How to Request Materials Tutorial by lisashepherd


									How to Request
Materials Tutorial
Order, Borrow, Renew made easy
       (expected running time: ~7 minutes)

                                             Oregon State Library
                   Getting Started
   To advance the slides of this tutorial:
       Click the left button on your mouse, or…
       Press the space bar
   All other animations are automatic.
   Before you can begin using Order, Borrow, Renew
    services, you must be a registered patron of the
    Oregon State Library. As a state agency employee,
    being registered also allows you access to our
    collection of databases, which you can use to locate
    journal articles (either citations or full text,
    depending on the database).
Registering for Services

               If you have not registered
                for our services, click the
                link at the top of the page
                labeled “Home,” then
                follow the directions on
                the Getting Started page
                to register.
    Forgotten Username and PIN
   If you are registered, but cannot remember your
    username or password, here are some helpful hints:
       - Your username is your state email address with your 3-
        digit agency code attached to the end (i.e. joe.r.smith543)
       - Your PIN number can be any 4-digit number you prefer
        (birthday, phone number, SSN, etc.)
   You may also request this information by clicking
    the link at the bottom of the page labeled “Get
    username and PIN reminder.” Follow the
    instructions on the page you are then redirected to,
    or you can call 503-378-8800 for immediate
Requesting from the Catalog

                  There are several ways to request
                   materials from the Oregon State
                  When searching our catalog, if you find
                   an item of interest you would like to
                   request, click on either of the two red
                   “Request” buttons, which will redirect
                   you to our State Employee Information
                   Center (SEIC) website Order, Borrow,
                   Renew logon page.
Requesting from a Database

                 If you are searching through one of
                  our databases and find an article
                  you would like to order, find and
                  select the “Request from State
                  Library” link.
                 The specific location of this link
                  varies from database to database,
                  but it is usually located at the top or
                  bottom of the article citation page.
                  Once you select this link, it too will
                  redirect you to the SEIC Order,
                  Borrow, Renew logon page.
Logon to Order Borrow Renew

   2               Once redirected,
                        enter your username and
                         PIN number into the
                         appropriate fields,
                        check the box under the
           1             Request/Borrowing
       3                 Agreement,
                        then select “Logon.”
                Submitting Your Request
   After selecting
    “Logon,” you will be
    taken to the
    appropriate materials
    request form (this
    example is for a
    book request ; article
    requests will appear
    slightly different).
   All the information
    from the catalog or
    database citation
    should automatically
    appear in the proper
   Check to make sure
    the information is
    correct and that all
    required fields are
    filled, then scroll
    down to the bottom
    of the page and
    select “Submit
Manually Input Request

               If you know the type, title, and
                author of the item you wish to
                request, you can manually input the
                information directly into the request
               From the SEIC website
                (, select
                the “Services” menu option on the
                left hand side, then logon to Order,
                Borrow, Renew as before.
Manually Input Request

                 You can also find
                  a link to Order,
                  Borrow, Renew
                  on the “Getting
                  Started” home
                  page under the
                  Quick services.
Manually Input Request

          On the left-hand
           options column, select
           the appropriate
           material type under
           New Request.
                 Manually Input Request
   Once redirected, fill
    out as many fields
    of the request form
    as you can.
   Several fields are
    marked with a red
    asterisk (*),
    indicating they are
    required in order to
    complete the
    request. This
    information will
    help us locate the
    item you are
    looking for. If you
    do not know a
    particular piece of
    the required
    information, put
    “NA” in the field.
   Once finished,
    scroll down to the
    bottom of the page
    and select “Submit
Check Your Request Status

            Once you submit a
             request, you can check
             its status from the
             Order, Borrow, Renew
             Main Menu. Your
             outstanding requests
             will appear in the table,
             including the
             transaction number,
             type, title, author, and
             status of your request.
Viewing Your Requests

            You can select any of
             the viewing options on
             the left column to filter
             which requests appear
             in the table.
            Use these links to
             check the status of your
             new / in process
             requests, or your
             request history.
Edit or Cancel a Request

            If you would like to edit or cancel a recent
                 select the “Outstanding Requests”
                 then click on the 5-digit transaction
                  number of the request you wish to edit or
            However, these options are only available
             for a limited amount of time (sometimes
             less than an hour), so be sure to make any
             changes to your request as soon as
             possible. If the following options are not
             available, please call our Reference Staff
Edit or Cancel a Request

             The request’s information
              will appear with options at
              the top to Edit Request or
              Cancel Request. Select the
              appropriate option.
                      Editing a Request
   Edit Request
    will allow you
    to change
    information on
    the materials
    request form.
   When you
    have finished
    editing your
    request, scroll
    down to the
    bottom of the
    page and
    select “Submit
Canceling a Request

           Cancel Request
            will remove the
            selected request
            from the list of
            your outstanding
Resubmitting a Request

            If you:
                 Cancel a request by accident
                 Wish to resubmit a purposefully
                  cancelled request
                 Or your request was cancelled because
                  the material was unavailable at that
                  time, you can resubmit the request.
            From the main menu, select the
             “Cancelled Requests” viewing option
             on the left-hand side. Then click on the
             5-digit transaction number of the
             cancelled request you wish to resubmit.
Resubmitting a Request

             You will be redirected to
              the request information
              form. At the top, select
              the option labeled
              Resubmit Request.
Resubmitting a Request

            You will be redirected to the
             materials request form. Double
             check the information in the
             form, then scroll down to the
             bottom of the page and select
             “Submit Request.”
            The request should then
             reappear in your outstanding
             requests table.
             Getting Further Help
   If you still need further help / have questions
    about the Order, Borrow, Renew process, you
    are welcome to call our Reference Line at
    503-378-8800, or our Document Delivery
    program at 503-378-5022
   You can also email questions to:
       Reference Staff:
                                            Oregon State Library

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