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Customer Service


									                                       Timothy F. Matthews
                                           23218 SE 29th Court
                                         Sammamish, WA 98075
                                              (425) 313-5847
                                            (425) 985-3057 cell

Professional Objective:
Seeking advanced career challenges in the field of high tech management, specializing in application
development, vendor and advanced project management, sales operations solutions, sales and support
management. To continue to develop and leverage my diverse leadership and management support
experience skill set. Align myself with a high growth and progressive business entity benefiting by both
my visionary and strategic management style.

        Recent accomplishments include:
        Creation of WW data warehouse for reporting and analytics
        Deployment of SharePoint technology for data reporting and intranet site
        Creation and deployment of customer portals
        Creation and deployment of ecommerce site
        Creation and deployment of worldwide service depot repair application
        Development of support tracking application
        Network and telecom reconfiguration (result in cost savings of 210k in 2009)
        Implementation of NA customer service contact center
        EDI PO and product catalog with multiple vendors and customers

        Chief Information Officer, Ryzex, 2006 to present
        A worldwide full-service mobile technology company, focusing on automated data collection
        (ADC) solutions. Locations include NA and EU.
                Specific Duties:
            • Responsible for worldwide technology strategy and roadmap.
            • Accountable for network and technical infrastructure including helpdesk and telecom.
            • Management of application development team which included in-house, outsourced and
            offshore. )
            • Pre and post sales technical support and customer service.
            • Repair receiving, contract and administration.
            • Professional services (consulting) and technical product staging
            • SKU creation and headquarter reception desk.
            • P & L responsibilities for all reporting functional groups and WW corporate IT budget.

        Director of Business Applications and Operations, Zones Inc., 2004 to 2006
        A Washington state-based direct marketer of computer software and hardware.
                Specific Duties:
            •   Continued with previous responsibilities as Director of Operations and Vendor
                Management with additional responsibilities including managing all infrastructure
                projects and program direction, providing continuous improvement, (leveraging Six
                Sigma Process and COPC) reporting to CTO. 2nd level management of support and sales
                operation managers.
            •   Prioritization, cost analysis and project management of all department leadership IT
                requirements. Ownership of communication for project deliverables progress from
                vendors and internal team.

Resume: Tim Matthews                       -1-
            •   Direct management and ownership of strategic direction of the business applications
                including ERP, CRM, data wherehousing and EDI interactions.
            •   Manage programming outsourcing relationship and leadership to supplement resources in
            •   Direct management of Business System Analysts (BSA’s) supporting all internal business
                groups. Analyst responsibilities include management of business requirements, process
                design, and development of software and process specifications, test plans and user
            •   Directed software development programmers in several languages including COBOL,
                SQL, and HTML.
            •   Recognized as member of the senior leadership team and strategic thinker in organization
            •   Management of Database Administrators in support of business applications.

        Director of Operations, Sales, Support Call Center, Zones Inc., 1997 to 2004
        A Washington state-based direct marketer of computer software and hardware.
                Specific Duties:
            •   Management, visionary direction including P&L responsibilities greatly increased during
                tenure. Responsible for P&L of sales and support operations, vendor management
                including performance, business analysis, continual process improvement direction and
                controls. Assurance that performance metrics are met, processes achieves desired results,
                development of new processes and activity, while ensuring cost controls are adhered to.
            •   Directed management of pre and post sales technical support teams. Provided support
                phone, email, chat support of 800 plus million in sales from e-commerce, in-bound and
                out-bound campaigns. Included are responsibilities of vendor management, custom
                configurations and all customer satisfaction for Increased department
                efficiency with results of an increase contact volume of 27% with a 25% reduction of
            •   Direct management of Customer Service for pre and post sales, fulfillment, transportation
                and product distribution. Efficiency gained through electronic distribution and support
                tools with resulted in a contact volume increase of 35% with a 25% reduction in
                headcount. Customer impact wasn’t decreased via survey and escalation results.
            •   Directed and managed department providing third party fulfillment and support for
                software and hardware procurement for Microsoft Corporation and Costco. Responsible
                for operational efficiency and ensuring full compliance was being adhered to.
            •   Restructured department to enhance individual contribution and customer experience.
                Decreased customer response time by 65% team efficiencies and interactive support
            •   Designed, developed and implemented custom call tracking and reporting system.
                Tracking tool enabled single data entry efficiency. Created product specific issue tracking
                to measure customer impact and provide constructive feedback for vendors.
            •   Developed pre-sales and technical database utilized for web and support agents. This
                includes FAQ’s, hardware configuration and vendor resources. Vendor specifications and
                compatibility alerts linked to fulfillment software.
            •   Established and implemented department performance standards and expectations.
                Archived 83% of performance matrixes in 2003 during high growth period.
            •   Product returns reduced by 55% in 2003 and an additional 23% in 2004 through
                individual accountability, reporting and customer awareness initiatives. Directed multi-
                department initiatives.
            •   Created environment that resulted in 95 % desired employee retention. Achieved through
                several employee reconditions program, improved training model and team leadership.
                Acknowledged and received award from senior staff as manager “Making the Most
                Significant Impact in 2004.”

