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									                         Shark Tales
          The Newsletter for École Shannon Park School
             Volume 2, Issue 6        February 2010

                                                       •   African Drum & Dance Ensemble
Bonjour Parents, Guardians and Friends,                    Performance & Tour

Many wonderful things are taking place at École    The Shannon Park African Drum & Dance
Shannon Park School. In response to the            Ensemble, comprising of the school choir and
earthquake in Haiti, the students, staff and       the African Drum & Dance troupe are hosting a
families at Shannon Park have been giving          series of African performances as follows:
donations to the Red Cross to help the Haitian              Tuesday, February 23, at 11:00 am
community. It certainly warms one’s heart to                Performance at Shannon Park School
watch the enthusiasm generated by such                      for students of Shannon Park and
thoughtfulness. Thank you to everyone for your              visiting schools in the HRSB.
support.                                                    Tickets- $1.00
                                                            Tuesday, February 23, at 6:30 pm
Cheers,                                                     Performance at Shannon Park School
Nancy Liberatore                                            for Shannon Park School parents and
                                                            the community at large. Tickets- $2.00
                                                            February 24–26 8:45am-12:30pm
                                                            Road shows at six schools within the
                                                            HRSB Schools to be announced.
   •   Quiznos
                                                       •   In-service Day-Friday, February 19
   We will be taking orders for the final two                    No school for students
   weeks of February and monthly Quiznos
   orders (Tuesdays and Thursdays) will begin
   in March for the remainder of the year.

   •   Parent Workshops

   Parent workshops will begin on February
      th      th
   25 and 26 and continue each Thursday
   and Friday in March. No workshops will be
   held during March Break (March 15-                  •   Winners of the Pool and Pizza Parties
   19). French Immersion sessions will be held             for the Fall Fundraiser:
   on Thursdays and English sessions on
   Fridays. A notice and registration will be                  o
                                                                   1 – Primary Samson –
   provided in the coming weeks.                                   Dartmouth Sportsplex Pool and
                                                                   Pizza Party
                                                                     nd     rd
   •   Primary French Immersion Parent                         o   2 and 3 – 3 Robichaud and
       Information Evening                                         5 Rohland Rogers – Class
                                                                   Pizza Party
   Parents interested in registering their child               o   4 – 1 Irwin – Free Hot Lunch
   for primary French immersion are                                in February
   welcome to attend an information session
   on Wednesday, Feb. 10 at 6:30 pm at                          Congratulations!
   Shannon Park School.
•   Hot Lunches on Storm Days                      building in the event of an emergency.
                                                   Practicing these drills will help to ensure the
If a student misses a hot lunch due to a           safety of all who attend Shannon Park
storm day, a coupon will be provided for           School.
$3.75 to be used on the next month’s
order. This will be good for Boston Pizza or                 •    LET’S DO LUNCH!
                                               Earn money and support your local elementary
•   Registration Month                         school by spending your lunch with us! We are
                                               currently seeking caring, friendly and reliable
If anyone knows of any primary aged            individuals to work over the lunch hour on a full-
children for next year, please let them know   time, part-time and substitute basis. Shifts
about primary registration this month.         average approximately 1.25 hrs per day. The
Eligible children must be 5 by December        current hourly wage is $10.90/hr plus 4%
31 . Parents interested in French              vacation pay. Individuals who may be
Immersion must register their child at their   interested are encouraged to call Jeff Turple
home school and indicate on the application    at 464-2000 ext. 8498 or email him at
that they are registering for French  for more details. Additional
Immersion.                                     information on our opportunities can also be
                                               found on the HRSB website at
•   SPEC                                        .
                                                    • Milk Program
Our next Shannon Park Enhancement
Committee meeting will be held on                  The second half of the milk program starts
February 4 at 7:00pm. Discussions will be          February 1, 2010. The cost is $30.80.
around the future plans of Shannon Park
School. All are welcome to attend.
                                                   •   INCLEMENT WEATHER/SCHOOL
•   SAC                                                CLOSURE POLICY INFORMATION

Our next School Advisory Council meeting       The decision to cancel school will usually be
will be held on Thursday, Feb. 11 @            made as close to 6:00 a.m. as possible and it
7:00pm. All are welcome to attend.             will be communicated on the radio, the Board’s
                                      and through the
•   Safety First                               school cancellation number: 464-INFO
Please do not send long scarves to school      If our school is cancelled either the school
with your child. These scarves present a       name will be mentioned or the Dartmouth High
potential choking risk.                        Family of Schools as we are part of this family.
Thank you for your cooperation.                Please ensure students are properly dressed
                                               for the weather conditions, regardless of
•   Yves Rossignol Performance                 whether they travel by bus or walk.
                                               Before dropping students off at school on
Students in grades 3-6 will be treated to a    inclement weather days, parents should ensure
French & English musical performance on        that staff has arrived and is immediately
Friday, February 5 at 1:30. Primary-2          available to provide supervision. Students
students will attend a performance of a        should not to be on the school ground prior to
similar nature at a later date.                8:25am.

•   Isolation Drill Procedures                 When busses are cancelled and schools are
                                               open, parents must use their own discretion
Over the next few months our school will       with regard to sending their children to school.
begin conducting isolation drills. Our         When schools are open, meaningful
Emergency Management plan requires that        learning activities will be going on in
we have a plan in place to secure the          classrooms.
                      Shark Tales
       The Newsletter for École Shannon Park School
          Volume 2, Issue 6        February 2010

•   Department of Finance - Public

The Department of Finance is holding
public consultations throughout the
province to hear from Nova Scotians on
their priorities for the upcoming provincial
budget. There are two meetings scheduled       •   Health Promoting School Support
for our region:                                    Girls Soar Physical Activity Week
Dartmouth, Feb. 1 (1-3 p.m.) Dartmouth                         nd     th
North Community Centre, 134 Pinecrest Dr.          February 22 – 26 , 2010
Eastern Passage, Feb. 1 (6-8 p.m.) Eastern         The goal of this week is to “To
Lodge, 625 Cow Bay Rd.                             celebrate, motivate and educate girls
                                                   in sport and physical activity”.
The public can also submit comments. For
more information visit the Department of
Finance website at:                            •   Parking and Picking Up Students
It is imperative for the government to hear    Please be reminded that with the advent of
people discuss the importance of public        snowy weather and icy conditions, to use
education to the future prosperity of our      extra caution when driving near the school.
province.                                      Children tend to jump off snow banks and
                                               slide into the street when walking to or from
•   Change in contact information              school. We ask that you not park or stop on
                                               the street in front of the school to allow
Please advise the school secretary             busses to get by. The parking lot across the
464.2084 and the classroom teacher if you      street is available should you wish to wait.
have a change in phone number. It is           Thank you for your support.
important that we can contact you in the
event of an emergency.

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