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									Alpha Delta Epsilon Chapter

   Chapter Info Session
Welcome New Members and
   Visitors on Behalf of
     Dr. Kelley Walters
     Chapter Counselor
       Nicole Simon
     Chapter President
   What Have We Gotten
     Ourselves Into ?

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  Kappa Delta Pi
International Honor Society in Education
What is Kappa Delta Pi?
             Our Membership
• 40,000 members worldwide

• Almost 600 chapters in North America

• Top 20% of educators in the country

• Educators in all stages of their careers
   – Undergraduate students, novice and practicing teachers,
     administrators, graduate students, collegiate professors,
     and retirees
What is Kappa Delta Pi?
• MISSION: To sustain an honored community
  of diverse educators by promoting excellence
  and advancing scholarship, leadership, and
• VISION: Helping committed educators be
  leaders in improving education for a global
• FOUNDING IDEALS: science, service, toil,
  and fidelity to humanity
What is Kappa Delta Pi?
 • 1911 - Founded by the University of Illinois
   Education Club

 • 1925 - The Laureate Chapter was created to
   recognize exceptional living educators. There
   are only 60 living members at one time.
   – John Dewey was the first member
   – Other members include Jean Piaget, Howard
     Gardner, Eleanor Roosevelt, Alfie Kohn,
     Nel Noddings, and Albert Einstein
  What is Kappa Delta Pi?

            History, continued
• 1980 – The Educational Foundation established

• 1981 - First international chapter installed in Canada

• 2004 - First community college chapter installed

• 2007 – First online university chapter installed

• 2011 – Centennial Celebration, 100 yrs. of KDP
What can KDP do for You?

               National Benefits
  • Recognition for your achievements
  • Networking with educators across the country
  • Local and national leadership opportunities
  • Teaching resources
  • Scholarships and grants to support your educational
  • Member-only discounts on products and services

      As a member, you belong to an international
        network of the world’s finest educators!
  What can KDP do for You?
           Quarterly Publications
New Teacher Advocate
•receive free your 1st year of membership for
•a great resource for beginning teachers

Kappa Delta Pi Record
•useful classroom ideas for practicing educators
•free to members, beginning with the second year of
membership for undergraduates, or first year for
graduates and professionals

The Educational Forum
•research-based articles on important educational issues
•only $22/year for members

    For sample articles, or to learn how to publish in any of these journals,
                visit the Publications section at www.kdp.org.
What can KDP do for You?
     Professional Development
You can download presentations from educational experts
and others!
Connect with a large network of peers, experienced teachers,
and renowned educators at KDP conferences.

 Get inspired on your time. Just visit the
 resource section at www.kdp.org and
 download a podcast from a leading
 educational expert.
  What can KDP do for You?
Professional Development Opportunities
Every two years, KDP hosts its preeminent international
educational conference for professional development. More
than 1,500 educators attended the 47th Biennial Convocation
in Orlando, FL, 29-31 Oct 2009.
Opportunities for doctoral students include:
• A special strand of workshops for members
  completing their dissertation
• “Fireside chats” or informal conversations with
   Laureates to discuss research
• Presentation and Poster Session options
What can KDP do for You?
       Commercial Discounts
             Save money through:
• Discount professional liability, student teaching,
  medical, auto, and life insurance
• 15% off Choice Hotels
• 10% off ClassroomDirect.com teacher supplies
• 15% off 1-800-flowers.com
• 15% off at Jo-Ann Fabric stores
• Up to 20% off National Car Rental
• Up to 10% off Alamo Car Rental
• 10% off at Half Price Books
         So to TEACH
   that our words inspire a will to learn;
         So to SERVE
     that each day may enhance the
        growth of exploring minds;

           So to LIVE
   that we may guide young and old to
     know the truth and love the right.
To the fulfillment of these objectives, we
    pledge our efforts and our faith.
            Our (short) History
  •   First virtual university with a KDP charter
  •   The Chapter was installed 15 June 2007
  •   We have Chapter By-Laws (on website)
  •   We hold Quarterly Executive Committee
        – Make Policy decisions
        – Approve Expenditures
        – Plan Meetings and Initiations
ADE Chapter
                 Four Officers

  Counselor – Dr. Kelley Walters

  President – Nicole Simon

  Treasurer – Dara Levitch

  Membership Chair – Dr. Melanie Shaw
ADE Chapter
 Officer Elections (2 Year Terms)

 Counselor – Odd numbered years
 President – Odd numbered years
 Treasurer – Even numbered years
 Membership Chair – Odd numbered years
 Nominations are due no later than 2 weeks prior to election
ADE Chapter

      Two Initiations Each Year
 Spring Initiation –
   Screening Cutoff – Late February
   Initiation – Mid-April
 Fall Initiation –
   Screening Cutoff – Late August
   Initiation – Mid October
ADE Chapter

        Membership Criteria
 Enrolled in School of Education
 15 Semester Hours at NCU (not Transfer)
 Cumulative GPA of 3.8 or higher
 NCU Faculty recommended by the Dean of
  the School of Education
ADE Chapter

Two Chapter Meetings Each Year
 Spring Meeting –
  June 23, 2010 – Online
  Elections, By-Law Changes, Reports
 Fall Meeting –
  December 2010 – Online
  Reports, Presentation, Q&A
ADE Chapter

    Chapter Communications
 NCU Discussion Group – Honor Societies
  ADE Chapter Folder
  Facebook Group
  Podcast, Blog, Stuff
 We use E-Mail, not NCU Mail
ADE Chapter

             Chapter Status

 ADE Chapter has over 400 active members
 We are a KDP Standard Model Chapter
 Our financial status is strong
 We meet all of our reporting requirements
ADE Chapter
 We are pleased to have you join the Chapter
 We hope you will attend the next Chapter
  Meeting (June 23, 2010)
 We hope you will consider getting involved
 Email the chapter to confirm your
  membership once viewed.
 Questions? Please use the e-mail
K a p p a D e l t a P I
  International Honor Society in Education

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