Resume: Tim Matthews                         -2-
        Technical Support Outsourcing Manager, Adobe System Inc., 1996 to 1997
        A Northern California-based computer software developer, marketing and support company.
                Specific Duties:
            •   Vendor selection and directed software call center technical support outsourcing effort of
                over 350 agents.
            •   Diversified call distribution through multi-vendor outsourcing effort. Created
                contingency options and consistency of support and call distribution.
            •   Responsible for both strategic and daily operations of multiple call center vendors.
            •   Develop and manage to contractual agreements.
            •   Develop and maintained forecasts for call volumes, staffing, hardware/software,
                facilities, and technical resources for vendors.
            •   Ensure vendors have appropriate on-going technical and customer service training.
            •   Ensures vendors are providing efficient, courteous, and empathic delivery of information
                to our customers.
            •   Interface with other departments and vendors to achieve corporate goals.
            •   Develop and ensure vendors maintain standards for call volumes, staffing,
                hardware/software, and technical resources.

        Technical Support Manager, Adobe System Inc., 1994 to 1996
        A Northern California-based computer software developer, marketing and full support company.
                Specific Duties:
            •  Product and program lead for team in employee and process development and call center
            • Contributing member of department management.
            • Motivate and encourage staff for success and retention.
            • Develop and maintain forecasts for call volumes, staffing, hardware/software, facilities,
               and technical resources.
             • Developed standards and maintain for performance matrix.

        Director of Operations, M.G. West Company, 1991 to 1994
        A Northern California-based contract office environment dealership.
                Specific Duties:
            •   Managed and coordinated customer orders involving MGW, sub-contractors and trades
                from bid to completion of timeline.
            •   Developed and supervised instantaneous response hot line.
            •   Directed installations, repair, refinishing and service department.
            •   Restructured all departmental responsibilities and information flow.
            •   Selection and implementation of new order entry and operating soft and hardware.
            •   Responsible for maintenance of company facilities and assets.
            •   Instituted Bar Scan Asset Management program.

        Director of Sales & Marketing, Milpitas Materials Co., 1989 to 1991
        Northern California-based concrete transit mix and Supply Company.
                Specific Duties:
            •   Managed sales, purchasing, and customer service.
            •   Field quality assurance representative.
            •   Designed mix specifications and review of lab testing.
            •   Responsible for facility safety plan and procedures.
            •   Managed the maintenance of company’s industrial rental properties.
            •   Researched, procured and directed installation of accounting and order entry software.

        Manager of Retails & Leasing Division, Rucker Fuller Co., 1987 to 1989.
        A Northern California-based contract and retail office furniture company.
Resume: Tim Matthews                        -3-
                Specific Duties:
            •   Responsible for retail division in multiple locations to include: purchasing, sales,
                delivery, inventory and expense control, personnel, and marketing
            •   Developed catalog and marketing campaign.
            •   Developed computer system for purchasing, inventory control, and billing.
            •   Achieved record sales and profits.
            •   Negotiated leases on current and new locations.

        President and General Manager, Matthews and Son's Inc., 1975 to 1988.
        A Northern California-based retail and wholesale management firm, specializing in social
        expressions, stationery, giftware, and office supplies.
                Specific Duties:
            •   Owned and operated chain of gift and office supply stores.
            •   P&L responsibilities for all stores including managing over 250 vendors.
            •   Implemented automated payroll, accounts receivable and payable, and banking systems.
            •   Supervised 10 managers including 92 employees annually and a total of 130 employees

Resume: Tim Matthews                         -4-

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