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									                  Department of the Interior
                      Departmental Manual

Effective Date: 10/1/02
Series:    Organization
Part 145: National Park Service
Chapter 4: Associate Director, Administration

Originating Office:    National Park Service

145 DM 4

4.1 Associate Director, Administration. This associate director
provides leadership, policy development, and national level guidance
and field support in budget, finance and accounting, procurement
and contracting, minority and small business administration,
information and computer management in support of administrative
systems, property management, audit fulfillment and management
accountability, correspondence control, human resources policy and
operations, and employee development and training.

    A. Administrative Program Centers. These two national program
centers provide administrative support to NPS offices.

        (1) Washington Administrative Program Center. This
national program center, located in Washington, DC, provides
servicewide policy, guidance and support in the following areas:
records management, forms management, correspondence management,
Freedom of Information Act, Paperwork Reduction Act, and Privacy
Act. This center also provides printing and publications and Federal
Register services for the Service. This center provides
administrative support services for NPS headquarters offices based
in the Washington, DC, area, including services in contracting and
procurement, office services, building management, property
management, controlled correspondence, Congressional document
requests, mail services, and other new program initiatives.

        (2) Denver Administrative Program Center. This national
program center, located in Denver, CO, is responsible for developing,
implementing and evaluating NPS automated services in the
administration program area. This center provides administrative
services for NPS organizations and other customers based in the Denver
area, including personnel management, equal opportunity, contracting
and procurement, information technology and telecommunications,
building management services, supply, property, mail services,
financial and payroll administration, and other new program

    B. Program Offices. These program offices provide national
level guidance and field support to the National Park Service.
        (1) Audits and Accountability Program.     The audit liaison
and management accountability functions include methods for tracking
and measuring performance accountability, such as management control
reviews, Government Accounting Office (GAO) and Inspector General
(IG) audit support, and GAO and IG reporting requirements.

        (2) Comptroller. The Comptroller is the Chief Financial
Officer for the National Park Service and supervises the budget office
and the Accounting Operations Center.

            (a) Budget Office. The budget activities include
formulation of the National Park Service's annual budget request,
allocation and monitoring of appropriated funds servicewide,
collaboration on the preparation of the Chief Financial Officer's
Report, and allocation and monitoring of FTEs.

            (b) Accounting Operations Center. Fiscal and
accounting services are handled through the Accounting Operations
Center. This national program center, located in Herndon, VA,
provides accounting services for all NPS locations, including fund
and transaction reconciliations, debt collection, revenue
distributions, expenditure transfers, internal and external
financial reports, and computer systems in support of financial
operations; and fiscal services for all NPS locations, including
obligation and payment functions for all NPS operations and grant
programs. It also develops servicewide financial policies and
procedures, conducts and coordinates financial operations and
regulatory compliance reviews, and collaborates with other bureaus,
the Department, and other agencies to develop and implement improved
or new financial programs.

        (3) Contracts and Procurement Office. This office is
responsible for servicewide contracts support, including management
of servicewide contracts and site licenses, as well as servicewide
contract review, policy, clearances, and reporting.

        (4) Human Resources Programs.
            (a) Human Resources Office. This office is responsible
for servicewide policy direction in human resources. Servicewide
policy functions include labor-management relations; employee
relations (including disciplinary and adverse actions,
administrative grievances, awards, leave programs); employee ethics
and financial disclosure; worklife/family friendly programs;
employee performance management; suitability and security
clearances; workers compensation (OWCP); staffing (including
centralized seasonal hiring); and, pay, compensation, and benefits.
 It provides coordination with the Office of Inspector General; the
payroll and personnel system; Senior Executive Service program;
servicewide human resources special initiatives; and human resources
evaluation and assessment programs. It also provides personnel
services for the Washington headquarters offices in the Washington,
DC, area.

            (b) Training and Development.    This office coordinates
and oversees employee development and training functions that are
carried out by the Training Centers. Each training center has a
superintendent who is responsible for the overall management and
operation of the training and development program(s), including
analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation. This
office also works with the Fish and Wildlife Service on cooperative
training efforts at the National Conservation Training Center in
Shepherdstown, WV.

                 (i) Horace M. Albright Training Center, Grand Canyon
National Park, AZ. Its role is to train and educate NPS employees
in orientation and mission, supervision, management and leadership,
natural resources, maintenance, and distance learning.

                (ii)    Capital Training Center, Washington, DC.
Its role is to train and develop NPS employees in recreation and
conservation, information management, specialty fields,
organizational development and planning, design and construction.

                (iii)   Historic Preservation Training Center,
Frederick, MD. Its role is to support preservation and maintenance
of historic properties in the National Park Service by providing
a comprehensive program of preservation education and employee
development in historic preservation skills and crafts.

                (iv)    Stephen T. Mather Training Center, Harpers
Ferry, WV. Its role is to train and develop NPS employees in
interpretation, education and cooperating associations,
administration and office support, cultural resources, visitor use
management, servicewide intake trainee program and NPS/national
conservation training center partnership.

        (5) Minority Business and Economic Development Program.
The primary function is to coordinate the minority business and
economic development programs.
        (6) Property Office. This office is responsible for
formulating servicewide programs including personal and real
property management, motor vehicle, and central supply management
programs policies and procedures. This office is also responsible
for directing the design and specifications of servicewide automated
property accountability systems.

        (7) Office of Special Programs. The functions include
servicewide space leasing and management, coordination with the GSA
space management program, and liaison with the Boy Scouts of America.

10/1/02 #3529
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