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Financial Service Representative Resume Example


Enjoy this expertly developed sample financial service rep resume. This resume example was developed by Aspirations Career Services, Inc. Visit AspirationsResume.com today to evaluate resume writing services, find a great resume writer, and get free resume evaluations.

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									Jesse Kendall
123 Elm Street • Fayetteville, NC 28305 • 910.555.5555 • jkendall@notmail.com

Strengths in design and development of organizational financial architectures and infrastructures. Strategist with
expertise in retirement planning, financial auditing, and investment portfolio development. Offer deep understanding of
transactions, personal finance needs, and strategic restructuring opportunities.

ABC FINANCIAL SERVICES, Fayetteville, NC, 20xx-Present
Financial Services Representative: Consult with clients on the lower $5 million of the office's largest producer. Manage
house accounts; maintain large fee-based clients' requests. Play a key role in financial management and retirement
planning. Cultivate new business from dormant accounts. Perform audits in collaboration with the branch manager.

   •   Generated in excess of $1 million in fee-based assets from small dormant accounts.
   •   Served an integral role in the company's 40% annual increases.
   •   Produced $100,000 from two net new households' small dormant accounts, which were inactive for ten years.
   •   Generated $30,000 in gross assets with drawn out trails.
   •   Recommended a three-call process to vitalize dormant account business, which focused on introduction calls,
       documentation and lead organization, portfolio analysis, appointment, and close to maximize sales.
   •   Initiated a cold call process for tax leads that was effectively utilized by FAs across the organization.

CDE FINANCE, Fayetteville, NC, 20xx-20xx
Financial Services Rep: Developed new business through strategic marketing, 350+ daily cold calls, and face-to-face
visits. Generated reports based on production.
   •   Played a key role in generating $4 million in 401(k) administration and 401(k) rollover money.
   •   Generated $3.5 million through cold call leads and small business owner clientele activity.
   •   Received all licenses within just three months.
   •   Trained with top producers from across the branch.
   •   Cultivated estate and financial planning prospects.

BCD RESOURCES, Fayetteville, NC, 20xx-20xx
Financial Service Representative: Developed a solid client base through expert new business cultivation, cold calling,
prospecting, and account management. Defined clients’ financial needs and developed plans focused on clear-cut
financial goals. Conducted comprehensive seminars on retirement investing.
   •   Earned a team ranking of #4 during tenure by closing key deals and adding 85 clients.
   •   Obtained Series 6, 63, and Group I Insurance Licenses.

Education:        B.A., Small Business Finance, Fayetteville, NC, 20xx

Technical:        Microsoft Office, Lotus Notes, Investext, FactSet, Bloomberg, Requester, NatWest, LexisNexis

Relocation:       Open to relocation and travel

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