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					                                       JESSE KENDALL, PhD
                  123 Elm Street • New Rochelle, NY 10803 • (914) 555-5555 •


AREAS OF INTERESTS: Hedge Funds, Financial Development, Corporate Strategy, Risk Analysis, Portfolio Evaluation
Results oriented with a successful track record and PhD in theoretical physics; excellent knowledge and genuine interest
in quantitative analysis, data modeling, and mathematics, including probability and statistics. Highly qualified, self-
motivated leader with outstanding verbal and written communication skills. Proven success in finding original technical
and methodological solutions. Experienced in providing efficient solutions by exploiting advanced methods: Monte Carlo,
perturbation and variation approaches, and effective interaction theories.

                                              FINANCIAL RESEARCH

FINANCIAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE, University of ABC, New Rochelle, NY                                        20xx – Present
Provide expert consultation of analytical and computational studies in cutting-edge statistical and theoretical physics.
Clarify complicated theories and issues and provide a broad, insightful perspective. Plan, develop, and manage complex
projects from initiation to completion; set and accomplish goals.
• Delivered many compelling oral presentations to audiences of up to 50 professionals at international meetings.
• Successfully solved numerous conceptual and technical problems and project issues through effective collaboration.
• Composed and published 16 original peer-reviewed articles and reviews, garnering 40+ references; supervised
   research projects and corresponded with referees.
• Completed five major projects with multiple collaborators.

FINANCIAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE, BCD University, New Rochelle, NY                                               20xx – 20xx
Executed analytical calculations and extensive numerical simulations to unravel mechanisms behind collective behaviors
in the magnetic materials of many interacting constituents. Compiled, scrutinized, and categorized empirical data, devise
theoretical descriptions, research quantum and classical effects in frustrated spin models, and verify/report findings.
Monitored current trends, prioritized codes, and simultaneously managed multiple tasks with a computer cluster.
• First in ten years to construct a model for topical frustrated magnetic material of gadolinium gallium garnet.
• Conceptualized the origin of the “cluster-like” response in the spin-ice material of Dy2Ti2O7 after using sophisticated
   Monte Carlo simulations (several CPU-years). This enabled an understanding of the reductionist origin of the
   proposed emergence of composite spin object in frustrated magnetic materials.
• Introduced the concept of the “Unphysical Stable Fixed Point” of RG transformation, resulting in the simplified
   categorization of RG data.
• Invented the counting combinatorial technique. Designed and implemented umbrella sampling Monte Carlo,
   variational mean-field theory and optimization codes with simulated annealing technique. Reconciled analytical and
   numerical approaches.
• Devised optimization penalty function approaches that ultimately enabled the relation of models to empirical data.


                      PhD in Theoretical Physics • 20xx, XYZ University, New Rochelle, NY
                  MS in Physics (Diploma Cum Laude) • 20xx, XYZ University, New Rochelle, NY

   RELEVANT COURSES: Mathematical Analysis, Probability Theory and Statistics, Mathematical Methods in Physics:
    Complex Analysis, Integral Transforms, Partial Differential Equations, Statistical Physics, Quantum Mechanics

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