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					                                             Jesse Kendall, MBA
                 123 Elm Street ▲ Waipahu, HI 96797 ▲ 808.555.5555 ▲

                               BUSINESS MANAGER: FINANCE & ACCOUNTING
Highly skilled in overall management with a solid grounding in business operations, processes, and procedures. Proficient
in management of accounts payable, accounts receivables, contract negotiations, business development, and account
management. Quick learner able to analyze situations and provide innovative solutions. Accomplished team leader with
strengths in advancing teams toward challenging business goals and objectives. Fluent in English, French, and Swahili.
    •   Developed complex project and business plans in advancement of a complex farm cattle project.
    •   Cultivated relationships with funding organizations; authored funding justifications and requests.
    •   Received approval and procured $10,000 in finances/funding through grants and other funding sources.
    •   Grew the operation from 100 cows at start-up to more than 900 cows in just six years.
    •   Achieved passing audits each year; realized by ensuring compliance with all aspects of general accounting
        standards and practices.
    •   Administered the farm cattle project budget; set financial objectives, forecasts, and controls.
    •   Devised financial planning strategies focused on veterinary healthcare, materials expenses, and capital projects.
    •   Set up rigorous cost controls to maximize project successes.

                                          ABC FILES, Waipahu, HI, 20xx to 20xx
                                            Head of Finance and Accounting
Oversaw the work of 15 staff members. Managed the internal audit team, performing audits and advising on corrective
measures and implementation of internal control mechanisms. Oversaw the Export and Import Department and complied
with all banking and governmental regulations. Complied with tax regulations, filed taxes, and counseled the company on
tax issues. Created financial strategies for improving cash flow and optimizing operating efficiencies. Assessed the
financial feasibility of new product plans and targeted emerging market segments/technologies. Reengineered the
accounting process to ensure timely closure of books for executive management’s monthly review.
    •   Aided the CFO in creating a financial restructuring plan and developed strategies for capital structure
    •   Negotiated a long-term loan for the company of US $3 million, saving approximately 1% on the interest cost as a
        result of refinancing.
    •   Installed and trained employees on new software.
    •   Resolved tax issues with government employees and established payment plans.
    •   Streamlined the inventory system by converting it from a manual to an automated system, which computerized
        receipt of goods, avoiding duplicate orders and reducing errors.
    •   Calculated per unit profitability, eliminating products that were not profitable.
    •   Promoted from initial Finance Associate position within two years of hire.

                                           XYZ University, Waipahu, HI, 20xx
                            Master of Business Administration with a Concentration in Finance

                                            XYZ College, Waipahu, HI, 20xx
                          Bachelor of Business Administration with a Concentration in Accounting

                                        Word • Excel • PowerPoint • QuickBooks

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