement to run in our newsletter!

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                          RMC NAVHDA NEWSLETTER (CONT’D.)

Rocky Mountain Chapter 2009 Renewal Application
It‟s time to renew your membership in the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association.
Memberships run from January 1 through December 31 each year. Members joining after August 1st will have a valid membership
through the following year.
Below is an easy renewal form that you can print out, fill out, and send in with your membership dues.
Please note, the 2008 Board of Directors voted to raise dues in 2009. Membership dues are now $35. To continue your
membership, receive our newsletters and/or communications, receive advanced information about upcoming events and other
membership benefits, it is important that you renew your membership for 2009. We have a great year planned with 2 tests
scheduled in the spring and fall along with some great training days mixed in during the year. Check out our web Site at for updated information on test dates and other activities. We will have access to Swift Ponds on
Mondays (shared access with the Ft. Collins retriever club) for water training which is an added bonus for all of our members. CYO
has granted us permission to use the ponds for our Spring and Fall test dates as well as 2 additional dates during the year for any
functions we would like to hold for our members.
It is only though your continued support that we can fund our local chapter. Thanks much for your continued support and we look
forward to hearing from you soon.

          ----------------------------------------------------------Cut Here--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

                                2009 Rocky Mountain Chapter Application

Name (please print)                                                                                                     $35 per year membership dues
                                                                                                                         includes all family members
Spouse/Significant Other Name (if applicable)

Children‟s Name(s)/Age(s) (if applicable)


City                                                                        State                                       Zip

Phone                                                            E-mail

Breed of Dog(s)                                                                                    Date Joined Chapter

NAVHDA Registration Number _______________________________

If you want to receive the RMC Newsletter via the internet please write your preferred email address below.

Make checks payable to: RMC NAVHDA. Mail chapter dues to: Ken Horner – 19159 E. Hinsdale Lane, Centennial, CO 80016.
Chapter members must belong to NAVHDA International. Membership includes a chapter newsletter. Dues may be tax deductible.
Check with your tax professional.

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