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					                                                                                           Jesse Kendall
           123 Elm Street • Manhattan, KS 66505 • (H) 785.555.5555 • (C) 785.444-4444 •

FOCUS:         Administrative professional seeks opportunity to significantly improve financial operations.
PROFILE:       Reputation for accepting and resolving even the most challenging financial assignments. Expertise
               in all aspects of accounting, including accounts payables / receivables, financial reporting, bank
               reconciliations, and account analysis. Successful history of reconciling accounts that others could
               not by meticulously and methodically reviewing difficult ledgers. Technically proficient in MS
               Office (Word, Outlook, Excel) and Oracle.

EXPERIENCE:    FINANCIAL ADMINISTRATOR, ABC INTERNET, Manhattan, KS                        20xx – Present
               Performed bookkeeping, AP/AR, auditing, and bank reconciliation. Administered payroll and
               managed accounts. Created client billings, performed collections, and developed a series of
               management reports.
               •   Established an accounting system from the ground level. Developed standard procedures for
                   accounts payable, accounts receivable, reconciliation, filing, and financial control systems.
               •   Expanded the use of QuickBooks to fully leverage the software’s benefits to the organization.
                   Corrected errors, ensuring accurate calculation and tracking.
               •   Audited and resolved errors in financial statements. Prepared new statements that enabled the
                   business to qualify for an expansion loan.
               •   Developed a client database that tracked all past due accounts and a suite of specialized
                   reports detailing account status.
               •   Partnered with financial institutions to resolve deposit errors and arrange for reimbursement.
               •   Implemented a petty cash and receipts systems to track cash payments.

               FINANCIAL ADMINISTRATOR, BCD HEALTHCARE, Manhattan, KS                          20xx– 20xx
               Led a team in management of accounting and financial operations for a primary care physician
               association. Conducted financial analysis and reviewed billing/collections.
               •   Restructured a complex overhead and laboratory cost allocation system for the physicians.
               •   Resolved a significant payroll tax deficiency.
               •   Initiated replacement of a poorly designed Unix-based accounting system with a new PC-
                   based accounting system.

EDUCATION:     MBA, XYZ UNIVERSITY NAME, Manhattan, KS                                                         20xx
               BBA, XYZ UNIVERSITY NAME, Manhattan, KS                                                         20xx

                                                                    Excellent References Available Upon Request

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